The Underwater Fancy-Dress Parade

The Underwater Fancy Dress Parade The day before the underwater fancy dress parade Alfie got that feeling Sometimes it s hard to be brave Sometimes you get that feeling Sometimes you re just not ready until one day you are From a d

  • Title: The Underwater Fancy-Dress Parade
  • Author: Davina Bell Allison Colpoys
  • ISBN: 9781925106206
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The day before the underwater fancy dress parade, Alfie got that feeling Sometimes it s hard to be brave Sometimes you get that feeling Sometimes you re just not ready until, one day, you are.From a dynamic new picture book partnership comes the story of Alfie and a big octopus wearing a tiny hat and the things you can only whisper to the cowboys on your wallpaper.

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    3. Normally with picture books, it's the illustrations that really draw me in. I, naturally, always love a good story, but usually it's the wanna-be-illustrator in me that's picking up the book in the first place. This is one instance where, despite enjoying the illustrations, it was actually the story itself that I found myself loving. The central character of The Underwater Fancy-Dress Parade, Alfie, is a young boy with a rather nervous disposition. He's all set to play Captain Starfish in the sc [...]

    4. Намирам темата за важна за децата. Затова три звездички. Илюстрациите, not my cup of tea, но това е по-скоро въпрос на вкус. Щях да се зарадвам, ако в историята имаше малко повече живинка, нещичко опърничаво-весело, и малко по-вихрено въображение, защото така интровертността и боязън [...]

    5. Anxiety and overwhelming emotional states are parts of children’s development. The purpose is not to eliminate these feelings from our children’s lives but to help them manage their fears and raise their confidence. There is always doubt when children deal with the unfamiliar or with the unknown but as parents we should have the capacity to make them trust their abilities and integrity.Davina Bell does a great job. She manages to detail a little boy’s fears before a parade but she doesn’ [...]

    6. I bought this for my son without having a good read of it based on the beautiful, beautiful illustrations and his love of sea creatures but this is quite a special story. I like this because it doesn't have a happy ending, it doesn't pretend everything is going to be alright. The little boy in this story is painfully shy. Instead of a happy happy ending where our protagonist suddenly overcomes his shyness and wins the most outgoing child award, the little boy remains shy - but his parents love a [...]

    7. *I received an advance copy of this book via First Reads.*I get the worthwhile message that this book is trying to convey - feeling shy is normal and ok. And it is a useful tool for discussing that theme while reading. But I don't think the story needed to be quite so melancholic to get that message across. I would have liked to have been left feeling hopeful and positive for the main character by the end of it, but I definitely didn't feel like the ending was a happy one. I don't think my almo [...]

    8. The illustrations and colours used in this children's book are unique and delightful.However, I did not like the story. It seems like this child is suffering from either anxiety or depression, and it left me with a hollow feeling in my stomach.Perhaps if the book had ended on a more positive note, with encouraging words about overcoming his fears, I might have liked it better.This book may be very relevant to some children, but not to mine and I do not want to encourage her to hide under her bla [...]

    9. I love the quality of this book - even the end pages are special and Allison Colpoys illustrations are just delightful.Having said that I'm not too sure about the message the story conveys. Alfie'slack of confidence and timidity are somewhat disturbing. We do not know the reason for his low self esteem, but his parents don't seem to be too concerned.Perhaps this book could be a wonderful way of assisting children who have similar problems to Alfie and can identify with him. The book could be use [...]

    10. I received this book for free through FirstRead What an absolute delight. The book is of fantastic solid quality with beautiful silver foil highlights and gentle pastel colours. The book continues the theme of pastel colours and keeps it simple, telling the story in words and pictures. It is a wonderful story that helps children deal with not always being comfortable in public or social situations. Perfect for kids afraid of the above who need a little encouragement and also a reminder it's OK [...]

    11. I received this book for free through First Reads.A good book for any nervous or shy children. Letting them know they are not the only one, and it is ok to feel that way. It helps open up the topic for discussion with your children, about their own feelings. It has a sort of open ending so you can discuss if you think he will get over his nerves and go next year. Also other possible solutions he could try like arriving at a party with a friend, or even wearing matching costumes etc. The interes [...]

    12. A gentle book about a boy with social anxiety who hides from parties and parades. The book's strength (though some would argue, its weakness) lies in its acceptance of the child's feelings. Unlike most fiction, the story doesn't force Alfie to confront his fears or offer any quick fixes. It allows him time to imagine how best he might (one day) overcome his fears. A good jumping off point for discussing shyness and anxiety with children.

    13. Davina Bell's The Underwater Fancy-Dress Parade was so good that I've put my name on it for my March Book of the Month at work, and consequently, will follow Allison Colpoys because of her illustrations and the desire for her to illustrate my picture book(s) if I ever do get one published. I just love this picture book, the colours used and the technique shown.

    14. What a wonderful story about slowly dealing with anxiety. I find it so sad that we have so much anxiety in young children these days. Is it because we are so quick to label feelings of nervousness or uncertainty with anxiety, that is then taken on by the children as a label; "I have anxiety"? Just a thoughtfeel free to comment. I'd love to know other people's thoughts.

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