A Different Side

A Different Side The highly anticipated story from the University Park Series Park Hill University s star quarterback Raven Davenport has every woman dying to get caught in his trap but he s only interested in catc

  • Title: A Different Side
  • Author: C.M. Doporto
  • ISBN: 9781516304400
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
  • The highly anticipated story from the University Park Series.Park Hill University s star quarterback, Raven Davenport, has every woman dying to get caught in his trap, but he s only interested in catching one girl Lexi Thompson But will he learn how to deal with his inner demons or will they continue to control him to the point of destroying what he loves most Hear RavThe highly anticipated story from the University Park Series.Park Hill University s star quarterback, Raven Davenport, has every woman dying to get caught in his trap, but he s only interested in catching one girl Lexi Thompson But will he learn how to deal with his inner demons or will they continue to control him to the point of destroying what he loves most Hear Raven and Lexy s story from a different side.

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    1. This one is told from Raven's point of view. The reader gets a better understanding about the struggles and hardships Raven Davenport had experienced. It's got me seeing him in a new pair of eyes, finally comprehending his feelings for Lexi and the issues that surrounded him, like alcohol, drugs, family, football and relationships.I admit, during the first part of the book, I wasn't really into Raven, despite loving him in the first three books in the series. I thought he was too full of himself [...]

    2. A Different Side. A novel I have waited so long for. And one that was worth the wait. Mr Raven Davenport. He definitely caught got me in his trap right from the beginning in The Opposing Sides. But reading all three books from his perspective widened my knowledge as to why he made the decisions which impacted him negatively, as well as how he originally felt about Lexi Thompson. Reading A Different Side opened my eyes as to how strong inner demons can be and how they're able to control your life [...]

    3. When I first read this series from Lexi’s point of view I desperately wanted to know what was going on inside Raven’s mind. I wanted to see his side. His emotions, fears, battles all of it and this book gives us the unvarnished Raven. The Raven that is uncut and raw. The thoughts when he first sees Lexi, about himself, his demons, his struggles, his fears, his beliefs and his emotions. We get to see how he struggles to become a better person. How he felt when his mom cut him down and how it [...]

    4. I'm speechless I honestly have no words this standalone, dare I say it, is the BEST from another point of view book I have ever read in a series! I had no idea that after reading the first three books that I could have so many different feelings about the same stories. Raven had my heart since the first tutoring session and being able to relive such an amazing storyline from his emotions really helped me understand his true passions. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, but I promise on [...]

    5. I'm not really counting this as "read" as I just skimmed the parts I really wanted Raven's POV from books 1-3. It was WAY too long, imho, and I frankly thought the author could have made books 1-3 stronger by having Raven's POV in them originally rather than waiting for his own book.

    6. Just when I didn't think I could love Raven and Lexie's story anymore than I already did, I was proven wrong! I wasn't sure at first if I wanted to read the book from Raven's point of view but am so happy that I did because his perspective explains things so much better and enabled me to see things that I did not see, despite me reading the original trilogy multiple times. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to read this book and am looking forward to reading it again. I love that you can r [...]

    7. This book was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review CM Doporto completely outdid herself on this one. This story blew me away! I needed this book! Raven needed this! He needed to tell his story and what an incredible one it was!!! Even though I had read Lexi’s version of the story I still found myself choking up and crying. The way Ravens life played out would have crushed anyone Consuming him into the deepest darkest pits of his soul Lexi was able to find [...]

    8. So excited waiting for itBut sad that it was really the same with a couple of sentences here or there to show it was Raven's view instead of Lexi's. There were very few additional info or scenes added. If you have read books 1-3, you really don't need to read 4. The differences are about 40-60 minutes of reading through out the whole book

    9. A different sideRavens POV was a little difficult for me to get into. I enjoyed his perspective in the start of their relationship but after that the scenes were hit or miss on if they spoke to me. While it was strongly hinted at raven cheating on Lexi I didn’t really want to read about it from his POV. Towards the end of the last book I started skipping scenes because hey weren’t drawing me in at all. Not sure if I just read this one too close to reading the other three books but I think I [...]

    10. I thoroughly enjoyed this series and getting Raven's perspective on the entire story made a lot more sense. The only downside is that I read this immediately after the other 3 books when I probably should have taken a break and would have enjoyed it a lot more. I skipped over all the scenes I knew and jumped to the sections that had his thoughts because it is a complete repeat of all the books. I'm not one to read a series and then immediately reread them. If I had waited - say six months or so, [...]

    11.  “We may have been from opposite sides, but one thing was certain: we were meant to be on the same side.”A Different Side (University Park 4) RAVEN RAVEN RAVEN !!!!!  Extraordinary !!! Unbelievable !!! I don't know where to start, I have been dying to read this book ever since I started University Park Series. It’s from Raven’s POV. The author has outdone herself in this one, so much was captured in this book.Everything is much more understandable right now and it makes sense. All the [...]

    12. This book can be read as a standalone, I don't know that I would recommend reading it this way though. The idea behind reading the series from Raven's point of view is to garner more sympathy for him, an inside look at what he has experienced and the inner demons that help drag him down however, I felt as though the information that led to me feeling even a little bit sympathetic to his cause came too little too late. Perhaps I would have warmed to The Raven a little earlier if I had read the or [...]

    13. Get caught up in the Raven's Trap all over again. Just when you thought it was over, CM Doporto takes us back to PHU and gives us a look at Raven and Lexi's romance from Raven's perspective. Ever wonder why Raven did the things he did? Why he made the decisions he made? What was going on in that gorgeous head of his when he played hot and cold with Lexi? Well here's your chance. You've heard Lexi's side of the story, now come join us and read Raven's. Bad boy football player meets good girl who [...]

    14. CM Doporto is another new author to me, and I love her writing! A Different Side simply BLEW ME AWAY! I LOVED it and couldn't get enough!Park Hill University's star quarterback, Raven Davenport, seems to have it all on the outside; big talent on the football field, super sexy, and can get any girl he wants. On the inside he's a hot mess, with demons talking in his ear constantly. His first real female challenged comes in the form of good girl Lexi Thompson as she's having none of him except to t [...]

    15. I fell in love with this author's writing a few years ago, when I read a short story of hers. Right then, at that moment, I knew that this author will go places because her writing was simply amazing. I loved the University Park series, since book one, but I've always felt closer and understood Lexi a lot more than I did Raven. When Raven made some questionable decisions, I couldn't help but like him a little less, only because I just didn't understand his motives and reasoning. But this book wa [...]

    16. Fantastic Series! I have read this story from the beginning and fell hard into Raven’s Trap. Lexi Thompson and Raven Davenport’s Love is a Kind of love that’s truly unstoppable. Books 1-3 are from Lexi’s Pov, but Doporto now brings you His Side, A Different Side. I absolutely Loved it. It completed the whole story Line. Raven’s Past is everyone’s worse nightmare and has pushed him into a Life of drugs, girls, and partying to try to forget everything. As PHU’S star QB that everyone [...]

    17. AmazingI absolutely love A Different side. I love Raven story.Raven Davenport has definitely caught my attention. I absolutely love the first three booksI was so glad I got to read a different side in Raven point of view. I absolutely love Raven and Lexi even more now. I love how Raven wanted to be a better man for Lexi to fall in love with. I Feel even in more Love with Raven. I love that Raven was fighting to be the man that he wants to be. Raven side of the story makes you think he has demons [...]

    18. A Different SideARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewA Different Side is a book I waited so patiently for. When I read the first three books of the series Opposing Sides, The Same Side and The Winning Side I was so caught up in The Raven's trap. The first three books were told from Lexi's POV so I was so thrilled when I heard that A Different Side was going to be told from Raven's POV.This book includes some of the main parts of the previous three but you are in [...]

    19. I was lucky enough to get an ARC for A Different Side and I have to say that Raven’s point of view did not disappoint! The University Park Series was a series I have read multiple times and I was definitely caught in the Ravens Trap, I loved Lexi’s strength and independent personality and was thrilled to read their love story.Raven is such a sweet-hearted person who has girls obsessing over him and I loved reading about him falling for Lexi, the struggles he endured and tortured himself over [...]

    20. A Different Side is written in Ravens POV, I have not read the other books which are in Lexi's POV.I had a love/hate relationship with The Raven. In this version you get to get inside of Raven the demons within him. Raven has a big ego women flaunt themselves at him, at least that is how he saw it. He slept around a lot I probably should have read the other books first The University Park series from Lexie's point of view, so I had a better idea and understood more of her story. Raven is struggl [...]

    21. I received a ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review.4* read.If your a reader of this series like me you'll have been eagerly waiting for this book from Raven's POV, or you'll have been on the fence and not sure what to expect. I have to say I loved this addition to the series. Seeing his prospective gave me a better insight into everything that happened and why he made certain decisions. You got a clear sight into his head and it made this whole story from start to finish as a packa [...]

    22. The Raven Trap is BACK!Normally I stray from reading a book that is a re-tell in a different POV. *I mean I haven’t read Grey because of it being Fifty in the eyes of Christian*However, Raven Davenport has my attention like no other! I NEEDED to read this book! I needed to live Opposing Sides: Book 1 from Raven’s POV, to feel HIS emotions, just as I felt Lexi’s in Book 1. I HAD to know how, and why, from him!CM Doporto did a FANTASTIC job on this! She drew out the emotions and made me unde [...]

    23. Wow. CM Doporto completely outdid herself on this one. At first, I was hesitant to read the book since I feared that the author would not be able to capture Raven full character. But just when I didn’t think it was possible, CM Doporto proved me wrong!This book enable me to fall in love once more with Raven and Lexie’s story. Like I said I was a bit hesitant to read Raven’s point of view but I can tell you that I am happy I did. It provided some closure and perspective explaining what was [...]

    24. I adored Ravens perspective!!! This read combines books 1-3 and I would really recommend reading this. It takes a fresh perspective of why he did what he did and that his feelings for Lexi where so strong from the beginning. He was caught in her trap way before she was in his. What I adored about this read, is that this author showed how Raven's mother was instrumental in showing how to treat a woman and his grandmother with faith. What was awesome was that the author displayed how having the fa [...]

    25. A Different Side is a retelling of the first three books in the University Park series from Raven's perspective. While I found it to be just as good as the first three books, I wish I would have had a waiting period before reading it. A Different Side gives Raven's side of the story, but the dialog is very similar with little from Raven's point of view. It felt like I was just reading the first books again. I think if I had waited a month or two I would have been different. The story was still f [...]

    26. Loved Ravens POVI always have mixed feelings about the other characters POV as it covers a lot of the same thing but I wasn't disappointed in Ravens. The author provided an insight to Raven and his internal struggles, his flaws and how he handled them. I was thoroughly missed at Raven for his actions because he seems to choose the easy way out every time life got hard but I'm happy to see the HEA with the couple. I know that it may seem easy to just say think positive and move forward but everyo [...]

    27. iv been caught in the ravins trap <3 i always love reading male povs for some reason also reading what was going through the characters mind what a way to end a series Ravens side was so well written and I couldn't put it down because I really wanted to know what his thoughts were about through the whole University Park Series :) reading everything Raven feels makes my heart break for him but then there were times when I wanted to punch him so bad alot of emotions going through me while readi [...]

    28. The wait is FINALLY OVER!! When I first read The University Park Series, I instantly fell in love with Raven. Well more like I fell into the Raven’s Trap. **Swooning**In the first three books, we are given Lexi’s POV. But now in A Different Side, we get to see inside of Raven’s head and what he was thinking. Now, I can say my life is officially complete. LOL! Seeing everything in Raven’s POV was amazing! Everything now makes complete sense. Even though this book is considered a Standalon [...]

    29. What a way to end a series! Raven's side was so well written and I couldn't put it down because I really wanted to know what Raven's thoughts were about through the whole University Park Series! Naughty boy who is every girls book boyfriend, with so much going on in his head I wouldn't have been able to think straight. Find out about those demons that haunt our beloved Raven and why he turned into a man whore, drug addict and alcoholic, until he met his future.I loved how this was written and ho [...]

    30. I was greatly excited for this story and I will tell you why: The Raven isn't like the majority of main male characters I've read.I also adored the fact that this was an interracial romance.I appreciated that I was able to develop a better understanding of the male characters.There were also several questions I had from the UP series that were answered.I wouldn't recommend this as a stand alone. I feel that to get the best understanding of the world C.M. has created, all four books should be rea [...]

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