Rose and Helena Save Christmas

Rose and Helena Save Christmas Rose Gardner and Neely Kate Colson are thrilled with Mason s early present to Rose a trip for the two of them to New Orleans for shopping great food and awesome seats to Wicked Neely Kate plans to u

  • Title: Rose and Helena Save Christmas
  • Author: Denise Grover Swank Jana Deleon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rose Gardner and Neely Kate Colson are thrilled with Mason s early present to Rose a trip for the two of them to New Orleans for shopping, great food, and awesome seats to Wicked Neely Kate plans to use the opportunity to visit a psychic and find out once and for all what her paranormal ability is But when the psychic is murdered, and Neely Kate and Rose were the lastRose Gardner and Neely Kate Colson are thrilled with Mason s early present to Rose a trip for the two of them to New Orleans for shopping, great food, and awesome seats to Wicked Neely Kate plans to use the opportunity to visit a psychic and find out once and for all what her paranormal ability is But when the psychic is murdered, and Neely Kate and Rose were the last people to see her alive, they find themselves the main suspects in a Christmas killing Taylor Beaumont has exhausted all resources in trying to figure out her new ghostly roommate, Helena Seeing a psychic is the last resort Taylor hoped for answers about Helena s worldly existence but, instead, finds herself embroiled on the wrong side of a murder investigation Seeing no other option, Taylor and Helena combine forces with Rose and Neely Kate to clear their names But can they solve the mystery in time to save Christmas

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    1. Rose and Helena Save Christmas was co-written by Denise Grover Swank and Jana DeLeon. The character Rose is from DGS’s series, The Rose Gardner Mysteries and Helena the ghost and her human Taylor Beaumont are from J. DeLeon’s series, Ghost-In-Law. I am forever obsessed with the Rose Gardner series but have never read anything by Jana DeLeon before. If you are up to date with Rose, the end of the last book Mason gave Rose and her best friend Neely Kate an all expense paid trip to New Orleans [...]

    2. 4.5 Hauntingly Hilarious Stars This was such a fun read from start to finish.a seamless blending of writing between two talented authors, Lana DeLeon and Denise Grover Swank, combining the characters of their "Ghost In-Law Mystery" and "Rose Gardner Mystery" series. This was my first exposure to Lana DeLeon, and I can safely say it will not be my last; her characters, Taylor and Helena, were a dynamic duo bringing laughs galore and a unique relationship that was filled with heart and a bit of mi [...]

    3. I just finished Rose and Helena Save Christmas, and the tears are flowing!First of all, this was my first experience with Jana DeLeon, Taylor, and Helena, and it is an experience I intend to repeat. Taylor and Helena had so many moments that made me literally laugh out loud! Helena is the most unconventional ghost I've had the pleasure of reading.On the other end of the spectrum, I've been a diehard Denise Grover Swank fan for quite some time now. I cannot get enough of any and everything she wr [...]

    4. Two popular authors join forces (and characters) in a mystery novella.When Rose and her friend Neely Kate visit Louisiana for a holiday they find themselves suspects in a murder. They join forces with P.I. Taylor and her other-worldly sidekick Helena to solve the crime and hopefully stay out of jail. This is a quick and fun read. Joining characters from different series' might be a hard ask, especially when one of those characters is a ghost but it seems to work here. Not the greatest book ever [...]

    5. What a fun and fantastic gift from these two wonderful writers!!! Rose and Helena are both so much fun and together they tore up the town!!! Thank you so much for a fantastic holiday read!!!!

    6. If someone were to ask what my all time favorite series is, I'd have a hard time picking just one. However the Rose Gardner series is one I'd mention because it is awesome. Rose gets into shenanigans, sometimes through no fault of her own, and has a devil of a time trying to get out if it. There is suspense, drama, action, humor, and love. The characters are great and the writing is superb.I have not read anything by Jana DeLeon except this but that's about to change. The eccentric ghost Helena [...]

    7. I am a huge fan of Denise Grover Swank so when she teamed up with Jana Deleon, it was like Christmas!But wait, its a book about Christmas!I enjoy this novella as it involves my favourite character Rose. Again she gets her self into some trouble with Neely Kate her best friend.It was fun to read other characters from a series I have followed and come together to solve this mystery.It was very well written, kept me thinking and laughing all the way.My only criticism would be I would have loved mor [...]

    8. This was an excellent merging of the series characters and styles of two prolific authors. It reminded me that, once again, I've been neglectful of two series that I started reading many moons ago. I will work on getting back to them this coming new year! A good, easy read with a very good mystery.

    9. Loved it!I'm not sure I could ever read one of Denise Grover Swank's Rose Gardner mysteries without loving it, but throwing in Jana DeLeon's Helena, from the Ghosts in Mudbug series, just put the cherry on the top of the cupcake! Rose & Neely Kate take off for the weekend pre-Christmas trip Mason gave her. They happen to get mixed up in a bit of trouble along with Helena and Taylor. That's when the fun begins! Sit back and enjoy the antics as they try to prove their innocence. This is a Chri [...]

    10. As a Jana DeLeon fan I am pleased at the result of blending the work of two authors smoothly. I love the character of Helena and she gets a good amount of on page time for me. Her wild getups and crazy situations are right on par with Jana's Mudbug series. I've never read a Denise Grover Swank book and find her characters to be quite funny and interesting too. A nice, quick read during the busy season.

    11. Great fun read!I LOVE both of these authors. I have read both of their series and this is an excellent incorporation of the two. This is a fun easy read. Rose and Neely Kate are just as spunky as ever. And Helena has her usual lol moments. If you haven't read one or either of these authors what are you waiting for??

    12. Rose and Helena Save Christmas reviewWhat a treat! Jana DeLeon and Denise Grover Swank have teamed up and written this Christmas novella featuring Helena and Taylor from the Ghost-in-law series plus Rose and Neely Kate from the Rose Gardner series. It's a short murder mystery that takes place in New Orleans.

    13. Well what could be better than two of my most favourite authors coming together and making a novella christmas mayhem! Rose and Neeley Kate travelling to new Orleans for a girlie weekend making acquaintances with Taylor and Helena the ghost. They all get mixed up in murder and only they can save the day. A lovely little story breaking up the wait until the next one in the series for both authors.

    14. OMG!This book was fabulous! However I don't now if the world is able to handle Rose, Neely Kate AND ghost humor all at one time. I laughed til I piddled myself! Denise strikes again with another best seller!!!!

    15. Absolutely fabulous!!Absolutely fabulous !!! I will never look at tinsel and bells the same way ever again. This book was far from being Crappy Doodles. Long live Rose and may Helena haunt forever!!!

    16. I am a huge fan of the Rose Gardner series but this is my first time reading anything from the Ghost-in-Law series. This novella was a quick and entertaining read. Initially, it was difficult for me to get into the book since it was written in 3rd person (I am used to 1st person from Rose's POV) and involved characters from a whole different series/author. I did think that both authors managed to smoothly blend both of their stories in this book and it was easy to forget that the authors of two [...]

    17. A good lead in.I'm not sure about the Rose character, could be a new series to look into. Seeing Helena and Taylor working together however is wonderful. I was worried taking the ghost out of Mudbug would end the series but it looks more like a new beginning with a brand new cast.

    18. Just wanted to say that I can only hope I have as much fun in my eternal afterlife that Helena Henry has in hers! Thank you Denise Grover Swank for introducing me to the fabulous Helena and thank you Jana for sharing Helena with the world! Neely Kate and Helena are definitely two peas in a far out pod! Literally laughing out loud(with the occasional snort!)

    19. I really didn't get on well with this book. I found Taylor and Helena to be very one-dimensional characters, and I didn't really enjoy the writing style. I normally love Denise Grover Swank, but this didn't feel like one of her instalments at all. The story wasn't all that gripping either, but at least it's only a novella so was over quickly.

    20. Good Cross Over BookI hope this is a spin off, I hate to see the end of Helena. But it does introduce the fans of the Ghost-in-law series to a new author and two new to me wonderful characters, Rose and Neely Kate. A good mystery, lots of laughs, and a surprise ending. Woot!

    21. Loving HelenaThank you soo much for another book with Helena in it . Loved the other characters as well. Hope there are more books ahead with all the same characters or different variations.

    22. A little paranormal holiday fun in New Orleans. I listened to this in October, but I had already seen ornaments displayed in Walmart so I thought it would be okay.

    23. This was another short story mostly of Rose and Nelly Kate away on a trip. An early Christmas gift from Mason. Of course there's a mystery to this story too. Nelly Kate wants to go see a psychic to see if her pregnancy and baby are going to turn out ok, sense her Grandmother sad something is going to happen to the baby. Well while their at the psychics getting her reading the psychic gets freaked out and doesn't finish Nelly Kate's reading. She quickly kicks them out while Nelly Kate's screaming [...]

    24. Rose and Helena Save Christmas — Denise Grover Swank and Jana DeLeon (18 chapters) (Dec. 21-22, 2016)Note: Authors have stated that this is a stand-alone story, and that neither series needs to be read to enjoy it.What could be finer than reading a holiday story combining two of my favorite book series? I have read the Mudbug series through book three, and Rose Gardner series through book six. And while this story does not need any knowledge of the other books, it certainly helps to have the b [...]

    25. This is the third novella written to accompany the Rose Gardner Mysteries. It was written by both Denise Grover Swank and Jana Deleon. I’ve ready almost everything by Denise Grover Swank but this was the first bit I’ve seen of Jana Deleon, but I was inspired to download the first book of her series that accompanies this book – “Trouble in Mudbug”. It was really well written by both authors – it was a little different from the normal Rose Gardner chapters because it was written in th [...]

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