Tidings of Comfort and Joey Down Under

Tidings of Comfort and Joey Down Under Seth Anderson thought he was a finalist in the Hot Jack cologne modeling contest for King s Department Store but Sandy King upon reviewing Seth s photo and resume just wanted to jump him like a hor

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  • Title: Tidings of Comfort and Joey Down Under
  • Author: David Connor
  • ISBN: 9781632167507
  • Page: 258
  • Format: ebook
  • Seth Anderson thought he was a finalist in the Hot Jack cologne modeling contest for King s Department Store, but Sandy King, upon reviewing Seth s photo and resume, just wanted to jump him like a horny kangaroo Seth quickly learns there is pain behind Sandy s bravado and a sweet, lonely man behind the act A holiday romance blossoms like the flowers on an Australian ChriSeth Anderson thought he was a finalist in the Hot Jack cologne modeling contest for King s Department Store, but Sandy King, upon reviewing Seth s photo and resume, just wanted to jump him like a horny kangaroo Seth quickly learns there is pain behind Sandy s bravado and a sweet, lonely man behind the act A holiday romance blossoms like the flowers on an Australian Christmas Bell When Seth, used to a family dynamic without boundaries, oversteps by outing Sandy to his estranged grandmother, however, everything changes Sandy is furious He breaks things off with Seth and threatens to return to the US As Christmas approaches, any chance at happily ever after seems as likely as a snowstorm in Sydney It would take a miracle from above to set things right Good thing tis the season.A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2014 Advent Calendar package Celebrate.

    One thought on “Tidings of Comfort and Joey Down Under”

    1. Made it up to 25% but enough is enough. This whole story is totally harebrained! Australia deserves better. I'm tempted to add a 1 star rating.

    2. I enjoyed the Aussie flavor of this, but sometime the characters got a bit annoying. I liked the drag aspect, though. Mostly a mixed bag.

    3. Review can be read at It's About The BookDespite a funny beginning this book just felt like it was trying too hard. I love humorous books so I thought I’d enjoy this one. Sadly, it went from funny to sappy and angsty. Bordering on ridiculous. And not in the amusing way.Seth’s parents enter him in a contest as a hunky model at a department store in Austrailia. Seth isn’t anything like the other contestants physically so he wonders why he’s been chosen. The guy in charge of picking the win [...]

    4. Seth Anderson, a twenty-eight-year-old Sydney man, confides the details of his gay sex life to his two best friends. That’s often nice in romance. The friends can become a kind of chorus of common sense, bringing the main character down to earth from time to time. But in David Connor’s novella, Tidings of Comfort and Joey Down Under, Seth’s confidants are his mom and dad.Rocco and Mols (for Molly), Seth’s parents, have entered him in a contest without letting him know what they’re doin [...]

    5. I sometimes get flustered by hurtful reviews. I only wish there had been more exploration of Sandy's other side, as it seemed it was glossed over, perhaps to keep the word count down, perhaps to get to the lovemaking, perhaps because the writer thought people would not like SANDY as a romantic lead if he dwelled too much on that part of him. I don't know. The jargon was over the top, but I thought it was to add to the comedy. It made me giggle and Google, not cringe. Then again, I am not Austral [...]

    6. Not a huge fan of this read. I guess the most descriptive word I have would be awkward.Sandy and Jack felt a bit too insta-love and the strange sex scenes were off kilter, in my opinion. It definitely didn't inspire me to lick anyone's "no-no". (Nod to Nick Pagent for that most *awesome* phrase, thanks again, Nick!)I got the thing about the drag and Sandy's persona of Southern Comfort, but it just felt really weird to me.But the one thing that kept making my eyes roll (nearly out of my head) was [...]

    7. WARNING! Do not read this if you're Australian. I cringed all the way though over the ridiculous way the characters were speaking. I reckon the author has got a hold of an Aussie slang dictionary without realising that many terms are unique to different states and communities and would not normally be combined to such a degree. Additionally, educated city dwellers tend to use considerably less slang. I know it's not deliberate, but they come off as A bunch of ill bred idiots. As for readers from [...]

    8. 3.5 star review by DanThis is a cute little Christmas story. Seth Anderson discovers he is a finalist in the “Hot Jack” cologne modeling contest for King’s Department Store. Only problem, he never entered. Turns out his parents entered for him. There must be some mistake, he is short, doesn’t have a lot of muscles, and walks funny from a stroke when he was nineteen. One thing he does have supposedly is a very big dongle, and it wasn’t affected at all by the stroke!Sandy King, the head [...]

    9. This novella packs a lot of story and some interesting and touching details into its short length. The story of Seth, a short man with a limp and a big heart, and Sandy, a man who is trying to run from the past, is funny but hides a message of acceptance and love that is very much in line with the "Christmas spirit". While the Australianisms seemed a bit over the top to me, the whole story is like that in places, just a little over the top, so I guess it is part of the author's style. I liked th [...]

    10. bikebookreviews.bSeth was tricked by his parents that sent his picture to a cologne modeling contest behind his back – he just discovered because he got a message saying he was a finalist!When he went to the 2nd part of the contest – the actual modeling, he discovered that they didn’t want him to play the Hot Jack part, but the little Joey one – Actually he discovered that the company CEO only wanted to have an affair with him.I confess it took me a while to warm up to Sandy, and to real [...]

    11. ****Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance****Tidings of Comfort and Joey Down Under was a cute story with an interesting premise. I really liked Seth, but found Sandy odd in that his character felt wish-washy. The “I love you”s seemed premature, but it wasn’t insta love either. I enjoyed the quirky and eclectic secondary characters and the overall story but wasn’t wowed by it. It was a pleasant read.

    12. It took me a while to get into this story. The Australian lingo and slang threw me out of the story at times. I wasn't always 100% sure I caught everything the first time. Overall the story was sweet, but a bit frantic. The whole contest idea was funny. That song would drive me crazy however! ;)I did like Seth and Sandy and the other family members. There something especially sweet and poignant about Seth and Sandy's grandmother meeting and interaction. I would definitely read something else by [...]

    13. a cute Christmas story with likeable characters---some readers apparently were upset with the slang which was used, which I didn't think was much different than a movie where they are trying to depict Australians. I focused on the two main characters and the interaction between them.

    14. This is a unique and fun Aussie holiday story. It’s pretty funny if a little strange, with some insta-love and costumes but it all ends on a happy note!It wasn’t one of the better romances but it was pretty interesting.I give it 2.5 of 5 hearts

    15. This story is full of humor and misunderstandings to say nothing of dangerous angels. You can't miss when a story starts with your very own parents entering you in a nearly naked ad campaign.

    16. I found it awkward/weird there was also humor in this book but that wasn´t enough for me to like it.Not for me this book.

    17. Okay this story was simply weird. I was like, WHF is this story about and then I had to end it. Simply not a story for me.

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