Chef Pierre

Chef Pierre Holly Walker had everything she d ever dreamed about a happy marriage and being mum to beautiful brown eyed Emma until an accident nineteen months ago tore her world apart Now she s a widow and single

  • Title: Chef Pierre
  • Author: Margaret McHeyzer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 145
  • Format: None
  • Holly Walker had everything she d ever dreamed about a happy marriage and being mum to beautiful brown eyed Emma until an accident nineteen months ago tore her world apart Now she s a widow and single mother to a boisterous little 7 year old girl, looking for a new start Ready to take the next step, Holly has found herself a job as a ma tre d at Table One, a once acHolly Walker had everything she d ever dreamed about a happy marriage and being mum to beautiful brown eyed Emma until an accident nineteen months ago tore her world apart Now she s a widow and single mother to a boisterous little 7 year old girl, looking for a new start Ready to take the next step, Holly has found herself a job as a ma tre d at Table One, a once acclaimed restaurant in the heart of Sydney But one extremely arrogant Frenchman isn t going to be easy to work with Twenty years ago, Pierre LeRoux came to Australia, following the stunning Aussie girl he d fallen in love with and married He and his wife put their personal lives on hold, determined for Pierre to take Sydney s culinary society by storm Just as his bright star was on the upswing, tragedy claimed the woman he was hopelessly in love with He had been known as a Master Chef, but since his wife s death he has become known as a monster chef Can two broken people rebuild their lives and find happiness once This was Monster Chef however it s gotten a new cover and name.

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    1. Kitty's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsSo, have you ever read a book by an author that you’ve never read before and fall madly in love with the story, the writing style and the author. I love when that happens and it definitely happened to me with “Monster Chef”.Really, the name of the book got me. Visions of Gordon Ramsey swimming in my mind had me really curious about this book. But, this story held so much more than an angry Chef and the woman that steals his heart.This i [...]

    2. This is the love story of Pierre and Holly, two wounded souls who have suffered the loss of their spouses. Pierre is the head chef of the restaurant Table One where Holly is hired as a maître d'. Pierre is a French, arrogant, demanding, cocky man while Holly is a sweet, caring, smart woman with a 7 year old daughter. Their working relation is explosive and stormy. But we come to discover that there is actually a very thin line between hate and love. Holly proves to be the one who can handle his [...]

    3. I think everyone needs an arrogant, pigheaded chef in their life. Pierre is a chef, a great chef but because of his attitude is known as the Monster Chef. He lost the love of his life and doesn't know how to survive without her. He is known for making people cry and quit and sometimes both at the same time. Then one day his dark world is turned upside down by one Holly Walker.Holly is no stranger to loss, she lost her husband is just starting to put her world back together. One of the steps in t [...]

    4. Genial! French for brilliant. I loved this book. The story captured me from the very first page. Reading about Holly and Pierre. Holly a single mum, daughter Emma aged 7 years old. Holly decides to go back to work, the timing feels right and she wants to do something with her life. She is an absolute great mother to Emma. They both live with Holly's mother in law, Bromwyn. She is a lovely woman, she wants nothing more than Holly and Emma to be happy. Sometimes in life you have to take a risk or [...]

    5. This is the second book that I have ever read by Margaret and I must say that I am seriously fan girl crushing over her and her work. I have yet to be disappointed by her work and I look forward to reading more from her. This book what can I say WOW there are so many good things that I can say but I don't want to give anything away so all I'm going to say is please if you don't read another book make sure you read this. The story line will have you hooked from the beginning and this book will ta [...]

    6. 3 Stars just OK for meI read yesterday and it was just ok for me. I think what bothered me was that I felt no real development between the two of them. One minute they hate each other and the next, bamI was like what and how did this happen so fast, so fast I didn't even know it or see it really happen. There was no build-up for me. I thought it was a great premise for a story but I didn't care for the execution Holly was just ehhhh, ok, for me that was a big reason and Pierre was good but he di [...]

    7. OMG I loved Monster Chef! I loved Pierre and Holly and this is a love story! Pierre wasn't truly a monster just a man that was so hurt by the loss of his wife. So he was like a bear with a thorn in his paw! Holly aka (mon chéri)really knows how to handle Pierre and quickly puts him in his place. I don't think there will ever be a dull moment between the two of them. Oh and Monster Chef is also very HOT! Talk about passion between Pierre & Holly. oh my oh my! I loved the phone sexI loved the [...]

    8. 3.5 StarsI really like this book exceeeeeeeeept the fact that it all moved so FAST. I think I would have been seriously head over heels for this one has the pace been slower. The setting is a welcome change, Holly is a great heroine, and Pierre is just to melt for. Just tap the brakes a bit, and I would have been gushing over this one.

    9. 5 SEXY SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE STARSI loved every moment of this story. From its highs to its lows. An exceptional love story about two hurting souls who find each other in the most unexpected, entertaining and absorbing way. Will they be able to endure a second chance romance?Margaret McHeyzer, let me just say – Thank you for brining Pierre LeRoux to your readers. He is everything from impossible to alluring.This story captivated my heart in so many ways. From the characters being in their mid- [...]

    10. I have never read anything by Margaret McHeyzer before, but I saw the book trailer for Chef Pierre and I had to read it, and I'm so glad I did. Set in Sydney, Australia, Chef Pierre tells the story of single Mum Holly, who is trying to move on with her life after losing her husband several years before. She gets a maitre de job in an exclusive restaurant, where she meets head chef Pierre. Pierre is typical of what you hear about celebrity chefs. Moody, arrogant, full of himself and he treats eve [...]

    11. I loved this book! I devoured it in 24 hours because I couldn’t put it down. Ms. McHeyzer made these characters people I was dying to get to know better. I wanted to delve into their psyches and make friends with them. This was my first book by her, but I can promise it won’t be my last. Pierre and Holly are two broken souls not even sure what they are looking for. They meet at the restaurant where Pierre is the head chef and Holly has just taken the maitre-d position. At first glance, Pierr [...]

    12. MONSTER CHEF by Margaret McHeyzerOUI!! Tis a good story!!!Pierre & HollyLet's talk about Monster Chef. This book was comical, sexy, and sometimes kind of corny. At times I felt it hard to relate to the characters and at others I felt a kindred spirit with them. My emotions were all over the grid on this one. I wouldn't exactly say that Pierre and Holly we're a perfect match, but they did make this story is very fascinating.Pierre is a very cocky, self centered, arrogant bastard. I knew his a [...]

    13. I loved this book it was the perfect blend of romance, emotional turmoil, and hot hot hot scenes. Monster Chef is a Second Chance at Love Romance; not for two long lost loves but for two people who had love and lost only to find it again with each other. I loved the book it splits the POV between the two main characters it was like listening Toni Collette and Gerard Depardieu in my head. Not looks wise; I was imagining two completely different people, it was described so well no celebrity imagin [...]

    14. Karia’s thoughts…and food order!I was actually excited for this one, so I thank NetGalley for the delayed, but finally approved ARC. Holly seemed very American/Canadian to me. Her language usage and manners were quite North American…Pierre on the other hand was so French is was tasty! Each of these wounded souls were looking for a new start. Along the way, they find each other and fight, then kiss, then fight, then kiss, then fight some more! I loved that part. I actually found myself enjo [...]

    15. This is so much more than a second chance love story. This is a second chance at life story!Yet another strong and feminine character joins the ranks of McHeyzer’s finery. Holly is going for this job to keep her mind occupied so she doesn’t drown in the depths of widowhood. She doesn’t lose any of her spark when Pierre comes along, if anything, she becomes stronger. Pierre, he’s a tough one to take. He’s rude, he’s crude but he’s barely hanging onto life by a thread. He can’t fee [...]

    16. Wow where to to start i was graciously given an arc of this book and it was a beautiful read . Pierre may be an arse (monster chief) but he is passionate and sensual and damn that mans got skills *total 9 1/2 weeks moment * ok sorry got off track therefans ones self mmmm pierres pierre is also defensive and proud but he is also grieving and in pain when he and holly meet even though there pissed at each other the chemistry flys off the pages . Holly is a strong single mom and whilst dealing with [...]

    17. Prepare to lust after a hot sexy French Chef and his exquisite food! Ever heard about food-porn? Yeah its that good in every sense!This story is beautiful, two widowers find love again. Holly and Pierre cant stand each other and then after a kiss they cant stay away from each other anymore.Pierre uses all his charm, his sexy French accent, and his superb cuisine talents to seduce Holly. Who would know how delicious a Lemon Meringue Pie could be?Holly tries to stay away from him, to protect herse [...]

    18. Two lives trying to come to terms with the loss of a loved one, cross paths and sends shockwaves through both their lives. Both deal with their loss in different ways but together they can begin to finally heal.Pierre is as arrogant and conceited as they come and has a reputation for being a monster in work. Holly does not cower before him and calls him on his arrogant behaviour and gets under his skin. An extremely talented chef, he has been hiding behind his arrogance as his way of coping, whi [...]

    19. Losing his wife much too soon has made Pierre the Monster Chef he is now known to be. He’s cocky, arrogant, and a certifiable jerk! Even though his culinary talents have not suffered from his loss, he has practically given up on living life. Meeting Holly, and then her daughter, has regenerated his desire to find purpose and happiness again. Once he determines that Holly is the one that is capable of pulling him out of the darkness, there is no stopping him from convincing her that she belongs [...]

    20. Monster Chefwould be my first read from Margaret McHeyzer and I have to say she didn't disappoint. I really liked this book! It's 'cute as hell' and it gave me a warm fuzzy kind of feeling inside.I liked both hero and heroines as individuals and as a couple -- which is A plus for me. Holly's daughter, Emma is the cutest! She stole my heart.The only thing that bothered me was the abruptness of Holly's and Pierre's romantic relationship. They were hot and cold in the beginning and all of a sudden [...]

    21. Monster Chef by Margaret McHeyzer5 Michelin stars! Margaret McHeyzer never ceases to amaze me. Her writing just gets better and better with each book and dare I say that she's outdone even herself with Monster Chef? This book is perfection. It has love, heartbreak, sex, humor and a precocious 7 year old girl. Honestly, you'll fall in love with the three main characters of this book. Pierre, with his ingrained French arrogance and his way around a deconstructed lemon meringue pie and Holly with h [...]

    22. I was gifted a copy of this book for review.This story is so different from a general romance. I absolutely loved it although I did cry a little. Holly is such a sweet, loving person, as well as a fantastic mom to her 7 year old. Not only does she have those qualities but she is also dealing with the tragic and sudden death of her husband. Even though she is a wonderful person she is also the only person who will stand up to Pierre. I loved how she straightened her back and absolutely did not ba [...]

    23. Monster Chef by Margaret McHeyzerA good book will make you smile give you that warm fuzzy feelings or make you want more. An outstanding book will make you want to to be a part of the story, have an emotional experience, laugh,cry, get mad at the characters or want to scream when they are being stupid. I don't try to summarize stories as I want you to enjoy it for yourself. When I read a "new to me" author I never know where it will take be but this story took me for an emotional ride into the w [...]

    24. Pierre is an arrogant ass, but an amazing chef. He has been torn apart by the loss of his wife and his temper has gotten out of control to a point where he is treading on water trying to retain his job and reputation.Holly was leading the perfect existence until all her dreams where shattered leaving her as a single mum. Needing to get back into life Holly takes on a job as maître d' at Table One working with the notorious French chef Pierre.Their working relationship starts with a bang and fro [...]

    25. Wow, I enjoyed this book so much! The characters were so well written, I found myself feeling like I knew them and felt their pain. Pierre, Holly, and Emma were all such strong characters and woven together perfectly. At times you hate Pierre, love him, and then want to slap him. This story had me laughing at parts, crying at parts, and smiling throughout. I have never read anything by this author before, but if the rest of her stories are even remotely this good, they will be terrific and I loo [...]

    26. I received a copy of Monster Chef from the author for a release blitz and an honest review.What a wonderful second chance at love story!Holly is a widow with a 6 year old daughter, and she lives with her mother-in-lawPierre is a widower with no other family.The characters are great. The writing excellent. It is so descriptive and smooth that while reading it seemed more like a movie running through my mind. I could picture everything!The storyline was great. One of those where the characters are [...]

    27. I was given this book as an ARC for an honest review. WOW LOVED IT!what an amazing author Margaret McHeyzer is, she has delivered another amazing book that has a great story line great characters all done with a passion that reads in every word. This is a love story that has a shaky start but through the love of a child blossoms into pure, raw love, This book kept me spell bound from the very beginning. The book kept an amazing pace with no what I call dull spots. If you need to read one book th [...]

    28. What an amazing, sexy, hot, frustrating and sad story! I loved every minute of it and still couldn't get enough! Pierre lost his wife 4 years ago and has also lost the will and path to life! He's lost and the only way he's living is by going to work! He's mean, stubborn and very passionate! Holly lost her husband almost two years ago and even though she doesn't need the money she finds a job to help her live again for her and her daughter! What she finds is a sexy, hot, passionate, possessive al [...]

    29. Margaret McHeyzer is a new author I happened to stumble upon and all I can say is I'm so glad I stumbled! It was quite refreshing to read about a love between a Chef & a Maítre D' who was recently hired on. I fell in love with Holly and honestly wasn't too sure of Pierre, but as I kept reading & started to find out more about him and his background, my love for him started to bloom!I was so sad when I finished the book only because I wasn't ready to let them go!! I am definitely a new f [...]

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