The Quilt

The Quilt Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition ISBN Lawyer Joanne Kyle imagines her life will be full of happiness and fulfilment She is engaged to a handsome artist lives above an w

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  • Title: The Quilt
  • Author: Rochelle Carlton
  • ISBN: 9781501051562
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition ISBN 1501051563Lawyer, Joanne Kyle, imagines her life will be full of happiness and fulfilment She is engaged to a handsome artist, lives above an windswept beach, and has a rapidly growing list of clients But in a heartbeat everything changes, and she is left staring at an empty future It starts with her naked fiaLibrarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition ISBN 1501051563Lawyer, Joanne Kyle, imagines her life will be full of happiness and fulfilment She is engaged to a handsome artist, lives above an windswept beach, and has a rapidly growing list of clients But in a heartbeat everything changes, and she is left staring at an empty future It starts with her naked fianc disappearing in the rear view mirror, and ends with news so devastating she collapses, sobbing, on the filthy floor of an airport toilet It is the day that changes Joanne forever Paul Clarke looks like a man that has stepped out of the pages of a women s magazine He is living on Twin Pines Station, a farm shrouded in mystery following the disappearance of his grandmother The small town community expect Paul to marry his spoilt, pregnant girlfriend, and settle in the area like the previous generations of the Clarke family But not everything is as it appears, and life for Paul is about to be turned upside down A tragic twist of fate brings Joanne and Paul together But neither is looking for romance, and both are struggling with loss and the deceptions of the past What unfolds is an unforgettable story of friendship, family and changes born through love This should become a TV series or a movie It is that good in my opinion Mr Butler Moving, rousing and beautifully written Jackie Parry Being away from New Zealand it was such an indulgence to be given such wonderful imagery Meilyrox All these threads come together in bold colors and powerful strands in Rochelle Carlton s compelling novel The Quilt Unraveled to render vividly life s harsh realities in a story that is both personal and intimate This multi generation family saga is immense in scope and intense Mark Fine Mature content warning This book contains language that may offend some readers.

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    1. I started reading the sample on and was drawn right into a great story. Things flowed quickly, so I didn't get bored and I loved the back stories. So, I impulse-bought the ebook. I thought for sure this was going to be a 5 star rating from me BUT 2 "but's" in fact 1) I was 49% through the ebook before we even had a glimpse of how the main characters were going to meet. It's WAY past the halfway point before they finally do!I expected some tension, of course, but was disappointed that their co [...]

    2. A Powerful Family Saga Well Told! A single thread is fragile, as is life. But as more threads are woven together, the fabric strengthens. Now those individual threads may represent major themes of the human condition--both good and bad: the fragility of health, betrayal of family, careers terminated, sociopathic cruelty -- or, on the other hand, there's the kindness of strangers, selfless loyalty, a purpose driven life, the damp muzzle of loving dog, natures splendor and the possibility of true [...]

    3. This is a family saga, deeply immersed with friendship, romance, life, love, tragedy, and so much more. It is captivating right from the start, and it doesn’t let you go.The protagonists’ lives reflect real life; they effortlessly show how different corners are turned and the decisions that are made can lead us to unexpected places.With dark secrets, heartbreak, calamities, laughter and tears, this book will carry you through each emotion as if you are there. The female bonding of extraordin [...]

    4. This was a great book. A family saga which was very well written, with engaging complex characters.I loved the setting of this book in New Zealand, as a Kiwi knowing with some of the places made it easy to connect with this book.This book is a family saga about two family, initially it is a story of the two main characters as individuals and then combines as the characters meet and the story unfolds.The characters are well described, with a sympathetic angle. Even the characters who have unflatt [...]

    5. I find it difficult to review an author’s debut novel, to read and review from a totally objective viewpoint, but sharing my thoughts on The Quilt: Unravelled comes easy and might be summed up in my simple words: a delight. Rochelle Carlton’s vivid descriptions provide the reader with crystal clear images of life in the beautiful country of New Zealand and her characters that play out the saga of the Clarke family. This is not sugar coated romance, but a dramatic and moving tale of the lives [...]

    6. The Quilt is a beautifully written book chronicling the lives of Paul Clarke and Joanne Kyle. It was quite something watching as these two very different people, from two very different backgrounds, were slowly brought together. It made me reflect on my own life. Quite often you get lost in the now, losing sight of the steps that brought you there, and for a book to do that is special indeed.I loved the characters. Everyone is presented so clearly, with unique personalities and voices; I really [...]

    7. The Quilt was a refreshing read. It's the story line isn't the standard start middle and end, giving an authenticity to it. I felt like these were real people and was often smiling or crying as it unfolded. Being away from home (New Zealand), it was such an indulgence to be given such wonderful imagery, perfectly capturing the sights, sounds and smells of home, and in such unique ways. I loved the book and recommend it to all New Zealanders and everyone else who likes a good book and would like [...]

    8. The Title of Rochelle's Book stood for me because I am a seamstress, generally I go for specific Authors. The Book was not difficult to get into,the opposite in fact, I could not put it down. Every facet of the Story was fascinating. Rochelle stitched together all the characters past and present seamlessly. For me to feel as if I was actually there is rare. Her wording created within me many emotions and for that I Salute Her. I have the utmost confidence in recommending 'The Quilt:Unravelled' t [...]

    9. Great book, couldnt put the book down, from start to end it drew me in and i had to keep saying just one more chapter. Well written and the characters are very believable. Great story line and found it real life.I read hundreds of books, a few i read over and over again this is going to be another one of those favourites. Highly recommended to anyone who loves a good read. Cant wait for the next book by this author will be adding to my favourites

    10. A brilliant saga that I couldn't put down right from the start, I easily connected with the characters and the mix of suspense and reality held my attention for way longer than any other book has for a very long time.

    11. Really well written story, was like the author was writing from the heart, great story line with believable characters, hoping there will be a continuance of this book, it left me wanting more.Highly recommended to anyone who loves a good read

    12. This story will grab you right from the beginning. Rochelle has lovely way with describing the story, and making it easy for the reader to visualize everything. I loved how Paul and Joanne described the vineyard in detail. The beach, the vineyard, New Zealand sound amazing, and breathtaking. Understanding Paul's past was important, and helps you to understand the family, and the bond they share. For Joanne, you understand and feel sympathy for her. She is truly a beautiful soul who understands t [...]

    13. Great read that grips right from the start. Hard to put down as you just want to know what happens next to the characters.

    14. It took me 9 tortuous days to finish this book. Normally, I would have quit it after about two chapters. But there are all 5 star glowing reviews. So I kept hoping the problems I spotted in the opening paragraph would disappear. Unfortunately I could not have been more wrong. The problems as I see them:1. The author could not decide what book she wanted to write and therefore attempted three or four books in one. And sure, that might have worked if2. The editor, if there was one, was more exacti [...]

    15. A romance, a family saga, and a story about friendship, centred on the Clarke family of Twin Pines farm and their lives, loves and tragedies over the years. The two main characters, Paul and Joanne, begin the story miles apart - geographically and socially. In fact, they don't meet until a good way into the book. But by then, we have come to know each of them so well that their meeting is thick with meaning and significance. Both have experienced tragedy and pain: Paul's family history is weighe [...]

    16. A Very Enjoyable ReadIt was the title that intrigued me. I had heard of “story” patchwork quilts some years ago and liked the idea of a story that would unravel one. I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, the novel captured me from the beginning and didn’t let go until the last sentence. The story is about four generations of the Clarke family – “a family hunted by tragedy and hardened by struggle” – and how the past affects the present. At the same time it’s also a novel about relati [...]

    17. The Quilt is a wide-ranging and moving story of one family, their love, their losses and, most significantly, their resilience. It is a highly emotional read and Ms. Carlton does a masterful job of bringing the two main characters – Paul and Joanne – together throughout the story.Secondary characters consistently threatened to steal the story as they are written with such believability it must be that the author knows people like this in real life. The depth of the characters, the intertwine [...]

    18. Heartwarming and heartbreaking bothWhat a wonderful story. How heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. My heart rooted for love and broke with sadness. The closure brought me to tears.

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