La maschera di Ra

La maschera di Ra Tornando da una spedizione militare il faraone Tutmosi II viene ucciso dal morso di una vipera Tutti credono a un incidente tranne il giudice Amerotke poco convinto dalle versioni ufficiali Ben pre

  • Title: La maschera di Ra
  • Author: Paul Doherty P. Harding
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Tornando da una spedizione militare, il faraone Tutmosi II viene ucciso dal morso di una vipera Tutti credono a un incidente, tranne il giudice Amerotke, poco convinto dalle versioni ufficiali Ben presto, i sospetti del magistrato trovano una sanguinosa conferma perch altri membri della spedizione vengono assassinati e misteriosi presagi terrorizzano la capitale QualcuTornando da una spedizione militare, il faraone Tutmosi II viene ucciso dal morso di una vipera Tutti credono a un incidente, tranne il giudice Amerotke, poco convinto dalle versioni ufficiali Ben presto, i sospetti del magistrato trovano una sanguinosa conferma perch altri membri della spedizione vengono assassinati e misteriosi presagi terrorizzano la capitale Qualcuno sta tramando per distruggere l ordine nel Regno, e solo Amerotke ha abbastanza coraggio ed astuzia per stanare il colpevole Un giallo dal meccanismo implacabile nella cornice di un affascinante ricostruzione storica.

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    1. Interesting, and I suspect quite authentic; but for me, too much description of costumes, wall decorations and cityscapes. Some decent action but not much in the way of puzzles for the historical mystery fan. An OK read.

    2. Originally published on my blog here in April 2000.Many historical novelists have a period of history for which their writing seems particularly well suited. This is partly because writing a good historical novel involves a good deal of research, so that the background is most convincing when it matches a period of history the author is interested in, understands well, or has already done closely related research for previous novels. When an author moves to a different setting, the novels are of [...]

    3. A very good novel. The beginning was heavily filled with over-descriptions in the middle of thoughts. So much so that at times my eyes would blur and I couldn't wait to get to the next point of the story, and forgetting that I was still waiting for the current point the author was trying to make. But as the action progressed, the descriptions were less, and more helpful to understand what the author wanted us to see. It was almost like he needed to make the book longer and did so by adding as mu [...]

    4. I loved this book. The mystery is fair, and the best guess estimates of daily Egyptian life is interesting enough of its own accord even if the mystery had not been good. I recommend all of the Amerotke series.

    5. I don't read mysteries much, but I do love when a book can provide me with interesting information about history. It's not the first book I read from the author, so I knew what I was getting myself into, and I loved it, can't wait to read more.

    6. I give this barely 3 stars. The most enjoyable thing about the book is the setting in ancient Egypt. I haven't read anything like this before and the new-to-me culture was fun. As I read the book, I started getting worried that we wouldn't have any scenes with pyramids but we do get around to them, and that was a fun section.They have much looser rules on what constitutes evidence of a crime, but that's to be expected for thousands of years ago.There was too much of telling me stuff and not enou [...]

    7. P. C. Doherty is a prolific author of historical murder mysteries and this is the first in a series set in Ancient Egypt. I love these types of story and I was looking forward to getting my teeth into this one.The first half is pretty slow. The locations are nice, and the novel feels a little like a travelogue with plenty of descriptions of exotic locales. The second half picks up a lot. There's a great battle scene and solid research providing a good foundation for the plot.This isn't a great b [...]

    8. So excited to start this series ! I'm hoping the other books arrive quickly enough for me to not stop reading . The novel is set in ancient Egypt which I love and isn't favourite setting- this is hands down one of the best novels set in this era I've read . Worth reading , characters are wonderful !

    9. A good first book to a series. Not a stand out of either the Egyptian or mystery genres but I like the setting and the characters are fun.

    10. Haciendo una valoración global del libro diré que es una historia que me ha gustado. La novela me ha parecido que tiene dos ritmos bien diferenciados. El ritmo de la segunda mitad del libro es mucho más trepidante que la primera mitad. En la primera mitad se suceden los hechos que condicionan todo lo que ocurre en la segunda mitad y es normal que para presentar todo y no liar al lector lo haga de una manera más sosegada.Los personajes están bien construidos y en todos se pueden ver fortalez [...]

    11. Lively mystery set in Ancient Egypt. Amerotke, judge in the royal city of Thebes, investigates the sudden death of Pharaoh Tuthmosis II.I really liked the character of Amerotke, a wise and honest protagonist with some human failings. There was a lot of fascinating detail about life in Ancient Egypt - clothes, armies, religion and burial practices - but it was all really well integrated into the story, so I didn't feel like I was in a lecture. The battle scenes were exciting, and the plot moved a [...]

    12. AmazingHow did I not know about this book before. Egypt came alive for me in this book the same way it did when I was a kid watching The Ten Commandments for the first time. Perfect for people who enjoy history and a good mystery. Already a contender for the best book I'll read this year.

    13. This book is an ancient Egyptian fictional murder mystery/thriller. It is set in the capital of Thebes in 1479 BC. The story centers on the court intrigue, politics, bitter rivalry for the throne, power take-overs, and murder just before the reign of Queen/Pharaoh Hatshepsut.The story opens with the wife/half-sister of Pharaoh Tuthmosis II, Hatusu (Hatshepsut), awaiting the return of her husband from a victorious military campaign. Very soon after he returns, he is found dead in front of the sta [...]

    14. "The Mask of Ra" is the first in the Amerotke series by Paul C. Doherty. For me, however, it ended up being the 6th book I've read in the series. That's okay. Even though I knew in advance the identity of at least one of the "bad guys", I did not know the hows or whys that motivated him, and none of this spoiled the story for me in the least. In fact, after reading a number of references to one character in later stories, it was a pleasure to meet him in the flesh, so to speak."The Mask of Ra" i [...]

    15. Quite easy reading and very enjoyable. Kind of a police novel very well put on the old Egypt environment.

    16. Bueno, no esperaba la gran cosa acerca de este libro, sin embargo, ¡me resultó bastante más entretenido de lo que había pensado! Se trata de una "novela histórica", y como tal, parte de un hecho histórico conocido y de ahí el autor crea una historia de ficción (en este caso una intriga) que solamente tiene la característica de estar pasando en dicho periodo, pero que bien pudo haber pasado en cualquier otro momento de la historia de la humanidad. Específicamente, el libro nos habla ace [...]

    17. A very enjoyable mystery/thriller set in ancient Egypt dealing with the intrigue surrounding the death of Tuthmosis II and the ascension of his sister wife Hatshepsut.The story focuses more on Amerotke, the head judge of the House of Two Truths as he in pulled in to investigate a series of murders and only briefly touches on the political intrigue. Every once in a while the author does tell the story from Hatshepsut's point of view, but these moments are kept brief which I prefer as I find it ve [...]

    18. This is a novel that is really defined by its genre, but given the entirely unique aspect of it, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It is an ancient Egyptian murder mystery, taking place in 1479 B.C. and following the chief judge as he investigates the unexpected death of Pharoah Tuthmosis II.It was a short book at a little under 300 pages and fairly simple as far as the story went, but the setting absolutely drew me in to this novel. There was just enough detail to paint a vivid picture of a [...]

    19. Very interesting read and a period in Ancient Egyptian history I've not read much on before. Always was curious bout how Hatshepsut had come to the throne and this story provided one way it may have happened. I do like the character or Amerotke and Shufoy. I did enjoy the read however I found the ending to be quite quick and in a way too convenient, almost like the author was trying to wrap up the story in less than 100 pages. The setting and the realism of the time period and the people and cul [...]

    20. I hate a mystery that isn't really a mystery and courtly intrigue is just everyday affair to me. It felt like about a third of the way into the book Doherty suddenly remembered that this was Hatshepsut, who was so LOATHED by her successor that he systematically destroyed her monuments and erased her name from public eye. Now suddenly he had to have a reason for her to act like a dishrag in the early part of the book so he fell back on the old issue of legitimacy. Overall the world building was w [...]

    21. You have to like your ancient history to appreciate this one. It really does its best to give you a good picture of the era, but mystery wise the plot is rather messy and unengaging. It is also quite difficult to feel close to the characters. I wouldn't go as far as to call them cardboard (like Ramses and the rest of them in the books by Christian Jacq, God preserve us!) but there's something missing. Perhaps a gap of 3500 years is a bit hard to overcome, making their feelings and driving forces [...]

    22. This book was great, once it got started. For me the beginning was way to slow - I mean a murder occurs and then it takes a while to be mentioned again. I guess Doherty could have been using this for effect but honestly it just took a little to long to get started.Other than that I liked the book - it had brilliant characters and Doherty knew what he was talking about. It was obvious from the use of Egyptian terminology and factual information. The plot was great the characters were amazing and [...]

    23. In Ancient Egypt, a special Judge handles the murder of a beloved Pharoah, pertained to have died of a snakebite. Very well written mystery that combines Raiders-esque action with Agatha Christie's solvability, though I have problems with the afterword, wherein the author claims that a kind, loving God was an invention of the Egyptians themselves. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to future adventures.

    24. Very good mystery for mystery lovers who like their "whodunits" to take place in different time periods in history. This one takes place in one of my favorites - Ancient Egypt during the reign of the Pharaoh-Queen Hatchepsut.Doherty is very readable and you do not have to be an Egyptologist to enjoy the story! He takes time out at the beginning to set the scene and to give some background information on the time-frame.

    25. It was a good as I remember it being the first time I read it (like 10 years ago). It has an Egyptian setting, one of the main characters is Haptshepsut (even though he shortened her name and that kind of pissed me off) who is one of my all time favorite historical figures , and it is about murder and intrigue of the royal court. It is a little predictable at times but the story makes you forget about that most of the time. I would recommend it!

    26. Was a fascinating story that kept my attention. My second mystery novel. I was drawn to it because I enjoy Egyptian time period. The author was extremely descriptive and made you feel like you were in the story. I had read Spies of Sobek years ago and had wanted to go back and read the rest of the stories. Glad I did!

    27. Possibly the worst historical fiction I have ever read. Was a real disappointment. The lowest point was the author using a phrase similar to "thinking several moves ahead, as in chess". At this point I lost all interest. I completed the book, as hate having unfinished books laying around, but very poorly researched.

    28. I enjoyed the concept and some of the execution of the pharaoh and the imp as a right-hand-man, the second half felt a little disjointed as events happen almost at an increased pace without really dealing with them. Likewise the end felt rushed but ultimately I enjoyed the world the author created.

    29. Average whodunnit set during the reign of Hatshepsut in Ancient Egypt (or Hatusu in the book) - doesn't come close to his Egyptian Mysteries trilogy. Not as much double dealing and treachery going on, and generally not quite on the same level writing-wise.

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