Exposed Librarian s note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B KOIW T Walking away seemed like her only option Letting go was the one thing he couldn t do Sam and AJ have spent the last five years trying to get

  • Title: Exposed
  • Author: Raven St. Pierre
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00KOIW1T6.Walking away seemed like her only option.Letting go was the one thing he couldn t do.Sam and AJ have spent the last five years trying to get over their painful breakup Both have moved on, but neither has fully healed from the wounds of the past When avoiding one another becomes impossible, fate may once again fLibrarian s note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00KOIW1T6.Walking away seemed like her only option.Letting go was the one thing he couldn t do.Sam and AJ have spent the last five years trying to get over their painful breakup Both have moved on, but neither has fully healed from the wounds of the past When avoiding one another becomes impossible, fate may once again force them to confront their feelings feelings they thought no longer existed Will they continue to fight against gravity s pull Or will their worlds once again collide in the final installment of the Free Falling Series

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    1. Well this was me through the whole bookThis was an amazing ending to the series I was so happy from the moment Sam and Aj locked eyes on one another after five years I was like mmmm this going to be good This series is a must read its an all in one kind of book loved every word, every word I have found my new fav author I am and will be devouring everything she writes from here on out!Heres the lovely couple and my theme song for this book youtu/nX30Sgchc20check my fav quotes from the series pin [...]

    2. Worked on this project with the author as a beta reader and I don't have enough good things to say about this series! It ended just as crazy and exciting as it began, and it was nice to see AJ and Sam taking on the world as adults. It was steamy, scandalous, and super sweet all at the same time. I loved the heartache, the tragedy, and love. This book's feels radar is off the charts! Can't wait to read more by Ms. St. Pierre!

    3. Alas, my will to find out what happened in the end won out and I am sitting on my chaise, with tears streaming down my face, covered with used tissues and a box of kleenex close at hand. Both celebrating and mourning true love and the end of a beautifully crafted trilogy (that should be turned into a movie -- could you imagine!)Many many many applause to the author! This was such an amazing series, methodical, thought provoking, and so well written. I will dare say the series is one of the best [...]

    4. She nailed it!!! My goodness what a terrific ending to one of the most emotional, angsty and sexy trilogies. I had my concerns about Sam in part 2. Thought she hadn't matured but reading this part, I realized that she had to do what she did to save herself. Exposed highlighted the all consuming love between Sam and AJ overlaid with a real maturity that life brings. I really loved how it played out and that twist - damn that came out of nowhere. Nicely done. The author's skill at capturing dialog [...]

    5. The Grand Finale -BRAB Online Book ClubThis is a fitting end to Samantha& A. J's story that started when they met in High School continued through college and finally into adulthood.I fell in love with these two main characters and their friends through the author's skill at storytelling. The journey this couple has taken through crazy sadistic girlfriend, crazy boyfriend who refused to let go and committed the most heinous act, parent's disapproval and deception. And through it all their lo [...]

    6. One of the best series I have had the pleasure to read!!This story had me hooked from the first book Gravity, then I went onto read Secrets, and found that to be a fantastic sequel to the first book. Now, I've finished Exposed and I feel a void where this book has filled my full attention. I loved this series, it had me on a rollercoaster with my feelings and anticipation hoping that Sam and AJ will always stay together. A fantastic story worth readingBravo Raven!!!!!

    7. Perfecting ending for Samantha and AJ,I was on pins and needles hoping they had a Happy Ever After. I wish we could see them as parents and a little bit older, such a great story. I recommend this series to anyone that loves romance, drama, suspense, and happy endings.

    8. Boy oh Boy, started this series on Friday, then basically sped read until Sunday evening to finish the whole 3, WHY because I was that eager to finish it.Hey - desperate calls for desperate measures and that was what I was. I had to basically force myself to pay attention to members of my family.This was the last book of the series and it did not disappoint.The conclusion was a good one, throughout the book I kept wondering how Sam and AJ were going to end up together after all the problems that [...]

    9. In Raven St. Pierre lasted Exposed, we find AJ and Sam leading seperate lives with their someone else's.AJ has decieded to put the past behind him or so he think's. He is no longer wondering the (Where Have You Been) when it comes to our dear Samantha. AJ is not only focused, but believes himself to be ready to begin and new chapter in his life with Kira.We find Sam fragile and at a pause. She's still some what drowning in the memory of a certain occasional nightmare. Sam also has a need for tot [...]

    10. An Epic Love StoryAnytime you can't put a story down, but hate to see it ende author has done her Job! I just discovered Raven St. Pierre last week. The first installment, Gravity, was free so I said why not. I was hooked and fell in love with Sam and AJ. Another reviewer made the statement that this story just proves 'you can't help who you fall in love with'; and it is true. And, this story does a fabulous job of giving a great example of that. It was a great emotional rollercoaster ride watch [...]

    11. What a way to end this series. I was pulling for AJ and Sam throughout the three books series. I did a lot of all mans, WTFs and just plain mad as all get out. Needless to say I have been cycled through and rung out through all the human emotions that exists.The additional secondary characters introduced in the second book (Secrets) get what's due. Terrell, the big brother everyone wants in their corner, comes through in a major way. Kira, the scheming whence, got what she deserve. It's always t [...]

    12. Raven Raven Ravenis was the PERFECT ending to this trilogy. PERFECT. I didn't get any work done because the love in this story had my hopeless romantic side so caught up I just had to finish it but I didn't want their story to end. AJwhat a man you made him to bed Sam heart broke for her but how you created them to finally see their happy ending. I give you a standing ovation. your books truly evoke emotions and I'm so thankful for your writing. in a few months I'll resist this story because it [...]

    13. This one was golden. I don't think I could have loved it anymore. The way everything happened to pan out, perfect. I LOVED Sam in this book and AJ too. It was a long time coming, but things finally worked out. This series was well worth the read. This is the best book in it too.

    14. 3.5 for me. And what is it with Romance novels ending with the birth of a child? (The natural way with no epidural of course because God forbid you don't like pain). I know I'm ranting but just why?

    15. OMG!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!This was great conclusion for this series. I have always loved AJ, everyone needs there own AJ. I liked how Sam and AJ grew throughout the series.well done Ms. Raven, you now have a permanent fan

    16. I'm a loyal follower of Sam and AJ. I've diligently followed their story since fall of 2013. I am happy to say they have a well fought-for and enduring ending.

    17. Awesome!!!I don't usually do YA romance, I am in my 50's and I'm past the stage where I want to read about YA Angst, insecure, indecisive heroines and smirky, arrogant heroes. So why de I pick up this book: because it features an interracial couple, a Japanese American young man and an African American young woman. My daughter is around the age of the heroine Sam and she is studying Asian cultures in school, and she's African American, so I could totally see her falling in love with an Asian man [...]

    18. first I'd like to say thank you for wonderful series. the first two books of this series was extraordinary I went through a rainbow of emotions I laughed I cried I cheered I was depressed. the first two installments left me anxiously awaiting the third was a good book but I feel like it was rushed a lot was left out this book should have started were the last one ended not much was explained. I don't think that the characters relationships were defined enough didn't explain how Sam met Jason how [...]

    19. A really good ending to a series that I instantly fell in love it. This book follows Sam and Aj's stories 5 years after the events of "Secrets". Sam and AJ havent spoken since the day Sam left but the wedding celebration of two of their closest friends bring them face to face. While this could and would be hard for anyone to deal with, both AJ and Sam come to an unexpected truce, without dragging up their painful pasts. Both are older, wiser, and different people than who they were, each having [...]

    20. Man oh man. I gotta admit this series was really good. With the first book I was pulled in and feel into an instant like with Aj. I found myself not really liking Sam too much but I was pulled in so I had to read book 2. From there to here it was such an emotional roller-coaster. I found myself relating to the characters. I saw myself and my husband in a few of their situations. I couldn't stop reading and when it came to an end, I was happy but mad at the same time. Really good read.

    21. Wow is what I have to say about the finally of this series. AJ and Samantha chemistry was electrifying and stimulating. The first time these two laid eyes on each other was down right intoxicating! They could not just friends their passion spoke volumes and they could not let go. Great conclusion to the end of a AJ and Samantha! Raven St. Pierre did an outstanding job on this series and talent writer.

    22. 4.25 stars. Can't say enough good things about the author's writing and storytelling skills. This series and this installation in particular of AJ's and Sam's story wore me out! I wanted them to have a respite from the 'crazy' but it just kept coming. It is hard to read scenarios where the characters that you are so invested in are constantly being pulled under and challenged; but AJ and Sam and their families and friends prevailed- they got their "happily ever after".

    23. Well, they've gone and done it. Yep! They did it!! Sam and AJ got their HEA!! OMG, this series was something else! Had my emotions all over the place. It took me a while to start this series but I'm glad I finally did and I really enjoyed it. All the ups and downs and heartache these two endured, in the end they found each other again. (Terrell cracked me up!!) Great end to a great series. *tears*

    24. This book was fantastic and a great ending to this series. Reading about AJ and Sam from high school to adulthood was so much fun, seeing them evolve into a passionate and intense couple. If you want to read a series that is hot, robust, sexy, with some angst thrown in, read this series. Great job Ms. St. Pierre.

    25. If I could, I would give this trilogy 10 Stars. Sam and AJ had to endure a lot to get to their happily ever after. There were secrets, lies, crazy exes, violence, deceptions and twists that you didn't see coming. Through it all, love prevailed. I just loved Terrell. Great job Raven. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

    26. A perfect ending.I loved Aj & Samantha story. Again the author had my emotions all over the place. Aj and Sam had a love like no other. It was amazing how they was draw to each other. They was truly meant to be together. The whole series is worth more than five stars.

    27. Damn, you had me in knots. Did not see something's coming, saw some clearly, the main and secondary character are so believable. I rutting for them. That somersault thing with the baby something similar to that happen to me. Terrell needs his story told. WOW

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