One thought on “Stolen Identity”

  1. "Michael grew up with an abusive father and 'for as long as he could remember, the most prevalent thing on Michael's mind had been escape.' Finally, he does escape-- to Utah, where he finds friendship, purpose, love-- and most of all, himself. But someone wants to take it all away from him-- what can he do? This is an excellent book with well-drawn, very human, characters. Fabulous!" (My review from 1/8/2005).

  2. I really enjoyed this book. It's about Michael and his sister who have been abused by their father for many years. Michael finally runs away when he turns 18 and ends up joining the church and going on a mission. He also finds a job in a halfway house for the mentally ill. I thought the title was a little misleading, because the book wasn't about someone having their credit cards stolen. I thought it was pretty true-to-life. Some parts were really funny; others, heartbreaking.

  3. The family listened to this on tape while traveling and enjoyed it. This is LDS fiction so it is clean but still has a good plot line. It takes place in Silicon Valley so we enjoyed the references to local places. Don't read the back cover because it really doesn't apply to the majority of the book.

  4. This was an enjoyable story. The look into mental illness wasn't deep, but it was still interesting and saddening at the same time.I liked the characters, and how the religious aspects of the story were natural and not in your face.

  5. I liked this book. When I picked it up, though I was expecting a bit more of a thriller or mystery. The cover and title are very deceiving. It was a good story, but untill the last 50 pages or so, had nothing to do with stolen identities. Not much of a thriller, just a good story.

  6. I loved the human aspects that this book brings to characters who have a mental illness. This book brings a real look into their lives while enjoying a good read.

  7. This book was a refreshing LDS novel with a unique story line. It wasn't ultra-predictable or exhausting like other LDS books I've read lately. I liked this book.

  8. The first page gives the idea this book is going to be a mystery or thriller or something but then most of the story is the coming-of-age and conversion story for a young man who grew up in an abusive home in Las Vegas and escaped his past by traveling to Utah looking for more information on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Secondary to his story is the story of his love interest who grew up affluent and is slowly growing out of her spoiled sense of entitlement and self-absorptio [...]

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