Moonpowder Young Eli Trebuckle is the fixer of all things fixable He fixes the vacuum cleaner the fan and even the radio hoping to catch some news of his father who is away at war But there s one thing that E

  • Title: Moonpowder
  • Author: John Rocco
  • ISBN: 9781423100119
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Young Eli Trebuckle is the fixer of all things fixable He fixes the vacuum cleaner, the fan, and even the radio, hoping to catch some news of his father who is away at war But there s one thing that Eli simply can t fix his bad dreams It s the same one over and over again a mountain of junk, a prize just beyond his reach, and a fall.One night as Eli stays up late toYoung Eli Trebuckle is the fixer of all things fixable He fixes the vacuum cleaner, the fan, and even the radio, hoping to catch some news of his father who is away at war But there s one thing that Eli simply can t fix his bad dreams It s the same one over and over again a mountain of junk, a prize just beyond his reach, and a fall.One night as Eli stays up late to work on his most recent invention and escape another nightmare, a mysterious, luminous, and somewhat bumbling man by the name of Mr Moon appears at his window He knows just what the matter with Eli is and promises to help him, if he can fix one thing.And so Eli Trebuckle makes the journey to the broken Moonpowder factory If he can get it up and running, he can ensure that the whole world will have sweet dreams But can Eli face his greatest fears and meet the biggest challenge of his lifetime With inspiring courage, determination, and a little faith, Eli proves that, happily, the answer is yes.

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    1. We recently read Blackout by John Rocco and saw this book recommended in a review, so we just had to check it out at our local library. This story is so fantastic - the artwork is amazing and the story is creative, inspiring, and heartwarming. Eli can fix anything mechanical, but he can't fix his nightmares. This tale shows how he faces his fears. I love that there's an underlying, unwritten story that shows that his father is in the military (the Army Air Corps), fighting in WWII. The ending is [...]

    2. Eli Treebuckle likes to fix things, and he's good at it, too. The one thing he isn't so good at is having sweet dreams. He has been having the same nightmare for months- climbing a huge pile of junk and then falling. Since he can't go to sleep, he decides to fix things, and that is when Mr. Moon comes and asks Eli for his help. The Moonpowder Factory has broken down and nobody's getting enough Moonpowder, which helps everyone have sweet dreams. Mr. Moon takes Eli to the Moonpowder Factory in an [...]

    3. "The illustrations are full of wonder. They create the right balance of detail to enrich the story without overwhelming the viewer to distraction. Another lovely aspect is how the illustrations carry the greater weight of an important facet of the story."[]"I really appreciate the graphic novel style aspect to the book. I am sure young children will be charmed by the illustrations, as well as the story, but Rocco’s choice puts Moonpowder on the shelves of the upper ages. His decision also remi [...]

    4. this is one of my son's favorite books. would have given it 5 stars but it is a wee bit long. love the details and the storyoo delicious. we have had it for a few years and now my older son reads it to the younger. :) it is delicious!

    5. I picked this one up on a whim. It's like Steampunk for kids! Love! The illustrations are gorgeous, detailed but not overly so, and the story is a clever one. I very much appreciated the message at the end, for even someone who can fix all things fixable can't fix some things. Yes, sometimes we have to just let things fix themselves. Overall, I very much enjoyed it and would happily read more by the same author.

    6. Steampunk setting for a boy who fixes things. He's afraid to sleep because of recurrent nightmares. After fixing the moonpowder factory, he has a sweet dream that is a lead-in to good things in the daytime -- his dad comes home!Maybe moonpowder could be used to help kids who are stuck in a cycle of bad dreams?

    7. I reviewed Moonpowder by John Rocco as one of my Book Soak choices. As one of my book soak books I would put it was the one I really liked. What caught my eye was the beautiful artwork on the front of the book however, what kept my attention was the wonderful story. This book is about Eli Treebuckle who is the fixer of all things. He has been having problems sleeping and then Mr. Moon comes and visits him and asks for his help. They take a journey and on their adventure Eli has to face his fears [...]

    8. Rocco, John. (2008). Moonpowder. New York: Hyperion. Unpaginated. ISBN 978-1-4231-0011-5 (Hardcover); $15.99One of my favorite picture books of last year is Moonpowder. In this book we have a decidedly different look at the moon. When I look at this book, Mr. Moon brings to mind old W.C. Fields movies! In this book Eli is called upon to bring his technological savvy to fix the moonpowder factory. People are not able to dream because the moon is not able to produce its dream powder. Eli must fix [...]

    9. This book was good book, but it would only appeal to children with a certain interest. The author used the craft of beginnings and endings in this book. The way the book began made me feel like it was a movie. I'm used to the beginning of children's books beginning with the main character already in the meat of the plot. This book had a slow beginning that introduced the characters. It built up to the plot of the story. I don't think there is nothing wrong with that. The author did a good job of [...]

    10. This was such an adorable little book. It's a story about Eli, a fixer. He lies down to sleep one night and finds he is not able to have sweet dreams. That's when Mr. Moon comes to ask for his help. It seems there is a problem with the Moonpowder factory and Eli's skills at fixing the fixable are needed if he and other children ever want to have sweet dreams again. My son and I really enjoyed this story. Eli gets a chance to help and conquer a fear of his own. It's really a story of hope and bra [...]

    11. Every child has nightmares, and parents sometimes, need a little help in getting their child to want to go back to sleep.How I wish this book had been written when my Katherine was little. But now, Olivia and all the other littles I watch, will get to read this book with me.It is the story of little Eli, who is called the "fixer". He can fix almost anything. But the one thing he can't fix is bedtime. He has been having a terrible nightmare - night after night!One night, the moon appears and tell [...]

    12. I recently read Blackout and loved Rocco's book so much I researched what else he has written and illustrated. This book was absolutely wonderful! The illustrations are fascinating and the story is very creative. As I was reading this, I couldn't help but feel lost in the illustrations and part of the action. Also, reading the dedication gives it whole new and different perspective. It's perfect for all readers, especially those with adventurous imaginations, and it's hard to put down! I will de [...]

    13. The cover hooked me, and the inside did not disappoint! I give too many five-stars, but this one's illustrations deserve six. I'm reminded all at once of Maurice Sendak, Winsor McCay, and Brian Selznick, but Rocco's rich colors and dramatic lighting are all his own. I especially like that the Moonpowder factory is very mechanical, but in an Art Nouveau style!The story is not quite as good as the pictures, but the revelation that Eli's bad dreams are related to missing his soldier father is compe [...]

    14. John Rocco is a very interesting and entertaining speaker. He was at the Children's Literature Conference on 6/25/13. It was very interesting to hear the process of writing and illustrating books and his journey to get where he is today.This book was about a little boy who could fix anything except his own bad dreams. He dreams of a factory that is out of moonpowder which made people have sweet dreams. When he wakes up, his dad is home from war (I assume) and everything is ok. The art work was w [...]

    15. A gorgeous vaguely steampunk bedtime story: Eli, who is an excellent "fixer", is taken to the fantastical Moonpowder Factory, where Mr. Moon asks him to repair the machine that allows young people to have sweet dreams. The illustrations are incredibly beautiful and the story moves at a fast, exciting pace that kept me hooked, even as a adult, through the entire story. I will be on the lookout for more books from this author.

    16. Well, I love this man's illustrations so it's hard not to just love every book he's created. Wonderful main character is acting as man of the house for his mom by fixing her appliances as they breakdown while dad's away at war. Unfortunately, he's haunted by bad dreams. Lots of cogs, gears, and wrenches! Great for children who like to "help" with the fixing, especially.

    17. Loved this story of a child inventor who fixes things around the house. To get rid of his nightmares, he sets off on a quest to fix the Moonpowder factory. The steampunk touches in the illustrations prompted me to pick this up at the library and I'm so glad I did! I'll be looking for more of John Rocco's work - his writing and illustrations are wonderful.

    18. Oh does the imagination run wild in this charming book about Eli Treebuckle, inventor extraordinaire and how he meets the Moon. A lot is packed into this story between illustrations and words that you should read it again and again.Written and illustrated by John Rocco, published by Hyperion Books for Children.

    19. At first I wanted to have an attitude about this book, but I really liked it. It's about a little boy named Eli who can fix anything, but he can't fix the nightmare he keeps having. He ends up in a fantasy world - or is it just lucid dreaming? - with a resolution I found satisfying and sweet. The illustrations are wonderful.

    20. This is my mystery book. It showed up on my desk one morning a few weeks after school started. No one ever said why or who it was from or asked me about it at all. This book has absolutely incredible illustrations. I love, love, love them!! The story is a lot of fun, but the illustrations are amazing.

    21. Eli knows how to fix everything, except his nightmare. One night, Mr. Moon comes along and requests his help to fix the Moonpowder Factory. I love the illustrations and that this book is dedicated to the children of soldiers. A very sweet book.

    22. This book is absolutely beautiful with its amazing illustrations and story. It is a little advanced for my two year old but I know that one day she is going to love the beauty of this book. Definitely adding it to my collection.

    23. First of all, I love the dedication to this book. The illustrations are adorable and vibrant--I could spend hours looking at them. The story is wonderful. This is a definite must-read, quite possible a must-own.

    24. What a delightful and colorful read! So much Steampunk-style and imagination. It call's to mind Georges Mielies' 1902 film "Le voyage dans la lune" ("A Trip to the Moon") and a little bit of "Le petit prince." This book would be a delightful one to analyze for its artistic and cinematic renderings.

    25. So sweet and so fun. Recommend maybe for military kids, or kids with parents who are gone a lot, or kids prone to worrying. Best for ages 4 and up. I had to simplify the narrative for my 2 1/2 year old. LOVE the art.

    26. The moon gets Eli Treebuckle 'fixer of all things fixable' to repair the broken Moonpowder factory so everyone can have sweet dreams. Sweet & sentimental with a 1940's feel

    27. This is a great story with awesome art! It was dedicated to soldiers children too! Definitely a must read. Great for bedtime!

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