The Kingdom of Childhood

The Kingdom of Childhood These seven intimate aphoristic talks were presented to a small group on Steiner s final visit to England Because they were given to pioneers dedicated to opening a new Waldorf school these talks ar

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  • Title: The Kingdom of Childhood
  • Author: Rudolf Steiner Christopher Bamford Helen Fox
  • ISBN: 9780880104029
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback
  • These seven intimate, aphoristic talks were presented to a small group on Steiner s final visit to England Because they were given to pioneers dedicated to opening a new Waldorf school, these talks are often considered one of the best introductions to Waldorf education.Steiner shows the necessity for teachers to work on themselves first, in order to transform their ownThese seven intimate, aphoristic talks were presented to a small group on Steiner s final visit to England Because they were given to pioneers dedicated to opening a new Waldorf school, these talks are often considered one of the best introductions to Waldorf education.Steiner shows the necessity for teachers to work on themselves first, in order to transform their own inherent gifts He explains the need to use humor to keep their teaching lively and imaginative Above all, he stresses the tremendous importance of doing everything in the knowledge that children are citizens of both the spiritual and the earthly worlds And, throughout these lectures, he continually returns to the practical value of Waldorf education.These talks are filled with practical illustrations and revolve around certain themes the need for observation in teachers the dangers of stressing the intellect too early children s need for teaching that is concrete and pictorial the education of children s souls through wonder and reverence the importance of first presenting the whole, then the parts, to the children s imagination.Here is one of the best introductions to Waldorf education, straight from the man who started it all.German source Die Kunst des Erziehens aus dem Erfassen der Menschenwesenhiet GA 311 NOPSIS OF THE LECTURESLECTURE 1 The need for a new art of education The whole of life must be considered Process of incarnation as a stupendous task of the spirit Fundamental changes at seven and fourteen At seven, the forming of the new body out of the model body inherited at birth After birth, the bodily milk as sole nourishment The teacher s task to give soul milk at the change of teeth and spiritual milk at puberty.LECTURE 2 In first epoch of life child is wholly sense organ Nature of child s environment and conduct of surrounding adults of paramount importance Detailed observation of children and its significance In second epoch, seven to fourteen, fantasy and imagination as life blood of all education, e.g in teaching of writing and reading, based on free creative activity of each teacher The child as integral part of the environment until nine Teaching about nature must be based on this The higher truths in fairy tales and myths How the teacher can guide the child through the critical moment of the ninth year.LECTURE 3 How to teach about plants and animals seven to fourteen Plants must always be considered, not as specimens, but growing in the soil The plant belongs to the earth This is the true picture and gives the child an inward joy Animals must be spoken of always in connection with humans All animal qualities and physical characteristics are to be found, in some form, in the human being Humans as synthesis of the whole animal kingdom Minerals should not be introduced until twelfth year History should first be presented in living, imaginative pictures, through legends, myths, and stories Only at eleven or twelve should any teaching be based on cause and effect, which is foreign to the young child s nature Some thoughts on punishment, with examples.LECTURE 4 Development of imaginative qualities in the teacher The story of the violet and the blue sky Children s questions Discipline dependent on the right mood of soul The teacher s own preparation for this Seating of children according to temperament Retelling of stories Importance of imaginative stories that can be recalled in later school life Drawing of diagrams, from ninth year Completion and metamorphosis of simple figures, to give children feeling of form and symmetry Concentration exercises to awaken an active thinking as basis of wisdom for later life Simple color exercises A Waldorf school timetable The main lesson LECTURE 5 All teaching matter must be intimately connected with life In counting, each different number should be connected with the child or what the child sees in the environment Counting and stepping in rhythm The body counts The head looks on Counting with fingers and toes is good also writing with the feet The ONE is the whole Other numbers proceed from it Building with bricks is against the child s nature, whose impulse is to proceed from whole to parts, as in medieval thinking Contrast atomic theory In real life we have first a basket of apples, a purse of coins In teaching addition, proceed from the whole In subtraction, start with minuend and remainder in multiplication, with product and one factor Theorem of Pythagoras eleven twelve years Details given of a clear, visual proof, based on practical thinking This will arouse fresh wonder every time.LECTURE 6 In first seven years etheric body is an inward sculptor After seven, child has impulse to model and to paint Teacher must learn anatomy by modeling the organs Teaching of physiology nine to twelve years should be based on modeling Between seven and fourteen astral body gradually draws into physical body, carrying the breathing by way of nerves, as playing on a lyre Importance of singing Child s experience of well being like that of cows chewing the cud Instrumental music from beginning of school life, wind or strings Teaching of languages up to nine through imitation, then beginnings of grammar, as little translation as possible Vowels are expression of feeling, consonants are imitation of external processes Each language expresses a different conception Compare head, Kopf, testa The parts of speech in relation to the life after death If language is rightly taught, out of feeling, eurythmy will develop naturally, expressing inner and outer experiences in ordered movements visible speech Finding relationship to space in gymnastics.LECTURE 7 Between seven and fourteen soul qualities are paramount Beginnings of science teaching from twelfth year only, and connected with real phenomena of life The problem of fatigue Wrong conceptions of psychologists The rhythmic system, predominant in second period, never tires Rhythm and fantasy Composition Sums from real life, not abstractions Einstein s theory The kindergarten imitation of life Teachers meetings, the heart of the school Every child to be in the right class for its age Importance of some knowledge of trades, e.g shoemaking, handwork, and embroidery Children s reports characterization, but no grading Contact with the parents.QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS The close relationship of Multiplication and Division How to deal with both together Transition from the concrete to the abstract in Arithmetic Not before the ninth year Healthiness of English weights and measures as related to real life Decimal system as an intellectual abstraction.Drawing Lines have no reality in drawing and painting, only boundaries How to teach children to draw a tree in shading, speaking only of light and color Illustration Line drawing belongs only to geometry.Gymnastics and Sport Sport is of no educational value, but necessary as belonging to English life Gymnastics should be taught by demonstration.Religious Instruction Religion lessons in the Waldorf school given by Catholic priest and Protestant pastor Free religion lessons provided for the other children Plan of such teaching described, of which the fundamental aim is an understanding of Christianity The Sunday services.Modern Language Lessons Choice of languages must be guided by the demands of English life These can be introduced at an early age Direct method in language teaching Closing words by Dr Steiner on the seriousness of this first attempt to found a school in England.

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    1. This is one of the most depressing books I have ever read. A personal thing. I really wanted to like Waldorf. Instead, I think it is one of the greatest evils done to children in this day and age. Many Waldorf ideas have made it out into Standard American Parenting practices and are to blame for many of the problems in parenting today, not to mention the problem with kids, teens and adults who suffer from such insane self-esteem problems.But first, let's talk about what's good: I totally agree t [...]

    2. The children! The children! How Rudolf Steiner loved the child. So much so that he said we should building dozens of new Waldorf schools every years. By now there should be thousands and thousands of them across the planet.Yet now 90 years after Rudolf Steiner's death, we behold the powerful ascent of the steely cold forces of materialism he called “Ahrimanic”. We see that the Anthroposophical movement which he hoped would be helping millions by now is like a damp squib compared to his hopes [...]

    3. 2nd year teacher training required reading. Outlines the educational philosophy of Steiner. Each year in the development of the child corresponds with and Epoch in the evolution of the World. Microcosm/Macrocosm. Read Occult Science first to get the full value of this work.

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