The Siren and the Sword

The Siren and the Sword THE SIREN AND THE SWORD is the first book in the Magic University series of LGBT New Adult romance by award winning author Cecilia Tan Kyle Wadsworth arrives on the Harvard Campus only to discover mu

  • Title: The Siren and the Sword
  • Author: Cecilia Tan
  • ISBN: 9781626011175
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE SIREN AND THE SWORD is the first book in the Magic University series of LGBT New Adult romance by award winning author Cecilia Tan Kyle Wadsworth arrives on the Harvard Campus only to discover, much to his surprise, he s magical Thus begins his four year journey to learn where he fits in the world, which ultimately becomes a quest for true love.Upon arrival at VeritaTHE SIREN AND THE SWORD is the first book in the Magic University series of LGBT New Adult romance by award winning author Cecilia Tan Kyle Wadsworth arrives on the Harvard Campus only to discover, much to his surprise, he s magical Thus begins his four year journey to learn where he fits in the world, which ultimately becomes a quest for true love.Upon arrival at Veritas, Kyle quickly joins a group of peers who become involved in solving the mystery of a seductive siren in the library, while they learn about the magic inside themselves and around them, as well as the secret history of magic and those who practice it.Kyle s trials and tribulations range from his need to meet the bisexuality prerequisite before he can study sex magic to the fact that the ancient prophecy he translates for his thesis project seems to be about himself If Kyle is right, he ll need to find his true love, or the world as we know it is doomed.

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    1. I guess when a book opens with a paranormal sexual encounter in a college library after-hours, you should kinda know what you're getting yourself into, right? (That, and Cecila Tan seems to be a fairly well known Erotica writer.)Don't get me wrong; While I enjoy sexy-times as much as the next red-blooded guy, and I don't discount novels simply because they're based on a premise of erotica, I found myself craving something a bit more substanstial from this novel that it just ultimately failed to [...]

    2. I received this book as an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this book, and I was pleasantly surprised by exactly how much I liked it. I liked that in some ways it felt like a bit of a nod to Harry Potter, and other stories without feeling like a rip off, or a trite copy. The world building was well done, and complex. I liked how the sex fit into the story line, and how virginity had a purpose, and a function within the world. I really [...]

    3. I got 3/4 through it and just stopped reading altogether. I don't know what it was, but something about this books seriously annoyed me. It could have been the attempt to float the entire story on a foundation of erotica. Forgive me if I'm skeptical toward a book because it's premise is sex. I would read fifty shades of grey if I wanted that, and I have read it, and it sucked, so there.

    4. More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/The Siren and the Sword is an erotic urban fantasy that both succeeds and misses the mark as a successful story. The plot is fun and easy to follow. But the writing is substandard and characters paper thin - so much so that is was hard to care about any of them. The author clearly had fun with the erotic scenes, which aren't lurid or over the top. It's a simplistic piece of eye candy that could count as a guilty pleasure.Story: Kyle [...]

    5. Forfærdelig. Ingen dybde i hverken historie eller personer. Ingen forklaring på magien. Alt for hurtigt med både accept af magi og kærlighed og så var forsøget på at blande magi og erotik bare virkelig underlig. Slutningen var desuden kun til at grine af så mærkelig var den - så urealistisk og så dumt!

    6. I was dreadfully late in reviewing this story (several months after I read it) for two reasons. The first, I bought it and the sequel together and I rushed to read both of them in about 31ish hours. The second, I wasn't sure I could put what I thought about it into words. I'm going to try now.I think it has to be said, there are characters in this book that remind me of specific Harry Potter characters. As the story (and series) progresses, that similarity lessens as I get to know these characte [...]

    7. I got a Galley of this book from Riverdale Avenue Books for review.I was drawn to this title because it was recommended for people who where looking for a more adult version of Harry Potter. This was nothing like an adult Harry Potter. This book was listed as New Adult and Sci Fi & Fantasy, but that is missing one very important marker, Erotica.I was so excited to start reading what they hailed the 'American Harry Potter' and on the second page I wanted to gouge my eyes out, and it just got [...]

    8. I met Cecelia Tan at GKE while browsing the author's room. We chatted a bit about Harry Potter, and she recommended a series she had written that was similar to those books, but at the university level, with a different view on magic, and with sex. Normally that sort of introduction would raise an eyebrow for me, but it was obvious both that Tan was a Harry Potter fan, not just someone riding Rowling's coat tails, and that she honestly meant it as a rethinking/different approach to Harry Potter [...]

    9. (Disclosure: I don't know the author particularly well, but I've long admired her work as an editor, and have submitted material to her publishing house in the past. This hasn't had any impact on my reaction to the book, other than I wouldn't have known about a promo deal on the new edition and run off to buy it if I didn't have her blog on my LiveJournal feed.)Erotic fantasy novel which is quite openly inspired by Harry Potter. "Inspired by" means "loving homage", not "rip-off"; this is a worth [...]

    10. The Siren and The Sword is a very good erotic LGBTQ sci-fi fantasy. When I asked to review this book I saw the cover, the category, and the title and didn't realize it was erotic which I seldom read because it often is a let down. Let down in the terms of focusing on the sex and not the plot, but this book the plot and characters are first and the sex is part of the story. The young man of the story goes to the college and thinks he is signing up for Harvard but doesn't know he has "the sight" a [...]

    11. Ellen told me to read it, and I love Ellen. It's Harry Potter at college turned into an erotica meander. The writing fails to create memorable locations, characters, and only a few memorable actions. I found all the characters so nondescript that I had trouble remembering who anyone was, even just a page or two after their introduction. If the sexual content had been really well done, that would be something I mean, maybe fun grown-up reading? But it didn't really grab me as the character motiva [...]

    12. Probably I'm not the audience for this book. I think it was described as Harry Potter but hotter. Never read the Harry Potter books and I'm not a prude, but reading about this much teenaged sex skeeved me a little. It had an interesting plot but wasn't my cup of tea.

    13. This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a book is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate it three- [...]

    14. I jumped into this book, despite the erotica, after going to a con panel with the author. I like it quite a bit. Enjoyed the world building and characters quite a bit. Could it be better? Well, I’ve read fanfic with better world building, but not too much. Overall a very interesting take on a magic school story. Will def read the rest.

    15. In the Afterword, Cecilia Tan explains her own Magic University series as a love letter to not only J.K. Rowling, but many other fantasy authors. A few of which I’ve even heard of, though not read. Honestly, I think she’s leaving something out.This is just as much an homage to Hogwarts (and other established magic educational facilities) as it is to the city of Boston. Page 66 begins a day trip to The Garment District and a Puerto Rican eatery. As a resident of the next big city south on I-9 [...]

    16. I was immediately drawn into the story and the characters Cecilia has created, and when I finished Book 1 I immediately went to my bookcase and got out the next book--I couldn't wait to find out what happened next!

    17. I like a lot of the world building here but it’s a bit too close to both HP and Grossman’s “The Magicians” to come off well. The author does get points for avoiding many of the new adult love story traps and I’m hopeful her romance novels hit a bit closer to the mark.

    18. Well paced, enjoyable romp of a readExactly as billed, the story was a solid mix of sorcery and sex. As a fellow Cantabrigian, I enjoyed the faithful references to Harvard and surrounding environs. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

    19. I really enjoyed this story once I got into it. the magical world was interesting and I loved the erotic elements

    20. I took the opportunity to review this book free on Kindle through the NetGalley website even though, as a matter of policy, I avoid books that are hidden behind the "adults only" wall at Fantastic Fiction. Pretty much everything by Cecilia Tan is, though. I'm told she's a leading name in erotic fiction and LGBT literature. It's the fact that her "Magic University" series riffs on the Harry Potter "school of magic" theme that caught my interest. In an afterword to this book, Tan admits she was in [...]

    21. As a Harry Potter fan, this book is a little like coming home again- except, you know, not really. Fans of the previous will clearly be able to see Magic University's roots in J.K. Rowling's world. The characters Kyle, Frost, and Alex, for example, obviously take inspiration from Harry, Draco, and Ron. There is obviously the magical school element, along with four distinct "houses" that people get placed into upon arrival and prejudice against people who don't come from magical families. However [...]

    22. THIS IS EROTICA. Thought i'd clear that up, because this book's marketing department didn't. It's disturbing how the cover style (and even font) evokes G-rated Harry Potter, and how the book is shelved (on NetGalley) as science fiction/fantasy, not erotica. An incautious child reader (or her purchasing/recommending teacher, grandparent, parent) could easily be misled into purchasing this book thinking it's safe for kids to read. A gay teen could think this is Harry Potter, but with a sweet male- [...]

    23. Oh man, this was badly written. It was like something out of my freshman creative writing class (if we were allowed to try to write sex scenes). Apparently Cecilia Tan is a pretty prolific writer in the erotica genre but I want to know who the hell is managing to get off on her clunky descriptions. It was like she learned how to write a sex scene by reading Harlequin romances from the eighties rather than any actual life experience.And writers, for the love of all that is holy, if you're trying [...]

    24. Thank you for this copy, NetGalley!"The Siren and the Sword" è il primo romanzo della serie erotico-supernaturale Magic University, con protagonista Kyle, un diciottenne che ha appena scoperto di essere un mago.Ambientata ad Harvard, nel cui campus si trova anche l'università magica di Veritas, lui dovrà seguire le lezioni mentre risolve misteri e indaga sul misterioso significato di uno dei più antichi e misteriosi poemi magici.In due parole, è HP col sesso.Davvero.Ci sono quattro case, is [...]

    25. Lia's Bookish Obsession liasbookishobsession liasbookishobsession/the-sThe Siren and The Sword, is the first book of the Book One of Magic University written by Cecilia Tan. Reading the description I believed this novel would be a magical new adult, fantasy that has elements of the LGBTQ within it. What I did not expect that Cecilia Tan would be a noted erotic romance author. I appreciate the fact that  Riverdale Avenue Books gave the opportunity  to read this novel in exchange of an honest [...]

    26. I've wanted to read this book for years, but because I've been such a poor reader for so long, it took me a while to finally buy it and read it. In fact, it was only when the new edition went on sale that I got myself a copy. I wish I'd read it much sooner, and I'm very much looking forward to reading the next book in the series. And I can promise that now that I'm reading regularly again, I won't wait another five years or so before I buy it.I'm a big fan of fantasy in general, and Tan definite [...]

    27. So what do you get when you make Harry Potter more 'adult'? You get this book. It's perfect for those in Potter withdrawals but desire a little more.ion from the characters. It has all the elements you need from the boarding school, to the teenage angst, to the oh-so-sensual art of magic. All packed into 200 pages.The world that Tan creates has very obvious parallels to Potter, and she even openly admits to finding her inspiration in Rowling's world. Though the characters are certainly more adul [...]

    28. Short version: Good enough for me to want the next book in the series.The good:I found the characters engaging. Kyle seemed to me like a lot of college students did, thrown into the deep end, and gaining confidence as he learns to swim in a very unexpected pool.The setting is vibrant. I could sense that the author had drawn heavily on her familiarity with the Boston area, and the setting came alive for me. Veritas fits into it very nicely.The bad:The derivative nature of this book can't be denie [...]

    29. I am so incredibly glad that my friend Sydney tagged me in a Facebook post on Cecilia's page. This book was fanfreakingtastic and I'm definitely looking forward to Book 2.Here's the shameful part where I admit that I'm probably one of the few on the planet that have not read the Harry Potter books. I have seen the films and loved them.The cover art is a bit misleading on this one as I was going in to this thinking it would be more of a YA fantasy. Wow. Yeah, the first chapter threw that out the [...]

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