Salby Damned

Salby Damned The people of Salby knew shale gas fracking was a bad idea they just didn t know how bad An explosion unleashes one of science s deadliest creations upon the town Nathan Cross smalltime reporter is

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  • Title: Salby Damned
  • Author: Ian D. Moore
  • ISBN: 9781500869922
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • The people of Salby knew shale gas fracking was a bad idea they just didn t know how bad.An explosion unleashes one of science s deadliest creations upon the town Nathan Cross, smalltime reporter, is hired by Evelyn Shepherd, a mysterious council leader, to investigate.In a battle against corruption, with the ever present threat of infection, they must find a cure or beThe people of Salby knew shale gas fracking was a bad idea they just didn t know how bad.An explosion unleashes one of science s deadliest creations upon the town Nathan Cross, smalltime reporter, is hired by Evelyn Shepherd, a mysterious council leader, to investigate.In a battle against corruption, with the ever present threat of infection, they must find a cure or bear witness to the extinction of humanity.

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    1. I have to confess that this is the first ‘Zombie’ book I have read. I am a fan of some of the classic zombie movies and I do like The Walking Dead, so there are my zombie credentials up front. What did I think of Salby Damned? Loved it. What are the key ingredients of a good zombie fest? Well first you need a good source story. How do they come about? In Salby damned Ian D Moore handles this perfectly but no plot spoilers. How do you kill them? What happens when you do? Again these details a [...]

    2. An engrossing tale of: action, bravery, fear and suspense with more than a hint of romance thrown into the mix. This is a credible debut novel by the author and he has done a good job of bringing together: relationships, the un-dead, government experiments and shale-fracking, which in itself is a topical issue.I’ve never seen a zombie film - really, and I’ve never read a zombie story prior to this one, so I dived in with an open mind, just as I do with any genre that is new to me. What I fou [...]

    3. I thoroughly enjoyed Salby Damned, so much so that I am waiting to see what happens next. The characters actually seem like real people you know, and you follow them with fear for them at times and laughter at others.I must admit I fell a little in love with Nathan, who's portreyed to be a man of great strength who's not affraid to have a heart. He'd also be a man you'd want in your corner in a time of strife, not affraid to take up arms and fight for his and others very survival.Evie was a very [...]

    4. The traditional zombie genre has been done to death yet there are still authors who shamble along, moaning plaintively and struggling to eat the brains of their readers. This is an unfortunate situation because those authors, the ones that focus on the terror and the hordes of undead, completely miss out on the possibilities of the genre.Ian D. Moore is not on of those lazy hacks who just follows the horde around hoping to pick up on the scraps left by Max Brooks. Ian made the genre his own and, [...]

    5. Wow, that ending - I did not see coming. I love when books can seem so predictable and then bam, you're left shocked and asking what just happened. This is not your typical zombie story. A fracking accident has released a bio toxin into the air when a storage tank at a secret underground government facility is damaged. Nathan, our would be hero, is just a normal guy. Ex military, divorced,intent on living quietly and alone. When he meets Evelyn, all of that changes. He no longer has the option o [...]

    6. Something different and very authentic in the zombie genreA step away from the usual zombie fodder, this is an intelligent and well-written story that takes you behind the scenes of an outbreak. Nathan Cross is pulled straight into the action when local reporter drags him into a breaking story and investigates an accident at a fracking wellhead. The plot moves fast from there and is devastating in its realism and wholly credible consequences.I enjoyed Moore’s writing and his story felt excepti [...]

    7. I had intended to purchase a copy of this book after clearing my Kindle App of all my “To be read” books, but it became available as a free book promotion.When I read the Introduction to Salby Damned I thought, “This book is going to be good.”Indeed it was.It was action from beginning to end and kept me intrigued.The author’s vivid descriptions of events and places evoked my sensations.A senior officer of the energy company received a bribe from a foreigner to cause a small industrial [...]

    8. What a story! And what a man Nathan Cross is, he is all man, believable and ladies will take kindly to him. Although tales of Zombies grace our screen and are written about a lot, the story Salby Damned is original, engaging and hard to put down. My toes curled up a few times at the grizzly bits, but it didn't deter me from a well written novel. I was rooting for Nathan when he was up against the Deadheads.The pace is just right and the story flows. The author's narrative and easy believable dia [...]

    9. This is a mysteryrillerZombie book unlike any others I've read. Excellent narration, action, plot, and description detail. Exciting and realll the deadheads. 5 Big Stars Salby Damned! It will flat out petrify you. I would read more of Ian Moore's books.

    10. Although a fan of the film and televised Zombie efforts this is the first time I’ve actually read anything in the genre, having previously being sceptical as to whether it would transfer well to the written word. Whilst I’ve always had to totally suspend disbelief in order to enjoy the Zombie genre in the past, with Salby Damned I was presented with a chillingly realistic and believable scenario that had me hooked right from the start. This isn’t the story of a world-wide fantastical epide [...]

    11. I'm not a huge fan of zombie fiction or zombie movies.Oh, I freely admit that I own a few movies in that genre but that's mostly because I'm a real fan of Mila Jovovich, the kick-ass heroine of the "Resident Evil" flicks. Until recently I didn't own any books about zombies, though I've read a few over the years thanks to public libraries in a half dozen states.That said, I was intrigued by the premise of Ian Moore's "Salby Damned" and so I took a chance and bought it. I'm glad I did because it t [...]

    12. Let me begin by saying that while I don’t care for zombies, I’m a sucker for thrillers revolving around major, evil conspiracies brewing in high places. And Salby Damned is a novel where the undead take a backseat to major schemes involving underground military compounds in the UK [where lethal bio-chemical weapons are developed in secret] and shady, greedy corporate types willing to do anything just to make a juicy profit for themselves.Caught between the undead and these earth-shattering c [...]

    13. Back in the 1960s I devoured a great deal of Science Fiction, both American and British in origin. From Aldiss and Azimov to Zelazny, I lapped up every space saga, every post-apocalyptic adventure. Recently a couple of opportunities presented themselves to revisit the genre. The first, Gillian Anderson's Visions of Fire, was a disappointment.So I approached Ian D Moore's book with more than a little scepticism. What I found in this independently published book was a delight. Strongly reminiscent [...]

    14. Ah, zombies. More zombies, and then, more zombies. It's been done before, hasn't it? So many times in fact, it's hard to come up with a new and refreshing take on it. I admit to not reading too many zombie novels, but This Is Not A Test by Courtney Summers and Jordan's Brains by J Cornel Michel are definitely two of the better tales in the genre.So on picking up Salby Damned, I thought 'beat that!'The synopsis gives us a detailed breakdown of what is to come, but where the story scores highly is [...]

    15. When will fictional places learn that putting a town on top of an experimental facility IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA?After an explosion at the town’s well-head, an experimental virus is unleashed, creating zombie like creatures called “Deadheads”.I was expecting to read a typical zombie story. I was expecting predictability. I was pleasantly surprised at the uniqueness of this book.Things I liked about it:The two main characters. I could not get enough of Nate and Evie. Nate is badass and swoon wo [...]

    16. Salby Damned promises to be much more than mere ‘zombie fiction’, and this debut novel by Ian D. Moore has a great storyline, a lot of action, and a number of cleverly constructed twists that more than redeem it from being yet another example of a genre. It begins with news of an explosion at a fracking site, soon followed by the shocking appearance of a man and a child exhibiting horrific zombie-like behaviour. This, it transpires, is due to symptoms of a deadly disease, and there is a frig [...]

    17. One of the best things about reading books, as opposed to big or small screen forms of entertainment, is the opportunity provided to immerse yourself in genres that wouldn't normally interest you on the screen. I am certainly alone in the household, and in all probability in the world, in my aversion to all things zombie. I`m the man on this earth who switched off the Thriller video and doesn't find Sean of the Dead funny, the latter I find even more disappointing given the array of comedic tale [...]

    18. Well written, making sense and plausible, this novel has accomplished its proffered mission: gave me hours of worthwhile entertainment. Of course, this did not seem to me like a zombie genre, and the deadheads appeared more helpless than out to hurt anyone on purpose. So the tragedy became one of unfair treatment and frankly, I was surprised there wasn’t more blame headed Dr. Evelyn Shepherd’s way. The worst anyone ever said was how sorry they were these types of weapons were ever conceived. [...]

    19. Although I really enjoy zombie movies and series such as the Night of the Living Dead, The Day of the Dead, The Walking Dead, etc I have never actually read any zombie fiction before, I have always assumed, that although fun to watch, to read it would prove to be quite boring. I was wrong.The story starts off in the small town of Salby, where the result of a company. known as FCSG. fracking yields disastrous results. The release of something which turns a simple project, into an event of catacly [...]

    20. (I received this book for free as part of First Reads giveaways).(This review may contain spoilers).As zombie stories go, this one was actually quite an intriguing storyline. It was interesting to see the scientists working towards the cure and how people all worked together to try and have as normal a society as possible.It was good to see the relationships that the characters formed together. I particularly liked Evie and Nathan's relationship and I found myself growing particularly fond of T [...]

    21. Wow, just wow. When I first heard the premise of the book, I had a lot of reservations. Although I am a Paranormal fan, I have never really gotten into the whole Zombie craze. I am not really into military espionage, either. Needless to say, I honestly thought I was going to have to come up with positive things to say for this book. I WAS WRONG! This book is really fast paced. It catches you in the beginning and does not let go until the end. There are so many forces at work here, at times it se [...]

    22. This would make a great introduction to the zombie genre.It has been a while since I'd read a zombie book, largely because the stories and situations became quite repetitive. That was not the case with Salby Damned by Ian D. Moore. I was pleasantly surprised at the fresh concepts from the start and how they carried through until the end. The story was believable and, together with the depth of character development, kept me interested and wanting to see what happened. This was a story that had i [...]

    23. Salby Damned – Ian D Moore*****Great writing, great subject, great story. This is a lesson to mankind about arrogance and trying your luck with nature. Be warned: nature will always win! I really enjoyed this well-constructed tale about the effects and response to a country-wide disaster caused by corporate greed and the best intentions, however wrong, of the scientific community. When fracking, and in my humble opinion fracking is a disaster waiting to happen, damages a secret underground fac [...]

    24. INTRIGUINGIf it were possible i would like to give this 4.5 starsI was intrigued by this book as it mentioned fracking and this is a subject very much in the news. However, it is also about zombies, or rather what a chemical virus can do to the human body. This is not a genre I might normally read, but I have to admit I enjoyed it. I could relate to the main characters, and I especially liked the ‘bad guy’ and thought he was well portrayed. The writing flowed well, and on only a couple of oc [...]

    25. The deadheads are coming. Like a trusty tin of ronseal, you know what you are getting when you glimpse the cover of this book. Zombies or a variation of them; I have been a big fan of the genre ever since the early George Romero movies. This storyline is another twist of the germ warfare virus accidentally breaking loose. Cleverly and topically, it is a fracking accident that causes all hell to be unleashed here, and the book has got a strong military theme like 28 days, in which the army is try [...]

    26. “Salby Damned” by Ian D. Moore is a fascinating and breath-taking thriller that blends environmental and humanitarian issues into a gripping Zombie story line. The Shale Gas Fracking Corporation’s drilling has catastrophic viral consequences and a cure must be found while humans have to defend themselves against the Zombies. With two interesting main characters, a freelancing journalist and a council leader, the book has also a spark of romance flying around and great chemistry. They are v [...]

    27. I have removed my two star review after being questioned by the author about it. I was unaware that this was a self-published novel written for his sister (a fact stated in the opening credits, which I apologetically admit to skipping over in my eagerness to get to the story) and was perhaps too critical in comparing something written for fun against the bestsellers in the genre. I tried to reply back to the author with this update but have been unable to send messages to him. -Lexie

    28. Salby Damned by Ian D Moore is a story about a zombie epidemic brought on by the fracking of an oil company and them not doing their proper procedures. While drilling down instead of going down to proper depth they stay shallow and end up breaching a facility that is underground and houses deadly viruses. Now the residents of Salby are being attacked, killed and turned. Nathan receives a text message from a woman that he has only recently met saying to call her immediately. What he doesn't know [...]

    29. I love reading Zombie books, but always hesitate to do so because so many are just the same old story with nothing new added. However, I decided to give "Salby Damned" a chance because the blurb sounded like a little something different.I was not disappointed! The idea of fracking being related to zombies was an intriguing one to me. You have to figure that anytime that you do extreme things to Mother Earth, She is going to do something even bigger/worse to us!I loved the two main characters, Na [...]

    30. I absolutely love everything "zombie" - films, books, gamesyou name it, I'm there. Within the genre there are many schlocky, poorly-executed and hurriedly-produced gore-fests, jumping on the bandwagon of the boom in zombie popularity, while at the other end of the spectrum there are some simply joyful masterpieces of literary quality that linger in your mind long after the final credits/pages have closed. "Salby Damned" falls squarely into the latter category. The author has described real peopl [...]

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