Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden Amish woman Sara Lapp all but shunned for studying with the English doctor to become a midwife is shocked that after months of waiting her first call to tend a birth comes from self appointed outc

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  • Title: Butterfly Garden
  • Author: Annette Blair
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Amish woman Sara Lapp, all but shunned for studying with the English doctor to become a midwife, is shocked that, after months of waiting, her first call to tend a birth comes from self appointed outcast Mad Adam Zuckerman For his wife s sake, Sara boldly tells Adam that he is killing Abby with so many babies so close, but Abby is already dead Adam did not call Sara to tAmish woman Sara Lapp, all but shunned for studying with the English doctor to become a midwife, is shocked that, after months of waiting, her first call to tend a birth comes from self appointed outcast Mad Adam Zuckerman For his wife s sake, Sara boldly tells Adam that he is killing Abby with so many babies so close, but Abby is already dead Adam did not call Sara to tend the birth, but to give her his children Though Sara knows Abby s girls belong with their father, how can she leave them with a man who seems not to care for them As much as she loves and wants the girls, she decides that she will only take them long enough to teach Adam to love them As a child Adam heard the words, I do this because I love you, with his father s every abuse Adam is afraid to love his children, afraid that in doing so, he will hurt them Without Abby to protect them, Adam must find someone else, and he can think of only one woman strong and brave enough, Spinster Sara Lapp.

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    1. I read this for the URR 2017 New Year's Reading Challenge prompt 'An Amish Romance' 17/2 - Okay, so my first experience of 'Amish' romance didn't go too badly. The religiosity wasn't too overt (as a well-read atheist I know many bible stories, but don't enjoy having the themes shoved in my face so I was pleased about that), in fact for the first 30% you'd hardly know it was set in an Amish community. It could have been any close-knit community in Midwest 1880s. It wasn't until the bishop forced [...]

    2. I definitely didn't expect this from this author. I have read her PNR books and this one couldn't be more different. This one is a really cute, sweet, innocent love story set before in the late 1880's, about a sassy Amish woman and a stubborn Amish man. Sara is a spinster with no family bucking the culture and being a midwife. Adam's wife just died after giving birth the their 4th daughter in 4 years. Both of these people have baggage galore and they spend most of the story trying deal with how [...]

    3. I've never read an Amish romance before, although I was familiar with the concept. If this one's typical, I don't think I'll seek out any more.At first I really liked it, but it dragged on, with huge gaps and then things happening too closely together without enough explanation in the text - like a character just appearing in someone's house for no reason. And both characters got increasingly histrionic as the story progressed, lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth without nearly enough reason f [...]

    4. Not typical of Amish romances. This one has sex in it. Granted the sex is pretty flowery but it's there. I enjoyed this one mostly because of the hero. I like a taciturn hero. This one had been abused by his father and equated love with beatings so he tried not to love his kids. There were some big coincidences and not a lot of reality in the day to day life of a working farmer but all in all a pleasant read. Not a lot of religious stuff either so I wouldn't really consider this Christian Fictio [...]

    5. Great fast readloved it. I seriously want Sara as a friend! Adamwhat can I say ;) Loved the Way Annette wrote this relationship I need to read more of her work! (Oh and is there an Emma based story out there?)

    6. Wow, I think this is the worst Amish fiction book ever written. The author knows nothing about these people. It seems she wanted to write a trashy romance novel (perhaps that is all she knows how to do) and was looking to cash in on the high sales figures in Amish fiction. If you want to write this stuff, this is not the genre to do it in.

    7. I'm all about midwives and the Amish so this story was a good one for me. It's labeled as an Amish Historical Sensual book, but I didn't find it to be too sensual. The book is a great read for getting over grief, and abuse while learning to love again.

    8. Wow! What a pleasant surprise!!! This is one of those books that really blows you away, it did me anyway! The subtle romance leaves you wanting more.

    9. Whoa! Way too explicit for an Amish story. Good story line but holy cow! Not as good as her last Amish novel.

    10. Since I’ve been learning about Amish living, it helps me to appreciate how Amish based stories are written. Some of the concepts of the how and why certain decisions are made can be very tough….either go with the order given or be shunned. No matter who you are or your upbringing…anyone can be shunned. That being said, this book was a pretty decent Amish read. Most women want to get married and have a family no matter what your background….but Sara Lapp wanted to become a midwife. She ha [...]

    11. I found this a nice read, but would not recommend this book to most Christians who devour many Amish books, because of the sensual nature and a couple of swear words. However, if this doesn't bother you, then go ahead and enjoy; it is a fun read. I liked the characters and storyline, but the writing style is a bit confusing from time to time. An editor should have fixed this before publishing. I read this book for free and considering this it was good enough to read, but I'm glad I didn't pay fo [...]

    12. Another good one.I really like these sensual Amish stories by Blair. I wish there was more of them to read. Maybe someday

    13. This was a great story! I loved it but didn't give it 5 stars because at some places it jumped oddly and the punctuation wasn't always right.

    14. While this novel had some captivating qualities, it had several problems which, had they'd been worked out, it could have been a phenominal story, but instead it not only missed it's potential, but seemed to disintegrate into falling so short I was left disappointed and gave it a 2 out of 5.A biggie: I couldn't buy into the whole unexplained reason for awesome sexual compatibility which then mysteriously solves some huge relationship and character growth problems. Incredulously, somehow the main [...]

    15. I absolutely cannot fathom why this book possibly has so few bad reviews. The story line was so jumpy that from the beginning of the book to the point where they get married (note: 75 pages in), the author could have easily stretched that into a book alone. Months passed within paragraphs, and integral plot was skipped over. Because of this, the two main characters went from hating each other to falling in love, with no explanation of the time in between.My kingdom for some description! I have n [...]

    16. Sara is a midwife in and Ohio Amish community. She is called to her friend Abby's home to deliver her fourth baby. When she arrives Adam, Abby's husband is waiting for her on the front porch. He gives her a hard time when she tells him he is killing his wife having babies so close together. He finally lets her in to go to Abby, and discovers Abby is dead and the baby is wrapped up and in the cradle by the bed. Sara lifts the sheets and discovers that Abby had bled to death. Adam is filled with d [...]

    17. I don't know when I've read a more disturbing story, yet, this is a very good book. The writing is very good, which is so important when telling a story of such a horrifying magnitude. Don't get me wrong, regardless of the subject matter, it's worth your time to read it. The writer takes an unusual path in WHO tells this story. One of the victims is being questioned by the police, but this is not a so-called police procedure novel. When asked a question about how all these "butterflies," read: y [...]

    18. The idea that a parent shows love with a Butterfly Garden is so sweet when they feel they cannot express their love with words and the basis for the title of this book.The book has tragedy, humor, love and romance, so mystery and is full of human emotions and how life experiences typical to the late 1800's rural American Amish community. The strength of Sara Lapp and how she stood up for what she believed and still remained a devoted Amish woman as she first became a midwife as a single woman by [...]

    19. Single Amishwoman Sara Lapp is all but shunned after training with the local doctor to become a midwife in Ohio in 1883, so she is surprised when she gets a call from "Mad" Adam Zuckerman, a surly, self-appointed outcast, and Adam doesn't want her to attend to the birth, since his wife died, but he wants her to attend to his children instead.Adam wants to love his children, but he distances himself from them because he is afraid he will hurt them as his father hurt him, and Sara seems to be to j [...]

    20. Amish woman Sara Lapp, all but shunned for studying with the English doctor to become a midwife, is shocked that, after months of waiting, her first call to tend a birth comes from self-appointed outcast Mad Adam Zuckerman. For his wife’s sake, Sara boldly tells Adam that he is killing Abby with so many babies so close, but Abby is already dead. Adam did not call Sara to tend the birth, but to give her his children. Though Sara knows Abby’s girls belong with their father, how can she leave t [...]

    21. I was pleasantly surprised that this book put a little spark in an Amish romance--something fairly unfamiliar to me despite having read several other books in the genre before. The story as a whole I enjoyed, however, as other reviewers have pointed out, there are a lot of inconsistencies and surprises in reading this. The relaxed relationship between Sara and "The English" not to mention Adam assisting so intimately with Jenny's birth was shocking to say the least. I also didn't understand how [...]

    22. The problem with the five-star rating system is that I just can't imagine finishing a book and then giving it one star. If I finish it, I probably will give it at least an "it's okay" rating. Like this book. Read it in a day, skimmed some passages. It's not a great book. I wouldn't recommend it. But I didn't not like it. It's basically a romance novel, disguised by a hard cover with a butterly instead of Fabio. Fabio with a beard and a--I don't, a union suit they call them? Those pajama--oh, wha [...]

    23. Beautiful and very possible!Redemption, lots of losses, but lots of finding love also. The setting was Amish community, but everything else was life in any neighborhood , except that regular neighbors don't shun for sinning. Question, do the Amish allow sinners a chance to understand that the error can be forgiven if the sinner asks forgiveness, admit their mistake and turn around from the bad behavior, and stop? I know in this story, the couple had a choice of marriage or shunning, but I wonder [...]

    24. Wow is the word to describe this book. For an Amish romance this is quite possibly the steamiest one I've ever read. Sara and Adam's relationship is one of push and pull. I can understand Adam's issues with not wanting to get Sara pregnant, and his overwhelming desire for her, plus his internal conflict about his feelings for her so soon after his wife passes away. This is really a great book. I was a tad confused by the lack of historical facts. The book is based in 1883 during the American Civ [...]

    25. Good Amish storyNot the typical Amish story. The midwife arrives too late and has to deal with the loss of her friend, an angry husband, and ends up with their four children in her care. Being a spinster she has always wanted children but they do not belong to her. she wants to do the right thing andunite the children with their father but he is not cooperating. The story gets complicated when she must nurse him after his accident. They both only tolerate that. There is a lot more to the story a [...]

    26. subsubjected- a sensual Amish Historical Romance alert reader to an inclusion of more details about sexual desire/behavior than one would expect in a book about the Amish. Both Sara's conflict between her desire for children of her own and her need to be a midwife and save women from dangers of childbirth -- her inability to save mother when she was a pre-teen andAdam's fear of repeating the cruelty which resulted from his father's supposed desire to raise a Godly child. and the demands of the A [...]

    27. I read it for an hour, then I got on here to , and saw the reviews. Not for me. There are so many others better books to read, so why read the mediocre ones? The reviews said there was sex in there, explicit sex. I don't like a three some- meaning the reader has to be there too! Also, the guy Adam has issues from growing up that he hasn't gotten over, and isn't free from them. I like to read about well adjusted men who take good care of their woman, and truly care for her. I went on the authors [...]

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