All I Want for Christmas is Blue

All I Want for Christmas is Blue The thrilling follow up to Shana Galen s popular Lord and Lady Spy novella The Spy Wore Blue This Christmas retired spy Blue and his wife Helena have to worry about than a holiday ball with his frost

  • Title: All I Want for Christmas is Blue
  • Author: Shana Galen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The thrilling follow up to Shana Galen s popular Lord and Lady Spy novella The Spy Wore Blue This Christmas, retired spy Blue and his wife Helena have to worry about than a holiday ball with his frosty parents Months ago Blue promised Helena to put her first in his life and retire from spying But when operatives from his past suddenly reappear, Blue will have to choThe thrilling follow up to Shana Galen s popular Lord and Lady Spy novella The Spy Wore Blue This Christmas, retired spy Blue and his wife Helena have to worry about than a holiday ball with his frosty parents Months ago Blue promised Helena to put her first in his life and retire from spying But when operatives from his past suddenly reappear, Blue will have to choose between the love of his life and the mission that could prove too enticing to refuse.

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    1. Okay, it’s official, Helena and Blue own a piece of my heart. And this little snippet of their post-reconciliation life together hit me in all the right feels.I really liked how the main conflict revolved around work/life balance. Helena coming to the realization that Blue wasn’t Blue without his work as a spy, just as she herself wouldn’t be whole if she could not sing, and finally learning to trust that their love for each other would always come first no matter what. COUPLES LOVING, TRU [...]

    2. I was very disappointed when author Shana Galen retired, Blue, my favorite character form The Lord and Lady Spy novels. I couldn't believe that I wouldn't be reading about Blue's brightly colored capes and pink waistcoats, his adventures with Butterfly, Baron, Wolf and Saint and his unusual obsession with the opera.After reading A Spy Wore Blue and Love And Let Spy, I wasn't convinced that my favorite blue-eyed spy was enjoying retirement from the Barbican group. Helena wasn't even mentioned in [...]

    3. I just loved ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS BLUE by Shana Galen. This novella is short, sweet, and spicy hot. It was a quick, fun Christmas treat. Here we get to catch up with Blue and his wife Helena. They have been married for five years. Blue was a spy for the Barbican group. Helena is an opera singer. Blue has been summoned by the Duke and Duchess of Ely. It is time for Helena to meet the parents.

    4. Lord Ernest is the sixth son of the Duke and Duchess of Ely and the tenth of eleven children. Now retired from his service for the crown, he spends most of his time at the opera in Covent Garden where his wife, Helena, is a singer. She is vehemently opposed to him returning to this work. When he worked for the crown, his code name was “Blue” as he has bright blue eyes. He is constantly being asked to return to his work but he refuses. His parents do not approve of his marriage to Helena, how [...]

    5. Blue, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Happy to say that the intriguing and eccentric spy Blue and his lovely wife Helena are back in this Christmas novella from Shana Galen. I loved it. Witty, funny and thank goodness a HEA. All I Want for Christmas is Blue is a quick read, and a real treat for fans of the Lord and Lady Spy Series.

    6. A short novella set at Christmas time. The fabulous character, Blue, shows his true heart. As he falls deeper in love with his wife every day. And tries to give his parents every chance to love Helena as much as he does. Or even give her a chance.

    7. ALL I REALLY NEED IS MORE STARS!!!!!!Shana Galen may have outdone herself (again). Indeed, that may be the goal of each writer. Here, she takes two delightful characters and uses a fine-nibbed pen, sketches them out in delightful Regency detail. To fill in the scenes around them, she uses more vague strokes of a lighter color, or even, in the case of the heroes siblings, transparent watercolors. While the story is short, it is full of emotion - and not just the love of the main characters. This [...]

    8. I love Blue and Helena and this story was fantastic, just enough to satisfy my craving for more of this great couple. At least for the time being. Set on Christmas Eve, with a delightful mix of steamy romance, family drama, a bit of conflict to make the resolution that much sweeter, and with some cameos from much loved characters in the Lord and Lady Spy series to boot, this story was a lot of fun. It would be fantastic to see more Blue and Helena in further adventures in the future.

    9. The return of Blue and Helena! If you're looking for a fun Spy short novella, look up ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS, very well written by Shana Galen. I love her Lord and Lady Spy series! It's cute, charming and a real delight to read. In this one, you will meet again Blue and Helena, whom, I loved, their beautiful chemistry in THE SPY WORE BLUE. Those two together are a real charm to follow. I recommend this one especially for the festive season! Ms. Galen never disappoints me!

    10. So happy to visit Blue again! I loved her Lord and Lady spy series, and even a quick jaunt back into the crew is a fun time.

    11. A spy named BlueLoved to read about Blue in the other books. This story revealed a lot about the spy named Blue. Shana Galen has written some great stories!

    12. Rating 4.5 stars Vikki’s MusingsI can always count on Shana Galen to bring me a tale of adventure and humor. All I Want for Christmas is Blue is another delightful story of daring and mischief. I just love these characters and it was so nice to have a chance to visit with them again.Blue and Helena have settled into wedded bliss. While Helena pursues her operatic career, Blue spends his evenings watching his wife perform. Then the baron shows up wanting him to decipher a missive that had been [...]

    13. This is a delightfully charming and fun holiday novella featuring the inimitable and sexy spy, Blue, and his lovely opera singer wife, Helena.Though joyously reunited for the Christmas holidays, they must still navigate his aristocratic family’s snubs and Blue’s threatened return to the Barbican Group.Husband and wife Helena and Blue were reunited in the novella, The Spy Wore Blue, After that story, Blue agreed to give up his spy work for the Barbican Group, a secret spy network dedicated to [...]

    14. The splendid conclusion to one of my favourite series ever! Finally, we get to read more about the enigmatic Blue and his splendid wife. I find it remarkable that Ms. Galen put so much content in so few pages! A very sexy, sizzling, magnificently written romance story between two people who love each other so much that they are willing to sacrifice what they cherish the most! I have to admit I was stunned by the conclusion! Shana Galen never ceases to amaze me! ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS BLUE i [...]

    15. Quick novella that ties up some loose ends for Blue and Helena. Despite being only ~85 pages long, I still felt my heart clench at a certain point. Blue is torn between his love for Helena, his desire to reconcile with his family (who aren't fond of their noble son marrying an opera singer), and his need to keep working as a spy. Despite all of this inner turmoil, the novella has moments of humor and guest appearances from Baron, Wolf, Saint, and Bonde as well as some delightfully steamy scenes. [...]

    16. It's Christmastime and Lord and Lady Blue are going to his parents' Christmas Eve Ball. Still disapproving of their son's marriage to an opera singer, it's sure to be a tense evening. Furthermore, the Barbican wants him to come out of retirement to decode a message for them. With secrets and tensions swirling all around, can Blue stay true to his wife and himself at Christmas?This charming story will keep you reading right through to the very end. Filled with characters from previous stories who [...]

    17. I am in love with Blue. Blue is his code name for a group of men and women who spy for the Crown. He is no longer an active member because he loves his wife Helena, an opera singer in Convent Gardens, and she does not want him back in the war. Blue aka Lord Earnest is one of the younger sons of the Duke of Ely. His powerful parents have never accepted his wife or his marriage of six years. Blue still has hope. An invitation with a personal note take him to his parent's Christmas ball. Of course [...]

    18. This was a great little addition to Shana Galen's Lord and Lady Spy series. I loved getting another peek into Blue's life and seeing how he and his wife, Helena, were doing after he won her back in the novella, The Spy Wore Blue.All I Want For Christmas is Blue, while only 6 chapters, was a fun,quick read and perfect to get you into the holiday mood. It has all the humor and great love scenes that make this series one of my favorites. I enjoyed this story immensely and loved getting to see a few [...]

    19. I’m so glad Shana Galen gave Blue this second novella to complete his story. He’s one of my fav’s of the Lord and Lady Spy series. You gotta love a handsome guy who wears colorful velvet coats, and fine linen shirts with lace sleeves, even if they are a bit out of style. And a man who loves his wife, Helena, so much that he walked away from his service to the Crown for her. When his old friends coerce a little help from him, the conflict of career versus relationship must be satisfied once [...]

    20. Loved it!I love Blue and Helena together. They have such a fantastic chemistry. You cannot not like them! I devoured this novella! It is short. It is steamy. It is sweet. And it was absolutely delightful. We also get the added bonus of cameos from the other spies!I highly recommend this entire series!

    21. I have loved Blue throughout the Series. I really enjoyed the first portion of its love story and hope that we see a few additional peeks into their lives. So far they are coming along splendidly! A great little read for fans of the series and just the right length to sneak in during the holidays.

    22. A Happy Christmas for BlueBlue's story has always been a mystery so I really enjoyed meeting his lovely wife, Helena. And since Blue is really struggling with his retirement from the Barbican, his attempt to reconnect with his family and to please his wife creates a real conflict for him. This was an enjoyable but too short read.

    23. An interesting Christmas novellaI love this series and this short story does not disappoint. Blue is definitely the most colorful character in the series and one of the most lovable. There are quite a few amusing scenarios, which help lighten some of the more emotional moments. All in all another good book from Ms. Galen.

    24. Takes up a few months after Bond's story. Blue is bored and when the chance to work on a coded message comes up, he fids it hard to resist Chance to visit with the other couples and to close Blue and Helena's story.

    25. Cute fun story. Definitely a follow up or even mini novella. Compared to her other novella's this is like a taste of a novella. That being said I loved catching up with Blue and his lady. I also like the quick cameos from other characters

    26. Wonderful short story with all of the Barbican peeps making an appearance. Loved it.You could read this as a stand alone short story, but it's even better if you've read the series.

    27. I love Blue!I thought the story line was very well written. I highly enjoyed reading about Blue and Helena. This novella was so much fun!

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