Fool's Ride

Fool s Ride Dan Jenkins is back body hopping a scumbag at a time in his quest for the perfect ride He doesn t need much Premium cable TV good books a well stocked pantry and he s set But the Great Whomever ha

  • Title: Fool's Ride
  • Author: John L. Monk
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dan Jenkins is back, body hopping a scumbag at a time in his quest for the perfect ride He doesn t need much Premium cable TV, good books, a well stocked pantry, and he s set But the Great Whomever has other plans.After six months waiting in limbo, Dan catches a ride as a horror novelist whose gruesome stories aren t just fiction Later, he hunts a man who s escaped jusDan Jenkins is back, body hopping a scumbag at a time in his quest for the perfect ride He doesn t need much Premium cable TV, good books, a well stocked pantry, and he s set But the Great Whomever has other plans.After six months waiting in limbo, Dan catches a ride as a horror novelist whose gruesome stories aren t just fiction Later, he hunts a man who s escaped justice for far too long Then, in his greatest challenge yet, he strays too deeply into the lives of the people he loves his most foolish ride of all.

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    1. Resuming 6 months after the ending of Kick, Fool's Ride finds Dan Jenkins jumping into the life of a famous horror author, Ernest Prescott, moments before a book signing. Dan finds that his ride lives a bizarre lifestyle which may threaten the lives of others.If you enjoyed the first book of this series, you are sure to enjoy this one. It full of the same edge-of-your-seat suspenseful action. I found myself cheering for Dan all the way!I highly recommend this book (series) to readers of the Dark [...]

    2. This didn't have as much of the vigilante fun of the first book, and the MC disappointed me by being a little more passive, but it was a great progression of the story line and we find out more things about the afterlife and get some theories on Dan's status.

    3. Joy ride, or freaky, creepy carnival ride: come along for a spin.Daniel Jenkins repeatedly returns to earth in human form to atone for his sins and deliver some good old-fashioned, oh, so gratifying, vigilante justice. Fans of Book One, "Kick," know Dan committed suicide while in college, bleeding all over the dorm room of the girl who'd jilted him. Horrors! What in the world could entice me to spend a whole novel in the point of view of a thoughtless, self-pitying loser like Dan? Does the write [...]

    4. Awesome readIf you like or even read 'Kick' you'll love this book. If you haven't read 'Lusk I suggest you do then 'Fools Ride".In my opinion John Monk writes a great book. It has abit of Gore at times and funny that I atually laugh out loud. It can be intense at monuments but then you have your laid back time cause Dan, the main character is funny, likes to read, lay around watch t.v. and eat pizza and ice cream. Oh yea let's not forget donuts, lemon especially. On this particular ride ,the fir [...]

    5. What an awesome sequel to Kick! The lovable Dan Jenkins is back, larger than life. I found this story slightly slower to get into than its predecessor, but once I was in the thick of it, it was amazing. Just like the first book, once I became engrossed in the story, I found it difficult to put down.I loved that we got to see some character growth with Dan, as inevitably, so many kicks are bound to take their toll on his psyche. It was great to learn more about his original life and family, and i [...]

    6. I enjoyed the first book in this series so much, I immediately bought this one. No regrets! It didn't have quite the punch of the first book, but it did expand on Dan's background, his family, and tantalizing hints about what his existence is.I still want to know more about why he was chosen to keep coming back, and what's the real reason for his body hopping. I'm getting more into the episodic nature of each book. Each person he jumps into has a unique identity and problem for Dan to work out. [...]

    7. Highly enjoyable sequel. Without spoiling anything - the rides get a little less cut and dry in this one. Dan's rides are less likely to be standing over a body and holding a smoking gun when he takes over. He has to do a little digging, and doesn't always look in the right place. Rides start to overlap - whoever is in charge is either messing with him, or trying to help him out. Even Dan doesn't know which. Great follow up to Kick.

    8. For me, this one was a bit slower than the first, but I still enjoyed it thoroughly. Each ride is like Dan is peeling off the layers of an onion until we're left with the stinky bits that make you wanna cry. It's fun to see just how despicable the ridees can be. And who doesn't like a story of justice, where evil gets its due?

    9. Another great rideRarely have I torn through books as obsessively (I guess the last time was back when Tom Clancy was actually good). This book and Kick haunted me these past three days, and frankly I will be waiting impatiently for more. A fascinating read, with a surprising amount of heart. Definitely worth your time!

    10. Seriously enjoyable. Just not necessarily five-star writing. (I'm a rough scorer.) Read it in as close to one sitting as I do these days. I definitely hope Monk keeps up this series.

    11. Fool's Ride didn't have much of a plot line, when compared to Kick. That's not to say it had nothing. In both books so far, the structure includes three separate story arcs put to gether into one large story. In the first book, the overall story was a bit more clear and it had an obvious, active climax. Fool's Ride had a strong emotional climax. There was more character development in this book, which was one thing I found a bit lacking in Kick. Thus the slower, emotional climax.This book was al [...]

    12. Great follow up to the first book! It was unexpectedly amazing. It took a dark path but it shows the extreme situations that Dan can be put into. The end of the story truly gave me many emotions. I'm still on a end of book high so all I can really say was it was great.

    13. It's another 4-star read for this series, but I can't say that I wasn't a little disappointed with this outing for Daniel Jenkins. Before we get to that though, here's what I likedThe writing, as before, was fun, well-paced and engaging. Daniel is a humorous narrator, even with his slightly twisted morals, and no matter what story he is telling, it's always a pleasant read. The book is easily interesting enough to keep the pages turning and, as with the last one, it is a comfortable single sitti [...]

    14. First of all, I want to disclose that I, too, writer thrillers: psychological, crime, vigilante thrillers. So if you're a reader who thinks I'm going to give a biased review because I write this genre and happen to know the author, please move on. :) Thank you.Personally, I think a writier in your same genre is much harder to please. But please is something Monk had not failed to do in my case with either Kick or this book. I was afraid the plot would wear thin. After all, it's a continuation of [...]

    15. Dan is finally growing up!!!Dan committed suicide when his first and only girlfriend dumped him. He was a loner with confidence issues to start with lol When he died No Hell??? No Heaven. Just alone in his mind no body but he could remember everything he ever read. In the first book you find out Dan gets 3 week passes into random really BAD people, aka Serial killers, molesters, abusers etc and he tries to right wrongs while enjoying being human and on Earth again but before he gets kicked out b [...]

    16. Author John Monk continues his sharply written tale of Dan Jenkins, a man doomed to float around in the nothingness of eternity as a consequence of his selfish suicide. But here's the catch—every now and then Dan gets a "door" into another person's body, usually a criminal. Dan gets to live their life for three weeks and figure out who they are, what they've done wrong, and how to bring them to justice. Is Dan an angel? Is he on assignment from God? This sequel to "Kick" starts to address some [...]

    17. So reading this was off my schedule, but I loved book 1 so much I couldn't help myself.Jut like book 1, Kick, Dan's adventures start from page one as he tries to work out the weird and twisted world of his "rides" This time around he has some doozies, too. It probably doesn't help that I'm pregnant and have small children, and the victims of his rides are those two things. Add in my pregnancy hormones and I was in for an emotional ride!But this time, Dan's real life past returns, as well as the [...]

    18. An excellent second book in 'The Jenkins Cycle' series! Dan Jenkins has be "kicked" into a ride with a novelist.of seriously demented behavior. He also decides that he wants to have choices in his 'rides' and not always end up in a sick and twisted world!But his latest ride brings him to a puzzling experience, having a beautiful spouse, a criminal job, and a glimpse of the family he left behind. everything started.Can he try to mend the fences of the ones who lost him? Or is it something that on [...]

    19. Was this as good as the first…well probably…but it also wasn’t new. Who knows I read the first years ago and it was different. Now…I mean I know Dan, we’re old friends. This felt like a nice visit. Dan’s still doing Dan. Inhabiting bad guys and trying to right some wrongs…nd of against his will really. Flubbing things up while reading and eating a bunch of donuts. It felt like visiting with a friend…who might either be a really bad liar or kind of insane but it breaks up the mono [...]

    20. 3.5 stars - rounding up to 4 stars. I loved Kick, the first book in the series. Fool's Ride kicks the intensity up a notch, which was good and bad. I loved that decisions about the fate of Dan's rides was muddier in some cases. I also liked learning more of Dan's backstory. The book opens with a ride that seemed far more violent to me than any previous rides. The sadistic nature of the characters made my very uncomfortable and almost caused me to DNF the book. Luckily, that ride ended around 28% [...]

    21. Really liked the first one, the premise was awesome. In the first book I felt there was minimal description of what the evil creepy people did and more focus on stopping the evil! But this one was way more descriptive, violent, graphic and seemed to have lost the the humor of the first one. I stuck with it for a while hoping the funny and less descriptive story line would return with focus on ridding the world of evil scumbags- but it didn't so I finally gave up and just stopped reading.

    22. A superb sequel to Kick. Monk continues to kick around his mostly dead character, Dan Jenkins, as he deals with brutality in several guises. At one point Jenkins is compelled to both analyze and be analyzed, riding into the world as a deeply corrupt psychiatrist. When he parrots the patter of a man with no answers, Jenkins discovers some for himself.

    23. I loved the first one so I had high hopes. I was hoping Dan would team up with the minister for a vigilante duo righting all wrongs spree, but the book just kind of went nowhere with a bunch of twisted stomach turning violence.

    24. My second ride with Dan and I loved it just as much. I want more and only hope John is out there fast penning the next.

    25. I enjoyed Fool's Ride. More adventures of Dan and the writing is just as strong as in Kick. I just liked Kick a bit more. Still a very fun book to read, though.

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