Something to Witch About

Something to Witch About Life s a witchd then you die It s the dying part vexing Bay Winchester these days She may be a long suffering daughter thankless newspaper editor and keyed up girlfriend but she s barely holding of

  • Title: Something to Witch About
  • Author: Amanda M. Lee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Life s a witchd then you die It s the dying part vexing Bay Winchester these days She may be a long suffering daughter, thankless newspaper editor, and keyed up girlfriend, but she s barely holding off a royal freakout Landon s family is visiting the inn and they re not exactly open minded Bay is on a mission to hide her witchy ways, but the discovery of a bodyLife s a witchd then you die It s the dying part vexing Bay Winchester these days She may be a long suffering daughter, thankless newspaper editor, and keyed up girlfriend, but she s barely holding off a royal freakout Landon s family is visiting the inn and they re not exactly open minded Bay is on a mission to hide her witchy ways, but the discovery of a body and the poltergeist that accompanies it at The Overlook tips everything into turmoil Landon s mother doesn t trust them and his Aunt Blanche is moving in on Aunt Tillie s man which is causing trouble than anyone saw coming That s on top of the paranormal havoc the poltergeist is wreaking in every corner of town Bay and Thistle are convinced Aunt Tillie knows something about the body the construction company unearthed while erecting her beloved greenhouse The problem is, she won t admit it Landon is on vacation Chief Terry is on edge Clove is hiding something and it has nothing to do with the poltergeist That s on top of the fact that Bay s mom and aunts are feigning eternal ignorance The poltergeist is out for blood, though and it will only settle for Winchester blood When everything comes to a head, a long held Hemlock Cove secret will be unveiled and it s not what anyone is expecting.

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    1. This is the 5th book in the series that I've read in about a week so let me just say: it was good, I liked the poltergeist plot, although it only showed up at opportune moments when the Winchesters weren't acting like immature children. What really disappointed me was this was a pivotal point when more dimension could've been added to the characters, particularly Landon, and it failed to do so.  Very little has been revealed about Landon's past, other than introducing his family.  The end was [...]

    2. Something To Witch About: Wicked Witches Of The Midwest Book 5 Reading in chronological order not necessary but advantageous. The Protagonist: Bay Winchester, journalist, is a witch, with the unique ability to see ghosts. Bay has inherited this gift from her Great Aunt Tillie. All the Winchester women are witches, but they have various abilities. They live together in the Town of Hemlock Cove: where they are neither welcomed or shunned.The Plot: Bay's beau, Landon, has invited his family to meet [...]

    3. When I read the first book in this series "Any Witch Way You Can," I was not impressed. It was a fun read but the family’s bickering and fighting just got so old. It almost became annoying.I’m not sure why I read Book 2 "Every Witch Way But Wicked" but I’m glad I did. Either I became use to the bickering or it wasn’t as intense. Regardless it turned out to be a great series and I hope it continues.Thank you for several great books, Ms. Lee!!!

    4. Good, but not greatAlways look forward to another episode of this crazy family, but didn't think this one was quite as good as the previous ones there was too much back and forth talking and fighting and not enough story. Hope the next one has a little more plot and less snark!

    5. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsLandon's family is coming to Hemlock Cove to stay at Bay's family's inn. When she meets Landon's mother things don't go too well. Landon also has an aunt like Bay's, and the witch is about to hit the fan. But when a body of bones is found on the inn's property things start to get a little tense. And when Bay's aunt may be the main suspect things don't look so good for them, especially when an evil ghost starts to fixate on Bay. This one was a great addit [...]

    6. Awesome you need to check this one outThis is an awesome series. A family of earth and kitchen which is in a little niche town in northern Michigan. They solve mysteries murders in supernatural twists around. A snarky and sarcastic telling of an entertaining story. Great cast of characters always entertaining read. You will love great aunt Tillie she is the most persnickety character of the bunch. And the cousins are definitely snarky and sarcastic and extremely entertaining to listen to. Onto t [...]

    7. Funny!!!I love this series and all the characters in it. This book introduces Landon's family who come to stay for a week and meet Bay. On the first day itself!of, a body is dug up by the contractors making the greenhouse. It is a very old skeleton and has links with Aunt Tillie. What is the mystery behind it?When the skeleton was unearthed, a poltergeist was let loose who fixated on Bay.Will the family be able to solve this mystery?There was a nice twist at the end. Landon protective instincts [...]

    8. Good Read This is my fav so far in the Series #5. The story line is one I just could not put down I hade to finish it. The reveals in this one are just I have to know who the killer was, the secrets being kept and the surprise of the mother in law to be.

    9. Awesome seriesI love the Winchester witches. They are funny, snarky, loyal, and loveable. The FBI, and the chief of police are adorable and loyal as well. Aunt Tilley is the most awesome old lady!

    10. Wild, Wacky, Yet Spooky!Author Amanda Lee has done it again in Book 5! She has weaved a fantastical yarn of mystery, murder, mayhem, wackiness, family and wild hilarity that I simply could not put down!

    11. I can't stop reading these!!I spent the day yesterday reading! Doesn't happen often but I just kept getting the next book to read! My daughter keeps asking me what I'm laughing about and I think she's going to be hooked next! Keep them coming!

    12. FunFast and fun read for just about anybody. Sly and dry humor. Brain candy.Great for the long snowy days.

    13. Love this author and all of her books make light reading and help me to unwind. Well written, humerous and enjoyable read.

    14. I Liked ItThis was an entertaining, fun, escapist read! I'm bed with you the last few days, I've kept myself entertained with the last 5 books. Looking forward to the next 5!

    15. I am really enjoying the storylines and love all the characters in this series. Very much looking forward to reading the next.

    16. AwesomeAnother great adventure in Hemlock Cove. Enjoyed the addition of Landon's family and the twists and turns that the past murder took us on.

    17. A cozy mystery with a plot line built around the theme of witches. Very little magic, some clues, more romance, and lots of family relationships. An enjoyable read for the beach or to escape.

    18. I enjoy Amanda Lee's writing, it seems to match both my sense of humor as well as my own story telling style.

    19. This series is a lot of fun. It's light fun. I love that it isn't all magic all the time, but more like just a way of life. I finally can almost tell all the cousins apart. I still can't tell the aunts apart, except Tillie, of course. I cannot imagine trying to write 7 women constantly in a room together who are supposed to be so much alike but be able to tell them apart. I am not sure I would even be that ambitious with a writing project like this, so I can't decide if I am impressed or disappo [...]

    20. I love this familyIt's so wonderful to escape work and the world and just laugh out loud with these books. I know you say that your humor isn't for everyone, but please don't change! Those people can just go read some stuffy old book and think they're happy. You are an amazing author and I SO look forward to spending time with the Winchester family.

    21. This review is written by Bob Boze on behalf of Truth About BooksWitching on a Star is a witches and wizard’s suspense, mystery. It is also the fifth book in Amanda Lee’s Wicked Witches of the Midwest Mystery series.Because I love this series, I’ll be reading and reviewing all of the books in it and using the same format for each of the books. So, if my reviews look and sound familiar, it’s because they are. While you certainly do not need to read the first four books in order to enjoy o [...]

    22. Light fun read. Characters were interesting. Plot was "there". Not docking it for lack of character development nor plot holes. I read it for fun and it met my needs. Being 6th in a series, I didn't have any problems reading it as a stand-alone.Kindle Lending Library e-book I needed a November pick.=====================================================================Life's a witchd then you die. It's the dying part vexing Bay Winchester these days. She may be a long-suffering daughter, thankless [...]

    23. Why only two? Too much coincidence to resolve plot issues that frankly are just too convenient. Too much reliance upon tropes that should be have been resolved by book 2. Too much bickering by the main characters cousins. Really? Still the foolishness by characters we're expected to take as responsible business women who are repeatedly remind us that they are old enough to lead their own lives, make their own choices without the interference of their mothers and about the really only interesting [...]

    24. A Witchy GatheringBay is a magnet for trouble. A skeleton, a poltergeist, a murder mystery, a boyfriend's visiting family, a cousin's untrusted new boyfriend, and familial infighting combine to give Bay an enormous case of nerves and headaches. The Winchester Witches saga continues with snarky humorous sparring. I look forward to the next book.

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