Dead Men Don't Eat Cookies

Dead Men Don t Eat Cookies As the national bestselling Cookie Cutter Shop mysteries return things are heating up for Olivia Greyson her best friend Maddie and the rest of the crew at The Gingerbread House until a cold case

  • Title: Dead Men Don't Eat Cookies
  • Author: Virginia Lowell
  • ISBN: 9780425260715
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • As the national bestselling Cookie Cutter Shop mysteries return, things are heating up for Olivia Greyson, her best friend, Maddie, and the rest of the crew at The Gingerbread House until a cold case puts their plans on ice Olivia s mom, Ellie, is always cooking up new schemes, but her latest idea has Livie and Maddie especially excited Ellie s converting an old boardingAs the national bestselling Cookie Cutter Shop mysteries return, things are heating up for Olivia Greyson, her best friend, Maddie, and the rest of the crew at The Gingerbread House until a cold case puts their plans on ice Olivia s mom, Ellie, is always cooking up new schemes, but her latest idea has Livie and Maddie especially excited Ellie s converting an old boarding house into an arts and crafts school one that, of course, houses a kitchen for those interested in baking But right as renovations start, the workers discover a pile of bones buried within the boarding house s walls, evidence of a long forgotten crime.A silver necklace with a cookie cutter charm is found within the remains, convincing one of the workers that the bones are the remains of her father, who s been missing for over five years Of course, Livie and Maddie can t resist the allure of investigating But they re about to discover that digging up the secrets of the past can be deadly dangerous RECIPES INCLUDED

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    1. The Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery series was one of the first cozy mystery series I read. I’ve loved it from the first sentence of book one, COOKIE DOUGH OR DIE, and after finishing the last sentence of DEAD MEN DON’T EAT COOKIES, I love it even more!Author Virginia Lowell has penned a series that continues to get better with every book. And this one is no exception.I always enjoy my time spent with Olivia Greyson and her best friend and business partner Maddie at The Gingerbread House. Ms. Low [...]

    2. This is one of my favorite series. I don't know how Olivia keeps getting put in the wrong place and the wrong time, but it is always a great story. The characters in this series are so heartwarming that you want to hang out with them and become friends. I hope the next book will be just as wonderful.

    3. 3.5 starsOlivia's mom Ellie, brother Jason and cousin Callipoe are renovating an old flop house for a new arts and crafts center in Chatterley Heights when a skeleton is discovered behind a wall. Alicia, one of the workers, is convinced the bones are that of her long-lost father. She can identify the necklace he was wearing when he was killed - a silver chain with a cookie cutter charm of an arrow piercing a heart. Maddie is thrilled to have a new mystery to solve but Livie isn't so sure. Spunky [...]

    4. Cookie baker and owner of The Gingerbread House, Olivia 's mother, Ellie is truly a eccentric soul. She loves anything yoga and fitness and when she decides she wants to open a Arts & Crafts School, Olivia is excited by the aspect of baking in the kitchen where baking classes are to be held taught by Olivia's best friend and business partner, Maddie.The renovations are in full swing as the workers find hidden bones within the walls of the was once a old boarding house along with the bones th [...]

    5. Dead Men Don't Eat Cookies is the sixth book in A Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery series.Times are rather calm in Chatterly Heights, MD so it must be time for a little mystery.Olivia and Maddie busy baking cookies for the construction workers working on renovating the old Chatterly Heights Boarding House. Olivia's mother, Ellie, has bought the old house planning to convert it into an arts and crafts center. The calm is disturbed when Olivia gets a call from Ellie asking her to come upstairs, it seems [...]

    6. "Dead Men Don't Eat Cookies" is a cozy mystery. It's the sixth book in the series, but you don't need to read the previous novels to understand this one and this story didn't spoil the previous whodunits.The heroines are constantly munching on cut-out cookies, so beware if you're easily suggestible. The main characters were likable and asked reasonable questions in considerate ways. They could keep a secret, took precautions against danger, and weren't helpless damsels when danger was encountere [...]

    7. This is one of my more well liked cozy series, but I had some issues with this particular book. It felt like there were a lot of loose ends that were never tied up, and additional story lines added late in the plot that just confused and didn't add anything. I was particularly baffled as to why such a big deal was made over the mysterious shaped cookie cutter found in the old set of bones, and how it was alluded that it had special significance, and yet it was never revealed what the actual shap [...]

    8. Can't wait for the next book in this series :)I have really got into reading this series, it is interesting and fun to read about the different cookie cutters,and their history. I love the interaction of the main characters in the series. I'm going to have to try some of the recipes in these books :)

    9. I am sad that this was the last book in the six book series! I was hoping that the capers continued with the Gingerbread Mystery Sleuths.

    10. Humor, mystery, and cookies blend together with characters who support one another and appreciate the eccentricities that make them all so unique.

    11. openbooksociety/article/deBrought to you by OBS reviewer KaytDead Men Don’t Eat Cookies is the sixth installment in Virginia Lowell’s “A Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery” series. I have to say the adorable yorkie on the cover drew me in and I am so happy it did. A thoroughly enjoyable cozy, with fun characters and a well written mystery with different layers of intrigue. The main character Olivia Greyson and her business partner Maddie run The Gingerbread House that sells all things cookie cut [...]

    12. Virginia Lowell writes a unique series about cookie cutters and since I some how I missed books 4 & 5 of this series I grabbed #6 for my challenge read and was kind of underwhelmed with the book.The story line was great. Olivia's mom and her friend have taken on the task of rehabbing an old boarding house and turning it into an arts and crafts studio. When starting the demo on an upstairs room, out pops a skeleton. One of the part-time workers believes it to be her dad who disappeared 5 yrs. [...]

    13. This is the fourth book I have read in this series in about a month. I am torn between enjoying the lively writing and being distracted time and time again on the lack of what in a movie is called continuity. What? There is cell reception in the kitchen, none in an upstairs bedroom, rationalized as being perhaps because of the trees (?) but then, with free range of the house, they have to break a window and lean out it, with the woman on the man's shoulders, to get reception. Out the broken wind [...]

    14. In this next offering in the cookie cutter series, the old Chatterly boarding house is being rejuvinated to hold an arts and crafts school. When a skeleton is found behind one of the walls that was being repaired, the questions of who it is and why were they in the wall come into play. Oh, but wait. When those first bones are removed, a second set of bones are found along with some antique cookie cutters. This second set of bones had a bullet hole in the back of the skull, while the first had da [...]

    15. This series gets better with each book. Livie and Maddie own The Gingerbread House which specializes in everything to do with cookies, especially cookie cutters. Working with Livie's mom, Ellie, to convert an old boarding house into an arts and crafts school, they discover a skeleton wearing a necklace with a cookie cutter charm. The plot thickens with the discover of a second, older skeleton beneath the first one. The two skeletons involve both a recent and a historical disappearance involving [...]

    16. Olivia and Maddie are just adorable together and I may have mentioned they make cookies, awesome cookies. I can see where Olivia gets it from too! Her mom, Ellie, is also adorable in her own quirky way. Plus, there is Del, Olivia's main man who has the same lovable qualities. There really is something magical about the way the characters interacted.This was a cold case mystery in that the bones were just that and this case had deeper roots for some of the characters. I think it was really neat h [...]

    17. I recently started reading this series and have really enjoyed it. The characters are all fun to read about, especially Ellie, Olivia's (MC) mother. This one wasn't an exception. Bones are found in the wall at a house that Ellie is renovating to be used for teaching different types of arts and crafts. Olivia and Maddie put their skills to work figuring out who the killer is. Of course Spunkie, their faithful Yorkie is along to protect them.Not sure that I liked it quite as much as the previous o [...]

    18. Sixth book in the Cookie Cutter Shop Mysteries. I have enjoyed the previous books, but the idea of having cookie cutters featured in every single mystery is losing its appeal. Several inconsistencies and unexplained story lines ran throughout this book. The behavior of Dolly made me extremely uncomfortable, the design of the fifth cookie cutter was never explained (I assume this might be included in the next book), and the reveal of the murderer was a mishmash. I also find it pretty hard to beli [...]

    19. This story was so-so, I feel the author spent too much time giving reference to outside characters that "took over" the story to the point of almost forgetting the main people--kind of "dragging" them along. The outline of the story had the ability of becoming ' a story within a story" adding much intrigue, but the author chose to water it down. SIGHI had no idea a cookie cutter had so much historical significance- Wish the author would have played this up sooner in the story maybe adding some f [...]

    20. This is 6th in the series about Olivia who runs a Gingerbread house that sells cookie cutters. Her mother always has schemes going and this one has Olivia excited. Her mother is going to convert an old boarding house into an arts and crafts school with a kitchen for bakers. While the renovations start a body is found in the wall and other evidence of long ago crimes. I am always amazed at the market for old cookie cutters, how expensive they are, the history behind them and the ability to make a [...]

    21. Dead Men Don’t Eat Cookies, another book in the cookie cutter shop mystery series. This time around Livie and Maddie get thrown into trying to solve a cold case. The case wraps itself around an old missing person, a teen looking for her father, and the town’s founding family’s history. Fun, quick read involving all the familiar recurring characters and the town and shop as colorful backdrop. Fans of this series will enjoy this latest book.

    22. Sad to finish book sixHow long before the next book? Will Maddie become pregnant? When will Del and Olivia marry? So many questions!Who will be murdered next?

    23. Another good read and sorry the series has ended and can't wait for next book. I really like these characters.

    24. This takes off running - bam! Dead body. It's been a long time since the last cookie cutter mystery. I don't know if I buy the cutter as jewelry

    25. Cookies cutters galore!I love to read and or listen to mysteries. Food filled mysteries are even better. As a dog lover, the dog is an added bonus.

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