Impromptu Scribe

Impromptu Scribe Whether it be nail biting courtroom suspense surrounding a celebrity star on trial the tear jerking return journey of an ageing war veteran to the battlefield of his youth an hilarious account from a

  • Title: Impromptu Scribe
  • Author: Alex Morritt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Whether it be nail biting courtroom suspense surrounding a celebrity star on trial the tear jerking return journey of an ageing war veteran to the battlefield of his youth an hilarious account from a dog s perspective of the eccentric clientele that frequent his master s restaurant a bittersweet tale of a vendetta waged by a young girl denied her favourite ice cream orWhether it be nail biting courtroom suspense surrounding a celebrity star on trial the tear jerking return journey of an ageing war veteran to the battlefield of his youth an hilarious account from a dog s perspective of the eccentric clientele that frequent his master s restaurant a bittersweet tale of a vendetta waged by a young girl denied her favourite ice cream or the adrenalin fuelled adventures of a terminal cancer patient turned base jumper these make up just a handful of examples of what to expect in this riveting short story collection Immensely Visual and Highly Versatile are by far the most frequently recurring descriptions of the author s bold style of writing given by early reviewers of Impromptu Scribe , his d but short story collection.

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    1. There is something for everyone in this wonderful collection of short stories that expertly captures the reader with wonderfully descriptive language. Morritt has mastered a very difficult art!

    2. Impromptu Scribe is a great collection of short stories for all tastes. The collection doesn’t follow a theme which means there is a wide variety of topics.What I liked about the bookThe stories were well written and I could find something for every mood. I particularly enjoyed Hubert and Hector and found the story being told from the dog’s point of view interesting and funny. Alex Morritt did a great job in his descriptions and I loved how I was able to visualise each story.What I didn’t [...]

    3. Short stories are not usually a genre I would choose, but I did enjoy this interesting and varied collection. There are stories in this book that would resonate with everyone. The author’s clever perception of characters brings the stories to life. I particularly enjoyed 'Fallen from Grace' and 'Hubert & Hector.' 'A Trip Down Memory Lane' was touching and evocative. 'Lost in Translation' was a classic example of a husband not listening to his wife! How many times have we heard of this sort [...]

    4. Here is a collection of short stories and vignettes--some amusing, some sad, all thoughtful--brought vividly alive by masterful description. Each piece examines a different aspect of life. The author dips us into it, so we can understand and feel the protagonist's view. The hopes, the tragedies.Morritt narrows our focus to the size of a knothole through which we view each piece differently. We can make out a beginning, middle, and end for some, which constitutes a story, however short. Morritt b [...]

    5. I found Morritt’s writing in his collection beautifully visual, showing a whole spectrum of colours. There's absolutely no doubt about his observations from when been in Guatemala. It was a bit bland for my taste buds at times but when it was really good, it was just not enough.

    6. Impromptu ScribeAlex Morritt127 pages, $0.99This collection of short stories by British author Alex Morritt offers a smorgasbord of delights. Whistling through each of the thirty or so short stories is the ghost of the author, not mentioned in the text, but present in the viewpoint, the gaze, the objects and people noticed and ignored in each story. I found myself seeing past the characters on the page and wondering about their creator, about this man, a well-travelled wanderer, lonely perhaps, [...]

    7. Impromptu Scribe is a collection of stories about the joys and sorrows of the human experience. As an American expat living in Guatemala I purchased "Impromptu Scribe" after learning that the author was to appear at a book signing close to my village at Lake Atitlàn. Because I really enjoyed his two prior works, "Guises Guyana" and "Glimpses of Guatemala," I was excited to read this newest book. As a lover of languages I immediately noticed the Morritt's delightful and creative use of vocabular [...]

    8. Impromptu Scribe is a collection of short stories with widely differing subjects and settings.The topics are intriguing - no wonder they sparked the writer’s imagination and prompted him to put pen to paper. I gather they were provided to him at a weekly writers’ circle meeting but you can tell that that this writer takes his broader inspiration from his wide experience of many cultures and situations. I’d say he is a person who looks and really sees. There were some perceptive observation [...]

    9. As he explains, this is a short (in page length) collection of over 30 stories, each between 500-2500 words. Some are too short to be sensible, others beg to be more fully developed. I have to admit, the form is off-putting. As part of a reading/writing circle, Alex writes supershort fiction in response to writing prompts. While this is an excellent way to produce ideas and hone the craft, I am reticent to condone rounding up enough of them to fill a book and bringing them straight to market. Ha [...]

    10. Relishing each morsel of Impromptu Scribe, a collection of short stories by Alex Morritt, you are at first surprised by the brevity and completeness of each vignette. Morritt is a skilled and inspired writer, delivering poetic descriptions and characterizations that ring true, intrigue, and somehow give you the sense of having just read an entire novel. He is like a master photographer, capturing the essential moment with clarity, yet leaving just enough of his subject unrendered so that your ow [...]

    11. 3.5 starsI have not read much in the way of short stories in my life, and have certainly never before experienced the micro bursts of literature such as Alex Morritt’s Impromptu Scribe delivers. As a person who thrives on variety, I like the idea of them in theory. As a reader, I was left feeling as though something was missing. There is no doubt that Alex can write. His descriptions are vivid and colourful and in some cases beautifully lyrical, but the depths of emotional attachment for me co [...]

    12. I love to read short stories, especially when they're intelligent and witty such as the little gems that are offered in this book. The author seems to have done his share of traveling and enjoys recounting some memorable experiences among the many cultures that he's submersed himself in. A few of the stories, no doubt, are but products of his fertile imagination, and his tone can be at times clever and naughty, funny or poignant, but always appreciative of his subjects and seen with a compassion [...]

    13. Tidbits of life! The Impromptu Scribe is a deliciously written book of short stories. Each is a ‘peek’ at tidbits of life. The language is colorful and the characterizations are spot on. The author effortlessly uses a few words to give each character and situation the depth and essence it needs to tell the story in a few words. Many of the stories are caught in the middle—with the next part left up to the imagination. My favorite was ‘Caught on Film’ where Stan’s realization of what [...]

    14. About "Words in the Wind," from Impropmtu Scribe: This is a short glimpse into the life of a young boy in Guatemala and his relationship with his grandpa. To me, the story feels a little "told," almost essay-like. But it's warm and culturally interesting, and having spent some time in Guatemala myself, and having seen a lot of kites flying, especially in San Pedro, I found this pleasant. I read this short piece separately from the whole book, but it looks like Impromptu Scribe has a mix of diffe [...]

    15. This is a collection of flash fiction stories. As such, it is hard to fully develop characters or a plot, but the lovely writing does sketch the outlines of more substantial people and stories. The international settings are a differentiator, providing brief glimpses into lives very different than my own. Occasional writing stumbles and editing errors distract from otherwise clear and evocative prose. Well worth a buck or two.

    16. Impromptu Scribe is a collection of short stories. They are slices of people's lives. What I love is that they describe everyday people. Sometimes I think we forget that we all have a story to tell and the author gives seemingly ordinary people a place to shine. The writing is clear and to the point. The author does a wonderful job of creating setting and character that the reader quickly believes in and is connected to. Overall, a well written book worth reading.

    17. Morritt is an extremely talented writer. This book is a collection of short stories, all written so well that I reached the end of each one wanting more. Morritt uses vivid imagery and has an amazing gift with words. The only drawback was that for me, some of the stories seemed to cut off right before the climax, leaving me not only hungry for more but slightly frustrated.I'll have to check out other of Morritt's works and find something longer.

    18. Impromptu Scribe is a series of short stories each one with a different plot. In some, the author’s vivid descriptions and character development makes you feel as if you’ve read a full novel—I particularly enjoyed Fallen from Grace—while others, like Coyotes, seem unfinished. I did enjoy the author’s writing style.

    19. A varied and fascinating début collection of short stories from this relatively unknown author. There is undoubtedly something for everyone in this book which clearly adds to its universal appeal. A great companion both for the daily work commute as well as the Sunday afternoon relaxing read. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself.

    20. I hardly know what to say about this unusual book. It’s not really a collection of short stories, as most of the very brief entries don’t really have an end. It’s more a collection of character sketches, such as you might find at the beginning of a very complicated book before the action really gets going. The author is a very good writer, and within the space of a few short pages you get to know each character quite well. They’re all unique and relatable. But the situation each finds hi [...]

    21. Although I was never completely absorbed by this book, I found each tightly-packed vignette enjoyable in and of itself. Despite its often tragic nature, the structure of the book with its distilled, fleeting narratives make it quite an easy read (in the best possible sense). The prose is watertight and there is some very good descriptive work throughout. In my opinion a number of the stories were somewhat lacking in punch. When stories are this brief, the images really have to be sharpened to a [...]

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