The Rendezvous and Other Stories

The Rendezvous and Other Stories Alternate cover here The stories in this collection some written before du Maurier published her first novel reflect many human emotions romance disenchantment fantasy nostalgia ambition irony

  • Title: The Rendezvous and Other Stories
  • Author: Daphne du Maurier Minette Walters
  • ISBN: 9781844080717
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alternate cover here.The stories in this collection, some written before du Maurier published her first novel, reflect many human emotions romance, disenchantment, fantasy, nostalgia, ambition, irony, the longing for adventure Each of them is based on something observed, something overheard, and all will provide pleasure for every mood.

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    1. Review originally published at Learn This Phrase. The Rendezvous and Other Stories is, or rather was, the only volume of Daphne du Maurier's short stories I hadn't read. It also seems to be the least popular; it has the fewest ratings on , and I didn't even know it existed until recently. It is a collection of du Maurier stories from various points in the author's life, including several very early ones, though in terms of original publication date it was the last collection of her stories to be [...]

    2. Firstly, Daphne du Maurier is one of my favourite authors, so I will always be a bit biased. I will say that while this was not my favourite collection of her short stories (I LOVE 'The Blue Lenses'), it is still absolutely worth reading.The first story "No Motive" and the final one "Split Second" are particularly wonderful, while several of the stories in between feel a bit too short, as though they cut off just before things get really interesting. Perhaps that is a credit to her gift for crea [...]

    3. If Daphne du Maurier was apparently weaker at short stories then gee whizz the rest of us are doomed. I enjoyed this collection of varied short fiction immensely, thanks mainly to all of them having the essential sting in the tail or twist in the plot that really makes short stories work for me.I was pulled in with the not-so-straight forward "Whodunnit?" or rather "Why-she-dun-it?" No Motive and I was held throughout as Du Maurier explores family, love, lies, scandal and even magical realism in [...]

    4. Some stories were quite good, some very disappointing.What I’ve always appreciated about du Maurier is that she comes up with very intriguing narratives and creates a jaw-dropping atmosphere in her setup. However, she consistently fails to carry the plot throughout the length of the story and also seems to struggle writing a good ending for her characters.This is the 10th book I’ve read by her and I’m not very inclined to continue forward with any of her other writings.

    5. No Motive: what a heartbreaking story that was but I could not put it down until I came to the end, five stars for that short.Panic: oh the pig and five stars again.The Supreme Artist: umm I am not sure with this one, seems unfinished somehow.Adieu Sagesse: a story about living the dream no matter how old you are. Four stars.Fairy Tale: ahh a bleak beginning but a nice ending. Four stars again. The Rendezvous: three stars for this one.La Sainte-Vierge: no I did not like this short story. Leading [...]

    6. «L'uomo al timone non si girò a guardare, neppure una volta. Davanti a lui si stendeva il mare aperto: triste, terribile, misterioso. Il richiamo si levò dentro di lui. Divenne parte di lui, per sempre. Cieli grigi, mari grigi.Adieu Sagesse.»Ciò che salta subito all'occhio di chi si è già approcciato alla Du Maurier è la varietà dei racconti in "Rendez-vous" in termini di efficacia e di svolgimento della trama: si tratta infatti di storie che l'autrice ha composto nel corso della sua vi [...]

    7. I have greatly enjoyed du Maurier’s short stories in the past, and consequently had rather high hopes for The Rendezvous and Other Stories. Unlike many of her collections, which cover just a few years, the stories here span du Maurier’s entire career.Several of these tales were previously featured in magazines before being placed into the collection, which was published in 1980. The Rendezvous and Other Stories is made up of fifteen stories in all. As with all of du Maurier’s short story c [...]

    8. Enjoyable enough between better books.And why isn't it among the better books??Like dear old Agatha Christie and Enid Blyton, it just doesn't measure up to what one expects of Literature.Which is not to say it is not entertaining, unputdownable and re-readable at all.Unfortunately writers like this are not invited to the Major Writers' Festivals.I heard Australia's Di Morrissey interviewed a week ago and she told how she was treated as secondclass when she attended the Sydney Writers' Festival a [...]

    9. Around a year before I read this book, a friend of mine had read 'Rebecca', by the same author. She brought it on the school bus with her every day, and urged me to read it as well. I admit that at that time I was slightly prejudiced against the book, or rather, my friend's choice of books since she didn't read much and has a fancy for chic lit. I'm sad to say I never even bothered to find out more about the book. Then, another friend showed me this book and said I should read it. I was in the m [...]

    10. Even when she wasn't writing at her best, Daphne du Maurier's stories are well-crafted and compelling. These aren't her most fascinating sets of scenarios and protagonists, but they're all well done. She had an amazing way of seeing how the world/people worked, even from the very early stories of her career, which some of these are.I'm also impressed by her ability to mimic any genre, yet write as always in her own very recognisable style.

    11. 14 great short stories. I enjoyed them but there are better collections of her stories. I really enjoyed No Motive, Indiscretion and my favourite one Split Second.

    12. This collection of short stories, some of them from very early in Daphne du Maurier’s career, before her novels, is uneven. However, it does illustrate her approach of putting very ordinary, even uninteresting people into very unsettling situations (not unlike the narrator of Rebecca). When the stories are good, they’re quite good, like No Motive, The Rendezvous, and Split Second. Sometimes, however, they seem self-indulgent: an excuse to vent in a roundabout way, as with Angels and Archange [...]

    13. This is just an amazing collection of short stories by Daphne du Maurier, she certainly is a master in bringing about the nuances of characters and creating intriguing interactions. The collection is a little bit uneven but there are some absolute corkers. The first story No Motive seemed like it was tailor made for a TV detective to solve. Some of the stories like The Supreme Artist and The Lover are more character studies and I enjoyed them. I really loved Adieu Sagesse as a bland man is bored [...]

    14. A little uneven - although she's such a master at writing from each character's perspective that sometimes it's easy to get lost in the story even when the plot feels contrived. The first and last stories in this collection struck me as the most effective, because they have that tinge of melancholy as well as a sly twist. I do think she's at her best when writing a character with heart, rather than just someone awful. Those are always the ones that stick with me, anyway.

    15. Very weird book but with some very good stories In it . Was a good book to pick up and leave and then come back to .

    16. Sono curioso di sapere quando sono stati scritti questi racconti. L'idea che mi sono fatto è che perlopiù sono antecedenti a quelli delle raccolte precedenti, e se non antecedenti, sono stati scritti in diversi momenti della vita della du Maurier senza trovare spazio in nessuna raccolta prima di Rendez-vous.Quasi tutti i racconti sono molto brevi, sulle dieci pagine. I più lunghi sono anche quelli più efficaci e memorabili.Senza motivo si apre così: «Mary Farren entrò nella stanza delle a [...]

    17. Oh, Daphne. I never thought that I would rate my literary godmother anything less than a solid 4, but the day has finally come. I won’t be biased in my review due to my long time love for all things du Maurier, so here it goes. I’ve been a Daphne du Maurier fan for nearly 10 years now and she still reigns as my favorite author. With that being said, I am quite familiar with her writing style. I’m used to her writing books that leaves the reader with looming questions of wonder: “Did she, [...]

    18. The Rendezvous and Other Stories is a collection of short stories written by Daphne du Maurier. Some of them are among the earliest examples of her writing and most of them, as you would expect if you've ever read any of du Maurier's work before, are slightly disturbing and unsettling. She takes some quite ordinary situations and ordinary, flawed people, and adds undertones of suspense and drama.Many of the stories are just 10-20 pages long - perfect if you don't have a lot of time, although in [...]

    19. This has to be one of my favourite short story collections. It's the first of her collections that I've read and I wasn't disappointed at all.du Maurier just has a unique way with words, the mystery and that dry humour that she weaves in around the suspense. I just loved reading it. I feel that her attention to detail is amazing; but not over the top and she creates the most intriguing plots - clever, witty, dark and twisty. I also appreciate that all her characters are flawed, none of them are [...]

    20. Well what can I say about this book. This was my first exposure to Daphne du Maurier and what a clever writer she is, the opening story No Motive has you on the edge of your seat as you follow a private investigator solving the suicide of a supposedly happy wife and wow what a good start, I was hooked.There are fourteen stories in this collection and they stem the duration of her writing career and they truly expose you to the characters every type of emotion, Panic, Love, Lying, Fear, Indiscret [...]

    21. They're right in what they say - Du Maurier never managed to excel in her short stories the way she did with her novels. Maybe it's something to do with the condensation - she had so much to say and needed a lot of time to say it. However, that doesn't make this collection not worth reading. The first and last stories in the collection, the big, long ones of 50 pages - they're the best. They're the really gutting ones. So I think she did need that extra bit of space to get across a point, becaus [...]

    22. I'm not a fan of short stories generally, but these were easily the least enjoyable I've ever encountered. Peopled with unpleasant characters, full of horrifying situations and depressing conclusions, the stories were often painful to listen to (especially the last one, "Split Second," which went on forever and made no sense at all). I've enjoyed many of Daphne du Maurier's novels, but I never realized before listening to these stories, what an incredibly bleak outlook on life she had. Two of th [...]

    23. Since finishing this collection last night, I've changed my mind - 3, not 2 stars. Du Maurier's short stories are - for the most part of this collection at least - just not as engaging and atmospheric as her novels.I think it's mostly because there is such a difference in quality between the stories, maybe partly because they are ranging from early works to some later ones.I loved the first and the last story ("No Motive" and "Split Second") and enjoyed "Panic" and "Adieu Sagesse", but the rest [...]

    24. In het Nederlands genaamd Verschil in temperament en andere verhalen. Het geeft inkijkjes in de menselijke aard op een manier die ik niet eerder ben tegengekomen. Rauw, direct, echt een pijnlijk. Het is een openbaring van het werkelijke leven, een pijnlijke groei die je als lezer doormaakt. Dit is soms zoals het is. Gelukkig kun je er voor kiezen anders te zijn. Een waarschuwing om trouw te blijven aan jezelf, maar vooral ook om je ogen open te houden. Een waarschuwing aan zowel mannen als vrouw [...]

    25. On the whole I prefer Du Maurier's novels, but this is a solid and very enjoyable collection and well worth the read. It has all the fine attention to detail, the observations of character and the well crafted turns of phrase that are familair from the books. Inevitably the short story form does not lend itself to the complex, somewhat gothic plots of the novels, and I do love her capacity for plots. But even without said plots, the stories are twisty and clever. Some are more sentimental than o [...]

    26. I enjoyed this collection of stories about observations and chance meetings. Most of them have a sinister edge to them, although Fairy Tale was a rather sweet and unexpected interlude in this. These stories span a long time during and before her novel and writing period so there was that interest too.

    27. This was OK. A bit hit and miss although it did have some well crafted stories in there, too: No Motive, Escort and Split Second are very good. Good lessons in timing although I don't know if they've necessarily aged very well - as a collection, they can feel repeatedly too contrived.

    28. first story: Without a motive - a horror I would say, not suitable for children reading second: Panic - a weak tragedy suitable for teenagers and young adults to think a little how to behave with the other sex - a common misunderstanding about different expectations - and what isn't love

    29. I really like Daphne Du Maurier but this collection has got to be one of her best. I was going to give it 4 stars as there are a couple of stories which are a bit pants but there are some absolutely brilliant ones in here so it's going on my keeper shelf!!

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