His Million Dollar Risk

His Million Dollar Risk A sexy category novella from Entangled s Indulgence imprint Determined to make his latest preservation project on Route a success Connor Gibson will take any good press he can get Even if it means

  • Title: His Million Dollar Risk
  • Author: Robin Bielman
  • ISBN: 9781633751866
  • Page: 398
  • Format: ebook
  • A sexy category novella from Entangled s Indulgence imprint Determined to make his latest preservation project on Route 66 a success, Connor Gibson will take any good press he can get Even if it means spending a week with a reporter And even if it s one from a publication he has good reason to hate Connor certainly isn t expecting a spontaneous and undeniably attractiA sexy category novella from Entangled s Indulgence imprint.Determined to make his latest preservation project on Route 66 a success, Connor Gibson will take any good press he can get Even if it means spending a week with a reporter And even if it s one from a publication he has good reason to hate Connor certainly isn t expecting a spontaneous and undeniably attractive blonde who makes him seriously hot for the pressCharlize Beckett is in deeeep trouble This is her one chance to prove to her publisher dad that she s a serious journalist, even if she has to pretend she s someone else Worse though, is trying to maintain any objectivity with the way too charming Connor She can t help but get into all kinds of sexy trouble with him But by going off the record, Charlie is putting both her reputation and her heart on the line

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    1. Fun, sexy and enjoyable, His Million Dollar Risk is a great addition to Robin Bielman’s Take a Risk series. And when Connor Gibson and Charlize Beckett take a business trip along Route 66, that business soon risks becoming pleasure…Robin has a gift of creating a couple with a natural chemistry bringing everything from humour to the heartfelt. Charlie is spontaneous, flighty and sweet and the way she knocks Connor off his stride is fabulous. She unleashes his less serious, fun side and, add t [...]

    2. His Million Dollar Risk by Robin Bielman is a 2015 Entangled: Indulgence Publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. When Charlie's friend Ashley requires emergency surgery, she asked Charlie to take over her latest assignment as a reporter. This is the chance Charlie has been waiting for, an opportunity to impress her father, the owner of the publication she is reporting for. Although, Charlie isn't really all that into reporting, she wants to please her fa [...]

    3. Guys, GUYS! This novella is a serious amount of fun. Somehow in only 152 pages, Robin Bielman manages to pack in more background information, depth and fireworks than some authors of full length novels. WELL DONE THERE MS. BIELMAN.Charlie is a journalist for a magazine owned by her father; however, she has really only produced…well…fluff. She’s dying to gain her father’s approval and respect, but doesn’t quite know how to go about it. And then an opportunity presents itself: her best f [...]

    4. arc for an honest reviewJust finished it and loved it!This is the third book in the series,it can be read as a standalone but though Robin keeps her unique writing, the story is so different than the previous two books. Connor hates reporters but he has to spend his week with one so he can make his latest project on preserving route 66 a success.Charlie on the other hand wants to prove her worth and she will do anything for that, even if it means that she has to lie.Connor doesn't expect to fall [...]

    5. In this fun and sexy story we meet Connor and Charlize. Connor runs a heritage preservation society and Route 66 is his latest project. When he is reluctantly forced into having a reporter tag along for a week's drive on the route to aid in the publicity for its preservation, Charlize turns out to be nothing like what he expected - a newbie (though she tries to hide it), but not just that, she's fresh and charming and knocks his socks off. But Charlize is keeping a secret - when it comes out (as [...]

    6. Really enjoyable read that I found filled with humor, sexy, and completely entertaining. This couple has a great way of balancing and bringing out the best in each other. Connor is all business and very serious about his current preservation project and wants as much good press as he can get. Charlie is fun and carefree but desperately wants her fathers approval. So when the reporter who was to cover the story becomes ill, Charlie steps in to spend the week with Connor and write the story. Their [...]

    7. ***Review can also be found at Jackie's Book World*** :DHis Million Dollar Risk was such a fun romantic story with elements of road trip adventure that had me hooked from the start. Not having read anything by Robin Bielman before, I was immediately attracted to the gorgeous cover of the book, and the synopsis. I've always wanted to go on a trip through Route 66, and reading about the places that the characters go to throughout their little adventure I was intrigued. Connor Gibson runs preservat [...]

    8. Hooray for another Take a Risk book. I love these and was so excited to see another one I may have squealed a bit. You see this is the series that has given me one of my favourite book boyfriends (who makes an appearance, thank you Robin!) in McCall and has now delivered someone who runs a close second.I loved this book and this couple. It was a fun, flirty, sexy read that had me laughing and loving every minute of it. While this is the third book in the series and yes each can be read as a stan [...]

    9. This novella is literally packed full of humor, depth, romance and fun. I enjoyed it literally from Page 1 and the first scene at the pool had me chuckling away. Connor did not trust reporters especially after an article that was reported wrongly was on his mum.Charlize spent her life trying to fit into her 'given' role as a reporter even though she hasn't been able to prove herself much since she was only given small assignments. A turn of events resulted in Charlize going in for the gig which [...]

    10. If you are looking for a book with lots of laughs, smokin' hot chemistry, and an ending that will leave you giddily happy, get this book!Oh, crap.The last person she wanted to run into this morning when she had to be super-professional was Hot Pool Guy. Before she had a chance to hide behind a plant or something, his gaze connected with hers and held her hostage.He flashed a smile and headed her way. Shit. She got to her feet thinking she'd say a quick hello before telling him she was meeting so [...]

    11. So this little story was all kinds of SERIOUSLY fun and sexy all at the same time! This is actually just my second read by Robin Bielman and she is on the fast track to a must read author for me! Her characters are just so natural and easy to relate to! In His Million Dollar Risk, we have the story of Charlie and Connor. Charlie's a reported itching to do some REAL journalistic work. Her best friend happens to be one of those seriously good journalists she longs to be and so when she gets sick, [...]

    12. Loved this book by Robin Bielman, the third in the series but can be read as a complete stand alone. I could not put this book down, I was laughing out loud at times at some of Charlie's antics. You first meet Charlie and Connor at the hotel with a pool mishap. Then the next morning Charlie has to stand in for her friend as a reporter for the next week on a week long job with interviewing Connor. The interview takes you along on a wild, epic journey down Route 66. The only problem is that Charli [...]

    13. See more of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The Morning.My Thoughts:Another winner from the Entangled Indulgence line! This is my second book by Robin Bielman, and I loved this one more than the first. It's engrossing from the start and it keeps you hanging on right until the end.Charlize, otherwise known as Charlie, is taking over for her friend Ashley on this job. It's a sticky situation for her since Connor isn't a fan of her father, but she's willing to risk it. Unfortunately (or fo [...]

    14. This was a quick and easy read and I felt like I finished it to quickly because I didn't really want it to end. It starts off with a familiar story line, right down to the vehicle the hero drives and I caught myself rolling my eyes and wondering if the book was just going to be a redo of another very popular book. If you read it and feel the same way, don't let it stop you from continuing on, it's not anything like the other book. Connor was super swoonworthy and sweet but it was Charlie's easy- [...]

    15. I received an advance reader copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is another really great novella by Robin Bielman! I always look forward to reading what she has to write and can't wait to dive into them! This book was no exception. I started it last night at the gym (go figure) and when it was time to leave, I didn't want to! I wanted to keep reading! So I then came home and jumped in bed and finished it. Charlie is a fun character and I really like her personality. She seem [...]

    16. **My thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing LLC, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**This was a sweet romantic read and had a really loveably character in Charlie.Charlie is trying to prove to hear father a that she is a good reporter and ends up taking her friends spot when her friend is too ill to do an interview.Connor is a man with a grudge towards the magazine that Charlie's father owns and when he finds out she is the reporter that he will be taking on a road trip [...]

    17. A fantastic Read that was beautifully written and created loved the story and character's of Connor Gibson who will take any good press for his latest preservation project on route 66 a success,Has for Charlize Beckett this is one chance to prove to her father that she can be a serious journalist even if she is pretending to be someone else and trying to hide who she really is from Connor,Love the chemistry between the two of them both have true feelings. All though if the truth comes out who sh [...]

    18. Fasten your seatbelts, pack some snacks, and get ready for the funniest, sexiest road trip you've ever taken. Why? Because you're traveling Route 66 with billionaire conservationist Connor Gibson and media heiress undercover, Charlize Beckett. Attraction, chemistry, secrets and more fuel every stop on this journey. As a reader, I got to enjoy the road trip without packing a bag, snoozing in the car, or pumping gas. But I got great destinations that meant something to the characters, great intera [...]

    19. This newest book by Ms. Bielman has indeed followed the precedent set by other stories I've read by her. The story started out with well-written characters that you immediately connected with. Throughout the story, Ms. Bielman added layers and depth to Connor and Charli's personalities that guaranteed you would become emotionally invested. Nothing would do but that they both get the happy ending you know they both deserved and that Robin Bielman delivered. Wonderful story that left me smiling.

    20. This was a very enjoyable book. The author has delivered a sweet romance accompanied by enough heat to sizzle the pages.Charlie's character was passionate, sweet and a breath of fresh air. The chemistry that ignited between her and Connor was fantastic. We all dream of a romance such as this and the author has more than delivered.Yes.I recommend this to all readers. You just won't be able to put this book down.

    21. Back to 2.5 starsStill about a preservationist but this time our guy met a journalist who wants to be a children book illustrator and author. The theme is still of course romanceYup, that's it e

    22. 3.75 stars-ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date February 9, 2015Determined to make his latest preservation project on Route 66 a success, Connor Gibson will take any good press he can get. Even if it means spending a week with a reporter. And even if it’s one from a publication he has good reason to hate. Connor certainly isn’t expecting a spontaneous and undeniably attractive blonde who makes him seriously hot for the pressCharlize Beckett is in deeeep trouble. This is her one chance to prove to he [...]

    23. His Million Dollar Risk is quite an enjoyable read. It is book three in the Take a Risk Series but can be read as a standalone. In addition to the well-developed characters, I enjoyed the occupation of the hero, Connor, the dream job of the heroine, Charlie and the overall adventure you are part of. After finishing the book, I really want to travel Route 66 for a road trip!Connor is not looking forward to taking a week-long trip with a reporter especially since the magazine in which the reporter [...]

    24. Rating: 4.5 StarsYears ago, his mother was publicly crucified by the press. Despite this issue he had with the press, Connor Gibson would do anything to get Route 66, his latest preservation project some press. Even though it means spending time with a reporter. To top it all up, it’s with the publication he hated the most. But the reporter wasn’t what he expected to be…Charlize Beckett would do anything to prove herself to her father. But she got herself in a very deep trouble when she po [...]

    25. ** I was given this book as an ARC for an honest review. **This was a really sweet story. Yes, we knew the lie would come back to bite her, but it all worked out in the end. One thing I enjoyed about the story were the stops on Route 66. It really makes me want to plan a driving trip out west. I also really enjoyed that Charlie knocked Connor so far off his game. He had a schedule. He didn't like traveling with a reporter. But Charlie kept sort of forcing him off course, and he ended up truly en [...]

    26. ****A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review***Fun story set along the Route 66 route. This is in Robin Bielman’s Take a Risk series. This story is filled with humor, hot sexual chemistry, laughter, misunderstandings, tears and best of all, love. In this story, we meet Connor and Charlie. Connor is forced to take a reporter along on his project for saving the route 66 but he feels he needs all the best press he can get so he reluctantly takes Charlie along. Charlie is a [...]

    27. Charlize Beckett works as a reporter on her father’s publication and she’s really fed up of him not taking her seriously, only giving her the fluffy stories to do and not trusting her to do anything more in depth. When her best friend, Ashley, the journalist who was supposed to be spending a week shadowing Connor Gibson to find out about his latest preservation project on Route 66, has appendicitis and can’t do the job, Charlie decides to take over! This is her chance to show her Dad! Life [...]

    28. Connor Gibson hates the press. They attacked his mother by printing lies and half truths. Why is he going to spend a week with a reporter? Because he needs to promote his Route 66 preservation project. What's going to happen when he and Charlie spend time alone? This is a fast paced, romp across the countryside. Attraction and desire blossom between Connor and Charlie. He doesn't know that she's really Charlize Beckett. Her father is the owner of Natural World, the magazine that had libeled his [...]

    29. Connor Gibson was giving a week long interview with a reporter from a magazine he didn't like. The only reason he was doing it was that it would be good for his company's restoration project. The owner of said magazine allowed one of his reporters to slander Connor's mother, without apology. Ashley was supposed to do the interview but she got sick, so Charlie agreed to do the interview instead. Charlie never imagined Connor Gibson would be the guy she met by the pool the day before and that he h [...]

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