Love Takes Your Breath Away

Love Takes Your Breath Away What happens after the happily ever after Is that all there is Marriage career kids and you re set Life love and the pursuit of happiness doesn t stop at til death do us part For Izzy Diego it s j

  • Title: Love Takes Your Breath Away
  • Author: Caleigh Hernandez
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What happens after the happily ever after Is that all there is Marriage, career, kids, and you re set Life, love and the pursuit of happiness doesn t stop at til death do us part For Izzy Diego it s just the beginning Forever and ever, I do is not as easy to accomplish as is saying it In real life, there are ups and downs, ins and outs Along with the goodWhat happens after the happily ever after Is that all there is Marriage, career, kids, and you re set Life, love and the pursuit of happiness doesn t stop at til death do us part For Izzy Diego it s just the beginning Forever and ever, I do is not as easy to accomplish as is saying it In real life, there are ups and downs, ins and outs Along with the good comes the bad With health, there s sickness Is love enough Is it forever Will it survive Our story starts with the proffered happily ever after moment a bride in a dress, a groom in his tux, a best man, a maid of honor, vows of love and forever and Elvis Like most fairy tales, Diego and I were still madly in love after saying, I do Hell, the man has turned loving me into an art form Not a moment is wasted With him there s a surprise at every turn, and just when I think he couldn t get any better, he takes my breath away.

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    1. Oh Diego and Izabellais is a love to rival them all. This break out novella from this talented new author will leave you aching for more. These two really know how to put a spark in an inferno with their explosive love for each other. They are spicy and so hot, I loved every part of it! Spanish oh wow.ease I want to be romanticized the way this man can dazzle his woman. The sassy best friends really top this story off with all their antics and playfulness. They all love each other genuinely and [...]

    2. I just finished Love Takes Your Breath Away And this was amazing. Freaking hot delicious I was hooked from the first page Couldn't put it down The prologue had me in tears I don't want giveaway but those vows. You did it. !! Every chapter is amazing and I Love mazzy and baz. #untwistYourself Seriously I need more #TalkSpanishToME I can picture the hole story in my head. Like I'm there to I'm begging you Write those fingers sore and give me #DiegoAndIzzy

    3. LTYBA was way more than I expected. I'm not typically a novella reader, because I don't, as a reader, feel that it's easy to connect with the characters. With that in mind, Caleigh Hernandez has a great career in front of herYBA starts with the true love that Diego and Izzy share. The backstory of their love is sprinkled in and gives the reader an understanding of their connection without over-telling the story. The friendships they have with Sebastian and Mazzy provide an even deeper connection [...]

    4. Caleigh Hernandez has definitely taken my breath away with her debut novel Love Takes Your Breath Away. Ladies get ready to be swooned by the OH SO loving and irresistible Diego. This is an amazing love story between the two main characters Diego and Izzy. The love these two have for each other makes you crave it for yourself. It’s real, honest, pure and hot! Diego has a way with words that melts your heart and maybe just maybe some clothing off too; when he speaks, or when he’s quite. Maybe [...]

    5. It was Love at First Sight and yes cliché I know but it took my breath away! The Prologue captures you right from the start; Izzy and Diego are so much in love it gives you butterflies! Of course it is hot as well, and you will be fanning yourself, and when the Spanish is spoken Oh My, Oh My.Their best friends are the best and will have you in fits of laughter with their banter! It is perfection!I would love to have been at their Wedding, with plenty of tissues!After reading this Novella you wi [...]

    6. I know I'm in the minority here, but I didn't see what all the hype was about. The book was chocked full of love and romance, etc, etc. I didn't see a definite conflict w/in it (was it because Diego was away for a few weeks?-- If so, how is that a real conflict?) I know it was more of a novella, start to this series, but I need there to be more than just these two couples love each other sooo unrealistically. Sure, real life couples love each other and there are guys who do wonderfully nice thin [...]

    7. Loves Takes Your Breath away is a beautiful love story of Diego and Izzy. The love they have for each other is a love everyone should experience in their lifetime. Caleigh Hernandez's Debut Novella is written so beautifully that you will be able to picture every moment of the story as it unfolds, and you will not be able to put it down until you turn the last page. If I didn't know that this was her first novel, I would have assumed that she had been writing for years. It is that well written. I [...]

    8. I love this so much, so much. The story of Izzy & Diego is romantic, loving & hot!!! She loves surprises but goes nuts when he wont tell her what they arehe tries to make all her dreams come true, even those she doesn't know she has. They are a wonderful couple, she is the music, he is the athleticism , a proper footballercious. I need more from these two.d I NEED to know when

    9. Love Takes Your Breath Away does just that from the prologue through each chapter of Diego and Izzy love story. Their relationship is full of passion and spice.Throw in two kickass best friends that have you in fits of laughter only adds to this story of love and what happens after you get the happy ever after. Caleigh Hernandez shines in her debut novella!!!

    10. Love takes your breath away just like this book does. This is such a romantic, loving and sexy short book. Diego is a dream come true. I want one of him. The sweetness, tenderness and touching sentiments in this book are breathtaking. My only issue is the endingiffhanger!!

    11. This was such a delightful story about love and passion. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and following them as they embark on their journey together. The ending left me hanging and now I can't wait for book two!

    12. What a great debut book!! This is a novella and well written by Caleigh. You will fall in love with this couple Diego & Izzy. Diego loves Izzy so much, he will do anything for her He loves her so much with all his heart ( con todo su corazón ).

    13. Love takes your breath away was refreshing to read . Such a beautiful, passionate and HOT story . It was so easy to fall in love with Izzy and Diego and see two characters that were already in love . This debut novella from Caleigh is a must read and I'm looking forward to more .

    14. I loved the way Diego and Izzy love was so strong. Really loved reading this book. Diego and Izzy are such a passionate couple that I fell in love with their story.

    15. First book I've read this year! And OOOHHHHMYYYGLLLOOOOB! I can't wait for the next book! DIEGO SANTO <3 I'm learning some spanish from this book. Them hot spanish football players! *drools*

    16. Love Takes Your Breath Away was unlike anything I've ever read. I love how we see these two already as a couple. I love the author's hidden references! I can't wait for more!!!

    17. *I was gifted a copy of Love Takes Your Breath Away by the author. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*Izabella and Diego are madly in love and get married in a small ceremony in Las Vegas with only their two best friends in attendance. Now they’ll have to settle into life as a married couple. They’ll be going through some changes as their marriage progresses and will have to find a way to navigate the good and the bad.Love Takes Your Breath Away is a contemporary romance novella abo [...]

    18. This one will definitely take your breath away.If you're looking for a story about a strong couple who love each other unconditionally look no further then this little gem of a novella. This book is a refreshing change of pace for the book world and I couldn't have enjoyed this story more. Isabella, Izzy as she prefers to be called, is a strong young woman who you just can't help but fall in love with. Diego is smitten from first glance. He's a loveable, cocky jock on campus who isn't going to t [...]

    19. This a book that for me was an easy read. Full of love and emotion but not so much drama. Izzy and Santos love was the forever kinda love. The thing it bother me was how do they got to there happily ever after?? The story start on the wedding day and everything is perfect but what happen all those years before they finally got together. They spend 10 years of there life to get to the HEA and apparently it wasn't easy and Santos wasn't so good at letting his feelings show at the beginning so how [...]

    20. Beautiful Love Story!In this beautiful story It was Love at first sight . Izzy and Diego are so much so much in love, their story is Romantic, loving, sexy, and hot. This story is beautiful, romantic, and full of love it tells you to never give up on love. On true love and to give a second date. That's what Izzy did to Diego. She gave him a second date and that's how their story began and their love grew more and more with each passing day. They call them selves The Beauty and The Saint. ( La Be [...]

    21. I enjoyed this debut novella from Caleigh Hernandez. I was disappointed in the ending though because I'm just not a fan of cliffhangers without a warning. Izzy & Diego's love story is that epic love that everyone dreams ago. Gorgeous, famous husband dotes upon and worships the ground that the wife walks on. His love for her is beautiful written and so many times I felt myself audibly saying "Aww!" A good, fast read!

    22. Liked it a lot!Really loved that this story started with a beautiful wedding and we knew the HEA! They only thing I didn't like was that Izzy seemed like kind of a snob who was perfect. and she just didn't seem "real" to me. But I still liked their story and can't wait to read part 2.

    23. When does the next one come out!! I had no idea this was a cliffhanger :( I would have waited to read it lol. This was such a precious love story! I love how it starts at their wedding and goes on after! Cannot wait for more!

    24. Well, not sure this was exactly my type of story, but it was a quick, hot, very sweet and light read.Diego and Izzy's story starts from the moment most other stories end - the "til death do us part." moment. It's an unconventional approach, I have to admit, and it got me intrigued. You can easily see from page 1 the epic love between these two. It is in their words, their expressions, their gestures towards each other, everything. There were so many sweet moments in this short story that you can [...]

    25. **Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**I totally loved how this story started off. We don't normally get it this way and this was so different and unique. We already get to see the couple as being together and we skipped all that and got down to them getting married.Diego and Izzy seem to be the perfect couple. They have lots in common and they seem to be so, so in love with each other. They both have lost their parents but they have their good friends Mazzy and Baz always at their [...]

    26. I love to read. I have read as far back as I can remember. I read all kinds of books. Books are a big part of my life and romance specifically hold a special place for me. We may go through so much to get our HEA, but we usually do, however, we never get the story about what happens after the HEA. Caleigh Hernandez is giving us this story! What happens after the HEA? In Love Takes Your Breath Away we meet Diego and Izzy as they embark on their story. They are ready to move forward and live their [...]

    27. 3.5 starsAt first I wasn’t sure what to make of this book. Most books end before or at the wedding that signifies the couples “happy ever after” and the reader is left to imagine what life looks like after that point. Love Takes Your Breath Away actually opens with the wedding of Izzy and Diego and then gives us a brief look into their life for the next several weeks. I liked both Izzy and Diego, but didn’t feel like I got to know them very well. The book isn’t terribly long and they w [...]

    28. It was so nice to read a touching love story without all the problems that others had. This book is one of a forever love. There was no cheating, fighting, or all that other stuff that hurt couples.Diego is a Prince charming and loves Izzy with everything that he has. Izzy feels the same for Diego. The story starts out with their wedding and the vows, just WOW. Beautifully written.The story goes on with days after the wedding and their love for each. The best friends Mazzy and Sebastian are craz [...]

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