Bathtime for Chickies

Bathtime for Chickies It s bathtime for the Chickies With engaging rhymes endearing illustrations and a soft padded cover Janee Trasler s books are perfect for babies and toddlers to enjoy In this playful and helpful b

  • Title: Bathtime for Chickies
  • Author: Janee Trasler
  • ISBN: 9780062342294
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Board Book
  • It s bathtime for the Chickies With engaging rhymes, endearing illustrations, and a soft, padded cover, Janee Trasler s books are perfect for babies and toddlers to enjoy.In this playful and helpful book, parents and children will find that Pig, Cow, Sheep, and Chickies make bathtime lots of fun Wash these tummies.Wash those ears.Wash your fronts,and wash your rears.

    One thought on “Bathtime for Chickies”

    1. I am such a sucker for cute things and these chickies were downright adorable. Not to mention, I love books that rhyme. There's just something about a kids book that, if it doesn't rhyme, it has to be really amazing for me to love it. You don't get any rhyming with YA or adult books unless you get a book on poetry, so I need my kids books to rhyme so I can get my fix. Anyways, this was such a cute book about how these chickies keep getting dirty, taking a bath, only to get dirty yet again. The e [...]

    2. I didn't like this book at all . I rated it a 2 star because it was age appropriate. Children books suppose to grab the child's attention and this didn't grab my attention nor my students. It's pretty boring. Will not recommend teachers to read to there students.

    3. Cheery easy to say rhymes, muddy puddles, cupcakes and a chance to yell Peeyoo! -- what more could you want for ages 0-3? This has been one my daughter's favorites in the if-I-get-in-trouble-do-you-still-love-me phase.

    4. Trasler, Janee Bathtime for Chickies. HarperCollins Publishers, 2015. $8.99. BOARD BOOK. What an adorable board book! Chickies love to play in mud, get sticky with frosting and a whole list of other activities that make them dirty. Even though they would rather NOT end their fun, they soon learn that bath-time is as much fun as anything else they could be doing. Pig, Cow and Sheep are in charge of getting these adorable creatures clean. With wonderful rhymes and fun illustrations, little ones wi [...]

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