Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons It s been five years since the original turtle lady old Miss Lovie Rutledge passed away but her legacy lives on with some special women especially Toy and her daughter young Little Lovie Toy Soon

  • Title: Swimming Lessons
  • Author: Mary Alice Monroe
  • ISBN: 9780778324621
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s been five years since the original turtle lady, old Miss Lovie Rutledge, passed away, but her legacy lives on with some special women, especially Toy and her daughter, young Little Lovie.Toy Sooner kept her graveside vow to her beloved mentor She left behind an abusive, dysfunctional lifestyle to become a strong single mother and aquarist at the South Carolina AquariIt s been five years since the original turtle lady, old Miss Lovie Rutledge, passed away, but her legacy lives on with some special women, especially Toy and her daughter, young Little Lovie.Toy Sooner kept her graveside vow to her beloved mentor She left behind an abusive, dysfunctional lifestyle to become a strong single mother and aquarist at the South Carolina Aquarium But success has taken its toll, leaving Toy fearful of change and risks.Caretta Rutledge, Florence Prescott and Emmaline Baker have all experienced loss This summer, with each other s friendship and support, they will try to make their dreams a reality.The turtle season begins the day Toy rescues a sick sea turtle on the beach When Toy brings the loggerhead to the aquarium, she begins a turtle hospital with the help of her boss, Ethan As the summer progresses and the sea turtles take their measured steps toward healing and freedom Toy, Cara, Flo and Emmi must find their own strength to face their fears and move courageously toward their futures.Mary Alice Monroe delivers another deeply satisfying novel written with an eye to nature and keen insights into the connections between women.

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    1. This is not a book I would have picked to read. But that’s how book club selections roll. It’s a bit too chick lit for me. Toy is a single mom of a five year old daughter, living on The Isle of Palms. She’s part of a loggerhead turtle rescue team and also works for the Charleston Aquarium. In typical chick lit fashion, you’re quickly introduced to several good looking single men. I enjoyed learning about loggerhead turtles. In fact, I would have been happier if the book had delved more i [...]

    2. Swimming Lessons by Mary Alice Monroe is a 2007 Mira publication. As we begin this second book in the “Beach House” series, we find five years have gone by, that Cara and Brett have married and are trying to start a family, which has been a very slow and painful process. Toy is living in the beach house with her young daughter ‘Little Lovie’, and has a great job working at the South Carolina Aquarium. Emmi has now divorced, but is taking it very, very hard, acting very impulsively as tho [...]

    3. Did you ever read a book that you got so involved with the characters you didn't want the book to end? You felt like you could be there with them. This is the sequel to Beach House which at the time I read Beach House didn't realize there was a sequel. This book brings closure to the characters in Beach House. It's about family, family, friendship, good times, and sad times. And as a bonus you learn about nature and the low country. I think what really draws you to her books is the peacefullness [...]

    4. I love this book, it continued on with the stories of Toy, Little Lovie, Cara and Flo, the famous turtle savers, they all come full circle and show what true love and true friendship really is

    5. Swimming Lessons, by Mary Alice Monroe seemed to be the perfect audio book to ease into summer with. I generally love most books set on the shores of lovely South Carolina, and when I read that this one included a story about the cycle of life of the Loggerhead turtles of the Isle of Palms, it had a special meaning to me.Several years ago while on vacation, we were fortunate enough to be able to see these magnificent creatures lay their eggs along the shore. It was fascinating even though the ar [...]

    6. Sequel to the beach house, continuing from one character's point of view. Immediately read this after the Beach House. Wonderful book, you really want to root for the main character's success, love interest and career as biologist. What a success story for a young female character who had an abusive boyfriend in book I and was estranged from her irresponsible parents. Loved this book and looking to read many more of Monroe's books. This is about the power of female friendships and the turns life [...]

    7. Loaned to me by a friend who is on a mission to read all of Mary Alice Monroe's books. This is a sequel to _The Beach House_, starts with Toy Sooner and her child, now five years old, and of course with the rescue of a loggerhead turtle.* * * * *I really didn't want to read another book about these Turtle Ladies and their families, but once I got started, the story pulled me in and I became very involved with them. Mary Alice Monroe is a good storyteller, and I ended up enjoying this so much.

    8. I love a good romance, based at the beach in South Carolina. Total sucker for that combo and usually rate the book a three out of five stars. But this book was different because it had a lot of factual information about marine life in the area - particularly loggerhead turtles - and so that earned it a four star review for me! Great beach read!! On to the last in the trilogy.

    9. While this is a little "soppy" and perhaps more predictable than my usual reads - I loved this book!!!! I read he book, "Beach House" about 5 years ago, which I loved, and this sequel was also wonderful. I love the environmental messages and the sea turtle rescues are very interesting. I have been on Isle of Palms and also visited and continue to support the Turtle Hospital in The Keys. So -the subject resonates with me, and the author does such a good job of creating great characters, and I rea [...]

    10. This was one of her best books.Probably because of the turtles. Miss Monroe has proven to do extensive research on all her books and although the outcome is somewhat predicable the knowledge learned about the underlining story is always worth the time spent. I had the opportunity to meet Miss Monroe and found her as enchanting as all of her books.

    11. I enjoyed this and The Beach House so much, I bought Turtle Summer for my seven-year-old granddaughter for Christmas. Her family vacations on Topsail Island, NC and alway go to the turtle rescue center while they are there.

    12. I wasn't sure I would like this sequel to The Beach House, but once I got into it I really enjoyed learning Toy's story. It was very enjoyable to read how she went from a pregnant teenager to a responsible adult who is beginning a very good life for herself and her daughter.

    13. This is the sequel of Beach House, so it was interesting to find out what has happened to the characters. Toy has certainly grown, and her "Turtle Life" was interesting. Loved the Isle of Palms setting! Hope there is another sequel so we can keep up with the Turtle Ladies and Toy's life.

    14. Mary Alice Monroe delivers another five star novel. An eloquently written book about love, loss, and friendship. Monroe beautifully describes the South Carolina Lowcountry in this series. Her well developed characters come to life on the pages. I loved the story and I found it interesting to learn all about the loggerhead turtles. Can't wait to start the next book in this series.

    15. Love this series! I feel like I know the characters very well after finishing this second book in the series. Looking forward to more summer fun with the sea turtles!

    16. In this sequel to The Beach House by Mary Alice Monroe, it has been five years since the passing of Miss Lovie Rutledge. Toy Sooner and her daughter, Little Lovie are living in Primrose Cottage on the beach where Miss Lovie fiercely cared for and tended to her Loggerhead Turtles. Every year, the turtle ladies, watched for the migration of the mama turtles coming ashore to nest and lay their golf-ball sized eggs. Since Miss Lovie's death, Toy has gone on to college, graduated, and secured a life [...]

    17. This is a continuation of Mary Alice Monroe's story 'The Beach House'. I read 'Beach House Memories' and then 'Swimming Lessons' only because I wanted to read the prequel to 'The Beach House' before continuing on with the story. That said, if you haven't read the other two books, reading 'Swimming Lessons' could be read as a stand-alone book.This book is the story of Toy Sooner. It is five years after she had her baby, Little Lovie. Toy has now finished college and works at the South Carolina Aq [...]

    18. This was the sequel to The Beach House. I read this for book club and it did not seem to matter that I had not read The Beach House. I was easily able to figure out who the characters were and enough of their histories to figure the story out. It was a sweet story written about my favorite place in the worlde Lowcountry of South Carolina. Makes you want to become one of the famed Turtle Ladies who help the Loggerhead turtles with their nests. Although a little predictable at times it was a well [...]

    19. I am LOVING this story! However, this is the first audiobook that I have ever listened to, and I am not enjoying that experience very much! I am a fast reader, and the audiobook version is SO LONG! I feel like I could have read it several times already, and I am only on chapter 10. I think I will be reading the book when I finish listening, so I am enjoy it in full!

    20. Another inspiring novel by Mary Alice! This is the sequel to "The Beach House". If you have never read a book by Mary Alice, start with "The Beach House" then read this one. I'm now starting the third book to the series called "Beach House Memories". These books bring great encouragement and hope. Thank you, Mary Alice!

    21. Loved, loved, loved this one. It was great reading about home! Even though I grew up in N. Charleston I could totally relate to all of the places and scenes. Really enjoyed learning about sea turtles. I think I have a new favorite author.

    22. This is such a good series. I really enjoy beach books and this series has all generations covered, some young some a bit older and on up into grandparent age. The turtle facts have been great. I am now on the search for the next volume and I hope this series will continue.

    23. This book is a really great book. I did like The Beach House just a tiny bit better. This had a little more twists and turns though. I love Mary Alice Monroe's style. She makes you feel like you are there.

    24. It was a great read. As a continuation of The Beach House, it brought closure to beloved characters from the first book. I love how Mary Alice Munroe teaches you something about nature while she spins a tale of strong female characters who meet life's challenges with strength and courage.

    25. My grandmother is an avid Mary Alice Monroe reader and happen to buy 2 of these by accident. This was my first and it was a beautiful and tear jerking story that makes you want to drink wine and sit on the porch of a beach house with your best girlfriends.

    26. I really enjoyed this book set in the background of an Aquarium and the focused marine animal was turtles. The main body of the story was good as well.

    27. I really enjoyed this one. Made me become more aware of the great aspects of nature that I tend to overlook/ignore! Cute book :-)

    28. Book 2 in the Beach House Series does not disappoint. This book is about Toy Sooner, the pregnant teenager of Book 1. She is without Daryl and it's 5 years later. Due to Lovie's guidance and acceptance of Toy into her family and home, Toy has really made a good life for herself and her daughter. She got a college degree and lives in the Beach House. I wondered if I would love this book as much as the first, yes I do. Thanks in no small part to the loggerhead turtles and the Beach House. Toy star [...]

    29. 4.5 stars. This was great. It picks up 5 years after Beach House ended. Toy's storyline takes center stage in this book. It was fun to be back with all the great characters from Beach House, and there are new ones added. This book is definitely similar in style and story budding romance, sea turtles, family drama, good friends supporting each other, etc. I liked this one just a tad better than Beach House though. It didn't seem quite as dramatic, and I think it was just nice to see more of the s [...]

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