August 9th

August th WARNING THIS IS NOT THE TYPICAL LOVE STORY Imagine it s August th You re Dan Brewster an year old UCLA student with your girlfriend Maggie in Anaheim CA about to witness a rock concert

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  • Title: August 9th
  • Author: Stu Schreiber
  • ISBN: 9781500906788
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • WARNING THIS IS NOT THE TYPICAL LOVE STORY Imagine it s August 9th, 1969 You re Dan Brewster, an 18 year old UCLA student, with your girlfriend Maggie, in Anaheim, CA, about to witness a rock concert for the ages as Jethro Tull opens for Led Zeppelin Near the end of Zeppelin s encore something remarkably unexpected occurs Twice, for a few seconds each time, a girl inWARNING THIS IS NOT THE TYPICAL LOVE STORY Imagine it s August 9th, 1969 You re Dan Brewster, an 18 year old UCLA student, with your girlfriend Maggie, in Anaheim, CA, about to witness a rock concert for the ages as Jethro Tull opens for Led Zeppelin Near the end of Zeppelin s encore something remarkably unexpected occurs Twice, for a few seconds each time, a girl in the row in front of you turns around and your eyes magically connect with an intense attraction and breathtaking feeling you ve never felt before No words are exchanged and you leave the arena with only her hypnotic image, firmly etched in your mind Months pass and, despite being in love with Maggie, you re obsessed by the ever present image of the girl from the concert You assume what is probably infatuation, elevated by the euphoria of the evening, will pass with time Then in March, a series of clues unexpectedly unravel that fortuitously lead you to the girl s identity Tess Davis is a student at the University of California Santa Barbara and, like Maggie, a Delta Gamma Contacting the DG house in Santa Barbara, your convincing, fabricated story readily provides an address for Tess Conflicted, you re not sure what to do if anything Do you search for information about Tess, call her or even surprise her with a visit You don t want to cheat or jeopardize your relationship with Maggie but the image of the girl now has a name, a college, a sorority and an address Further complicating your decision the snapshot of Tess embedded in your consciousness keeps growing stronger Have you ever locked eyes with someone and been overwhelmed by instant attraction Success follows you wherever you go After graduation from UCLA your MBA from Stanford deftly prepares you for the exploding high tech and venture capital worlds of Silicon Valley Marriage, family and a financial fortune follow but with a huge price Your journey under the backdrop of the Baby Boomer generation spans than four decades, and how you deal with unlimited opportunities, formidable challenges, horrific tragedy, character flaws and addiction define your compelling life Do you have a what if question that haunts you August 9th breaks all preconceived ideas of how a love story should be told Once you start reading you won t want to stop and after you finish the last page the story will continue to echo within you You ll talk, debate and personalize August 9th because almost everyone can relate to the fundamental theme A first time novelist, Stu Schreiber, reveals an understanding of life and love that is extraordinary and comparisons between Nicholas Sparks first novel, The Notebook and August 9th are inevitable.

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    1. The power of the letterCalifornia author Stu Schreiber describes himself as a hopeless romantic, and this surprising debut novel AUGUST 9th proves his sentiments. His professional life has been as an entrepreneur, a CEO of a Public Company, an Insurance Industry executive, a Business Coach, and even a spin instructor and a racetrack clocker - and if that exposure to the populace didn't offer enough food for thought for writing then surely his own personal experiences must be reflected here. Stu' [...]

    2. At first I didn't understand why Dan would keep on writing to Tess after all those years. Then I realized that it was for his conscience and being able to understand why he did the things that he did. I am happy that Tess finally came to see Dan even though he had passed away 5 days earlier. I just wished that they would have met years earlier. Thank you to Stu for a very emotional book. I was really upset at the end of the book, but it made me happy of the trials and tribulations that Dan went [...]

    3. This book is an interesting and for me, a quite an exotic narrative. A life story, of an pretty descent American guy' is told in the form of letters. His letters describe his private life, as well as working tech/business development in the Silicon Valley from the 70's to the present day. Both are pretty smooth sailing, before life hits. The protagonist says at some point: I talk 'in numbers', and so he does.The letters are written one per year, and at times they are so short, almost business re [...]

    4. I have never read a book like this. It is not the typical love story, although certainly love does drive it forward, but not in the traditional sense. Aside from the content, the actual format, the structure, was truly original and intriguing. I found each year that passed was like a mini time capsule as the headlines resonated with my youth and the growth in technology and America's politics was fascinating to re-live. The life of Dan and those dear to him was a touching story, I felt connected [...]

    5. I downloaded a free sample of this book, but was then so intrigued that I had to buy a copy for my Kindle. For a fleeting moment at a Led Zeppelin concert on August 9th1969, Dan Brewster sees the girl of his dreams who is sitting a few rows in front and at one point turns around to face him. Her face haunts him and on the anniversary of the concert he decides to write her a letter, having found out where she lives. I won't spoil the rest of the story for you, but I really enjoyed this original a [...]

    6. Things I liked about the book: I liked the premise, that this man sees a woman and writes her a letter every year on the same day.I liked the man writing the letters, he was normal with flaws and redeeming qualities at the same time.Things I did not like about the book:While I usually like references to historically significant events in this book it felt like it was trying too hard. He was writing about them while living through them but this was written much more nostalgic and sounded more lik [...]

    7. August 9thByStu SchreiberAuthor Stu Schreiber writes an unusual debut novel loosely based on personal experiences. Each chapter is a letter to Tess, from August 9th, 1970 through August 9th, 2014. Daniel never meets Tess, but catches sight of her during a Led Zeppelin rock and roll concert at the Anaheim Convention Center. Their eyes lock, just twice, but something special passes between them and for Daniel, it is an experience that changes his entire life. In a twist of luck or fate, he gets Te [...]

    8. OK, so this is not my typical type of read. I gave it a shot and I'm glad I did. While I wasn't sure in the first few chapters, the story and the characters did eventually reel me in and keep me hooked. I don't ever leave books unfinished (it kills me) so I knew I'd finish it, but I honestly wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. (Again, this is only BC its not my usual reading choice). There's so much in here to identify with- so many of the nuances of life, good and bad, are in this bo [...]

    9. August 9th is a different kind of love story. On August 9th, 1969 at a Led Zeppelin concert Dan's eyes lock on those of an unknown woman for two brief but powerful moments.Dan is able to learn his mystery woman's identity, Tess, through friends and from there to obtain her address. The story unfolds in an unusual manner, taking the form of letters Dan pens to Tess on the anniversary of those magic moments. Although Dan is in a long-term and happy relationship, and despite the fact Tess does not [...]

    10. I've had trouble deciding what I wanted to say about this book. It's not like anything I've read. I loved the unique story telling style and the gentle way I was drawn into the character's lives. While the book was gentle, the emotions it stirred up were surprising strong at times. The roller coaster events kept the story moving and I struggled with the desire to turn the pages faster in order to know what happened next and needing to slow down as the number of pages left dwindled. I'm very glad [...]

    11. This was a great quick read. As a man in the high tech space, who (hate to show my age) is also a baby boomer, I totally related to the awesome music, current day stroll through history and unique love story with a twist of obsession. Hope this author writes again! 5 Stars!

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