Punisher Noir

Punisher Noir Collects Punisher Noir It s the Roaring Twenties and mobster Dutch Schultz s iron fisted reign is about to meet its greatest challenge in the form of a man sporting a familiar skull symbol and a g

  • Title: Punisher Noir
  • Author: Frank Tieri Paul Azaceta
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Collects Punisher Noir 1 4 It s the Roaring Twenties and mobster Dutch Schultz s iron fisted reign is about to meet its greatest challenge in the form of a man sporting a familiar skull symbol and a gun in his hand Because once the Punisher hits the scene, the mean streets are about to get a whole lot meaner.

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    1. Ah wanted to like this but could have been a lot better with the whole vibe and setting. It was just ok. Won't hurt if you don't read it.Nice artwork, and ok/meh story other than that, too predictable and nothing special.

    2. Pretty damn good. This takes the Punisher and sets him firmly in gangsterland of the 1930s, and it works even better than you'd expect. The only minor complaint I had is maybe a little too much tried to be forced in, as you had versions of The Russian, Barracude, Jigsaw, and Detective Soap all the in story. That being said, they were still cool characters and it mostly worked. There was also a major twist that I didn't see coming that provided a pretty shocking moment. The art is great as well a [...]

    3. New York, 1920s, an a WW1 vet Frank Castelione Snr runs a grocery store with his young son Frank Jnr while meting out justice in the night time against the mobsters that threaten to overrun the city. Unfortunately after an encounter with two vicious assassins, Barracuda and Jigsaw, Frank Jnr is killed. Years later mobsters are being taken out by a masked vigilante. But will the Punisher find vengeance on his father’s killers and become the hero for the innocent his father wanted to be?Like DC [...]

    4. NICE! Solid story, and i like the twist they put on Punisher as a character. Also with the mysterious woman. Not going to liei was concerned where the story was going in issue 4 at the zoo, it got strange lol. Made up for it with how beasty the fight was.No pun intended. 4 stars!

    5. I love Punisher. I love noir. That's why I'm disappointed in this series and the ratings. The back story was weak. His father teaches him to be a gun toting vigilante? Like Dexter?? But he's upset the kid joins a group of juvenile delinquent street kids??? Blahh. There's some confusing artwork of young Frank that is equally distorted and confusing. He looks like a demented old man puppet in a few cells. Other than a couple cool shots of The Russian and Jigsaw, it's a total buzz kill.

    6. Solid story, good well-coloured art. The story played out in a way that completely fit my impressions of the 20's and 30's, and made me believe this is how punished would've emerged and behaved in those times.Once in a while the dialog sounded a little Bugs Bunny tho.

    7. Even if Punisher Noir didn't reaches the highs of some others Noir takes on "calssic" characters, it still good, especially in view of Punisher fan. I actually is quite good story, nothing suprising, but quality work. I really enjoy Paul Azaceta's art an Filardi's colours, it all suits the Noir styling very well.

    8. Una interesante versión de Frank Castle, en los años veinte luchando contra gangsters en tiempos de la prohibición. Villanos clásicos como Barracuda y Jigsaw hacen su aparición. Lo único que no me gustó fue el final que me pareció poco elaborado, tal vez por falta de páginas, y eso lo hizo muy poco plausible, incluso en el mundo de Punisher.

    9. It was good but surely could've been way much better.Doesn't really fit in the noir genre.It was just like a video game where you have to cross three mini villains to get to the main villian.The exception was the main boss really sucked and the last twist really didn't help either.

    10. I like the artwork but the emergence of the punisher and how he becomes the character borders on disbelief. Still a fun read.

    11. Leans too heavily on the Ennis run with out adding much. I would love to see Frank in WW2 which is what the end leads it to.

    12. This was indeed a very good treatment for the Punisher character. Marvel has this new (well, new to me) series of alternate settings for their Marvel characters in a noir era, the 1920s to 1930s or so. This Punisher volume is my first foray into it, and it was very good. The Punisher is just made for a time when mobsters ruled the land. After all, Frank Castle's quest is his war against organized crime, and this era was sort of a Golden Age for the mob. The dark gritty art complements the story [...]

    13. Neil Gaiman put forth an interesting spin on the Marvel Universe in Marvel: 1602; the heroes and Marvel mythology that we've grown with since the early 60s was adapted to tell a story set in the early 17th century. I have no idea where he came up with the idea – which is pretty much true of everything of his that I've ever read – but it played out fantastically.With the Noir series, at least those which I have read to date, Marvel had managed to perform another successful time-shift; take mo [...]

    14. Really surprised how much I liked this. After only kind of liking Spiderman Noir and not really liking Luke Cage Noir at all, I went in with low expectations. Add to that I'm not a huge fan of Frank Castle I really didn't think this would be very good at all. Although it definitely borrows some ideas from the origin story of Punisher, what's here is a bit different. Frank Castelione is a WWI vet who returns home, only wanting to run his corner grocery store and enjoy life with his wife and his s [...]

    15. The Punisher is one of my favorite characters and my favorite Marvel character. I was looking forward to reading the Punisher Noir, in other words.Before I got Punisher Noir, I found Luke Cage Noir for cheap and so I read it first and really liked it. This made me even more excited about the Punisher's Noir story. Perhaps with two paragraphs devoted to my building excitement, you can guess that I was let down.Now, each Noir story (that I know of) consists of four issues, which is not a lot of ti [...]

    16. WWI vet Frank Castelione lost his wife to cancer, has a son who’s fallen in with hoodlums, and owns a store mobster Dutch Schultz wants to “protect.” This is the setup for Punisher Noir, a four-issue series alternating between 1918, 1928 and 1935. At the center of it is a skull-masked vigilante who’s declared war on Schultz.It’s easy to take The Punisher model and plug him into different settings (the Wild West, for example) and he’s a natural fit for Marvel’s Noir imprint – so m [...]

    17. this graphic novel is about frank castels jr as he takes on the role of the punisher to get revenge on his WWI veteran fathers murderers. it all happened in 1928 new york, the father and son were in the deli as two gangsters came in to terrorize the deli and steal its money. the father went against them and beat them up and made them get out. frank sr. was a big problem for the gangsters, not giving them money, and killing their men, so they sent out three of the best hit men after him. the hit [...]

    18. Потрясающая интерпретация истории карателя, такая, одновременно похожая и не похожая на оригинал, наполненная огромным количеством событий, отличными персонажами, неплохими диалогами, удивительными сюжетными поворотами и просто идеальным финалом. И поэтому втройне оби [...]

    19. I've never been a Punisher fan, but I love noir so I thought I'd give this a shot. It starts off using the historical setting (World War I) well, but also has a few too many cliches or shallow interactions, especially with the gang of kids. Eventually, the book shifts from an origin story to a revenge story with fairly graphic violence. This is where my attention really started to drift and probably proves that I'm not a fan of this character/type of story. The art was excellent throughout and a [...]

    20. What is interesting about Punisher Noir is that retells and complicates a Punisher origin story, but essentially, this is the Marvel Noir with the least change the character concept. You have the mob, you have violence, and you have a dead wife--you have Frank Castle Sr. and Jr. The art is lush, and the inter-war setting is really good for the atmospheric. The twists are interesting but not cheap or entirely obvious. A solid effort if not particularly original--it makes up for that in style and [...]

    21. Another installment in Marvel’s Noir books pits the Punisher against his greatest foes. Frank Castle is perfectly suited for this kind of reimagining and Frank Tieri does a decent job with it. The series actually starts very well but nose dives into insanity in the final act. Artist, Paul Azaceta does a really good job with this era however the coloring is very odd at times. Overall, a pretty good book that finishes poorly.

    22. I am too impatient for weekly comics, so when I find a stand alone story I jump at the chance to read it. I have always wanted to get into the Punisher story, but there are so many, how do you choose?Easy, pick up Noir. It is a great Origin and vendetta rolled into one. The art is perfect for the dark subject matter and the pacing keeps you interested while still building this character's world.

    23. The Punisher's origin re-imagined as a gripping crime drama from the 1940s -- except with much more fisticuffs, torture, cross-dressing, and explicit gore. But the snappy dialogue and deadpan narration remain intact, as well as the moral center we came to expect in flicks like Angels with Dirty Faces. Very fun read

    24. Making full use of the 20s/30s noir era, this is one Marvel character that truly feels at home amongst the mob, Capone et al.Featuring nice twists on recognisable characters, dark but colourful art, nice action scenes and the level of violence you'd expect, this is a great Punisher novel that features great twists on the origin story and a suitably resonant/humorous final panel.Recommended!

    25. I was expecting this to be more about prohibition, but I did like the revenge aspect. I did not foresee Frank Jr. being the Punisher at all, but it was a welcome change. The Russian being the woman, I was totally surprised. The battle at the zoo was pretty amusing. I just felt like this could have been better.

    26. Unlike some of the Marvel superheroes who've been shoehorned into Marvel Noir limited series (e.g Wolverine as a private investigator?!?), Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher, is tailor-made for the noir treatment.Even so, Frank Tieri really knocks it out of the park with this four-issue series, and does some surprising and entertaining things with the character(s).

    27. Actually it's three stars (or it should be). Until the end it was more, but the ending is predictable and underwhelming. I gave it four stars because I liked the art. Art was interesting and it captured noir in a satisfying way. However, the story missed the punchline. Pity, because it had great potential. I enjoyed the book, but it could've been better in the end.

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