Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths

Heroes Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths The earth breeds giants and ogres of indescribable horror the heavens hold omnipotent gods and goddesses abounding in courage strength and wisdom Zeus the almighty king of the gods who cannot resi

  • Title: Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths
  • Author: Bernard Evslin William Hofmann
  • ISBN: 9780553259209
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback
  • The earth breeds giants and ogres of indescribable horror the heavens hold omnipotent gods and goddesses, abounding in courage, strength and wisdom.Zeus, the almighty king of the gods, who cannot resist feminine beauty mortal or divine, and his jealous and vengeful wife, Hera.Perseus, fearless mortal warrior, who takes on an impossible challenge slaying the monstrouThe earth breeds giants and ogres of indescribable horror the heavens hold omnipotent gods and goddesses, abounding in courage, strength and wisdom.Zeus, the almighty king of the gods, who cannot resist feminine beauty mortal or divine, and his jealous and vengeful wife, Hera.Perseus, fearless mortal warrior, who takes on an impossible challenge slaying the monstrous Medusa, whose glance turns men to stone.The Minotaur, half man and half bull, the horrible fruit of a queen s unspeakable desire, who annually destroys the young victims sacrificed to his terrifying power.A fantastic world of spells and curses, magic and mystery, forces that create and destroy at will.

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    1. This is an interesting book about Greek myths, gods, goddesses, demigods who become heroes, and deadly monsters such as the Minotaur and Medusa. One myth tells the story of Zeus’s father, Cronos, who killed his own father Uranus in order to take his throne. However, Uranus tells him that one of his sons would overthrow him one day. So Cronos swallows his children as they are born: Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon. But he doesn’t know that Zeus made a drink that would force Cronos t [...]

    2. Obviously written for a younger audience (compared to the compliation of Hamilton & Bulfinch) since most of the more obscure Greek myths (and in many cases, the more interesting ones) are left out entirely; of the myths which are included, only one version is presented of each, obscuring the fact that in many cases there were multiple versions of each myth, each version interesting and useful in its own right. Yet with simple language and direct verse, he quite excellently brings out a depth [...]

    3. This book is really interesting if you enjoy Greek myths. I really like how the author categorizes each section: Gods, Nature Myths, etc. The only con to this book is the layout of the words. They are very close together and not spaced out well, so it's slightly more "annoying" to read and it doesn't make you want to read the book.

    4. Had to read this for school and I thought that it was pretty good. I love Greek mythology so there's a plus. Not terrible but not great. The writing was a little strange but I liked how quick the chapters were. My favorite stories were about Aphrodite.

    5. Interesting, insomuch as I happen to be interested in Greek mythology. The tales are hyper short & are easy to understand. (Nice when you're a younger reader or someone who's just now being introduced to Greek mythology.) No comparison between the Greek Gods & the Roman Gods (who were "borrowed" from the Greeks). Very light on the information. I didn't feel like I had to think hard & I didn't learn anything new, unfortunately.That said, I would recommend this to those starting out in [...]

    6. Personal responseOne of my favorite stories in the book was Hephaestus, the Smith God the god who cast off a cliff, for being too ugly ,but was taken back when his gift as a smith was known to Olympus. As I read each story the ideas the greeks lived by became more clear.Plot The plot of the book is a series of old greek myths that taught morals and how things came to be. There was a lot of diversity with each story some being about those who are punished for loving themselves too much or some be [...]

    7. If only I spoke and read Greek, but Bernard Evslin does/did. He did not originally set out to translate or tell any of these stories. He was only following in the classically trained footsteps of his uncle, and he fell in love with Greek stories along the way. This edition of the myths FELT real to me. There are so many Greek Heroes/Gods/Monsters books out there, and most of them feel stilted or overly sanitized. This one told it like it is without being overly graphic. Bravo, Mr. Evslin, and th [...]

    8. As a writer, I’ve always had a soft spot for mythology, especially Greek mythology. These are the bones of many stories, the roots from which modern tales spring and the well from which many writers draw their inspiration.Bernard Evslin tells the stories of gods, goddesses, heroes and monsters in a swift, straight to the point manner. This isn’t a flowery novel with lavish descriptions and it often breaks the ‘show don’t tell’ golden rule, but for the subject matter at hand, it is effe [...]

    9. Obnoxious oversimplifications but it fits in your back pocket and is succinct enough to sneak in a story in a waiting room or on your lunch break.

    10. A great compilation of classic Greek myths! Some of them are very familiar, others not so much - but all were fun to listen to via the audiobook. A fun, quick book.

    11. Amazing book! You can pick up and put down without having to remember everything. I would highly recommend it!

    12. I read " Heroes, Gods, and Monsters go Greek myths " by Bernard Evslin. Some things I liked about the book was it was a quick and simple read. I also liked that it had lots of myths in one book not one full myth. I enjoyed the book being quick and simple because I am very busy and I do not have time to read about character development. For example when it talked about Theseus it said he was very proud, it did not build up the character to seem that way. If every character in all of these myths w [...]

    13. I am interested in just about anything related to the Greek myths, and this was no different. It was perfect to listen to in the car or getting ready in the morning. The narrator was excellent, and I loved the touches of dialogue that the author included to bring the heroes and gods and monsters to life. Though I listened to the audiobook, I think it would have been an easy and enjoyable read. However, I do feel that some of the more popular stories were missing or incomplete, and for that reaso [...]

    14. I enjoyed reading the background stories on the various Greek gods. I would hate to try to draw a family tree, what with all the interbreeding with mortals. I think some of the male gods may have had hundreds of progeny. The stories were well told and kept my interest although they weren't as fanciful as some novels. All in all it was a nice refresher of the gods that I had learned about in school many years ago.

    15. Having read all of the Percy Jackson books I wanted to learn more about Greek Mythology. This book got great reviews so I thought that I would give it a try. It did not disappoint. This book is for all ages. It tells the story of each God, Muse, Demi-God etc. in a way that you will remember way beyond the normal two week retention of so many facts. If you or your child is interested in Greek Mythology I highly recommend this book.

    16. Good for (mature) children and teens, or adults who want a story-like telling of some of the more popular myths. I found it took too many liberties with the myths for the sake of narrative, and in many cases only presented one of the many stories regarding the specific myth, but for people who want a more detailed introduction to the myths and have no interest in the academics of it, it's a good place to start.

    17. I liked the fact that despite all the Greek myths I've read over the years (some of them more than once), this book still had myths I'd never read before and even had a fresh look on myths I'd already been familiar with. This is why I love mythology in general; there's always something new to learn no matter how well you think you already know it.

    18. A spot of good fun for those, like me, that like this kind of thing. Nothing exceptional about the prose but then on the other hand nothing jarring about the prose that would get in the way of the stories.

    19. Some were new, some were familiar, some were boring, some were interesting. My favourite part was learning about the origins of stories or even some common words that we still use today like “panic” and “cereal”. Why crows are black and why nothing grows in winter.It was good listening overall, although I am not sure how much I will retain. It was more or less: in one ear and out the other.

    20. This is a pretty good book that goes over the Greek myths in a creative and entertaining way. For someone like me who already knows all these myths it doesn't introduce anything new or any of the lesser heroes.

    21. A good overview of major figures in Greek Mythology. My one critique is that it could have been more detailed. I liked the last third of the book, where long stories were actually told, but the first two-thirds were pretty dry and surface level.

    22. This is a pretty good book of Greek Myths, written for school kids. There’s some sly bits in here and a good chunk of “fantastic violence.”I would have enjoyed this as a kid, and I’m glad I read it today.

    23. HeroesWhat a quick and interesting read from Bernard Evslin. Where was this book when I was in school? Would recommend this book and its author.

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