Oceans Apart 5

Oceans Apart Tristan s now the head honcho at Armstrong International and he s not taking to life behind a desk too well He misses the machinery the crews and the mud but most of all he misses his new wife Ginn

  • Title: Oceans Apart 5
  • Author: Amanda Heartley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 451
  • Format: ebook
  • Tristan s now the head honcho at Armstrong International and he s not taking to life behind a desk too well He misses the machinery, the crews and the mud, but most of all he misses his new wife, Ginny, who s 5,000 miles away in LA She s got her own set of problems and doesn t want to worry her high powered hubby, so she keeps the random emails from her douche bag ex, BTristan s now the head honcho at Armstrong International and he s not taking to life behind a desk too well He misses the machinery, the crews and the mud, but most of all he misses his new wife, Ginny, who s 5,000 miles away in LA She s got her own set of problems and doesn t want to worry her high powered hubby, so she keeps the random emails from her douche bag ex, Brad, on this side of the pond Throw in a BFF like Kari and sparks fly Can they stop Brad before things go too far Next stop London, England for the wedding of the year and when friends and family collide, all hell breaks loose at the Armstrong mansion and now Tristan s forced to choose between family obligations and his heart once .Don t miss a single minute of the conclusion to the Oceans Apart new adult romance series.Length 30,000 wordsOceans Apart is intended for a mature audience, 18 only.

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    1. Is this the end of Tristan and Ginny's story? Having just finished reading it, I am very disappointed. I never had an ounce of love for Ginny's best friend Kari throughout any of the books but her behaviour in this one was appalling. Kari had persuaded a very reluctant Ginny to not tell Tristan about the blackmail threat from Brad until after the wedding. Then the night before the nuptials at a pre-wedding dinner Kari got shit faced drunk and blurted it out at the table very loudly and crudely, [...]

    2. First off I will say this is my favorite cover out of the 5, I love how we get a smiling and happy Ginny and it fits the book perfectly. Of course we don't start out this final installment in pure bliss, that would be way to easy. Ginny and Tristan still have some things to clear up before finally tying the knot in front of Tristan's mother.Ginny's past has creeped up yet again and this time he is out for absolute revenge. While Tristan is manning the company in England, Ginny and Kari are tryin [...]

    3. I still love Tristan so much, he is so sweet and sexy. I love Ginny too, she is loving, loyal, and sweet. I love them as a couple and I am so happy they got their HEA. I liked that there was some drama in this book but I have to be honest I did not like how quickly all of the issues were taken care of, I thought it might have been better if the Brad thing had gone on longer, like he got out on bail and kept taunting Ginny, and her fear of Tristan going after him would be real but in the end they [...]

    4. True love near or oceans apart is not a hindrance between Tristan and Ginny. Their relationships been tempt, tickle, turn apart but the love for this two is undeniable. Ms. Amanda, did a phenomenal job in this 5th book. I love that T & G are no longer separated. The best way to end the series. Every roller coaster ride is worth between these two love birds. I fall in-love with these two. Ms. Amanda portrays that not only skinny but big girls like Ginny can find their sexy, handsome and succe [...]

    5. I was given this Arc of Oceans Apart 5, in return for a honestof a review!Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!Amazing what love does to people! Tristan and Ginny are two people that have been torn apart, but managed to never let the misunderstandings and negative aspects of interference keep them apart. But please, foot toe sucking and anything that has to do with feet have to go seriously. Talk heebie newbiesCK!

    6. I almost didn't want to finish this book cause I figured once I finished it, that was the end. I am so glad I did cause it was my favorite book in the series as everything gets tied together for Tristan and Ginny. Still hoping for maybe another! !!

    7. 5 Crazy Ass Stars!!!!!Wow! A great ending for a great series. I love how Tristan and Ginny's story plays out. I'm curious as to whether or not Kari will get her own book being as she does have her own POV in this installment. Can't wait to read more from Amanda Heartley in the future!

    8. God yes Wow I want to say so much but I don't want to ruin it for you. I love this series the pages flew by. I want more

    9. DUE FOR RELEASE ON : Friday, October 24, 2014It's been a struggle for these two to make their love work across the wide Atlantic Ocean and to be honest, there have been times when I didn't think they were going to make it and perhaps it was well overdue for them to throw in the towel.Thankfully, they persevered through the challenges; love really did find a way. Finally, they're at the altar and we're about to get our happily ever after if only it were that simple! It just wouldn't be Tristan an [...]

    10. Wow, what else will Brad try? It was enough to make your skin crawl. But Ginny is headed to London to marry Tristan in front of family and friends. Finally the truth of their love will be known to everyone. While Tristan's mum is trying to get him to have Ginny sign a prenup, he knows she is not after his money. She only wants him. Will Kari and Mike become a couple? They are so alike, I think it would be good for them both. An the surprise at the wedding I was not expecting. Will it stop Ginny [...]

    11. I really enjoyed reading this series about Ginny and Tristan and this conclusion is bittersweet! I love them and their chemistry! I loved how Ginny stayed true to herself throughout the series. She was never swayed by the clout that money lends itself to when she is presented with some of the finer things it can buy. Tristan truly got dumped on with a whole raft of crap-much like what tends to happen in real-life. We get to see his vulnerable side as he deals with all this love, family, and busi [...]

    12. Awww finallySo glad Tristan and Ginny are finally able to be the married couple that they are on front of everyone now. The special announcement at the end was just icing on the cake. Didn't see the twist Vanessa threw out there coming. Looks like sparks may be flying between Kari and Mike though. Fingers crossed for those two. They are both such a mess you never know what's going to come out of either of there mouths.

    13. While I loved the first 4 books, I almost couldn't finish this one. Kari was the most annoying person on the planet and she had a bigger role in this book. She was so obnoxious I found myself skimming through the parts where she was even involved.Because of her behavior (and umm, "hash tag", really?), I found this book incredibly hard to read. Ms. Heartley, if you are planning a spinoff, please, please, PLEASE tone it down.

    14. WORTH THE WIAT!! There are those that live day by day, while I live by book release dates! Amanda Heartley's book release dates are always marked on my calendar! The whole series is spectacular and Oceans Apart 5 was the perfect closure book. Some people use books as a measure of escape from their real life issues and this book is exactly what one loves to get reeled into. I highly recommend this book and its series to everyone.

    15. I just want to punch Tristan's "mum" nothing ever goes smoothly for this couple. I must finish this series though, just to see what happens. Kari and Mike are my kind of people. I love that Kari has no filter!

    16. Loved it I loved this book but hoping it's not the last we hear about Ginny Tristan Mike and Kari. I'm Hopeing there will be more would love to hear if Mike and Kari get together. keep me posted. and thank you again.

    17. Still enjoying this story overall but this part has been a bit of a struggle just like part 4. Something is off for me but I cant quite put my finger on it. Hopefully the next part will be better and the story will redeem itself

    18. Great story!Couldn't stop laughing and smiling through this whole story. I wanted to strangle the bad characters. Kept me up wanting to see what happens next. Loved it. Worth every penny.

    19. Absolutely loved it! Not a huge fan of Kari in this one, but still love her since she is a huge part in Ginny's life! Would love to see where Ginny and Tristan are in the future along with Mike and Kari. Keep it coming Amanda :)

    20. More like 3.5. I was a little bummed about book 5. I felt like it was rushed. Still good story & def kept me entertained.

    21. Books 1-5 were great & couldn't put them down. Disappointed with book 6, think,there was to much time wasted on writing chapters about Kari & not enogh on Tristan & Ginny.

    22. I think this series could have been summed up in three books and then the next three could have been Kari and Mike's story.

    23. Can't get enoughRead books 3,4,5 in one week! Can't wait to download book 6. Fantastic and quite sexy read and I Really Mean SEXY

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