Naloo in Zirons Land (Naloo and the Zirons #1)

Naloo in Zirons Land Naloo and the Zirons Naloo in Zirons Land Naloo in Zirons Land is a beautiful children s book for girls to years old Naloo a small seven years old Eskimo discovered a magical and wonderful world filled with strange

  • Title: Naloo in Zirons Land (Naloo and the Zirons #1)
  • Author: Francois Bissonnette
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Naloo in Zirons Land Naloo in Zirons Land is a beautiful children s book for girls 3 to 8 years old Naloo, a small seven years old Eskimo, discovered a magical and wonderful world, filled with strange creatures called Zirons To spend a pleasant moment with your kid, buy Naloo in Zirons Land now

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    1. "A Great Adventure Story for Girls"This is a very creative and fun story for girls ages 3-8. Naloo is a seven-year-old girl telling her own story. She's an Eskimo girl living in Nunavut and has a twin brother, Nanook. Naloo likes to go for long walks and on this day she stops in front of a strange rock with a 'Z' carved into it. She takes her warm gloves off and traces the 'Z' with her fingers. Oops, she gets dizzy and feels like she is being swept away in a tornado! When she finally opens her e [...]

    2. Book: Naloo in Zirons landAuthor: Francois BissonnettePublication Date: 9/17/2014Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts My Rating: 5 Stars REVIEW This was a very cute childrens book about a young Eskimo girl Naloo age 7 who lives in a very cold place finds a magic rock which transport her to this green and warm place. She meets all kinds of creatures who are very nice and colorful to look at. She also learns if you water them they grow. I think this is a great book for children with active ima [...]

    3. Nanook is the twin brother of seven year old Naloo. The author has created the same book but one with Nanook as the main character and one with Naloo as the main character. I am assuming that this is so you can read the book to the gender of child you have. Each of them go for a walk and find a large rock with a symbol on it. When they trace the symbol with their finger they are transported to Ziron Land. Here they meet Ziggy who takes them to their village. The Zirons all live in giant fruits a [...]

    4. Naloo is a young Eskimo girl who finds a magic rock. When she traces her finger around a Z shaped symbol on it, she suddenly spins and spins until she lands in the land of the Zirons. There she meets a host of the people, all different colors, or combinations. A friendly people that live in giant fruits and vegetables that continue to grow as long as you water them. Then they harden and the Zirons carve their homes out.Naloo is shown around, watched the friendly folks, fed, and generally has a g [...]

    5. What a unique kids ebook of an Eskimo girl takes one on a tour !I liked this very unusual short story with colorful illustrations and simple words with very little words. This is just great for the very young kids just learning how to read, so I would like to recommend this for kids 6 & up with five stars,too. This little girl gives you with another new unusual friend a beautiful tour of Ziron and its citizens. I received this ebook for free and in return, here now is my honest review. Great [...]

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