Rocket Raccoon, Volume 2: Storytailer

Rocket Raccoon Volume Storytailer It s a cosmic calamity as Rocket tries to fix his past bad calls Next stop the dreaded WINTER PLANET Winter all the time Worst Planet Ever The meanest toughest wittiest and furriest guardian of the

  • Title: Rocket Raccoon, Volume 2: Storytailer
  • Author: Skottie Young Filipe Andrade Jake Parker
  • ISBN: 9780785193906
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s a cosmic calamity as Rocket tries to fix his past bad calls Next stop the dreaded WINTER PLANET Winter all the time Worst Planet Ever The meanest, toughest, wittiest, and furriest guardian of the galaxy just broke out his BIGGEST GUNS Rocket Raccoon rockets into our hearts with the series beloved by Marvel fans everywhere Collecting Rocket Raccoon 7It s a cosmic calamity as Rocket tries to fix his past bad calls Next stop the dreaded WINTER PLANET Winter all the time Worst Planet Ever The meanest, toughest, wittiest, and furriest guardian of the galaxy just broke out his BIGGEST GUNS Rocket Raccoon rockets into our hearts with the series beloved by Marvel fans everywhere Collecting Rocket Raccoon 7 11

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    1. Stuck on an ice planet, Rocket’s gotta steal a dragon’s egg to save Groot’s life! Kaiju-sized Groot fights Rocket Jaegar! Rocket reads the Book of Halfworld and discovers his past!The second Rocket Raccoon book, Storytailer (arf), is a jumbled collection of shallow stories that are basically filler issues instead of a more preferable single narrative arc. They’re all perfectly ok but aren’t especially exciting or interesting. D’you think Rocket will save Groot’s life on the ice pla [...]

    2. The second (and last?) volume of Rocket's adventures is really great fun. I was initially concerned about the change of artist but the new guy really won me over. He has some really solid cartooning chops.I'm old enough to have bought and loved the original Bill Mantlo/Mike Mignola Rocket Raccoon mini-series in the '80s and this volume is both a love letter to that old chestnut and a way of telling us old gits that Rocket's never going back there, no matter how nostalgic we might get. I can dig [...]

    3. The big story about Rocket's origins was kind of a letdown. (view spoiler)[Was it space considerations (brought on by Secret Wars) that lead to the totally anticlimactic, "Nah, not doing this," ending? (hide spoiler)] I almost wish that the concept had been totally ignored instead, because the other issues were fun to read. Young obviously isn't the deepest writer around, but his style worked quite well with something of the relative emotional weight of Rocket Raccoon. That said, some of the sce [...]

    4. Finally, what I never knew I needed: Rocket Raccoon Seeker Transformer. My life is so complete right now. Marvel Math:+1 Rocket looks like a furball thug in a winter jacket. +1 Rocket is a Seeker. Move over, Starscream. -1 Man, 2046 does not look good on anyone. Eesh, robo-Cap and skinny-armed old Tony. -/+ Yak reminds me of Krang from TMNT.+5 This is the best page. I nearly choked on my Punkin ale reading it. Rocket: I'll have a spacegrass, on tap if you got it. He'll have whatever is fruity as [...]

    5. Another fun-but-frivolous entry in the Rocket Racoon canon from Skottie Young. As with the first volume, the art in this one really takes center stage, doing all the heavy lifting to keep things upbeat and engaging. Without the great work of Filipe Andrade and Jake Parker, each story in this volume would read like a story you've read a million times elsewhere. However, their visual flare and comedic approach to storytelling really makes this worth a read. I read this on an iPad, and found myself [...]

    6. Rocket and Groot are the Han Solo and Chewbacca of the Marvel universe, and Skottie Young knows it. There are so many winky nods to Star Wars in this that I ended up giggling uncontrollably. I love a good Star Wars homage wait, can someone commission Skottie Young to do a Star Wars EU comic? Pretty please???So, in the further adventures of the small, furry alien raccoon and his regenerating tree friend, Rocket's trying to pay off his old debts, but, of course, nothing ever goes as planned. Rock [...]

    7. Some of the best mindless fun comics out there. I've always kind of disliked Skottie Young's work, but I guess he was just made for this book.

    8. I had recently written that I did not like things that were written by Scottie Young, but I really enjoyed his artwork. This book makes me have to take that statement back. I didn't necessarily love this book, but I enjoyed reading it a bit more than Young's book- I hate fairyland. It works best having the Rocket and Groot combination. I think that is why they eventually relaunched the book with the two of them together.

    9. I'm really torn with how many stars I want to give. On the one hand, I just loved it. Rocket is adorable. His misadventures are so amusing. He gets himself into more trouble than he makes. What's not to love about a smartass little furball?On the other hand, I didn't fully love it. The stories are too quick. I feel like there should have been more to the story line, or more as far as other stories added (like Volume 1's addition of a story from Groot's comic books). I was left feeling like I nee [...]

    10. Every bit as crazy fun as volume one! Skottie Young has a knack for writing Rocket that is beautiful to behold. The combination of action and humor is irresistible. There's a single page image in this book, the cover of one of the individual comics, I believe, and it depicts Rocket with a maniacal grin and an unbelievably huge and complex gun complete with everything you could possibly want in a deadly weapon including the kitchen sink, and he's saying, "Say hello to my little friend!" I so want [...]

    11. Young continues to impress with the ability to balance between Rocket's ridiculous antics and real, emotional moments. His exploration of the friendship between Rocket and Groot is interesting and in-depth. I love the artists brought onto the book. All together, it's a great book that gives fun action, silly moments, real friendship moments, and a whole lot of story all at once.

    12. 3.5. I loved the first story, but I wasn't very into the rest of them. I do love Rocket and Groot though. Maybe Groot more than Rocket. But there is something about that little murderous furball that I connect with.

    13. A continuation of the last book. I still think the "I am Groot" story was the best of the ones available. Though the story of Groot dying was pretty good too, showed a different side of Rocket. Oh and the one where he apparently read his origin story - the one with clowns and stuff - was funny because I tried reading those stories once and had about the same reaction.

    14. Review of Rocket Racoon Vol. 2 StorytailerThis was a good conclusion to this story. It still had action, even a little emotion, and a good story overall. I recommend this story to all Rocket and Groot fans! It's a good read!

    15. Достойное продолжение. Первая история вышла на мой взгляд немного затянутой, скучноватой. Остальное как обычно выше всяких похвал. Скотти Янг наше все.

    16. At first Rocket wasn't my favorite, but now since I'm reading his comic I'm actually starting to make him my second favorite GotG character.

    17. This comment is a compilation about each issue.Este comentario recopila mi opinión cada uno de los números.Rocket and Groot are on a planet full of ice without fuel and they try to keep themselves warm until some gigantic wolves attack them, wounding Groot. The friends are saved by a mysterious girl that take them to the place where she lives. Problems have just begun.En este número tenemos a Rocket y Groot en un planeta helado y sin combustible. Por si fuese poco, una especie de lobos gigant [...]

    18. The first two-part story sees Rocket and Groot are stuck on a polar planet thanks to a little ship trouble. They are attacked by strange creatures, and Groot is poisoned by venom that prevents regeneration. Rocket must defy the local ruler's orders to go get the antivenom in a very dangerous locale. The second story is set in the future. Groot has gone evil and is destroying Earth. Some rather aged Avengers are trying to contain him, but only Rocket can bring back his good self.In the final two- [...]

    19. 4/5 StarsRocket Raccoon and his big buddy Groot are at it again in this second volume from Skottie Young. There is exciting space romps, witty banter, and a undercurrent of finding where to belong and what is truly important in the world. Make no mistake about it, I am a Marvel fangirl but it still surprises me how well a raccoon and a tree make such a great story.Young brings out the funny like no other and even when Groot is speaking the humor is on point. I feel like the most important part o [...]

    20. 3.5 stars. This second volume (and conclusion?) was a little disappointing. It didn't have that special something thatA Chasing Taledid. A lot of the little witty background details I enjoyed in the first one were missing. I was disheartened to start this volume and see a completely different art style for the first two issues (I actually prefer the more cartoon style), but then of course there was another Gilmore Girls reference, so I just went with it.

    21. This story seems so underrated, maybe because of the length, maybe because it's by Skottie Young, maybe because it focuses on a minor Marvel character. This volume is short but still a blast as Rocket evades debt collectors and tries to save Groot from poisoning. The story at the beginning with Jink and the ice planet was pure epic fantasy and highly enjoyable, though the rest of the volume didn't have much to offer story-wise. In a nutshell, Rocket and Groot have space adventures and Rocket get [...]

    22. I came to this series because I love Skottie Young's art. Didn't realize he doesn't do the art in this volume. But no matter, because the stories are good and RR really goes beyond his typical a one-dimensional wisecracker in Young's hands. I'm guessing Secret Wars is responsible for the abrupt ending and almost throwaway story about him finding out his origins, but the first two issues of this volume are gorgeously drawn by Filipe Andrade and the story is emotional and suspensful. I'd read them [...]

    23. Delightful.I haven't read the first volume, because I'm a MASSIVE IDIOT and didn't realise that this was volume 2 - well, until I added it to my 'Currently Reading' list. I really enjoyed it anyway, though, and can't wait to catch up on Rocket's first volume of adventures.This has a very definite wrap up at the end so I'm thinking this is the last volume, which is a huge shame - anything Skottie Young touches is gold, and this is no exception to that rule. Particularly enjoyed the cameo of the [...]

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