One Night with the Prince

One Night with the Prince Royalty Funny Sexy Romantic Strong Heroine This hilarious mix of Princess Diaries and One Night with the King will leave you in stitches and filled with romance from another land The beautiful land of

  • Title: One Night with the Prince
  • Author: T.M. Mendes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Royalty Funny Sexy Romantic Strong Heroine This hilarious mix of Princess Diaries and One Night with the King will leave you in stitches and filled with romance from another land The beautiful land of Bantaniomos had everything the great smell of the ocean, the pathways were made of cobblestone, and the streets were gray bricks The buildings looked like the Royalty Funny Sexy Romantic Strong Heroine This hilarious mix of Princess Diaries and One Night with the King will leave you in stitches and filled with romance from another land The beautiful land of Bantaniomos had everything the great smell of the ocean, the pathways were made of cobblestone, and the streets were gray bricks The buildings looked like they were centuries old, but they had been kept up And the best thing They had a hunk as a Prince But for Anna from Montana, going there was the perfect escape from her usual life, and she didn t care much for the Prince until she was suddenly kidnapped and was woken up in the palace She suddenly found herself in a competition for the Prince s heart Anna sure doesn t know how, but she knew that she had to stay away from the Prince as much as she could With her mischievous ways and un royal manners, she was sure that the Prince wouldn t pick her But what if the Prince was as determined to be with her as she was determined to stay away from him

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    1. This book is absolutely amazing I re-read the whole thing almost 5 times and it never fail to make me laugh the whole time. I love the pranks and I love the personality of the characters. Well done author! looking forward to this one as an actual book seriously. #congrats!!

    2. Update: I can't. The story may have been great, but I couldn't tell because the I was editing in my head while reading. I just finished the first chapter of this book andI'm struggling. The concept is intriguing and I want to continue but gracious, an editor would have been greatly appreciated.

    3. It's a good oneSo I started reading this book on Wattpad but then it was only a sample and, of course, I had to finish it. So I bought the book.Now let me tell you, I NEVER, and I mean never, buy books, unless they're the freebies on ;) I always just check out the books I want to read from the library or borrow them from friends that have the book. And yes all of my friends are avid readers so that have these books.That being said, I bought this one. I just couldn't wait to get to the end once [...]

    4. i cannot express into words how much i enjoyed reading this book!This was one of my first reads on wattpad and i remember loving it. I'm so glad its being published and i can't wait till i'm able to buy a copy (:

    5. 2 stars. Frankly, I was disappointed with this novel. ThePlot, despite being unoriginal ( prince falls in love with a normal girl), was enjoyable. I am a fan of romances, so of course I was drawn to this novel. After being enticed in by the apparent fun, romantic characteristics of the book I was sorely dispirited. The narrator, a seventeen year old teenage girl, came across as a twelve year old who hasn’t reached maturity- a completely unrelatable character for readers the characters actual a [...]

    6. This was just so terribly written. Perhaps it's because I've recently been reading books with much more depth and a lot of work, intelligence and effort poured into the words and story, but this was honestly one of the worst books I've ever read. I wish I could give it a lower star rating. There are far too many enthusiastic exclamation points, Anna acts and talks and thinks like an 11 year old girl, I honestly was initially confused, when they would talk about college or travelling the world, b [...]

    7. This book was amazing! Oh my Lord I'm in love Danny, Zachias, and Demetrius! They make me laugh like no other, especially the time when Zac called Danny. I just Loooool.

    8. I love this book I have re read it so many times it is amazing I have followed this author from the beginning (badass veteran) I can wait to support her by purchasing this book :)

    9. When I first read this book, I found the character really intriguing since Anna is a rebellious and hilarious, but also really witty and smart in school. So when Anna accidentally entered a competitions where 15 princesses came to win the affection of the Prince and become the next queen thinking it was a clothing store, I knew this was going to be a funny story and a good book. I also wanted to add that this book seems really similar to The Selection series, since in that series, the main chara [...]

    10. Anna is definitely not a fan of rules. In fact, if she can pull a prank and break some rules that is when she is having the most fun. This Montana girl has pulled more pranks in her high school career than her principal can count but still seems to maintain a flawless grade point average. So, when Anna is yet again suspended she finds herself bored and listening to the radio. Anna tunes in just in time to enter a contest and wins a trip to another country. Since she is suspended what better way [...]

    11. I loved this story. It was so amusing to read.Red is absolutely hilarious. She's a trouble maker because she gets bored. She has an amazing memory, so school is easy for her, too easy. She pulls pranks, and ended up getting suspended. During her suspension, Red ends up winning a trip to another country. A country that's holding a competition for 15 girls of royal bloodlines to be with the prince. She gets mixed up with the girls, and is taken to the castle.Red is willing to fight and avoid getti [...]

    12. This book got me laughing soooooooo much!!! Like many others who have commented I agree this book could sure help with some editing. It's so similar to the selection series even the fact that anna is a redhead. But nevertheless this book keeps u entertained with Anna's pranks. She is this awesome character with her spunky level set to a maximum. Her description of the pink gownjust wow!!1.i don't want to look like a dead flamingo2. I do not want to look like jiggly puff just swallowed me3. I don [...]

    13. This was actually one of the first books I ever finished on Wattpad. Seeing it being published is like seeing a child go off to college or at least what I would think it would feel like. I don't intend on knowing what that feels like for a very long time. AnywaysThis book is the epitome of Insta-Love. The romance was well done, though, and was actually quite adorable. It has very few lags in the story telling, and it did have a few things u didn't expect. This book got me hooked on the author's [...]

    14. I just started reading this book on Wattpad and I couldn't get enough! I laughed so hard during the first 20 chapters, I had to keep it down! When I got to the last chapter I was saying NO, and I went straight away to amazon and bought the kindle version of the book as well as the wedding book! It keeps getting better! If you want a good laugh and a good story y'all need to read this book and enjoy!!!

    15. One of the best and first books I've read on wattpad. So good in fact that I read it over and over again. (Like, five times? Six?) You just can't get enough of Demetrius and Danny boy (*≧∀≦)ゞ they're absolutely hilarious! Not to mention the main protagonist is totally kickass (literally) and completely likeable.

    16. This is one of the best books written. defiantly in my top 3:). I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!this book was one of the firsts books i read on wattpad and I'm very glad that i did^.^. i recommend anyone thats looking for a book to read, then, you should give this book a go. I wont give any of the book away, but you should READ this book. :))))))))))

    17. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!!!I first read this story on Wattpad. When I found out that it had been published I had to get it. It has just the right amount of hilarity, seriousness and romance to make you go from melting to laughing to wanting to hit someone (lol). I recommend this book to anyone who likes a modern day romance with a twist.

    18. Since i've read this orginally on Wattpad it is great to see that T.M. Mendes has come so far i have enjoyed, loved and yes cried reding the one on Wattpad this story so far and hope that she continue to write more and more and had hope to read it again this time on an actual paper back book.

    19. Well hell, this was fun. I'm sure the producers read your book and thought to create their show. I loved the story. It was a bit young, but then, you would not be able to get the pranks the same way, would you. It was a fun read.

    20. AwfulThis book was so poorly written that I couldn't get past page 3. It reads like it was written by a ten year old who should have paid much closer attention in English class.

    21. The most hilarious book I have ever read! Well I first started reading this on Wattpad, and towards the end I realised that the story had a "paperback" version. Now, I'm stuck thinking which bookstore would have the soft copied version. *cries**cries*

    22. This is definitely one of the best books I have ever read on Wattpad.And that's a lot too, considering the fact that I have read plenty of books on Wattpad. It's sad for me because I have only read the unpublished version of the book on Wattpad and haven't had the chance to pick up a copy of the published version. Well, since I have tremendously enjoyed the unpublished one on Wattpad, I'm sure I would enjoy the published one as equally, if not more. Down to the review (I'm only reviewing the Wat [...]

    23. This has to be my favorite book to read over and over again and not get tired of it. There is romance, a strong leading female character and she has the funniest sense of humor, along with great pranks. The book just has this Quality that makes you come back for more. With some setbacks, along with unexpected twists and amazing supporting characters. Also she goes through deciding if she can love, or if she can't. All in all I love this book and recommend it for anyone who likes romance humor an [...]

    24. A Night I'll easily forgetI came into this book with such high expectations, but I'm afraid they just weren't met. The blurb sounded intriguing enough for me to give it a try. I mean who doesn't love a little princely romance? Well, this book failed to reach my reading expectations. The writing was poor. Filled with choppy sentences and unrealistic dialogue, this story was painful to read at times. Very juvenile, it could be vastly improved if the author focused on her sentence fluency and word [...]

    25. This book reminds me of The Princess Diary for some reason. Anna seemed like your normal every day teenager. She's smart and has a memory to die for. Maintains a great GPA while pranking her Principal and getting into trouble in school about every other day. She gets kicked out of school for a few weeks then wins a vacation on a radio show to this beautiful country nobody has even heard of before. She takes advantage of the time off from school and takes the vacation of her life to this country, [...]

    26. It isn't a bad story and the characters are easy to like. That is the only reason I read it to the end. However it wasn't that great of a book. The plot just wasn't polished enough. I feel like this should have been a rough draft. That might sound bad but it how I feel. This story has a lot of potential (which is more than I can say for some). But it just fell short of being a complete story. Most of the time it felt like a teenage daydream. How an adolescent would picture their first love to tu [...]

    27. This is one of those random ebooks that i just donwloaded. This was a very short and fun read but at the same time it wasn't steamy as i thought for it was in fact a YA. The heroine Anna was a very spunky and rebellious and smart young girl. However, despite her mischievous nature I do find her endearing most of the time. What i have a problem with is with is that you just have to find the situation she got herself into to be beyond ridiculous. There was a competition going on but the competitio [...]

    28. I wish I could give this a negative rating. I can't remember reading anything quite so bad ever before in the past There are three different perspectives in the novel and they are all exactly the same. OMG I'M ANNA AND I'M SO AWESOME AND I'M SO AMAZING AND I JUST LIKE TO FUXK EVERYTHING UP BUT EVEYYONE LVOES ME OMG SO MCUH!!Seriously. I wanted to punch the girl in the throat. She gets suspended from school for weeks at a time, but has the best grades every because she's so brilliant. Her mother [...]

    29. I hate to dish out harsh comments about a book I have read because I know it is no easy feat to write one.Bu this time there is no avoiding it.This was a completete waste of time.He plot was impossible, shallow and makes the reader feels stupid. Come on I know his is fiction but REALL?? Royal families would just let a stranger in and allow her to start calling them all silly nicknames?! (I think i just burst an aneurysm there)Ot was also self centered. Everything is about the girl. The girl this [...]

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