The Fairy Swarm

The Fairy Swarm Ten year olds Ben Silverstein and Pearl Petal have had quite a busy summer as apprentices of Dr Woo veterinarian for imaginary creatures Together they ve encountered all sorts of magical beasts a sa

  • Title: The Fairy Swarm
  • Author: Suzanne Selfors Dan Santat
  • ISBN: 9780316286930
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ten year olds Ben Silverstein and Pearl Petal have had quite a busy summer as apprentices of Dr Woo, veterinarian for imaginary creatures Together, they ve encountered all sorts of magical beasts a sasquatch, a lake monster, a dragon, a unicorn, a griffin, and even a leprechaun When a swarm of sugar fairies escapes into Buttonville, Pearl and Ben are tasked with catchinTen year olds Ben Silverstein and Pearl Petal have had quite a busy summer as apprentices of Dr Woo, veterinarian for imaginary creatures Together, they ve encountered all sorts of magical beasts a sasquatch, a lake monster, a dragon, a unicorn, a griffin, and even a leprechaun When a swarm of sugar fairies escapes into Buttonville, Pearl and Ben are tasked with catching the mischievous creatures But with know it all Victoria getting in the way, the quest will prove difficult Can Ben and Pearl protect the townspeople, keep the fairies safe, and outsmart the dangerous poacher, Maximus Steele In this thrilling finale to the Imaginary Veterinary series, Suzanne Selfors delivers an incredible adventure, filled with twists, turns, and tons of fun that is anything but imaginary This book includes bonus writing, art, and science activities that will help readers discover about the mythological creatures featured in The Fairy Swarm These activities are designed for the home and the classroom Enjoy doing them on your own or with friends

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    1. The book that I recently finished is called The Fairy Swarm. I thought that this book was action-packed, very detailed, and and a great ending to the Imaginary Veterinary series. The genre that this book is an action/fantasy book. This book made me feel tense, happy at some points, and angry at others. The main characters in this series are Pearl Petal and Ben Silverstein. The setting is in a town called Buttonville. The theme is to do anything it takes to keep a promise. This book is about Dr. [...]

    2. I highly anticipated the publication of this book and all my hopes for it were fulfilled! I have thoroughly enjoyed the Imaginary Veterinary series, and as the series concluded, I felt like I was losing good friends. I am not always a fantasy reader, but this series reeled me in from the beginning. A must read!

    3. The Imaginary Veterinary series comes to and end with some wiggle room for a possible return in the future. Maximus Steele must be stopped before he steals the fairy dust that will allow him to travel between worlds to sell the imaginary creatures to the highest bidder.

    4. The Fairy Swarm is the sixth and (it appears) final book in the excellent "Imaginary Veterinary" series. I really hope it isn't the last of these characters because I have adored every book in this series, and more importantly, my kids love them too.In this installment, a swarm of fairies escape the imaginary world and cause lots of trouble in the known world, specifically the town of Buttonville. Ben and Pearl, as assistants to the only Imaginary Veterinarian around, must help capture the fairi [...]

    5. 224 pages. Great ending to a wonderful series. All the answers to questions in the earlier books a reader may have had will be answered or revealed. Pearl and Ben play an integral part in helping Dr. Woo and her imaginary creatures battle against Maximus Steele. They have to be smart, brave and find unusual solutions as they try to capture the swarm of fairies. The Sasquatch plays a bigger role this time, which made me so happy. Mr. Tabby is always handy to lend a hand and continues to avoid all [...]

    6. A very satisfying end to a very fun series. I loved the two main characters, Ben Silverstein and Pearl Petal and enjoyed the development of their yin and yang relationship. What a great duo they made. Ben's cautiousness started to rub off on Pearl and allowed her to sometimes (but not always) think before she rushed into something without a single worry about the consequences. In turn, Pearl's fearlessness began rubbing off on Ben and he began to take risks on things that he never would have bef [...]

    7. This final book in the series brings things to a nice conclusion. This story was told from Pearl's perspective, and some definite growth is evident both through the book and the series. The sugar fairies are consistent and, like my daughter, overwhelmed by sweets. The major villain out thought Doctor Woo but was in turn outfoxed by the kids - though his exit was a little silly.Read aloud with my middle school daughter, this book is perhaps a better fit for late elementary school kids. We both en [...]

    8. The man that has been poaching animals in the imaginary world is trying to capture fairy dust to travel back to the real world. The fairies escape into the real world and the characters have to find a way to capture him when he comes back. This is a book series that I read to my son as his bedtime story. Throughout this whole series I would continue reading and finish the book the date we started. Even though this is written for young children the story is very good. I hate that this is the last [...]

    9. So this is the last book in the Imaginary Veterinary series.what a bummer. I will say that Selfors left it open for it continue, but according to her she has a closed the chapter on this series for now. This one is told from Pearl's perspective a bit more, which was nice. I'm not crazy about how it all wrapped up as we don't know if Ben decides to stay in Buttonville with his grandfather (not that he was thinking about it), we don't know if Pearl ever becomes friends with Victoria. We just learn [...]

    10. The books just keep getting better and better. I just love watching Ben and Pearl grow during their adventures. These books are so full of imagination! I love the adventures that await us in the imaginary world. I love it even more when the imaginary world clashes with the real worlde adventures happen! These books bring me and my boys together every night to snuggle and enter the town of Buttonville with Ben and Pearlch a gift! There is mystery, suspense and fun within the pages and we can't wa [...]

    11. The last in the series. I will miss this series. It was a go to book of mine for those lazy days of summer. I think it is my fav although it is hard to beat a Sasquatch on the loose. LolThank you Ms. Selfors for entertaining me for years with Pearl and Ben's adventures in a small town. A town much like the one I grew up in. Pearl and Ben will be missed until those moments I can sit down for a reread. Cheers.

    12. The kids and I LOVED reading this series together. So many great things about it -- imaginary creatures, friendship between Pearl and Ben, different words, fun illustrations, and creature/science connections at the end of the book. We were sad to come to the end of the book and discover it is the last one in the series, at least for the time being. We hope someday the author will write another as she left it open as a possibility.

    13. This is the last book in this series. It wraps up most things neatly, but there is enough wiggle room that if Ms. Selfors decides in the future to revisit Ben and Pearl's world, there are some ideas to pursue. And if she doesn't, the reader's imagination can come up with some great what if's. My only disappointment was that the way Pearl treated Victoria wasn't resolved. An apology would have been the high road, even though Victoria is extremely annoying.

    14. I read this entire series with my youngest, who is now 8, probably 7 when we started it. This is the last book in the series and I declared last night that this has been my favorite children's series in my 14+ years of reading with my children. I really enjoyed the characters and of course, the fantasy. The author includes excellent activities at the end of each book as well. Highly recommended!

    15. Daughter was extremely upset at the end of the book because the series was over. We both grew extremely attached to Ben and Pearl (and the sasquatch). Evidence of a great series - it was REALLY fun to read out loud.

    16. My kids have been waiting anxiously for this last installment in one of their favorite series. And it did not disappoint! We have our fingers crossed that she isn't really done writing about the Imaginary World :)

    17. A cute book that ends the series. I like how it wraps everything up and the article in the back of the book was funny.

    18. My son and I so looked forward to our evening adventures with Ben and Pearl that coming to the end of the series was very bittersweet. Keep Selfors on your kid lit radar, she's a fabulous writer.

    19. We love these and were all so sad to discover this will be the last in the series. Henry immediately sat down to write another himself.

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