The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle When the Countess of Morcar s priceless blue carbuncle is stolen a reformed thief is charged with the crime

  • Title: The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle
  • Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
  • ISBN: 9788124200230
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the Countess of Morcar s priceless blue carbuncle is stolen, a reformed thief is charged with the crime.

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    1. WELCOME TO DECEMBER PROJECT!last year, i carved out my own short story advent calendar as my project for december, and it was so much fun i decided to do it again this year! so, each day during the month of december, i will be reading a short story and doing the barest minimum of a review because ain't no one got time for that and i'm already so far behind in all the things. however, i will be posting story links in case anyone wants to read the stories themselves and show off how maybe someone [...]

    2. "The Blue Carbuncle" is a Sherlock Holmes story anthologized in the The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, which you can read online or download free here at Project Gutenberg.We are not talking about the nasty skin abscess kind of carbuncle here; a carbuncle is also this: carbuncles are, by definition, red jewels, but Sherlock says there are also blue ones. And who am I to argue with him? (Okay, he's wrong; seriously, there are no blue carbuncles. Moreover carbuncles--the red ones--are not made of [...]

    3. This was a freebie from Audible. I read all the Sherlock Holmes stories when I was a kid, but I don't remember much about them individually, so it was fun to revisit Holmes and Watson for this light-hearted story of a Christmas goose that swallowed a stolen gemstone.One thing that struck me was that the vaunted "deductive reasoning" of Holmes is really kind of laughable at times."I have no doubt that I am very stupid, but I must confess that I am unable to follow you. For example, how did you de [...]

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    5. I am presently reading all the Sherlock Holmes stories and novels, using annotated versions.First off, not the best in the bunch, not by far, not by halves. There are so many errors in this story it's hard to belive ACD even had an editor. (Maybe he didn't.) Even before I read the annotated 'criticisms' in the version I was reading I was thinking, what? What! For one thing Holmes describes a man, who will be coming to see him, only by studying the man's hat. Okay, big head = smart.I am, what? Ok [...]

    6. This is only the second Sherlock Holmes story I've read - well, second official ACD Sherlock story, as I've read other peoples' stories with or about Holmes and whatnot. And I enjoyed it, in some ways more than the first one, but still I felt like this little story was lacking, or unfinished in some way. This was read by Alan Cummings, who did a great job, with two little nitpicky exceptions: 1) that he read just a teensy bit too fast; and 2) that there wasn't enough differentiation between Holm [...]

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    8. "My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people don't know."Behind on reading challenge?SOLUTION: read a Sherlock Holmes short story. *thumbs up*I'm totally obsessed with Doyle's writing style. It's very rich and flows SO WELL. The mystery element of this wasn't super impressive, but the writing and setting and characters were lovely. This is a story I can foresee myself wanting to read again, probably at Christmastime because of the setting. <3(Oh, and can we talk ab [...]

    9. In my late teens I went through a Sherlock Holmes phase. I read all the longer ones, plus the major shorts and novellas. Then I branched out to Sherlock Holmes stories written by other authors. I am not sure if I actually ever read the Blue Carbuncle before though. Didn't ring a bell. The story struck me as a little silly, especially the deduction that someone with a big head is intelligent. The story was ok, I guess. It just wasn't my thing.And, surprisingly, I did not like the audiobook narrat [...]

    10. 5 Words: Perfect length for a pint.Ooh what a fantastic combination! Sherlock Holmes + Christmas Who knew he had a heart?I really really enjoyed this one!

    11. One of the best stories to read at Christmas Time and I have read it a number of times.We find Holmes at his best with a twist of humor, it all starts with a goose and what it has.

    12. While this adventure may not have as many twists as many other Homes and Watson stories, I do like the overall holiday message. If you're looking for a Christmas story that has not been overdone by the media, then this freebie for Audible members is worth listening to.My favorite parts are the analysis of the hat and the final whodunnit with the "What are we going to do about it?" piece. Cummings does a fantastic job reading this story. I felt like he flawlessly transformed himself into all of t [...]

    13. Not the most interesting S.H story but it demonstrates his powerful observation and deduction abilities in the best way

    14. I absolutely flew through this one! I don't think this one was as interesting as the other Sherlock Holmes stories I have read, but it was definitely a quick read that went in a little bit of a different direction. I definitely noticed the friendship between Watson and Sherlock to develop a little bit more into the mentor/mentee relationship, and we talked about one quality of Sherlock Holmes that is apparent in nearly all of his stories. He is always very sympathetic with the perpetrator, and t [...]

    15. A light Christmas mystery with a sweet message. I'm not always a huge Holmes fan, but I liked his style of detection in this story.

    16. It's great to read another Sherlock Holmes after, oh twenty years? I still find all that 19th century language amusing and involving. Also, with all those TV shows that portray murders as the only interesting crime — have you seen the CBS «Elementary» show? — it's refreshing to see good ol' mister Holmes solving a crime that's not really a crime, where nobody got murdered, clobbered or kidnapped.This is a light-hearted Christmas story, the kind of thing Sir Conan Doyle should have never s [...]

    17. Initial Impressions 12/26/16: Another quick Holmes adventure via audio for my car ride to work. A perfect little holiday novella for the day after Christmas was a fun and festive ride. I'm starting to notice that all Holmes stories have a bit too much "tell" to them where either Holmes reveals everything through a narrative or the culprit tells all at the end, so it's not as much fun as having some more things revealed bit by bit, but I always do love the clues jam-packed into a story that only [...]

    18. A little Christmas story free from audible. A story of a Christmas goose that leads to missing famous blue diamong. Sherlock uses his reasoning to piece together the story of how the diamond came to be in the goose. A little grace handed out by Sherlock to one unfortunate man and a would be crook. This is a short story, about 34 min to listen to the audio.

    19. Two stars for the humor and one extra star because the title sort of sounds like Benedict Cumberbatch's name.(Ma3amaltoho4 currently-reading aho ya Jilan! :P)Favorite quotes: "My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people don't know."

    20. Just OK - I confess I'm not a fan of Sherlock Holmes in the books (love the series though!) Alan Cumming gives great panache to the narration but his voices for Holmes & Watson sounded a bit alike. Well, at least it's out of my TBR. :)

    21. A lighthearted Christmas mystery for Sherlock Holmes. Complete with a Christmas "pardon" from Sherlock himself.

    22. Click little read of a mystery I won't remember tomorrow - something about poultry and a hat. Nicely performed by Alan Cumming; he of course is the only reason I bothered listening to it.

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