Addiction Despite denying their love for years in the end no distraction could keep best friends Tristan and Elle apart Passion and heat explode as the two finally discover what they ve been missing needing

  • Title: Addiction
  • Author: AngelaMcPherson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Despite denying their love for years, in the end no distraction could keep best friends Tristan and Elle apart Passion and heat explode as the two finally discover what they ve been missing, needing, wanting for so long When Tristan and Elle return home for Christmas break, the two are gifted with a few unexpected surprises Heather, Elle s sister, has come home and evenDespite denying their love for years, in the end no distraction could keep best friends Tristan and Elle apart Passion and heat explode as the two finally discover what they ve been missing, needing, wanting for so long When Tristan and Elle return home for Christmas break, the two are gifted with a few unexpected surprises Heather, Elle s sister, has come home and even better, she s now clean and sober During this time, Tristan and his dad manage to work through their strained relationship, finding compromise and understanding For the couple, everything is coming together until circumstances change, threatening their newfound happiness Love is an addiction both craved, but when devastating secrets are revealed, Elle pushes Tristan away He won t let go She can t hold on Is their love strong enough to keep them together Falling in love was never an issue, but for Tristan and Elle, falling apart may be Book 2 of the Distraction is a new adult college romance short novel.

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    1. Wooohooh!ADDICTION has the heat factor, the unpredictable story line, and the heart-attack-inducing book boyfriend all in one. And being that I write books myself, I’m so relieved whenever I hit one that’s got GREAT writing and tight editing too. Throughout this read, I hit the full spectrum of emotions. I laughed at Tristan’s sexy antics. I was upset, touched, sad, and then really freaking happy!I’m one of the few who haven’t read Distraction, book 1, but Angela McPherson did an excel [...]

    2. A big thank you to the author for providing an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review! This does not affect my opinion of this book or the content of my reviewWARNING: If you have NOT read book one Distraction, there are minor, unavoidable spoilers in this review.Me Throughout This Book:Addiction picks up just hours after the end of Distraction. Tristan and Elle are on their way home for Christmas dinner and everything is perfect in the world. Or so they think. Heather, Elle [...]

    3. Addiction was an amazing sequel to Distraction. Talk about this book having a major shocker. I think I pretty much cried through most of the book. I honestly didn't see that coming at all. I loved how Angela used three different POVs with this story. It was nice to be on the inside and understand what is really going on with them. How they are truly feeling. Why they do what they do. What I loved about Addiction was how raw and real it felt. I was able to feel everything the characters felt, esp [...]

    4. Addiction was the second in the distraction series and usually from a second they tend to disappoint me but I have to say this didn't, it still had the chemistry the feistiness and the love and list throughout same as the first and it kept me reading. I'm glad to see the characters personalities never changed. Alyssa was still the snappy attitude filled fun troubled self but in this book we saw her softer side and we saw her being supportive of Elle when she needed it most. It was also nice to s [...]

    5. In Distraction we met Elle, the sweet girl who plays the mother role in her broken up family. Her best-friend Tristan happens to be the star wide-receiver at his college and the boy she loves but has never had the courage to tell him her true feelings.When Tristan ends up switching to Elle's school he brings along a fiancé and reconnects with his best-friend,but in the process he also opens doors to his feelings that he can no longer run away from.Distraction has boatloads of sexual tension and [...]

    6. So you really have to read the first book, Distraction, if you want to fully enjoy this book. If you don't, you won't know the backgrounds of the characters and etc. I won't spoil anything though, so no worries. =)I loved this book! I mean, I loved Distraction as well, but I'm soo glad that this book did not disappoint.There was life in this book! Sometimes there are stories that are spanned into several books and is unnecessary, but McPherson has done it once again! She was able to make the sto [...]

    7. OMG! Angela McPherson blew my mind with this book. If you read Distraction YOU HAVE TO READ ADDICTION! I loved Distraction but I'm obsessed with Addiction. This author did an incredible job depicting such a horrific and completely devastating topic with such attention and care. Even though she ripped my heart out, I understand why she did it and commend her for taking on such a delicate subject. I fell more in love with Tristan and Elle and can not wait for the next book. She has quickly become [...]

    8. Addiction is the story of Elle's and Tristan's love. Tristan's love for Elle is unconditional, but a secret he kept from her about her sister Heather may tear them apart. Addiction will make you cry. It is filled with pain, heartache, and loss. Elle must overcome her feelings of betrayal and guilt before she can pursue her relationship with Tristan, and Tristan is determined to let Elle know he will be there when she is ready. A great read! I am eager to find out what happens between Elle and Tr [...]

    9. WHY - Why did you write a book I love too much and then send me into the world crying my brains out! Seriously - this book needs to come with a warning - DO NOT READ WITHOUT TISSUES OR IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE (LIKE AT THE DENTIST OFFICE) LOVE LOVE LOVE this one too!

    10. ADDICTION BY: ANGELA MCPHERSON ★★★★★5-HEART BREAKING STARS★★★★★ *COPY PROVIDED BY AUTHOR IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW* This is a continuation to Distraction. Elle and Tristan's chaotic life continues, you are in for more than what you think heartbreak could be. Elle goes through what she went through put them in such a hard predicament. Their story in this book just broke my heart completely. Angela broke my heart into million pieces. There were a lot of times that I just [...]

    11. *A copy given by author, in return for an honest review.*☆☆☆☆☆ 5 Sexy Tristan Stars ☆☆☆☆☆Addiction is a continuation story about best friends turn lovers Ellen and Tristan’s story. This book is full of sweet, sweet love between the two characters. It is also full of emotional drama with not only Elle and Tristan, but with Elle’s family.The beginning of the book was all about the lovers sexy time together, Elle and Tristan could not get enough of each other. The love they [...]

    12. I was over the top to finally get to dive more into this series. This author had the ability to keep you the reader tied by your heartstrings to these two characters-Tristan and Elle. They are headed home for the holidays and looking forward to being with other too. Right away this author had you glued again because as soon as Elle she gets a call from her sister. She is also coming home for and Heather is wanting to try her hand at actually living. I would say even that their holidays will be j [...]

    13. Excuse me while I DRY MY TEARS! Ugh. Angela. You know how to break my heart better than any other author out there. Yet you do it so well, that I can't get enough at the same time! Addiction was everything I thought it would be and more. Getting back with Tristan and Elle and the journey that is their romance was like finding my breath again. I missed these two, regardless of the fact that they frustrate me more than any couple I've ever read about. But when they are on, they are on SO fiercely [...]

    14. Okay… I need to say that i read this book in one setting. Since I absolutely loved Angela McPherson’s first book, Distraction, I was super excited to find out what happened next for Elle and Tristan. I love those two characters SO MUCH, and I wanted to see them being happy together, finally. Right, like it would be so easy. I don’t think so.I have to say, Addiction was a roller coaster of crazy emotions, and I might have shed a few tears at some point. Some scenes were so incredibly heartb [...]

    15. I received a copy of the ePub from the group Read It & Reap Group in exchange for an honest review.Addiction is the second book in Angela McPherson’s Distraction series. Addiction can be read as a stand-alone. Three distinct and insightful characters--Elle, Tristan and Heather, narrate this page-turner. Their individual points of view give insight into their feelings, lives and hidden secrets. Elle and her sister are reunited as Heather returns home from rehab. Elle is forever hopeful tha [...]

    16. *I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*I received the offer to review this book and it sounded interesting so I went to to get the first book Distraction and I read that first.Addiction starts off where Distraction ended and from the moment I began to read I was hooked in again as I was with the first book. This book does not have a dull moment. The author manages to keep the heat turned up and shows the passion and pain throughout the book in respect to the rela [...]

    17. This was an excellent continuation to Tristan and Elle's story. I had to read this book in parts, as some moments were too intense to digest at firstme angry, some deeply sad. And here I thought Distraction was an emotional roller-coaster - this was even more intense. The story was by no means predictable and at at one time, I even doubted that things would end up HEA. Mc.Pherson was able to put the reader right in the midst of the couple's relationship. A beautiful well-rounded story, family an [...]

    18. OK this is the second in the distraction series, I had the privilege of reading an ARC for a honest review for the first one and loved it so well I had to read the next one. here we are right where we ended in book one. Tristan and Elle have decided to give their relationship a go, and boy the sexual chemistry is hot. They are going home for the holidays and Tristan is going to tell his parents that they are a couple. Heather Elles drug addiction, now clean with rehab is coming home all seems pe [...]

    19. Make sure you have plenty of tissues because Addiction will bring you to your knees, and just when you recover, it will slam you with even more feelings. So many feelings! Tristan shows you the definition of unconditional love. He also shows that keeping secrets, even with good intentions, will only end badly. Elle, through all the devastation thrust on her, proves she is a strong woman who finally understands who she is and what she wants. Ultimately, Tristan and Elle are relatable characters w [...]

    20. I was given this book to write an honest review. I loved the first book Tristan and Elle's story took me on a journey, I can honestly say this book was just as good and even more heartbreaking. Addiction is a truly great book. I found it gripping throughout.I loved how Elle and Tristan progress in this book until tragedy strikes and they lose each other, so sad!!! will they get back to where they were? I fell in love just a little more in this book with Tristan everyone nees him in their life.Th [...]

    21. The author mailed me the ebook version in exchange for an honest review4.5 starsIt was a good continuation to the first book. I loved reading about Tristan and Elle being together, how happy they were, but I had a feeling that this was not going to end well. And my fears after reading the first book came true in this one. I was so pissed off with both Heather (for being so selfish) and Elle (for being both selfish and immature).Still I liked the first book a little bit more, but I really like th [...]

    22. I feel like I just stepped off the mother of emotional roller coasters after finishing this story. I cried. I laughed. I now crave bacon cheese fries and pecan pie. Tissues are a must and so are extra pairs of clean panties, because the heat is through the roof. Angela has a gift for writing characters you want to slap, but still make you love them. This story was no exception. I look forward to Tristan and Elle's next book.

    23. What an amazing, utterly emotional continuation to Tristan and Elle's story. It's possible this one was better than the first bookbut I LOVED Distraction so might be a tie!Angela has done it againwith her amazing word flow and deeper insight to her characters and allowing us to get to know other characters more. was a non-stop read once I picked it up.If you've read Distraction, this is your next reading stop so go get it! You won't be disappointed!

    24. AmazingWow, I couldn't put it down once I started. I love Tristan and Elle. This story is incredible and heart warming. The things Elle went through and Tristan was always there for her. I wanted to scream at Elle sometimes throughout this book. I can't wait to find out where they go from here.

    25. Angela, Angela, Angela You've done it again! I am truly so in love with Tristan and Elle that my heart aches for them. Their story is so tragic, but so beautiful at the same time. There is always some sort of obstacle in their way, but their love always shines through! I cannot wait for the rest of their story to see if they get their happy ending

    26. 3.7 stars. Recieved as an arc from the author. I read Distraction, so i definitly wanted to rread Addiction. It was very emotional. Not giving anything away, I'll just say Tristan and Elle evolved more in this book. I liked this one better than the first. This one had me more emotional and invested in Elle and Tristan.

    27. Couldn't put it down! Finished it in one go, after going through a whole range of emotions, happiness, shock, sadness and frustration when the end comes it leaves you both satisfied and eager for the next instalment! Very well written too.

    28. About a girl named Elle. Her sister Hearher is an using hard core drugs. Her parents are broken up and divorced. Her boyfriend is trying to be there for her. Will she be able to hold it all together. Or will she shatter too.

    29. TRISTAN BABY, what a guy, and ElleI wanted to smack her DRAMA (I hate that overused word) right out of her! Lucky for her Tristan was such a devoted, awesome individual who appearantly loved her more than anything. Again, this one was worth my time as well!

    30. Laughter and tearsHave your box of tissues ready. Roller coaster ride of emotions--laughter, anger, and tears. Loved this book and can't wait for the next

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