El mundo deslumbrante

El mundo deslumbrante Harriet Burden fue una personalidad poli drica y una artista enigm tica que en el Nueva York de los a os intent abrirse paso dentro de una escena cuyo machismo soterrado perjudic al despegue de s

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  • Title: El mundo deslumbrante
  • Author: Siri Hustvedt Cecilia Ceriani
  • ISBN: 9788433979056
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • Harriet Burden fue una personalidad poli drica y una artista enigm tica que, en el Nueva York de los a os 80, intent abrirse paso dentro de una escena cuyo machismo soterrado perjudic al despegue de su obra Por tal de evidenciar esta discriminaci n, puso en marcha un experimento art stico Empleando a tres j venes promesas masculinas a modo de pantalla, expuso su obra dHarriet Burden fue una personalidad poli drica y una artista enigm tica que, en el Nueva York de los a os 80, intent abrirse paso dentro de una escena cuyo machismo soterrado perjudic al despegue de su obra Por tal de evidenciar esta discriminaci n, puso en marcha un experimento art stico Empleando a tres j venes promesas masculinas a modo de pantalla, expuso su obra dando a entender que ellos eran los autores Estas m scaras fueron Anton Tish, Phineas Q Eldridge y el desquiciado Rune Pero en este ambicioso y arriesgado juego con la manipulaci n de la identidad no todo puede ser controlado, y los egos, los anhelos y las pulsiones sexuales desatar n unas tempestades cuyos resultados escapan al dominio de quien ha puesto en marcha el mecanismo y desembocar n en una muerte ritual y perturbadora.

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    1. We learn a lot at the start of "The Blazing World". Harriet Burden, also known as Harry, by old friends and a select new friends, is 62 years old. Her husband Felix has been dead for about a year. Felix was a giant dealer to the stars in the art world. Harriet, had been an artist wife. When they married - she was twenty-six. Felix was forty-eight. "It was love""And orgasms, many of them, and soft damp sheets""It was a haircut, very short""It was marriage. My first. His second". "It was talk --pa [...]

    2. The problem with this book is that none of it rings true - the characterization, the narration, the atmosphere, the dialogues, the relationships, even the emotions. Everything seems so fake and overwhelmingly dramatic that at times I cajoled myself into reading on in the hopes of spotting some noticeable evidence of parody at work. But nope. Sardonic self-deprecation isn't the objective here. These people are all serious and want me to take them seriously. Although once I persuaded myself to go [...]

    3. Pedantic. Dense. Alienating. For some reason this book brings this kind of food to mind:I can respect the studied, sophisticated, artistic intelligence it takes to create something like this, but its pretentiousness smothered the experience for me. I found myself stopping too often to wonder: "What exactly IS this?" and, "Why should I care?" the same way I would if a waiter presented me with a dish of meat flavored foam. This is surprising because Hustvedt's writing is always an overly satisfyin [...]

    4. I finished this book at 3:30 A.M. Pacific Coast Time and did not feel the beginnings of mourning fade till 5:30 this afternoon. I do not mean the missing of the book due to its finale. That was overwhelmed, I was overwhelmed, by the loss of someone I knew and someone I cared about a great deal.Flayed open by the surgical skills of Siri Hustvedt, Harriet (Harry) Burden, lived the proof of human vulnerability, fear, valor, the spit and guts to reach for identity, meaning, in her life. I lived with [...]

    5. Just before I was ready to write this review, I happened across an interesting statistic: at this year’s Whitney biennial, only 32 percent of the represented artists were women (down from four years ago when for the first time ever, over half of featured artists were women.)Siri Hustvedt’s latest book, The Blazing World, is spot-on when its main character, Harriet Burden, muses, ”I suspected that if I had come in another place, my work might have been embraced or, at least approached with [...]

    6. "I wanted to bite the world bloody, but I have bitten myself, made my own poor tragedy of things."I am dazzled by the intelligence of this book. It is bursting with ideas and so intricately constructed that I couldn't help but be impressed. But as to how much I actually *enjoyed* reading it, I am not so sure.Set in New York, it tells the story of Harriet 'Harry' Burden, an obscure artist and a woman of formidable intellect. She has lived her life in shadow of her husband, a wealthy and influenti [...]

    7. (4.5) Through a collection of fragmentary sources, the novel builds a posthumous picture of Harriet (aka Harry) Burden, a larger-than-life feminist and modern artist who released her work under male pseudonyms. An engrossing puzzle as well as a bold commentary on gender identity and the divided self, both stylistically risky and fiercely intelligent. Hustvedt completed her doctoral studies on Charles Dickens, and in some ways her sprawling narrative, with its large cast of characters, resembles [...]

    8. Onvan : The Blazing World - Nevisande : Siri Hustvedt - ISBN : 1476747237 - ISBN13 : 9781476747231 - Dar 368 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2014

    9. 4.5 starsIn the May/June issue of Poets & Writers Claire Messud said of her novel The Woman Upstairs and its narrator: "As a reader, I have a favorite canon of ranters that runs from Dostoevsky to Thomas Bernhard to the Philip Roth of Sabbath's Theater I love a ranter And the girls have not been ranting." Well, Hustvedt's Harriet, aka Harry, is, like Messud's Nora, a ranter and for similar reasons that boil down -- and Harry does boil -- to her wanting to be heard. She is an exuberant, ene [...]

    10. The Blazing World by Siri Hustvedt is a difficult and complex book that in another sense is almost too simple: the rejection of women’s work by the art world, the misogyny there. But around this core swirl many ideas and philosophies. As Hustvedt writes, “Interpretation is always multiple” and there is a multiplicity of ideas being played with here. Harriet Burden, the artist in case who is being ignored by the art world, is a “blazing” woman, with “blazing worlds” inside her. And [...]

    11. Wonderful Novel about a Larger than Life Woman Artist who Becomes Famous after DeathThis was one of my favorite books that I read in 2015.I was going to give it four stars, but the ending elevated it to five stars.It's certainly a feminist novel, but not a feminist comic book. The book, like its title, is blazing with life. The characters and the story are bursting with vitality (and irony and tongue-in-cheek humor as well).Harriet "Harry" Burden is a larger than life artist. Her body is large a [...]

    12. I had to think about this book for a while before writing a review. The trouble I'm having is with the main character, Harriet (Harry) Burden. The basic story is that this aging female artist claims to have used three male artists with various types to prove to the art world that they respond differently to women. The story is told posthumously, through written and transcribed interviews with people in Harry's life, art reviews, journal articles (sometimes written by Harry herself in other names [...]

    13. This book set my mind ablaze for the two weeks I was reading it.It was certainly one of the most intelligent, poignant, life affirming, nuanced and serious books I have had the pleasure of reading.I have always admired Hustvedt's larger-than-life brain, her multitudes of complexity, but thisis novel was such a cut above the rest, if that had seemed to be possible.The final 'testimony' had me in nothing but tears, wrestling with both grief and a lust for life; grappling with the Real.Incredible.

    14. For quite some years I have had a short list of favorite authors comprised of only three: Margaret Atwood, Toni Morrison, and Barbara Kingsolver. Yes, they are all female and I love each one for different reasons that are hard to articulate. I have read every single novel written by my top three so one of these days I am going to make a sub list of the rest of the female authors I love. Siri Hustvedt will be on it.She has published six novels, of which I have read three: What I Loved, The Summer [...]

    15. Harriet "Harry" Burden was an obscurely known artist for much of her life, and also a wife, mother, and scholar. She was criticized for her small architectural works that consisted of too much busyness--cluttered with figures and text that didn't fit into any schema. Her husband, Felix Lord, was an influential, successful art collector, but who couldn't help his wife for alleged fear of nepotism. After Felix died, Harriet came back with a vengeance, and under three male artist's pseudonyms (arti [...]

    16. I think about perception a lot these days. This is partly because I've been learning about Buddhism for a few years now, and one of its main tenets is, essentially, "Try to see things as they are without laying a bunch of your own shit on top of everything" (said in the most compassionate, nonjudgmental way possible, of course). When you pay attention to this, it's amazing to realize how rarely we think about anything without creating our own little story about it. It's what we do.Then, too, I t [...]

    17. I rarely get this far into a novel and then abandon it but believe me, it was a case of self-preservation. Hustvedt's latest book was infecting my mood and my every day. I have also rarely disliked a character as much as I disliked Harriet. She was just one big pot of roiling, churning resentment. And she just would not SHUT UP. She went on and on and on about how overlooked her art was, about what a clever trick she was playing on the art world. She was quite disdainful of her choice of the art [...]

    18. "I am Odysseus, but I have been Penelope."I loved The Blazing World. But I think I loved it even more because I read it at the right time. In a way it was the culmination of a year's reading. You see, tells me that I added this book on 1 January 2014. Hustvedt's book only actually came out in March however, and I got my copy in July as a birthday present. Then it waited on the shelves for another five months.Meanwhile, I read. 2014 has been hauled as The Year of Reading Women, in which I did no [...]

    19. O Mundo Ardente é uma obra com uma estrutura complexa, mas onde tudo se conjuga na perfeição. Através de entrevistas, críticas jornalistas, excertos de diário, depoimentos, conversas, etc, o leitor vai desvendado a vida de Harriet Burden; uma artista plástica que, revoltada com a descriminação das mulheres no mundo da arte, expõe as suas obras recorrendo a três artistas masculinos que as assumem como suas. Neste livro Siri Hustvedt revela não só ser uma grande escritora, mas também [...]

    20. Wow. Need a few hours to think about my response.-------A day later some lingering responses, because I'm daunted by the number of well-written reviews already here on ::I probably felt more comfortable in this novel than I did reading Kushner's Flamethrowers (also about the New York art scene) because I recognized many of Hustvedt's scholarly references if only by name. I had to think that Harriet's project of using three male artists as covers was bound to fail - to cause pain, misunderstandin [...]

    21. Ahhhh, Booker Long list what are you doing to me. This book required a battle of will power to finish and particularly the final few pages. I didn't outright hate it, in fact during the first half I thought actually this might not be too bad. I was prepared to take the journey, passing over the multitudinous arcane footnotes, and philosophical digressions, confident the story of this artist and her struggles would be revealed in good time. However as I approached the last 100 pages it started to [...]

    22. I've looked at some very negative reviews of this book, and they seem to fall into two categories: those who are disappointed that the book is not some simple-minded "feminist" parable and those who are angry that the book is erudite. I'm here to tell you, those two qualities are the best things about the book. What I would not give to have more books that are erudite, complicated, smart about complex things, that try for the truth, that see more than they went in with, whose premises are not th [...]

    23. A very clever book about the art world, feminism, philosophy and neuroscience. The core story is about an artist, a rich widow who wants to prove that the artistic establishment discriminates against women, and particularly older women, and devises a scheme to exhibit her work presented as the work of younger males. The book presents itself as an academic treatise, a mixture of interviews, the artist's notebooks and the accounts of her friends, family and various other players. The notebooks in [...]

    24. While the premise of the book intrigued me, I found the style quite off-putting. The deluge of footnotes, referencing both fictional and actual citations, coupled with the hopscotch narrative structure, made this novel a chore to read. The last chapter, during which Clemmy waxed poetic about cleansing lavender chakras, was especially tortuous. I feel as if this novel is an "emperor has no clothes" example. By not adoring the novel, one brands oneself as incapable of understanding the author's bl [...]

    25. Intricate, engrossing, intellectually challenging read. Hustvedt creates story rich in philosophical, literary details. Her characters are alive on pages. It is not a quick read but so rewarding. Highly recommended!

    26. My wife is currently reading this and just flipped over to me in bed saying: "you should read this, you'd like it - it has citations in it. And they are to made-up authors"

    27. Some years ago I convinced a male book club buddy to try out Siri Hustvedt, whom I adore. He trustingly went out and bought The Sorrows of an American and What I Loved. Not only did he not like them, he called them melodramatic soap operas. I choked on my wine. It's one thing not to admire them, but to categorize them as soap operas? And this from a man who loved The Unbearable Lighness of Being. Well, I didn't bother to mention gender bias, nor offer to loan him my copy of Summer Without Men. I [...]

    28. Loved, loved, loved it. This is the kind of book I live for. Intellectual, richly layered. . d layered, and layered. . . For example, Hustvedt is Hess, writing about Burden who is Brickman, both referring to their real selves in the text. This work = mind blown. If I didn't have so many books in my queue, I'd start reading it again pronto. The novel has a fragmented documentary-style narrative that enables changing perspectives and varied voices. Like art, the story relies on the perceptions of [...]

    29. Definitely not your average novel. I liked it, but I think part of it was because I was able to discuss it at uni and because I was already familiar with topics/themes used. Hustvedt takes a lot she did in What I Loved concerning the art world and perception of art to extremes. On top, she (yet again) plays with novel conventions and how far she can go off the beaten track. If you wanna start with Siri Hustvedt maybe don't go for this first. It is incredibly complex, dense, and will challenge yo [...]

    30. Antes de nada, debo avisar de que tengo debilidad por esta escritora y que, aunque de sus libros haya algunos que me gusten más o que me gusten menos, de todos ello saco mucho, mucho más que una buena lectura, por lo cual, mis valoraciones de sus novelas no se ciñen exactamente a si "me ha gustado o no la historia". Llevan incluido ese plus que me da su lectura. Aviso de esto porque este libro me ha gustado mucho pero es una novela densa, compleja, turbadora. Nada fácil de leer. En capítulo [...]

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