Dexter in the Dark

Dexter in the Dark In his work as a Miami crime scene investigator Dexter Morgan is accustomed to seeing evil deedsrticulary because on occasion he rather enjoys committing them himself Guided by his dark Passenger t

  • Title: Dexter in the Dark
  • Author: Jeff Lindsay
  • ISBN: 9780752881607
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
  • In his work as a Miami crime scene investigator, Dexter Morgan is accustomed to seeing evil deedsrticulary because, on occasion, he rather enjoys committing them himself Guided by his dark Passenger the voice inside him that helps stalk his prey he lives his outwardly normal life adhering to one simple rule he only kills very bad people.Dexter slides through lifIn his work as a Miami crime scene investigator, Dexter Morgan is accustomed to seeing evil deedsrticulary because, on occasion, he rather enjoys committing them himself Guided by his dark Passenger the voice inside him that helps stalk his prey he lives his outwardly normal life adhering to one simple rule he only kills very bad people.Dexter slides through life undetected, working as a blood splatter analyst for the Miami Police Department, helping his fiancee raise her two adorable if somewhatunique children, and always planning his next jaunt as Dexter the Dark Avenger under the light of the full moon.But everthing changes when Dexter is called to a gruesome double homicide Dex realizes he s dealing with someone a whole lot sinister than he is and it sends the Dark Passenger into hiding And when something scares your friendly neighborhood serial killer, you know it s seriousMore used to inspiring fear then experiencing it, Dex must investigate, while simultaneously coping with his demanding family If he s to save himself, and those around him, Dexter must pose questions he s never dared ask where does evil come from, and does it hide inside everyone

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    1. Far above the aimless scurrying of the city IT watched, and IT waited. There was plenty to see, as always, and IT was in no hurry. IT had done this many time before, and would do so again, endlessly and forever. That was what IT was for. Right now there were so many different choices to consider, and no reason to do anything but consider them until the right one was clear. And then IT would start again, gather the faithful, give them their bright miracle, and IT would feel once more the wonder a [...]

    2. Disappointingly mystical. In attempting to "explain" Dexter, Lindsay has robbed him of much of his appeal. Anne Rice tried this in Queen of the Damned, to much the same effect: Dexter's unique talents, like Lestat's, were better left a mystery.

    3. Day three of my Dexter Morgan marathon, and Book Three is done. I might actually do this Seven Books in Seven Days Challenge. Yay me. *cue crickets and awkward glances*I think I'm in the minority when I say that I liked this one very much, but I know why most readers (or, if you prefer, fans of this series) did not like it. People enjoy their comfort zones. Dexter in the Dark takes fans of the series out an established realistic environ by alluding to a possible supernatural origin to the Dark P [...]

    4. Adventures of a sociopathic serial killer who generally only cuts up people who hurt children.Okay, awesome. Lindsay has clearly done his research – the way Dexter completely fails to get sex, his inflated perceptions of his own intelligence, his completely oblivious sexism, his utter lack of the empathic reflex, it's all perfect. People who know me were shocked I hadn't read these books before. Mostly it was that I knew what they were about, and I thought it would be stupid because I didn't b [...]

    5. I really should have liked this more. I stood up. It was all too much. I could not even meet my own expectations, and to be asked to deal with all theirs was too suffocating. Dexter's growth during this book is good, a solid advancement of his character rather than just rinse and repeat that afflicts so many series. The majority of it is driven by external forces, Dexter's interaction with other characters, but in this episode the Dark Passenger takes center stage. I closed my eyes and listened [...]

    6. If book-Dexter was running along a slightly different track than TV-Dexter before this, Dexter in the Dark takes as far away as it can possibly get. TV-Dexter is grounded squarely in reality. A very bloody reality, but reality nonetheless. The first two books in the series hinted a bit at a supernatural element; the first book's dreams, for example, and they way our beloved serial killer referred to his dark side as a separate persona who resided in him. I always figured this was metaphorical, b [...]

    7. It's sad to see such a good series descend to this level. This book was a real disappointment. It's hard to know where to start but the overall premise of the book, that Dexter's "Dark Passenger" is actually a supernatural possession by some kind of child of Moloch an eternal something-or-other, lacks so much believability that it ruins the entire series. What made the first two books so good was that Dexter was the sociopath trying to live in the real world. His "Dark Passenger" was simply a di [...]

    8. I very much enjoyed part three in the Dexter series. Compared to the preceding book, this was a lot heavier on the humor and in the case of Dexter I really think this is to prefer. In part two, Dearly Devoted Dexter, Lindsay tried his damnedest to shock and gross us out - and he was quite successful. I liked that one fine as well, but the parts that I wish I could have unread dragged it down a bit. This time around, I thought it was the (non-)physical manifestation of "the Dark Passenger" (as on [...]

    9. This one was bizarre. Weird supernatural angles aside, it was absolutely hilarious. Despite the fact those aspects were never explored again in the subsequent novels that Followed It. And you know how it is, It Follows. It Does. I still want. You. Funniest one in the series, I'd say. And I do say it. Funny old life and blue eyed wightbears notwithstanding. It's funny though, I came across this book in a Sunday market, while I was just randomly browsing for old books. Good times. Great friends. Y [...]

    10. Dexter in the Dark review By: Richard Lu If you’ve ever seen Dexter on T.V then you’ll probably know that the plot of the show is about a man with dark desires who wishes to kill people. Instead of using these desires to kill innocent people, Dexter only bears his fangs on other predators that have escaped the judgement of the courts. The plot is absolutely gorgeous and it keeps viewers coming back week after week. Thankfully the book version of Dexter has follows the same format, Dexter exp [...]

    11. Excelent volum - indiscutabil cel mai bun al ciclului, până în acest moment (mă refer la cele 3 volume citite de mine; dar, cum 5 stele constituie nota maximă, bănuiesc că va fi dificil de depășit).Totuși, a fost prost primit pe piață, de către fani și de către critici. De ce? Ușor de explicat. Este un volum cu elemente fantastice, iar fanii și criticii primelor două volume și ai serialului erau, probabil, în mare parte, cititori de suspans realist.Să revenim însă la poves [...]

    12. There's a lot of dislike for this book going on in these reviews. It's totally unjustified.First, this may come as news to some people, but Dexter the show is not Dexter the [Author: Jeff Lindsay] series. The books are darker (if you're a fan of the show, 1. Yes, it's possible, and 2. Don't pick up the series here; start with Darkly Dreaming Dexter). And yes, there's a supernatural element to this book. The thing is, it's not new. I would argue that the supernatural element is present even in th [...]

    13. after reading a few of the other reviews, I think some people may have missed the very subtle point.In this book Dexter, who is usually so sure of himself, suddenly loses something very close to him. It throws him off. He has no fallback.People who complained that Dexter wasn't up to his usual witty banter, might do well to think - Who the hell can come up with classic one-liners when you've been off your game for weeks?This is the whole point, finally seeing Dexter in a vulnerable position.I fo [...]

    14. Dear DexterI am writing to you to say really you brighten my day, you and me are the same we both are in tune with our dark passenger, well you used to be! What happened its seams in this chapter of you're life aptly named 'Dexter in the dark' you're dark passenger is in the dark for a while. Not for me around the same period of year you had written this I was actively in tune with my dark passenger in let's say the most macabre of methods of execution. I unlike you do not prey on the hunters I [...]

    15. "Who was I if I was no longer me?"Only two stars for this one. I can't understand the purpose of this third book, much worse than the other two.In this book, Jeff Lindsay tries to explain us what Dexter is but seriously? (view spoiler)[All this stuff with gods and the Watchers, the sacrifices and a hurricane, of course Boh :( (hide spoiler)](view spoiler)[I like Dexter's fatherhood but I don't understand why the children have to be a mini Dexter. Cody and the shadows But why? (hide spoiler)]"Hum [...]

    16. Book Info: Genre: Supernatural Thriller/Police ProceduralReading Level: AdultRecommended for: twisted peopleTrigger Warnings: murder, human sacrificeMy Thoughts: So, again, this is my second time through this book. I originally picked it up in 2010 and read it shortly thereafter, so it's been around three years since I first read these books.This book has a lot more of the dark humor that we so love with Dexter, superimposing the comedic wedding plans and Dexter's attempts to work with Astor and [...]

    17. I guess I enjoyed the book. There was a lot missing from it that I thought could have made it more interesting, and while I'm not a big fan of starting an ongoing series in the third book, I made an exception for this since a) the book was free and b) I'd watched the first season of the show. The show itself is really good, and the book is well eh. While I was reading it I didn't dislike it, but now I'm thinking, well there was no police procedural stuff, there was nothing to show that Dexter wa [...]

    18. Well, it started out nice and sick, as any Dexter book should. There's also a very funny exchange that involves the victim of a tongue extraction, the sound "Goy," and the response "Yes. Methodist, actually." Oh, I laughed so hard I was crying.But then there's a lot of silliness. And, yes, that is the best word for it -- though dumb is challenging it. SPOILER ALERTFirst of all, Aramaic is written right to left and does not look like the Latin alphbet enough for plebs to decipher it. Second, I do [...]

    19. Ugh. What happened to this series? I don't think I've ever read a series that was rooted in reality introduce a supernatural turn in a later book. And I hope I never read another.

    20. Rather I think 'Lindsay in the Dark'I must admit that I one of those fans that first experienced Dexter in all its televised glory. And I usually am the one that makes the point of reading the subject to death before watching the movie. And I almost always think that the novel is far superior. My experience with the Dexter novels has been quite the oppositeAfter falling in love with our beloved killer on my tv sceen I ran to the library to find the books that inspired such an entrancing tv serie [...]

    21. I also read some of the reviews of Dexter in the Dark before reading and I saw a common theme with most of the reviews; people hated the supernatural aspects. I on the other hand enjoyed the length that the author Jeff Lindsay went through to explain the origins in a very creative and supernatural way that roots human's dark motivations, rituals and religion in this concept of IT or in Dexter's case his Dark Passenger. If there was any gripes about this book was that I was intrigued all the way [...]

    22. Have you ever read a book that made you feel like the author was getting between you and the story? There are two authors who have given me this impression: Dean Koontz, and now Jeff Lindsay.Jeff. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. You had a good thing going here. The characters were good, the basis of the story was delightfully wicked, and now you've gone and mucked it all up by trying to explain Dexter's motivations and getting all oogie-boogie on us. I was willing to grit my teeth through your corny and redun [...]

    23. Very interesting. I might have enjoyed it more if I hadn't had to read it quite chopped up. I can't wait to find out in what direction the next book goes.

    24. This one started off slow going, but as time went on I got incredibly engrossed. Listening to the audiobook of this seriously creeped me out, and I felt genuinely panicky at times. This was possibly my favourite book of the series so far, and I can't wait to see what the next book brings.

    25. Y así pasó la tercera entrega de Jeff Lindsay: "Dexter en la oscuridad".Lindsay nos hace conocer una faceta hasta este momento desconocida por todos nosotros, lectores ávidos y amantes del género, y es que en esta tercera entrega, nuestro protagonista libra una verdadera lucha "humana".Lo que más me llamó la atención de esta obra, y que por sobre todo logro resaltar y diferenciar de las dos anteriores es que Dexter no sólo es un complejísimo personaje, sino que también el autor (Lindsa [...]

    26. Dear Dexter is Disappointing.It's funny when I reflect that I enjoyed this book and yet felt very let down by it at the same time. See, while the Dexter character is as engaging as in the other Dexter books I've read, and the general plot twists kept my interest, the author-- without my getting into the Diabolical Dexter Details-- has introduced this unexpected supernatural element that suddenly deeply affects everything I ever thought about Demented Dexter. And for me, it totally jumps the shar [...]

    27. This series rocks. Most know Dexter from the TV series on HBO, which is also excellent. But he was first introduced on paper. Dexter truly is “One of the most likable vigilante serial killers”. I love being inside Dexter's head, which you get in the show, but not as much as the book. (which usually happens when books become shows). The dialogue is awesome the plots are filled with suspense, horror and the occasional humor. Whats not the like? DEXTER IN THE DARK is the third installment in th [...]

    28. The first 2 Dexter books were great. Then the Dexter saga comes to a screeching halt with this book. This one was awful! Dear Disappointing Dexter, I'm sorry that Lindsay shat this one out. Perhaps he was sleep writing this one while listening to the Ghost Busters theme song. I honestly don't know what "possessed" Lindsay to think that the Dexter story needed ghosts.To Lindsay's credit, there were a few places in the book that I cracked a smile or two. Even a spot where I was slightly excited to [...]

    29. Before starting this book I hadn't really heard anything good about it so I was well-prepared for a subpar reading experience. Overall, it wasn't THAT bad. Yes, it's mystical / mythical / supernatural but I see that Lindsay was just trying to give us a rational explanation for why Dexter is the way he is. In my opinion, it seemed a rather creative and well-researched explanation. It wasn't poorly executed.My issues with the book didn't lie in the mystical but in the lack of suspense. Yes, it was [...]

    30. Well this was not quite the way I was expecting the series to go. I’m not so sure I really liked the supernatural-like elements. I did like Dex’s sense of humor. I laughed out loud a few times. His relationship with the children and his sister is interesting also. I’m continuing the series for sure.

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