Famous Crimes the World Forgot: Ten Vintage True Crime Stories Rescued from Obscurity

Famous Crimes the World Forgot Ten Vintage True Crime Stories Rescued from Obscurity Tired of Reading About the Same Crimes and Criminals Over and Over Are You Looking for Something Completely New and Different Ten Extraordinary True Crimes You Never Knew About With Images Famous C

  • Title: Famous Crimes the World Forgot: Ten Vintage True Crime Stories Rescued from Obscurity
  • Author: Jason Lucky Morrow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tired of Reading About the Same Crimes and Criminals Over and Over Are You Looking for Something Completely New and Different Ten Extraordinary True Crimes You Never Knew About With 34 Images Famous Crimes the World Forgot Volume II is also now available Click on the Author link above to see all titles available Famous Crimes the World Forgot uncovers ten amazing trueTired of Reading About the Same Crimes and Criminals Over and Over Are You Looking for Something Completely New and Different Ten Extraordinary True Crimes You Never Knew About With 34 Images Famous Crimes the World Forgot Volume II is also now available Click on the Author link above to see all titles available Famous Crimes the World Forgot uncovers ten amazing true crimes that exploded into the national news, shocking Americans from coast to coast crimes that were eventually forgotten until now Many of these incredible cases went unexplored for decades They include a Jack the Slugger style serial killer who haunted the streets of Denver, bashing women in the head with a baton the hatchet murder of a wife and child in Florida that put the husband in the prosecutor s cross hairs a psychotic and delusional killer who taunted the public and police with coded messages long before the Zodiac Killer did the same thing in California the only family in America to produce two spree killers a beautiful, young coed who shot a foreign student for a bizarre motive a doctor who sought revenge and wiped out an innocent family a blind man so desperate to support his family that he set off a bomb in one of America s largest department stores and a ruthless killer who murdered a husband and wife in their car on Route 66 while their four young sons slept in a pup tent just a few feet away These astonishing true crimes will leave you wondering how they could have been ignored for so long Silver Medal Winner 2015 eLit Book Awards, True Crime Category Famous Crimes the World Forgot Volume II is also now available Click on the Author link above to see all titles available.

    One thought on “Famous Crimes the World Forgot: Ten Vintage True Crime Stories Rescued from Obscurity”

    1. When I first started, I wasn't sure I would like the book. The first couple of stories didn't thrill me. But after that, it was a wild ride that I didn't want to stop. My favorite chapters were Mr. Secret Agent Man, 1930 - if it weren't so horrific, it might be amusing- and The Orphan Maker of Route 66, 1961 - I knew Route 66 is home to some pretty scary stuff, but wow. I had never heard of this one. It's a relatively quick read and I'd recommend it to anyone that's into true crime.

    2. As the title suggests, these are ten true crimes that most of us have never heard of – all of them murders. All of them were headline news throughout the US at the time. All forgotten. All very interesting. From the crime (including the finding of the bodies, etc) to the search, and perhaps to the capture and conviction – these are indeed some pretty lurid crimes. Very interesting how times and techniques have changed law enforcement. Makes you wonder if these crimes were truly worth the pen [...]


    4. First rate reporting!I stumbled across this collection of old true crime stories and as macabre as it may sound, thoroughly enjoyed the read. When I was a little girl my grandpa owned a trading post. He had everything you could think of in that dusty old place, including stacks of true crime magazines. Although I was never supposed to read those lurid, "dirty nasty things" I soon figured out that all I had to do was help clean the shelves where ALL the used magazines and comic books were and sim [...]

    5. Famous CrimesI became fascinated by true crimes when the Charles Manson murders occurred. I was 10 years old at the time and when Helter Skelter came out, I devoured it. Ever since then I have read true crime books, losing myself in the insanity of people who kill and marveling in the writer's ability to keep me entranced and allow me to understand the complexity of the legal system. I think it's easier to write about a crime that is recent than ones that happened decades ago, especially in the [...]

    6. You've got to respect the author's diligence in uncovering forgotten crime stories and fact-checking contemporary accounts. But as a work of literature, it's lacking. The author doesn't add much to the historic stories. Sometimes the answer to the mystery is obvious: did the man whose wife cheated on him kill her? Yes! Who would have thought. In other cases, the mystery is unsolved--and the author doesn't offer any theory or speculation about what the solution is. Even in cases where someone was [...]

    7. Jason did an excellent job of mixing outstanding story telling with true facts researched and documented in this book. I love Law & Order, this being said, the stories read as if watching the detectives on assignment across time.

    8. Great read, with pictures!The first story, was a bit long. The other ones, I enjoyed immensely. I felt really bad, for the kids, who found their parents murdered.Other good stories also.

    9. Only made it to a few chapters before I have up. This book wasn't good or bad, just not holding my interest at this time. Written very much like a high school history book, will try again at some other time maybe.

    10. Great Book!I never felt like I was reading a book, it was more like listening to someone telling a story. I was amazed at how many crimes were committed, and no-one was ever caught.

    11. Good ReadVery interesting stories. Easy to read. This book was factual without being gory. I like the way the author have the characters dimension.

    12. Im not sure if this book is good or not, but i've never been so surprised like when i was reading this book

    13. Great read! I like all things vintage, including true crime stories. Mr. Morrow does a great job brining the forgotten back to life.

    14. FascinatingWorth a read. The details have been assembled well and each case is therefore easy to follow. It was hard to put down.

    15. InterestingVery interesting subject matter and I enjoyed these rare stories. That being said, I did find the author's writing style to be a bit overdramatic.

    16. Great bookI've been a lover of true crime for a long time. This book ranks up there with Ann Rule and other true crime writers. I'm looking forward to reading volume 2.

    17. A Solid, Informative ReadMr. Morrow narrates the cases in a factual and interesting (though slightly pedestrian) manner. The reader may well learn something new

    18. SpellbindingI was just fascinated about stories in this book of murders that was committed before I was even born. It makes you think about people that are so damaged that they do not have any compassion for human life.

    19. I initially heard about this book from the Sword and Scale podcast, and it was on my to-read list until I realised it was on Kindle Unlimited - and actually all of this author's books are available there. Awesome. I love both history & true crime so this seemed like a no-brainer of a read.It is, overall, a really good read. He did include pictures in every chapter, which I personally like so you can see that these were actually people (if that makes sense). They all take place in the early 2 [...]

    20. A fascinating study of the sinister side of the miscreants amongst us. These ten stories reveal the audacity and absence of conscience of the criminal. The ineptitude of law enforcement or in some cases the dedication and determination of law enforcement. Only the tenth story resonates with me having read the account previously, while most were before my time. Happening at a time when the sophistication of crime solving methods and the communication technologies common to this day and age did no [...]

    21. I actually received this book by winning a contest that required me guessing a number between set numbers and coming closest to the one randomly chosen by a computer program. Admittedly true crime is one of the most fascinating genres to me. I was excited to receive the book and to finally get around to reading it. In all honesty the first 4 or 5 chapters that spoke of crimes forgotten from around the 1930's were interesting but kind of slow going. Once the book moved into the late 30's (39) and [...]

    22. This is one of those "surprisingly good" books. It appears self-published, which always makes me a bit skeptical about ultimate quality, but it's first rate work. The author has style and enjoys telling the tales, but really has a strength in pacing and revealing the crime as the public learned about it.The crimes included are actual "forgotten" crimes I've never heard of before. Each of the chapters reads easily, and this is more a short story collection than book-length tale, but that's actual [...]

    23. A very good anthologyMorrow breathes new life into some very old true stories. His research is excellent as is his ability to approach each story according to the decade in which it occurred. He reminds the reader that these were the days before the Internet and cellphones and even before some law enforcement agencies had two-way radios. There is also a great appreciation for good police work as well as a dedication to the verifiable evidence, but more importantly, no insertion of the author's p [...]

    24. While I found the reviews of these "forgotten" crimes (I certainly agree they are forgotten; I'd only ever heard of one out of ten) interesting, I thought that the analysis lacked depth. While many of the crimes are so old that the historical record is probably lacking, I felt a little sad when each story ended; like I was missing something.I would have been interested to hear some of the author's opinions on motive, suspects in the unsolved crimes, and theories as to why some of the crimes rema [...]

    25. I packed this in on page 41. The cases were all unknown to me but they weren't contemporary enough to hold my interest, sadly. Perhaps if they were British cases I may have found myself enjoying them more but I just found myself bored as I had nothing to relate to as such.I did laugh at this headline in the last century-"Denver's Stupid Police Force"agine the uproar nowadays if that was printed !!He knew how to use apostrophes as he got them right at times then started putting them in the wrong [...]

    26. I am not sure why I was so disappointed with it. I felt like I just got a general overview of the cases and didn't really get a true sense of things. That was basically what I was expecting though, just one chapter per case. It just didn't seem up to snuff, given some of the other crime books I've read. I wanted more. I thought that some of the details could have been taken out and the focus of each chapters case could have been better hashed out that way, instead of being bogged down with misce [...]

    27. Readable accounts of forgotten casesThe prose is clean with few errors. The accounts are quick and to the point. Be warned that some of the cases were never resolved so some incidents are left unanswered. The maps used in the book are also somewhat amateurish looking but otherwise the quality is good. I read this as a kindle unlimited book and was quite pleased with the value.A nice, quick read and, as the author promises, not padded with irrelevant details like the life story of investigators.

    28. Well written with the right amount of detailI enjoyed the way the author provided background and insight into the lives of the victims and of the criminals. I also found the short story format to be an excellent way to understand the crimes without getting into minutia that can just take up pages without providing more relevant information. I thought the stories chosen were fascinating, and I plan to read another book by Mr. Morrow.

    29. This book is amazingly researched! I have always been interested in bizarre cases and this book fits the bill. Morrow has found cases from the 1900's through the 1960s and while all cases are murder cases, t includes those that were solved as well as unsolved. Morrow managed to find multiple sources on these dusty vintage crimes and present them almost like cases that would be sent to a D.A. All questions that can be answered, were. Very well written.

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