A Famous Affair

A Famous Affair Jessica Neel is a happily married working mother who is content in life When she literally bumps into the gorgeous charismatic and very famous actor Jonny Riley Her life is thrown into a passionate

  • Title: A Famous Affair
  • Author: K.B. Mallion
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jessica Neel is a happily married, working mother who is content in life When she literally bumps into the gorgeous, charismatic and very famous actor, Jonny Riley Her life is thrown into a passionate and problematic affair Her life becomes embroiled in a secret entanglement of adultery, love, lies, guilt and tragedy Will the love for her husband and daughters be enougJessica Neel is a happily married, working mother who is content in life When she literally bumps into the gorgeous, charismatic and very famous actor, Jonny Riley Her life is thrown into a passionate and problematic affair Her life becomes embroiled in a secret entanglement of adultery, love, lies, guilt and tragedy Will the love for her husband and daughters be enough to resist the charms of the captivating A lister Jonny Riley

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    1. I had to give it 5 starsJonny Riley is a star himself and as his creator he would be very disappointed with me if I gave him anything less!

    2. I was given this book to beta read by the author for content and story line. Read on for my review, but no spoilers. I would have to say that I went into this book with some trepidation. I do not care much for books about adultery. I voiced my concern to the author and all she asked was for me to give it a chance. I am so glad I did.I like the characters of Jessica and Jonny very much. Neither of them was looking to fall in love but Fate stepped in and rocked their worlds. Jessica thought she ha [...]

    3. A Famous Affair is a sweet sexy fun book that will keep you wanting more! When happily married Jessica literally bumps into famous actor Jonny, she has no idea how her life is about to change! This book was totally great to me. It was a new experience as it is the first book that I've ever read by a British author, and I loved how differently was written. I don't give spoilers so let me just say.k out this book, I promise you won't regret it. I am anxiously awaiting book 2.

    4. I was gifted a copy of this book, having never come across this author before I was quite excited to see what she had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised. I fell in love with all her characters, even when you really wanted to hate them for the choice to have the affair to begin with. Just reminds you that love can be a fickle thing, you can fight it all you like, but fate can take over good sense at any time. Jessica Neel, married, two daughters and works for her friends toy sales company, trav [...]

    5. First off I've gotta say I've waited a long time for this book! I'm happy to announce that Jonny Riley *le sigh* is a hot, sensitive and positively charming man, so very much worth that wait! Jessica is drawn to him from their very first encounter and vice versa. Though I'm not normally a fan of cheating in a book, this story was different for me. The chemistry between the two main characters was undeniable and the hesitation on Jessica's part was real and believable. I found that Jonny's hesita [...]

    6. Though the things that the characters must deal with are heartbreaking at times, Jessica and Jonny's love prevails through it. I found the book a compelling concept of right and wrong. Jonny is naturally charming and he's very persuasive too. I think that definitely sways Jessica to him, and he does do a good job of piecing her life back together. Im interested in if they will have a child in the next book and how her daughters will continue to get on with Jonny. Overall, thanks KB Mallion, all [...]

    7. I bet most all the women giving this all the stars would be raging their fucking guts out if this book was told from the POV of the married husband having an affair on his wife with some gorgeous celebrity actress bitch (bc that's what they'd call her). I cannot even, with the double standards. Way to go feminism!

    8. I have had AFA on my kindle for ages but have only just got around to reading it - after meeting the lovely K B at the Second City Signing in July I knew it was my next read after I'd caught up on other reviews!Anyway, in AFA we meet Jessica Neel, happily married to Shawn and mother of two girls. Employee to best friend Lydia, she is often away on business trips and a very important one in London is where she literally bumps into the very famous, and very gorgeous, actor Jonny Riley. Jonny has s [...]

    9. HOT & SEXY HAS HELL, TOTALLY AMAZEBALLSREVIEWED By Wendy For YOUR NEXT HOT READIf your looking for a new BFF then don't look any further Jonny Riley has arrived,The sexy & smoking hot actor Jonny Riley has women throwing them selfs at his feet wanting to be with him because of its fame and fortune, but Jonny wants none of them, Jonny is a quiet and grounded person that's never forgot where he came from & knows who his real friends are, & knows the women that throw them selfs at h [...]

    10. A Famous Affair was an emotional story. For all the characters involved. It did take me some time to get into the book, maybe because of the emotive affair and feeling torn for what lay ahead of Jessica. It's hard being won around by a character your still learning about but Kim does this so brilliantly. I think because she spends the time on that it was hard to get my head and heart around. Hence why the start took me so long to read. But once I got my head around the fact that Jessica was infa [...]

    11. I WANNA BE JONNY'S FUCK FAIRY!I simply adored this book. Five famous stars from me.I loved all the characters. I don't need to point out that Jonny is just to die for. Right from that first little note on the flowers he just bled into my heart. The lengths he goes to in order to snare Jessica as well as everything he does to make her happy just makes you fall for him that little bit more every single time.Jessica was a fabulous lead to read. Reading affairs in the past I have struggled to warm t [...]

    12. Wow. Sometimes a book comes along and changes your outlook on things forever. This is one of those books. KB Mallion paints the most vivid and emotional tale I've read in a while, and I'll admit, some of what she paints is so close to things that I've experienced personally, that it took me a little while longer to read than a book normally would. She takes a 'taboo' subject like adultery, and she turns it into something that isn't sordid, yet she does it in such a way that she isn't glorifying [...]

    13. K.B. Mallion’s debut novel is really well written and isn’t your same old, same old, romance with erotica thrown in. She’s managed to weave in an interesting, and very plausible and real, story line as well. Jessica Neel is a married mother of two, who works part time and to all intents and purposes is more than happy with her life. She loves her job, her kids and even her husband and still has an exciting sex life with him. A chance encounter with a well-known, sexy celebrity in a hotel h [...]

    14. Omg I bloody loved this book. I've been waiting to read this book for so long that I wasn't sure what to expect in the end. Well I have to say Kim is an amazing Author and blew me away. Jessica Neel loves her husband with all her heart, or so she thought. She had never once looked at another man, but things happen and stuff change. What she thought was a perfect happy marriage soon turned out wrong. Jessica never wanted to hurt her husband and family but she knew something was missing.Jonny Rile [...]

    15. *I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*This is the first book I've read from K.B. Mallion.s the blurb for A Famous AffairJessica Neel is a happily married, working mother who is content in life. When she literally bumps into the gorgeous, charismatic and very famous actor, Jonny Riley. Her life is thrown into a passionate and problematic affair. Her life becomes embroiled in a secret entanglement of adultery, love, lies, guilt and tragedy. Will the love for her hu [...]

    16. I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was excited to begin this book as the story sounded like something I would enjoy reading. From the outset let me say that I did enjoy the writing in this story, just not the actual story, if you are understanding me. The main characters are Jessica and Jonny. The chemistry between the two is not in question. However for me, I prefer my female leads to have a strong character and personality. I found Jessica to be weak and quest [...]

    17. Emotional, funny, sexy and dutifully executed, A Famous Affair was everything that I knew it would be. I laughed, I cried, I swooned. While Mr. Jonny certainly did not disappoint, I absolutely fell in love with the character of Jessica. She was funny, charming and there were scenes in the book where I could see the author’s personality coming through in her writing. To be torn like that was just wrench. Even though one big premise of the story involved a cheating spouse, Jonny and Jessica’s [...]

    18. What can I say about this book? I was a little worried to start with as I'm not one for reading about infidelity so that did concern me a bit BUT what I got was a beautiful story about a women that gets the chance all us women would kill for! Jessica is a fabulous character, completely relatable as I found myself wondering what I would do in her position. Then there's Jonnyholy flipping he'llswoon! He is the epitome of perfection, honestly I can not talk about him without swooning like a loon. T [...]

    19. I wanna give it more them the 5 stars it deserves.After waiting for so long to get my hands on Mr Riley I wasn't disappointed kim absolute fabulous darling.So Jessica goes away to a toy convention and bumps into the famous Johnny she tried to hide her feelings for him as she was married with 2 daughters but she could on my say no so many times before her heart won out and then shit hit the fan and events take a turn.You have to read to find out more Kim thank you for letting me be part of this j [...]

    20. Please check out my full 5 star review right heretrinastantilisingtidbitssIf Your Looking For A 5 Star read, That Is Like No Other And That Keeps Your Fingers Turning Pages Quick SmartAnd ContainsMystery,Excitement,Intrigue,Romance,Rags To Riches,Wealth,Moments That Made Time Stand StillThen grab yourself a copy of A Famous Affair, you won't be dissapointedI Promise

    21. A Famous Affair is the first book I have read by K.B. Mallion. I enjoyed this book. I knew it was about infidelity and it got my attention. Affairs happen. I personally have never had it happen to me, but it does happen. I think the author did a very good job with this hard topic to write about. This book is very tasteful about how the subject matter was addressed. I am also looking forward to the next book and can't wait to see what happens on the journey of the two main characters (not wanting [...]

    22. wowOh how I loved this story you believe in fate? there is nothing that Jonny wouldn't do for Jessica or nothing would stand in his way to prove his love for her, if you have not read this then go one click I can't wait for Famously Yours to come outg with the person you love, you can truly walk through hell to make it work

    23. Loved this book so much it made me laugh cry and jump up and down with excitement . Jessica was happily married with 2 beautiful daughters until she bumped into the hot Jonny Riley and they fall in love . Can they make it work read this book and find out . Love this author xx

    24. A refreshing look into a life that Jessica thought was a happy normal life and a Run in literally with a well known movie star jonny changes her in every way possible. Will there love survive the ultimate test ? Can't wait for the next book.

    25. A great debut novel. I was a little dubious at first owing to the subject of infidelity but as I read, my fears were abated. This is a sweet, romantic story that is very well written. Johnny Riley.s please!

    26. Good enjoyable storyline, likeable characters. Jessica Neel is a happily married mother of two, going about her normal life, juggling work and family when a chance encounter with hot young actor Jonny Riley turns her life upside down.

    27. Loved reading this book , didn't want to finish the last chapter as I wasn't ready to give it up . Great emotion throughout , looking forward to part 2 .

    28. 3.5 star read for me enjoyable and well writtenjust took me a little bit longer to get into than normal for me if I love characters I can't put a book down and whilst I liked them it wasn't love at first sight. Who hasn't dreamed about meeting their idol and that very hot idol realising that you are the woman of their dreams well that's exactly what happened when Jessica quite literally bumped into the nations sweetheart, Jonny Riley. i think the reason i didnt warm to Jessica was she very quick [...]

    29. Five stars are not enough for this beautiful story, it is sensitively written, full of love and emotions. This book tugs at your heart, with Jessica falling for Jonny even though she thought she was happily married to shawn, living with him and their two daughters, but when she meets Jonny Riley everything changes, her head tells her one thing but her heart tells her something completely different. You laugh and cry with them, feel all the emotions they are going through and cant wait to see wha [...]

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