Masterpiece The Masters of the Order Series will not be available to purchase for a few months because the series is under contract with a publisher LooseId The entire series will be re published soon and Master

  • Title: Masterpiece
  • Author: Jillian Verne
  • ISBN: 9781310894053
  • Page: 184
  • Format: ebook
  • The Masters of the Order Series will not be available to purchase for a few months because the series is under contract with a publisher, LooseId The entire series will be re published soon and Masters 4 is almost at the finish line Teooh, Teo Thank you for the patience and support Jillian Finalist for BEST BDSM BOOK of the YEAR 2015 at the BDSM Writers Confe The Masters of the Order Series will not be available to purchase for a few months because the series is under contract with a publisher, LooseId The entire series will be re published soon and Masters 4 is almost at the finish line Teooh, Teo Thank you for the patience and support Jillian Finalist for BEST BDSM BOOK of the YEAR 2015 at the BDSM Writers Conference.Welcome to The Order, an elite and secret society of powerful brothers bound by social status and sexual tastes Come Play dark games with us.Master Lover Submissive Muse.When Julianne Giroux, an aspiring artist with a dark secret, apprentices with Nicolai Stavros in his Paris gallery, she finds far than a passion for art She finds herself The masterful artist with forbidden tastes strips away her reserved veneer to reveal the daring, darkly passionate woman beneath and introduces her to the erotic world of The Order.A celebrated artist, an indulged heir and a sexual Dominant, Nicolai has it all except what he needs In Julianne, he finds his muse Nicolai crafts the ing nue into his living masterpiece and through the arduous process, finds himself re created With Julianne as his inspiration, Nicolai aspires to become something greater than he has been.But in an erotic world where powerful players enjoy dark games and buried secrets bite, love comes at a painful price.The Masters of The Order series is sequential, but each novel is designed to be read and understood independently Pick any one of my boys, darlings, and enjoy the dark game.

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    1. A Message from Julianne:My name is Julianne Giroux, and Masterpiece is my story. It is a love story.There is a fine line between love and hate, between pleasure and pain, between sex and violence, and I have lived on both sides of it. My story is filled with parallels. Some of my most euphoric moments are mirrored by terrible moments of unspeakable suffering, but I have no regret. Without darkness, it is impossible to appreciate light. The beauty of my love stands in stark contrast to its darker [...]

    2. I'm not sure how to rate this book, I really enjoyed reading it and there are things I both liked and disliked. I think i'll settle on 4 stars. First, I'm not usually a fan of BDSM books that feauture a secret organisation of ridiculously wealthy Doms. I prefer my kinky romances to be a little more realistic. That being said, I did enjoy this story, it was a nice fantasy. my favourite character has to be Darion. That may seem strange since he's not the main character but there's something about [...]

    3. I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review through Wicked Reads. This was the first book of this genre to give me a "book hangover" in a long time, and for that I commend the author. I had a hard time starting another book because I was still thinking about this one. I can't tell if I feel in love with the book, or the idea in the book, A.k.a The Order. I was instantly drawn to this book when I saw that it had references to art, BDSM, and an elite group. All things that sounded i [...]

    4. this book is in one word like the title a masterpiece Julianne is a women desperate to make herself more then she is more then a particle slave to her father the Cornell every wish he keeps her physically and emotionally scared of him if she dose anything to his displeasure he beats if she gets close to a man he makes sure she will cut that person from her life she has desires that she must keep hidden from her father she is a gifted artist when she is given the opportunity to work with nicholi [...]

    5. *sigh* When asked as a reader to read someone elses work it is an honor and privilege, although no less intimidating. When I was asked to read Masterpiece by the very lovely Jillian Verne I was fan girl star struck. To say that I suffered from sweaty palms and a touch of anxiety is putting mildly. Every author that writes a story is a brave hero in my eyes because they are taking that chance. The chance to put their words and thoughts and expressions in print for us as readers to read. I was war [...]

    6. I won a copy of this book from the group Erotica anniversary event.The story is about a well known rich and sophisticated artist finding his true match. The twist is the erotic nature of his sexual desires and the secret society he belong within. The readers are given a taste of several other characters within the secret society, and there is a character for all types of erotic play. I am so happy I was given the opportunity to read this book. The characters are very well developed and the stor [...]

    7. DNF 25% I can't connect to the characters and I don't like the writing style, it feels formal and a bit stilted to me. I really wanted to enjoy this, but I can't :(

    8. I've seldom come across a book as wacky as this one. The only well written scenes were the sex scenes. Which is why I persevered, naturally! The heroine of our story went through some kind of brain transplant somewhere in the middle of the book. Who she was in the first half had nothing in common with who she was in the second half. Then towards the end she started having some inner dialog that belonged to yet another woman. Our hero had an inconsistent personality, too.Some of the lesser charac [...]

    9. Power and rich men enjoy sexually dominating willing submissives. Said powerful men also create a secret society which brings the elite together based on mutual delight in sexual proclivity. A nice side benefit is a network of businessmen who can connect and make deals behind closed doors. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? This is the kind of glitterkink fantasy lonely submissives dream about. The blurb of this book captures my attention and I want to read about the high society. To my surprise, this [...]

    10. Spoiler Ahead This is book one of the " Masters of The Order" When Julianne Giroux, an aspiring artist with a dark secret, apprentices with Nicolai Stavros in his Paris gallery, she finds far more than a passion for art. She finds herself. When Nick first saw Juli he was struck by her beauty and her innocence. Juli has led a sheltered live led by her over protective father the Colonel who beat her to keep her in line. Nicolai Stavros is a Dominate who grew up also with wealth and a father who to [...]

    11. Masterpiece starts off with the words "Inspire me. Two simple words that are infinitely complex" and ends with the words, "I believe. Two simple words that are infinitelymple." In between, OMG. It's dark, it's sexy, but above all, it's romantic. Two flawed people take an erotic journey and end up finding out who they really are. I liked that Nicolai isn't a typical one-dimensional alpha. He's a real man who struggles to find the right path with Julianne. I loved that Julianne evolves into the he [...]

    12. NOT the same-old, same-old. What starts out as a traditional romance turns into a wild, exotic, and erotic thriller! The romance is there as the two lovers find each other and themselves in their erotic relationship and artwork. But, then the heroine finds herself pursued and imperiled by a powerful man seeking to take revenge for the sins of the father. The Order intervenes with its ancient rituals and relationships, but we have to wait and see if the Order is the threat or the savior. This boo [...]

    13. Oh my goodness, What a great book! I'll be back later with a more detailed review. Cover: Like, very alluring. Smexyness: 5 Thumbs Up: 5Overall: I loved it! Characters: Hot dang! I love them all! Page Turner: yesSeries Cont. YesRecommend: AbsolutelyBook Boyfriend: Several, but I found my muse in Nicolai

    14. I received a free copy of this book from the author. I was originally approached by her to beta read the second one, but I've stepped away from beta reading. I indicated the first one sounded interesting, and she graciously offered a copy to me. The writing style is good interesting, because they're in Paris, so there is some dialogue in French, but most in English. Since I don't know French, a brief explanation of what was said might have been helpful, and in some cases, the author was able to [...]

    15. I have thoroughly enjoyed this read, what a lovely story. It is classed as dark, but only because of violence at home( not Dark to a hard Dark reader like myself!!)Julianne an art student is physically abused by her very controlling father. He controls her life so much that she is still a virgin and has not even kissed a guy. What I never understood was when she ultimately finds the courage to leave her controlling father, that we do not hear from him again. How can that be from such a volient c [...]

    16. Thank you author for giving me a copy of this book for read and review.I enjoyed reading this book a lot, the plot is very intriguing and is as amazing as the sex contents.The plot-sex ratio was also quite balanced.HOT SEX CONTENTS + BDSMJulianne has a abusive-father, controlled-life,virgin background. She is a natural submissive and eventually is apprenticed to Nicolai who later becomes her Dom. I kinda liked her a lot based on the story until 9/10 of the story. This book is good as hell but I [...]

    17. This is kind of a hard review to write, because I feel like the book was split into two parts. The first half was kind of slow and hard to get into, but the second half really made up for it. So do continue on with the book, even if it doesn't grab you immediately. ( And as an aside, I am about 30% into the second book, and it is awesome! Totally into it right away. So do continue on with the series, as I suspect they are only going to continue to get better and better). By the second half of th [...]

    18. 3.5 STARSA very unique, complex, slow building story. The order, as they call themselves run a club that's into BDSM. The story is about the artist and Dom, Nicolai and his "muse" Julianne. Both of them looking for what the other can offer. Both of them held back by insecurities, and secrets. There are many characters in this book as told by dual POV. It takes awhile to get to the "good stuff". At first, I was disappointed by the sex, but then it seemed the author (characters) took a turn and it [...]

    19. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. From the blurb I was expecting some glitter-kink - Paris, super wealthy artist hero, up echelons of society, hot kinky sex. All of which I got - and a whole lot more. Lyrically written, Masterpiece had me thoroughly engrossed in the relationship between Nickolai and Julianne as it it moved believably from attraction, to desire, to profound love. There are dark forces in both their lives that inhibit and threaten their developing relationship, but after some dark m [...]

    20. Although the first in the series, I read this after volume 2, so I can say for certain, it is not necessary to read these books in order. That said, I wish I'd know about the Masters of Order ages ago. What a ride! Glitterkink with an edge. The Julianne's path isn't smooth for all her talent and wealth. There are some really nasty characters in her life, but she gets Nickolai, so it's all worth it.

    21. Took me a little time to get my head wrapped around the story and to finish it, but 1000% glad I did. I had been reading sweet contemporary for a while which had tainted my pallet a bit. ;-)Not the typical BDSM novel at all, well worth the time to read and I will absolutely read the next installment.4.5/5

    22. This is one of the most unique books I have read in a long time. When I finished the book, I literally felt that I have walked through Nicolai and Julianne’s journey with them. The writing is unique and does read more like a historical novel rather than contemporary. The author did a very good job with the description of the characters’ thoughts and feelings. The concept of a secret society was intriguing and the sex scenes were HOT! The only thing that I felt missing was an explanation of w [...]

    23. ~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team~I really don’t know how to review this book. I was so bored at times, I put the book down several times and had to keep coming back to it because there wasn’t a lot until half way into the book and by that point I really wanted to give up but everyone kept telling me to keep going. Well, I kept going but the only thing I enjoyed about this book was the sex scenes, everything else, was just blah for me. Julia [...]

    24. ~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~I am going to be very interested to read other people's reviews of this book - as I have very mixed feelings about it. As a very sexy read, it definitely works, but there were some parts that I could have lived without. I think it just is too long, and possibly too tortured in places - and by two people who really drag out their emotional pain a lot. And yet, I had to keep reading, because I wanted to know what happened. [...]

    25. I really enjoyed reading this book but there were parts I didn't 'understand' right away; they felt like I had to read between the lines and make my own interpretation. There were many characters in this book and the story was told from multiple POV's (which I always like!). MC's were Julianne (innocent virgin) and Nicolai (a Dom). The story took place in Paris/France. Sometimes it felt like a historical romance in stead of contemporary. I saw someone made the comparison with FSoG, but IMO this [...]

    26. I enjoyed the book, main characters were very well thought out. Julianne suffered for years by the hands of her father. He is a strict disciplinarian with a military background. Nicolai has a sad history. His history or background is briefly mentioned. I think I would have like to have seen him appear vulnerable in regards to opening up to Julianne about his history instead of wondering around aimlessly. "All people commit sins and make mistakes. God forgives them, and people are acting in a god [...]

    27. When I first started reading this book, I thought it would be a typical erotica romance. Boy was I wrong. I loved the way Nicolai took his time with Julianne. The way he nurtured her artistic side and her sexual desires as well. I found the plot and characters played very well with each and how they were all connected. I loved the Order and what it meant for Nicolai and Julianne. It got really "HOT", I mean "SIZZLING HOT", when I found out that Nicolai enjoyed being a voyeur and loved to watch J [...]

    28. I really enjoyed this series by Jillian Verne. I love stories that take an age old 'technique' and add a twist to it. This story had lots of Alpha Doms but they knew their ranking and each respected their positions. And thus the elite society that these Alphas belong is named 'The Order.' The main story involves Nico Stavros - Successful Hot Alpha Dom who is kinky, dark and sexy and Julianne Giroux - The Beauty, shy apprentice who becomes involved with Nico. I liked the build up of the character [...]

    29. Def 5 Star Read. A beautifully written, edgy story that turned me on AND made me think. How much is too much. How far is too far. Not just for the characters but for the readers too. Juli and Nico's boudoir scene after seeing Juli suffer similarly in an earlier scene shows how the bdsm dynamic must be rooted in love to rise above the specter of abuse. Brave author to challenge the reader like that. Juli becomes Nico's masterpiece and he becomes hers. Love is art and love hurts ;) Loved this book [...]

    30. Def a 5 stars read if you are into erotic thriller/suspense. Nicolai, the sexy Dom and Julianne, the pure innocent = some sexy steamy scenes. Love that it's read as historical scene with a mordern day feel to it. Little pain does not hurt ;).Love that it took place in Paris (the city of Love). I like the writing style cause she incorporated French and English together.Can't wait for the second book.

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