Here All Along

Here All Along Movie star Gideon Kelly has always harbored a secret crush for his long time friend and assistant Sarah One sizzling on screen kiss is enough to convince him she s the only woman for him and he s de

  • Title: Here All Along
  • Author: Crista McHugh
  • ISBN: 9781940559704
  • Page: 479
  • Format: ebook
  • Movie star Gideon Kelly has always harbored a secret crush for his long time friend and assistant, Sarah One sizzling on screen kiss is enough to convince him she s the only woman for him, and he s determined to prove to her they have all the makings of an epic Hollywood romance.Sarah Holtz rose to stardom as a child only to crash and burn in her late teen years Gideon wMovie star Gideon Kelly has always harbored a secret crush for his long time friend and assistant, Sarah One sizzling on screen kiss is enough to convince him she s the only woman for him, and he s determined to prove to her they have all the makings of an epic Hollywood romance.Sarah Holtz rose to stardom as a child only to crash and burn in her late teen years Gideon was there to help put the pieces of her life back together, and she now relishes her life far away from the paparazzi flashes Her need for privacy is the one thing holding her back from exploring something with him When a video of their kiss goes viral, she s left wondering if he s worth the risk of stepping back into the spotlight to become his leading lady.

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    1. | ARC kindly provided by the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you a lot! | “I want what we already have. I want to be married to my best friend. But most of all, I want you to be happy.”Blurb: Movie star Gideon Kelly has always harbored a secret crush for his long-time friend and assistant, Sarah. One sizzling on-screen kiss is enough to convince him she’s the only woman for him, and he’s determined to prove to her they have all the makings of an epic Hollywoo [...]

    2. 1 - She couldn't leave Hollywood behind - not entirely. She avoided the spotlight, but she still lingered in the shadows. Star.DNF @ 64%I have enjoyed most of the Kelly Brothers series, so it bummed me out a little bit that the last book in the series left me up to the point I stopped reading frustrated and a little underwhelmed. If I am honest the last couple of books didn’t have quite the spark of the predecessors, but Here all Along sadly fizzled out completely for me.My frustration stemmed [...]

    3. ARC received for reviewLoved the last Kelly brother as much as all the rest. Gideon/The Kid has loved Sarah/Red/Sage I think since they were teenagers. It was a long path to their HEA but no less wonderful than his brothers. I was sad I didn't get to see much of the other brothers, just a phone call to big brother Adam.I'm sad this series is over, but I think Ms. Mchugh might be doing one more book with Gideon's co-star. Sarah said several times that Gideon knows Becca sister. (Becca is Ethan's [...]

    4. What an amazing finish to a great series!!I just wish I could get more!!Maybe a Gabe book? Pleeeeeeeze? Pretty please?

    5. Thrilled is not even the best word to describe my feelings when I FINALLY got my hands on Gideon and Sarah's book. I have been waiting for them to get together since, maybe book two or three in the Kelly Brothers series. There was always this underlying "Something" between them, and I loved that they finally ended up together in HERE ALL ALONG. I loved the "backstory", not in the way you think I mean by backstory, I just enjoyed the behind the scenes stuff, getting to know who Sarah is and was, [...]

    6. Originally Reviewed For: Tea and BookIt seems like just yesterday when Crista McHugh started teasing us with these delightful brothers and with Here All Along we are seeing the 7th brother meet his bride. That's right it's time to say so long to the Kelly Brothers and begin the next great adventure. BUT We have one last hurrah! Here All Along is Gideon's story, we've read about him, we've wondered about him and now? Well we get to really get to know him. Sarah Holtz was America's sweetheart. Gro [...]

    7. 4 stars for the final book in the Kelly Brothers seriesThis is the seventh and final book in this series. We get Gideon's story this time around and it is a friends to lovers series. Sarah or Red, has been his assistant for 3 years. She had been a famous actress but since the downward spiral that ended with her in the hospital she has been enjoying life out of the spotlight as Gideon's assistant. Gideon already made his thoughts clear when he offered to have something more with Sarah but she clo [...]

    8. *I will try to avoid spoilers.Here All Along by Crista McHughGideon Kelly is a highly successful film star, who has a starstruck crush of his own.Sarah Holtz is a former star turned personal assistant to Gideon. She went into hiding after a downward spiral led to an accident. When she hit rock bottom, Gideon helped pull her out of the darkness.She misses the starlight but not the limelight.Unbeknownst to him, she shares his feelings but wants to get out from under his wing and move forward in th [...]

    9. A wonderful conclusion to the Kelly Brothers series. I've always measured my favourite books and authors on how quickly I read them. I've picked this up this morning and not stopped until I finished it! I have done the same with all of Crista's books. This story of Gideon and Sarah is moving, funny and so romantic - best ending ever! And now I have the whole series, I'm going to read them all again, one after the other.

    10. WOW! I loved this book! There were surprises and drama I didn't see coming. Love mama Kelly! It's hard to pick a favourite brother but Gideon is a top contender. Didn't get Sarah's love of yellow M&Ms as I like the oranges ones! This is an amazing series and I am super sad to let the characters go

    11. 4 starsHere All Along was a beautiful read.The storyline was fun and enjoyable and the characters were well developed. Highly recommend this book and the Kelly Brothers series /series/1171Thank you Crista McHugh via Netgalley for the advance copy.

    12. Although this is the seventh book in the series, it's a great standalone read. Gideon and Sarah are both likable characters that make you root for the happy ending. Well done.

    13. To read this review and others like it check out my site at homelovebooks I love a book movie star romance book, I love looking at People and imagining what the lives of movie stars are like, some whenever I see a movie star romance, I almost always pick it up. This book is pretty far into the series I believe, but that being said it can totally be read as a standalone, so have no fear.So part of what appealed to me about this book right off the bat is that Sarah was a child star, and now she is [...]

    14. NEW RELEASE: HERE ALL ALONG BY CRISTA MCHUGH   READ AND REVIEW HERE ALL ALONG BY CRISTA MCHUGH Release Date:  August 26, 2015 SYNOPSIS Can best friends become lovers while the cameras are rolling? Movie star Gideon Kelly has always harbored a secret crush for his long-time friend and assistant, Sarah. One sizzling kiss is enough to convince him she’s the only woman for him, and he’ll do anything to prove to her they have all the makings of an epic Hollywood romance. Sarah Holtz rose t [...]

    15. Gideon Kelly, at least for me, has almost been an enigma throughout the Kelly Brothers series. I mean, the others aren’t unbefitting my adoration, but we’ve not really heard a lot about Gideon. Only that he is super busy and they don’t get to see each other a lot. (That is, until mama, Maureen Kelly, gets her can full of that business.) Here All Along begins with Gideon being sent on location for his latest film. Once he and his entourage arrive and get settled, a chance encounter with two [...]

    16. The last book of the Kelly Brothers series, really sad to see it ending. This book is Gideon's story, he's the youngest of the 7 brothers and is the actor of the family. I liked this story because it follows the 'friends to lovers' troupe which is always a fun and heartfelt read. Gideon has grown up in the movie business with Sarah Holtz, who is now his assistant but originally was a child star in the business herself. She's actually the one who showed Gideon the ropes and how to maneuver/party [...]

    17. Here All Along,  Crista McHughReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre:  Romance, women’s Fiction, I was a bit underwhelmed by this readI love the friends to lovers and movie/rock star tropes so was really looking forward to this. Sadly though it was one of those that was just an OK read for me.I loved Sarah/Sage/Red – she was a strong lady who’d worked hard to get over her troubled past. I could understand why Gideon had fallen on love with her. He was a lovely man too – very [...]

    18. Here All Along, seventh and last in the Kelly series by Crista McHugh, was sent to me for an honest review. I thank the author for providing the opportunity to read about the gregarious Gideon Kelly and his engaging leading lady.I am a fan of this heartwarming series, a modern day take on Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I have enjoyed each and every novel, and while the stories are similarly structured, each story is unique and touches upon a different topic/issue. Here All Along is the story a [...]

    19. Here All Along is actually the seventh book in Crista McHugh's The Kelly Brothers series and can be read as a standalone. In fact I haven't read any of them before except for this one and fans of contemporary romance with a friends to lovers theme will surely adore the book. Here we meet Sarah and Gideon. Sarah at the beginning of the book is obviously Gideon's personal assistant but their camaraderie and easy way with each other speaks more of a personal relationship. And true enough it turns o [...]

    20. Posted on What I'm ReadingOkay, I found Here All Along to be a sweet romance. Here's why: We have Gideon who has been in love with his best friend for sometime, and he would love to see it progress. However, Sarah (Red) doesn't want to ruin their friendship. Also she's his personal assistant. Basically, Gideon would do anything to have at the more than friends level. While in Vegas he has Gabe kind of talk him to letting him help win Sarah over to his court. Truly a sweet story about two friends [...]

    21. Here All Along is Crista McHugh’s seventh and final book in her Kelly Brother’s series. Here All Along is Gideon Kelly’s story. He is the youngest of the Kelly Brothers and is a Hollywood actor. Sarah Holtz (aka Red) currently is his assistant. She is a former actress with a troubled past. Gideon and Red have known one another for years as she was by his side when he first entered the business – showing him the ropes. He has seen both her ups and downs, and he has remained by her side ho [...]

    22. I love best friends to lovers books! They are so much fun to read and this book was no exception.This might be one of my favorite books in this series and not only because it deals with best friends falling in love, but it deals with life struggles. Gideon has to be one of my favorite characters in this series. Not because he is a hot movie star but because he just seems so genuine in everything he says and does. I adored how he was with Sarah and loved how he didn't want to ruin the friendship [...]

    23. This is the seventh and final book of the Kelly Brother's series and it makes me sad. I love everything about this series and wish it would not end. Gideon Kelly is the youngest of the Kelly boys and he is an actor in L.A. Without the help of "Red" his personal assistant, he would be lost. But with her by his side for the last three years, Gideon has come to realize that he has fallen in love with her. Back in October when he mentioned them being more than friends, she ran and after a month she [...]

    24. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Oh how I wish I could give this more than 5 stars! I have ready all the Kelly Brothers and love them all. I am sad to see this series end maybe we can talk Crista into a novella sometime. I read this story in just an hour an half the other night. I did not want it to end. Crista is very talented and I look forward to reading anything she writes. She never disappoints. Get this series if you haven't read it. You will enjoy falling in love with al [...]

    25. Have you ever had a series that you loved so much that you were eager to read the last book, but sad to see it end? That is the way I felt about Here All Along by Crista McHugh. It is the seventh book in the Kelly Brothers series and I loved it! I am a fan of this series, which is a modern day take on Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.Gideon is an actor and has been in love with his best friend Sara for a very long time. She is a former actor and has been his assistant for a few years now. He is h [...]

    26. Sarah had been at the top In Hollywood and then lost it all when her demons consumed her. Her savior was Gideon Kelly. He was her rock and she cared for him, but she wants to avoid the spotlight. She is happy being Gideon's assistant, but he wants more. What's going to happen now that Gabe Harrison knows who she is? Sarah is such an interesting character. She is overwhelmed by fear. I wanted her to trust Gideon and to take a chance on their love. He cares so much for his best friend. Such gentle [...]

    27. Would you risk your friendship if it might be love? Gideon and Sarah have been friends, the kind of friends that help each other through the toughest times and help you put your life back together. Their chemistry is something neither one can deny, but Sarah isn't sure it is worth the risk. Gideon hatches a plan with a buddy and even though at times I wanted to slap Gabe and Gideon, they did provide some of the best parts of the story. Sarah is one strong woman and even though she has come a lon [...]

    28. I have been looking forward to Gideon and Sarah's story for a long time, and it met my expectations and then some. Up until now, my favorite Kelly brother was Caleb, but now Gideon, the baby of the family, has taken over first place. At times, I was not sure if Gabe was good or bad, but I do not want to give away what happens. Let's just say, all the interplay between Gideon, Gabe, and Sarah really added to the story. My two favorite parts were when Gabe got rid of MacKenzie and when Gideon got [...]

    29. This was my first book by Crista McHugh and I enjoyed Here All Along very much. This is the last in the Kelly Brothers series and can be read as a stand alone. I will be reading the others to find out about the brothers.This is a sweet contemporary romance story about a former star Sarah that becomes a friend and assistant to Gideon Kelly. Gideon has loved Sarah since they were young. If you are looking for best friends to lovers, this is a must read for you.I was given an ARC from publisher via [...]

    30. This is the 7th book in the series, you don't need to read the first 6 books to enjoy this one but trust me you will want to. I love this family of 7 brothers and so sad to see the series end. This is a great read for anyone looking for a little romance in their life. Gideon is a strong male who knows what he wants, unfortunately what he wants is a strong female who won't give in to him. I have been waiting for Gideon and Red's story from the beginning of the series and it was well worth the wai [...]

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