Star Trek, Volume 9: The Q Gambit

Star Trek Volume The Q Gambit The crew of the new Star Trek film franchise encounters the classic villain Q for the first time in this galaxy spanning adventure developed in association with screenwriter producer Roberto Orci The

  • Title: Star Trek, Volume 9: The Q Gambit
  • Author: Mike Johnson Tony Shasteen
  • ISBN: 9781631402760
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • The crew of the new Star Trek film franchise encounters the classic villain Q for the first time in this galaxy spanning adventure developed in association with screenwriter producer Roberto Orci The mischievous Q sends James T Kirk on a quest that will see the Enterprise joining forces with familiar faces from Star Trek lore Collects issues 35 40.

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    1. I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This was fun! In short, Q appears and things go awry for the Enterprise crew, as well as (others). The writers obviously know their Star Trek and all of its iterations, including the original (rebooted) crew, the Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine. Even some supporting characters make appearances, and every one was a surprise. There were even some laugh-out-loud moments at these appearances, as well as some gasps of "Oh, no!" when [...]

    2. The mischievous Q plucks Enterprise and its crew from its timeline and dumps them in the future where they will meet some familiar faces from the Star Trek loreI was sucked into this story like a spaceship through a wormhole was almost too damn frustrating reading it with the Bluefire reading app because it took too long for the bloody pages to load. Kirk and his crew meet a lot of familiar faces when they get to the future, but I will not tell you any names, much more fun to read this graphic n [...]

    3. I am admittedly a huge Star Trek geek, and the omnipotent immortal being Q has always been a personal favorite. He's back in this one causing mischief and stirring things up in a big way.In this story, we have a huge crossover of various characters from all the series, but specifically Deep Space Nine. It's got most of the main characters from that series in it, only the world they are in is completely different because Q has messed with it for his own purposes. What's even cooler is that the ne [...]

    4. Find this and many more reviews over at Geekritique!With issue #35 of the ongoing Star Trek run (July 2014), which features the new cast of the reboot movies, we get an old fan favorite thrown into the mix: Q - the benevolent, childlike, and often quite dangerous extra-dimensional being. This begins a six-part story arc titled The Q Gambit. This won't be collected into a volume until March, but here's my review!The story follows James T. Kirk and the crew of the the parallel universe Enterprise. [...]

    5. This was FANTASTIC!! Oh man I didn't see this coming! A couple years back i decided to try this series & read Volume One & just wasn't very impressed so I stopped there. Figured i give this one a shot & wow the story grabbed me from the very start & never let go till the final panel. I just can't say enough good things about this volume & I'm glad I tried it. I'm most definitely gonna continue reading this series. If you're a ST fan & you haven't read this then I highly r [...]

    6. I love a good blending of Star Trek eras, and this one was done really well. I prefer it when this series does an arc, rather just just standalone issues.

    7. *Book source ~ A review copy was provided by NetGalley & IDW in exchange or an honest review.It’s Q. No other summary is needed.Q is back and, boy, have I missed him! I’d have to say that he is my favorite guest alien in Star Trek: The Next Generation. If he were a real boy, I believe he would drive me insane. But since he’s not (I think) I can sit back and enjoy his antics. This time he’s fucking with the original crew of the Enterprise. Well, I guess I should differentiate the ‘n [...]

    8. My hat is off to Mike Johnson. This was a good Q story and included not only Picard, but also the cast of the best Star Trek series - DS9. Johnson nails the characters and with supporting characters, gives the women several good roles - there is a kick ass security officer. Enjoyable.

    9. Star Trek wet dreamThis book pulls together the entire star trek lore into one frenzied adventure that surprisingly works way better than one would've thought. A pleasure to read.

    10. This was a pleasant surprise after volume 8! I was worried because it was clear this referenced a couple of old Star Trek TV series which I never watched and know nothing about. Fortunately, if you've only seen the new movies, this is easy to jump in and enjoy. The plot is a bit convoluted to explain (but will make sense when you read it) that basically delivers the new Star Trek cast into another era of time with faces that will be familiar to diehard Star Trek fans. What is different is who is [...]

    11. I received a copy of this from the publisher through Net Galley for an honest review.While this is not my first graphic novel (third maybe), it is the first one I have reviewed. I’m kind of lost on how to begin and what to comment on. A little back ground on why I picked this one up. It was free for review on Net Galley and I am a huge Star Trek fan! I figured why the hell not.Reading a graphic novel is quite a different experience from a typical book. The story is much shorter, you don’t ne [...]

    12. 'Star Trek: Ongoing, Volume 9: The Q Gambit' finds classic villain Q visiting the new crew of the Enterprise among others. It's a pretty classic Q sort of story.We start with Q visiting/pestering Jean Luc Picard as Jean Luc is trying to enjoy a hot cup of tea. This story takes place just prior to the events in the Star Trek reboot movie. Spock has led the Romulans away, and supposedly died as far as Jean Luc knows. This leads Q into an alternate timeline where he meets up with Captain Kirk and c [...]

    13. IDW's re-imagining of classic Star Trek installments in the rebooted timeline takes a break for a couple of issues with the ninth collection, "The Q Gambit."After debating with Picard about the reality of a "no-win" scenario, Q decides to put the one man who didn't believe in the "no-win" scenario to the test. Q arrives on the Enterprise in the rebooted universe and after some spirited debate with Kirk, Spock and others sends the ship and crew forward in time to the Deep Space Nine era and a ver [...]

    14. Kirk's Entreprise meets Q! Which ought to make for an amazing story. but it's Abramsverse Trek, so you end up with a nonsensical mess of a story that's like other Trek stories you already know, but worse.

    15. When I bought this, from looking through it, I thought it was a crossover with the regular DS9, but it's not. It's a possible-future DS9 in the reboot-verse. Which is cool. Q is apparently our Q (although, being an extra-dimensional being, he really should be), and there are short scenes at the beginning and end with regular Picard. It was very cool. The only thing is it left me dying to see what happens next in the original verse with what happens with Q going forward.

    16. The crossover of Deep Space 9 and Next Generation casts with the current blockbuster version was awesomely done without feeling too forced.

    17. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book. Rated 3.75 of 5Let me start off by saying that I am NOT a fan of the character "Q." Not only not a fan, but I get seriously annoyed by the character and have yet to watch any rerun of the series that has this character in it. I'm not quite sure where this distaste for the character comes from, but it's there and I'm copping to it outright.That said, this book did not start off well for me. Perhaps it's not just the character of "Q" but [...]

    18. When I saw this on Netgalley, free in exchange for an honest review, I thought, I can honestly say I love the bromance between Q and Jean Luc, it's probably as complicated and as divinely watchable/readable as the bad bromances between The Doctor and The Master in Doctor Who or Nathan and Duke (aka Nuke) in Haven. I've been a Star Trek fan for what seems like an eternity, but the day Q, played by the incomparable John De Lancie (who I'd crushed on when he played Dr. Eugene Bradford on Days of Ou [...]

    19. What feels like a gimmick or stunt casting (what if the Kelvin timeline encountered Q far earlier than they should) becomes a well put together adventure, anchored by the start in the Prime Universe. Q initially approaches Captain Picard, (now Ambassador) to console him over the death of Spock. He drops the bombshell that Spock didn't die, but set the alternate time line events in motion. Q of course, can't help but meddle, and challenges Kevlin Kirk to solve a true no win scenario by flinging t [...]

    20. That was just fun. Kelvin Timeline Trek + Q + DS9 crossover. Gul Dukat and the Pah-Wraiths vs. Q and the Prophets? Cheesy and delightful. I love my hardcore canon Star Trek, but I also love silly tangents like this. I found this very fun to read.

    21. I was expecting this to just be Q messing with Kirk's crew, but I was blown away by how it turned out to be a crossover with Deep Space Nine in an alternate future! Picard's cameo when Q visits him in the beginning is just the tip of the iceberg. Mike Johnson was able to mesh two ensembles of characters very well. And I loved the twist at the end about how this is a war between the Q Continuum and the Pah-Wraiths. It was smart of Spock to transfer the Prophet into Q to make him stronger. I do no [...]

    22. Star Trek, Vol. 9: The Q Gambitby Mike Johnson (Writer), Tony Shasteen (Artist)Q the notorious up-setter of plans, and the inter-dimensional traveler has again found something that star trek captains can only fix. Q transports the new Captain Kirk from his past to the future of a world that is vastly different than his own. His action begin by changing the time line of the universe making the Enterprise a mystery, it has disappeared from history. The Enterprise crew is immediately captured and s [...]

    23. I think this graphic novel has to be one of my favorite from the entire series so far. This novel brings in so many people! We start with Jean-Luc Picard geting his hot tea after Spock has gone through the worm hole and the Narada followed, Jean-Luc believes he has lost his old friend and then who shows up? None other than the trouble making Q. Q tells Picard that the other timeline could be changed and he's going to do something about it, Jean-Luc tells him don't you dare.but of course Q goes. [...]

    24. This is a completely new story featuring Q and the new movies Kirk and Spock and etc. Also here are Picard, most if not all of the characters from Deep Space Nine, the Cardassians, the Dominion, and most adorably Keiko O’Brien being a badass; I was dreading the appearance of Archer, but neither that show nor Voyager made the cut, which is probably a good thing, as Kirk would have been far too distracted by 7 of 9. What basically starts as an attempt by Q to take Kirk down a peg goes into a fig [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this for a variety of reasons. The graphic novel or comic is at its best when it goes where a TV series can’t, explores very visual stories, or plots that would be impossible to film. Here we have a complex plot with our old friend “Q” messing with our friends from Starfleet. And when I say our friends from Starfleet, this is a cross over between the Next Generation, the re-booted Kirk/Spock and the characters from DS9. Q is testing the resolve of Kirk by putting him in a [...]

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