The 2014 R.L. Mathewson Chronicle Collection

The R L Mathewson Chronicle Collection This is the complete collection of the Chronicles and excerpts from the R L Mathewson website The R L Mathewson Chronicles are a continuation of your favorite stories allowing readers to see what the

  • Title: The 2014 R.L. Mathewson Chronicle Collection
  • Author: R.L. Mathewson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is the complete collection of the Chronicles and excerpts from the R.L Mathewson website The R.L Mathewson Chronicles are a continuation of your favorite stories, allowing readers to see what their favorite characters are doing now This year s collection features stories from, The Neighbor from Hell series, the EMS series, The Hollywood Heart series, and the Pyte This is the complete collection of the Chronicles and excerpts from the R.L Mathewson website The R.L Mathewson Chronicles are a continuation of your favorite stories, allowing readers to see what their favorite characters are doing now This year s collection features stories from, The Neighbor from Hell series, the EMS series, The Hollywood Heart series, and the Pyte Sentinel series.

    One thought on “The 2014 R.L. Mathewson Chronicle Collection”

    1. although I only read the neighbor from hell snippets I really enjoyed catching up with the whole gang. hilarious as usual:)

    2. I love it. I can't wait for the next book from Pyte/Sentinel series. Read the teaser and now I want the book.

    3. Been sick and had a crappy couple of weeks so this book was just the ticket. Chased away all those yukky blues. Thanks Mz Mathewson.

    4. Love hearing about my favourite characters and what is happening in their lives. Still the same laughter and sizzle for each other. :)

    5. All my favorites in one place. But for the love of God how do the Bradford's get banned from buffets, and kicked out of entire states? Fun to see that the craziness continues and I am more then nervous about the twins.

    6. Love itOMGhad me laughing and wanting more. I love all the characters from all the series.loved how R.L Mathewson brought them back. The beginning of this book was hilarious and unexpected.Awesome read.

    7. Loved it!! Since I read most of them on RL's blog I'm glad that I now have all of them in a book so I can go back to it again and again :)

    8. AnnoyingI skipped over most parts, basically when I read about food, so I probably skipped over most of it. Please think of something else to write about.

    9. I absolutely love every book by R.L. and I love that she published all of these chronicles! All of her characters are hilarious and its nice to have a good laugh with some sexy men :-)

    10. What a great collectionI love the Bradford family and the rest of RL characters so this collection of her chronicles is great for some laughs and to revisit our favorite characters

    11. LMFAO even when all the characters get together it's pure chaos not that I would expect anything anything else haha, “oh, because writing about Pytes, vampires and shifters that lick their own a**es are somehow better than ghosts?” Trevor asked, not even bothering to hide his snort of disbelief." Haley that girl kills me, “I just wanted to let you know that I was pregnant and to let you know that we needed to stop at a store on the way home tonight and pick up some milk,” Haley said brig [...]

    12. The insights into the characters is like a fun retelling of friends or family told at a party or gathering. However, if you have not read all the books it is very difficult to figure out the characters, the series, or the book they appear in. This sort of defeats the purpose of trying to 'expand the brand'. If this book had a 'Cast of Characters' or some other sort of a reference guide, it would be much improved. Even some of the books I'd read (many moons ago), I had a difficult time rememberin [...]

    13. Of course I had read all the chronicles as they were released, but it is nice to have them all together in one spotMakes me realize who we did and didn`t see - NFH snippets work really well in the chronicles but the Pyte/Sentinel not so much. That is okay though, there is lot of story with our paranormal friends and they work best in full booksI love NFH, but also the EMT series, Eric and Joe are perfect, and poor Nathan doesn't stand a chance. With only one couple, it is hard to give updates, h [...]

    14. All the 2014 chronicles from R.L.'s website in one easy to read package - what's not to love? The chronicles themselves are a fabulous idea of the author, especially for us book lovers that wonder what happens to our book friends after 'the end'. We revisit all our favourites in the 2014 edition, mainly those lovable Bradford cousins Trevor (sigh's lovingly) and Jason along with their incredibly awesome wives and scarily cunning children. An absolute must read for all Neighbor From Hell lovers.

    15. This was amazing! R.L. is the master is creating the funniest and sexiest characters ever! These short chronicles just gives us brief glimpses on what has happened or what has been going on with a few of our favorite characters, especially The Bradfords  and their weird food obsessions. Be prepared to laugh out loud because Jason, Trevor and those twins Sebastian and Johnnie are going to have you in stitches!

    16. 4.5 Laughing Out Loud StarsWell, this was just amazing to have forever in my kindle. I love al RL series and having these glimpses into their lives is the best. This was my first book of the year and it was a great start and don't regret it at all. Will continue to read these chronicles and if you haven't read any of these series, please do so! You are missing on a journey everybody should be on.

    17. I have to be honest. When I first started reading this and all the characters from R.L.'s book where hanging out and waiting for her. I thought WTF kinda "Alice in Wonderland" shiz is this??? But it's a book of short stories and scenes that catch us up with all our favorite characters.There is a scene with Jason Bradford and a telephone scam caller that had me literally in tears of laughter. Classic Jason and R.L. If you are a fan. This is a must read.

    18. (Dear R.L. ,Please please please Give us a nfh book with a Bradford girl as the heroine If you do write in a Bradford girl as a heroine , for the love of God don't write her as a 5 foot nothing woman . I would really love to see a BRADFORD woman. As in tall with a crazy appetite and insanely fun personality that we see with the Bradford men. Thank you , thank you , a million times thank you )

    19. The 2014 R.L.Mathewson Chronicle Collection by R.LTHEWSONThis collection will reconnect with her wonderful characters from her different series. They will remind you of all the laughter filled moments that you enjoyed while reading. So if you don't have her wonderful series all of them check them out for yourself and ENJOY!!! I recommend them all for they're all GREAT READING!

    20. This was a funny lite book to read. A collection of short snippets into the lives of R.L. Mathewson's beloved characters. Characters she has brought to life for her readers in her quirk, laugh out loud funny and sexy as all blankity blank" books. In some points she inserts herself into these scenes having conversations that only she could have with these lively characters! I love her Chronicles, they are so much fun to read while waiting for her next book!

    21. Really, really enjoyed this window into the daily lives of some of R.L. Mathewson's characters. OK, so I only read the sections dealing with the Neighbors from Hell characters. I've read the Sentinel/Pyte and Black Heart series, but honestly? Those just don't amuse the way the Bradfords do. My favorite will always be Trevor and I loved the glimpses into his life with Zoe and their devious children.

    22. This is a collection of vignettes about characters from all the series that R. L. Mathewson writes. If you haven't read her books, this collection will make no sense at all.Most of the vignettes are about the Neighbor from Hell series characters, but the EMS and Pyte/Sentinel characters also appear.I enjoyed the chapters that had all the characters from all the books talking with each other. It was fun.

    23. You definitely can't read this book if you haven't read Neighbor From Hell series by Mathewson. Because seriously, this book contains short stories after the characters' own happy ever after. We'll see the crazy protective and overjealous Bradford, and of course, their infamous appetite. If you're a fan, you'll love this book.

    24. A collection of shorts from multiple books series of R.L. Mathewson. Even in the shorts, R.L. has us laughing our asses off. LOL I loved that I got to see more into each of the series I have read. Great job!

    25. Keeping up with RLA great collection of short stories from RL's website. Fun filled stories with our favorite family- The Bradfords plus short stories with other characters from her other series. A must read for want Mathewson Fan!

    26. Another fantastic read catching up on all my favorite characters lives with the kiddies and from the other books as well. I shall end it on this note.What the BLEEP is up with Zoe and Trevor's kidsOMG that brood scares the shit out of me especially the twins. 0_o

    27. Too funnyI love The Bradfords. They make me laugh and are just a fun bunch of Bastards. I can't wait to start The Game Plan!

    28. This Chronicle Collection by RL Mathewson was beyond enjoyable and funny. I had fun knowing what was up with all her characters.

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