Wereleper MacKenzie can t help but be a rebel She was born one A poor excuse for a wereleopard she can t shift she can t heal she can t hunt like the others She escapes all that though becomes a fugitive

  • Title: Wereleper
  • Author: Dina Haynes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • MacKenzie can t help but be a rebel She was born one A poor excuse for a wereleopard, she can t shift, she can t heal, she can t hunt like the others She escapes all that, though, becomes a fugitive, and spends the next forty years hiding as a civilian amongst humans But a girl s gotta eat Inevitably, life takes a turn when she s caught infringing on the wrong female MacKenzie can t help but be a rebel She was born one A poor excuse for a wereleopard, she can t shift, she can t heal, she can t hunt like the others She escapes all that, though, becomes a fugitive, and spends the next forty years hiding as a civilian amongst humans But a girl s gotta eat Inevitably, life takes a turn when she s caught infringing on the wrong female s territory With an irresistible price on her head, Mac s estranged father sends in his trusted friend and werehunter, Ramone Mission rescue Except, she puts up a mean game of cat and mouse Understandable when crude genetics have been the kick me sign of her existence MacKenzie lives, eats, and breathes mistrust, yet she watches this male defend her at every turn In her darkest hour, Ramone s sacrifices add up And when an unresolved family debt ties Mac to imminent death, his loyalty knows no bounds.

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    1. Wonderful!I was gifted this book by the Author Dina Haynes for an honest review.This is the first book I've read from this author and I must say it was good. I like the way she subtly hints at the ramifications an abusive childhood can have on a person.Gwen is a mutant were leopard who has had a very difficult life, she has shut down all her feelings and doesn't recognize when love hits her in the face in the form of Ramone. But no one even knows what Ramone is and when she finally is ready to a [...]

    2. I received this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. OMG! I've read a lot of shifters books but this one was so different, I really enjoyed it. What can I say about this book it was amazing, I don't want to give anything away but the beginning you think you know what is happening but then it seems like the conflict is resolved but the book is only half way done what could possible happen next? Boom! Surprise! I loved the way this book was written I also enjoyed how the Hero has t [...]

    3. Let me just begin by saying OMG! This book is amazing, and it is nothing like the shifter romances you’ve read before. Dina Haynes has just raised the bar and elevated the genre to a whole new level. The story is complex and entertaining, and the world Ms. Haynes has created here feels like it could actually exist. It’s that real! MacKenzie is an outcast among her people. They see her as handicapped and weak because she’s not able to shift like the rest of them. This simple mutation sets h [...]

    4. I was gifted a complimentary copy for an honest review.Wow! This book is intriguing and entertaining on so many levels. I don’t read a lot of shifter romance and was concerned after I agreed to a review that it might be slanted because of that. It was the opposite. I loved it and will be reading more of Dina Haynes’ shifter novels!MacKenzie was born unable to fully shift. Luck had it that she wasn’t killed at birth for her mutation. But life was not easy. As an adult, she’s in hiding aft [...]

    5. Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock Mackenzie is a shifter who can't fully shift so she lives among humans hiding. After years of abuse by other weres Mackenzie has built many walls around herself. After she accidentally kills a human her life alters overnight. Ramone is like a brother to Mackenzie's father and the best were hunter there is. When he is asked to locate Mackenzie and keep her safe hat is what he will do even if she has other ideas.Amazing.This was a different t [...]

    6. A WONDERFUL EXCITING TRUE LOVE STORYSHIFTERS THEIR LOVE AND BELIEVES MacKenzie a wereleopard who is considered off, not normal,a mutant and usually killed as soon as it is known. She has been out on her own since 16 and learned to blend in with humans by not getting closed with anyone in her 40 years of exile.Now a man as pushed her to far and she has killed him. She gets rid of all evidence, but there was a witness Ramone another mutant hunter ,she don't even know but he has been hired to bring [...]

    7. Wereleper WOW! I WANT MORE!  (Free on  ) This book completely took me by surprise, ILOVED IT! I had never heard of this author before and accidentally stumbled across this while looking for a book by my favorite author (J R Ward). Well I ended up completely devouring this book and have only read about 20 or so pages of the other. That is how good this book is! As soon as I finish writing this I am going to grab the second installment in this series. This book is set in a world were the huma [...]

    8. I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Dina Haynes. This book is from The Leopards Unleashed series by the author.MacKenzie did not grow up in a loving home in fact she really grew up in a prison that her father put her in to "keep her safe". Being on her own and running from the law and doing what she had to go to survive she finds herself in a situation she is not sure she will survive.Ramone Hernandes is a were bounty hunter and is after MacKenzie but when he starts t [...]

    9. I came by this book on a group for shifters and the blurb had me hooked. MacKenzie was born very different from all other shifters, she cannot fully shift into her leopard, she cannot heal like they do, nor can she hunt the same. She has been living her life among humans because she is a fugitive. It is pretty much just her and her dog that stick together, she has a few friends, but none of them know anything about her past. Mac's father has sent his right hand man, Ramone, on a rescue mission t [...]

    10. this novel was very raw emotionally. very real. Mac was a very difficult character to embrace, she held up so many barriers that I felt it difficult to understand her. I felt she never truly dropped those walls. Ramones on the other hand was a very alpha male but also sweet in his own way. I wish I could have read his narrative. that might have brought more insight into the story. Other than that intriguing plot loved the concept of mixed race leopards.

    11. I downloaded Wereleper as a free book from . This book surprised me with the layered plots and unique story line. While I didn't always follow the characters' motivations, the dialog and story kept me fully invested in what would happen next. Good writing, I'll be looking at other books by this author.

    12. WereleperI never thought it was her mom and dad behind the threat. The fact that he is still alive means he should have been glad for another chance after shooting h is daughter. I'm glad she mated Ramone and not Doug.

    13. Very goodI loved the book. I can't wait to read Macs dads story. Hopefully he reveals how he truly feels about his daughter.

    14. Good!I never read a book about Weres. This was very different. A woman, with a painful past, meets two men. Who to trust?

    15. Fantastic readRead it in a day, I thought during the first chapter psychopaths and would not get to love the characters but the book gradually lured me in. I am going to put the 2nd book on my wish list

    16. I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.This is my first book from Dina that I have read, but apon reading the description it had me intrigued. I'm glad I decided to one-click this baby, Dina has given us a unique veiw on shifters. Wereleper is book 1 in the "Leopards Unleashed" series & if your a paranormal lover, you should definitely grab yourself a copy.Gwen (Mac) wasn't born a true wereleopard, she was born a mutant, not able to truly shift, never having the l [...]

    17. WOW this book was really good. This is the first book of Ms. Haynes that I've read and I am totally hooked. Ms. Haynes has a dynamic writing style. She really just grabs a hold on you and doesn't let you go until the end of the book and that's only to leave you breathless with wanting more. I love how she gives you an actual story with a plot and character growth through the entire book. Yes there is sex involved but the book isn't all sex all the time. I seriously hope she doesn't change that i [...]

    18. I love shift shapers books. Werewolves, tigers, leopards, they are all my favorites. Wereleper is different than the others that I have read before. This is a story, not just a hot sex, killing for blood, and running through the woods story. There is love, fear of love, romance, families, and so much more. It is the story of a misfit trying to find her place in the world and being afraid to settle down. MacKenzie is a wereleper. She is not quite a leopard, not quite anything. Then she meets Ramo [...]

    19. This is an okay read. I did have some problems getting hooked on it though. I read the synopsis and really liked it.Mackenzie, or Mac, is a Wereleopard. But she can't fully shift. She is a mutant. She hasn't had the easiest of lives. Her mother hated her and wanted her dead. Her father sent her to were prison. She was raped, beat and tortured until she escaped. now she lives like a human and around humans. She even has a dog. She uses sex as a trade for being able to hunt, not for pleasure. She [...]

    20. I won a copy of this ebook in a giveaway and it was from an author I hadn't seen before so I wasn't sure what to expect. This was a darker book than I would normally read but it was an intoxicating storyline. The characters were compelling and there were so many twists and turns that I got dizzy!Gwen is a mutant, a shifter who can't shift. She is hiding out amongst the human population and seeks occasional fringe benefits from Doug, a fellow shifter. She goes on a date with a human and things do [...]

    21. I was provided this book by the author for an honest review.This is the first book I've read by Dina Haynes but it will definitely not be my last. This was a substantial book in that it took me longer than a couple hours to read, that's a good thing. The story was complex with characters who were quirky, mysterious, damaged, and deeply flawed but with a core of strength that was totally admirable. To me the draw of this book was how the MC's deal with being different and how the treatment of oth [...]

    22. ★★★★★The first book in a new to me series. In this author's "world" humans know about Weres, they live in their own areas and don't interact any more than they must. Our heroine is a were leopard, but is considered a mutant because of her inability to shift. She suffered horrendous abuse in the past, so now she is in hiding as a human. She has learned the hard way to hide all her emotions behind a wall. Unfortunately she makes a big mistake that is about to change her life forever. Now [...]

    23. I honestly wasn't sure what to make of this. For most of the book, I couldn't quite decide whether or not I was enjoying it.Obviously, the book has something. I did keep reading it, after all. A big part of my problem was the first person narrative. It really, really annoyed me. It also meant that Ramone's character was fairly shallow as we never heard from his perspective at all. With Mac being so screwed up, the first person narrative made her irritating in places. I would have enjoyed the boo [...]

    24. This one I found not to my tastes at all and had to really make myself concentrate to finish it, thankfully it was free. The story is told by only one POV and I find that you don't get to know the other character as well. The first 40% of the book was a real struggle to get through with a few minor editing issues such as words missing, It, to & the in particular which didn't help with the flow of the book.Without giving to much away I don't know how she didn't kill her father whenever he was [...]

    25. Prepare to be blown away ;) What a totally unique paranormal shifter must read!! At first it took me a little while to get into it, as I expected it to be like other similar books I've read. But, this is so different in an awesome way, that it didn't take long before I became so wrapped up & engaged in this fantastic story, that I did NOT want to put it down!! If you love fantasy, paranormal, shifter books with romantic suspense and really HOT love scenes in it, you just HAVE to get this mus [...]

    26. I have had a hard time reading this book. It moves slow and is slightly predictable. The writing is good, but not my cup of tea. I am not sure if it is the supernatural aspect of the book, or the way it was developed. I used to read supernatural books and loved them, I think this one had too much going on to really follow the events and people. There was a lot happening but at the same time it seemed like nothing was happening at the same time. I hope someone else can enjoy the book where I was [...]

    27. I gave it four stars because it intrigued me from the end to the beginning.Mackenzie gets caught one night trying to feed and then she accidentally hunts on the wrong woman's territory. Then she meets a man who starts to spark her interest since she has been in hiding for 40 years, not wanting to draw attention to herself. Followed by the murder of the human during the hunt, she has been asked frequent questions by the police. I think the author did a wonderful job with the plot, the characters [...]

    28. This was a surprisingly good read. I havent read many shifter books but this one is different from my previous reads. Mac is a wereleopard that wasnt like other weres. She didnt possess the normal were abilities making her an outcast amongst her kind. She had a difficult upbringing and spent her adult life in hiding, living as a human. Soon Mac finds herself confronting her past as well as becoming a new person along the way. I was really surprised by the ending of the book. It made for a great [...]

    29. Highly RecommendedThis is a really unique and captivating story. Both of the main characters have some serious family issues. They feel different from other leopards and yet also very different from humans. She has tried to escape the past thru isolation but some things penetrate her barriers and lead her to having to face her past in order to have a future. This book is very well-written and I couldn't stop until I finished reading the whole story. I was never sure where it would go but was rea [...]

    30. The narrative of this book was brilliant. I found it interesting to be in Mac's mind with her. She is an impressive, courageous protagonist with an snarky attitude and after everything she has been through in her life she has managed to shield herself from emotion. Ramone is such a mysterious and puzzling character that, at first, I didn't know what to think of him, I didn't know if he could be trusted. This book starts out exciting and doesn't stop until the very end. I couldn't put it down unt [...]

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