Sweetgrass Mama June and preston Blakely s lifelong dream has been to hold on to the acres of land all that is left of the family s plantation But when the new tax bill arrives it looks as though they might

  • Title: Sweetgrass
  • Author: Mary Alice Monroe
  • ISBN: 9780778323068
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Mama June and preston Blakely s lifelong dream has been to hold on to the 100 acres of land all that is left of the family s plantation But when the new tax bill arrives, it looks as though they might have to sell As the family struggles to keep the land and remain united, the Blakelys come to realize that their bond as a family is all they need to stay together.

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    1. I admit, I bought this book for its absolutely gorgeous cover. Little did I know, there was a heartfelt family saga inside, just waiting to be read.There have only been a few books I've read over the last couple of years that had such great characters with integrity and reality. I loved "meeting" each one of them, and I will carry them with me long after I lend this book to a friend.The illness that befell Preston was very sad, but it lent such warmth and hope to the story. Morgan was a story wi [...]

    2. This was on a recommendation list for chicklit I was trying. I have been finding this isn't a genre to my liking, but I had hopes for this one given the blurb on the cover from Pat Conroy, a first rate writer of literary fiction about the South Carolina lowcountry in which this is set. From the beginning though, this struck me as wretchedly written. Clumsy dialogue with people dumping information already known to both of them and melodramatic in tone. It also features a plot device I find irrita [...]

    3. Light read with a typical Lowcountry story. Good vacation book. The great thing about Mary Alice Monroe's books is learning about Lowcountry history and nature. From the obvious sweetgrass lesson you will learn about sweetgrass basket sewing, the local bottle nose dolphins and a bit of Charleston history. Monroe centers her stories around the real Lowcountry. She lives it, loves it and it shows in her books.

    4. Sweetgrass is an historical tract of land that the Blakely family has called home for the past eight generations. But Sweetgrass - so named for the indigenous grass that grows in the area - is in trouble. Bulldozers are leveling the surrounding properties, and the Blakelys may be forced to sell the only thing that continues to hold their disintegrating family together. For some of Blakelys, the prospect of selling Sweetgrass is bittersweet - for others, it is completely unimaginable. But as the [...]

    5. A down to earth story with strong character development and interesting southern traditions. A really enjoyable read

    6. I was asked to read something recent by Mary Alice Monroe to review for the Friends of the Library newsletter at my library. I probably wouldn't have picked this book up otherwise. It really wasn't that bad.The story centers Sweetgrass, a former plantation on the South Caroline coast that has been in the Blakely family since the 1700's. Preston Blakely, the current patriarch has been scrabbling all his life to keep Sweetgrass together. He has lots of obstacles in his way - taxes that keep creepi [...]

    7. Mary June Blakely and Preston Blakely have been married for forty-seven years; they have spent their entire marriage at Sweetgrass, the Blakley's ancestral home. Unfortunately, their marriage is tested when Preston succumbs to a stroke and when Preston's greedy, developer-friendly, real estate agent sister pressures the family to sell Sweetgrass. As Preston undergoes therapy at home, the various members of the Blakely family finally come to grips with some personal demons and family secrets that [...]

    8. I was expecting a fluffy-- 'feel good' story when I picked up this book; however, what I got was better-- this story shows the pain and damage that a loss of a loved one can cause and how differently everyone handled their grief. A family tragedy brings them all together again after 20 years and they are forced to face the past and mistakes they've all made. In addition to the family's story, we learn about the art of sweet grass baskets made by the Gullah people in the Low Country-- and the ser [...]

    9. I read this book because a co-worker gave it to me because she knows I'm a reader. I didn't care for it only because I'm a literature snob, and this book didn't do anything original. The characters weren't original, the story wasn't original, and the writing was full of cliches. There was no real growth or character development. Still, I read the whole thing to see what would happen next, so it wasn't a bad book. It's like the difference between watching Two and Half Men and Breaking Bad. It's n [...]

    10. Really good beach read-takes place in South Carolina-and not a bad family story. Plot follows a family struggling to maintain their homestead as their strained relationships are repaired or torn asunder.

    11. Strained family bonds are restored and painful memories are healed as a family comes together to offer post-stroke care for its patriarch and to save its family plantation from foreclosure. This domestic drama was predictably sweet. This is not my preferred reading material.

    12. For me, the best part of this book was the sweet grass baskets. I'm afraid that I could not stand that the main character was named Mama June. I just could not get the image of Honey Boo Boo's Mama June out of my head, and it spoiled the book for me.

    13. I just finished reading "Sweetgrass," this morning. Such a fantastic read!!! It just goes to show you that all families have problemswhen you think someone you know has the perfect family, I can promise you there is alot of pain and suffering that is probably hidden like in this story about an old southern plantation in Charleston, SC that has a history dating back hundreds of years about the Blakely family. Mary June and Adele are college roomates at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC, and deci [...]

    14. This is the second book I have read by Mary Alice Monroe and I loved it. I plan to eventually read them all. The characters were fantastic, endearing and entertaining. The lowcountry story of sweet grass baskets and how the art was passed down from generation to generation was enlightening.I'm so glad I picked this book to enjoy and remember during my summer break from school.

    15. Another beautifully written book about the South and family. Mary Alice Monroe shows her love of family and their heritage. With so much land being developed with little left to nature and its inhabitants, this story helped to explain what happens to the environment when land is lost to concrete, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this thought-provoking book. You will, too.

    16. I really enjoy Lowcountry writer Mary Alice Monroe and Sweetgrass was a really good family saga. I enjoyed meeting the chararacters, beginning with college roommates Adele and Mary Jane. There were a few inconsistencies and some questionable facts, but they didn't get in the way of an interesting and heartfelt story.

    17. This book takes place in South Carolina in current day. The family is having to deal with serious health and monetary issues and having to entertain thoughts of selling their plantation. It is interesting to see the characters develop as they face issues and solve their problems, to the best of their abilities, for all involved.

    18. I really enjoy this author. She writes about the interaction between family members. Also much of it takes place in Charleston in a big beach house.

    19. Entertaining, though a bit flat at the end. I expected something more. Still I will probably read more of this author's books.

    20. One of her best books. It was unpredictable and characters were richly drawn. Reveals depth of family love with all its warts

    21. I loved this story. I especially enjoyed reading about the lowcountry. Looking forward to reading more of her books.

    22. nice plot, as i was reading it I could picture where sweetgrass was in south carolinafelt like I knew the place.

    23. Interesting info about sweetgrass and its importance for basket builders and the Carolina shoreline. Mama June keeps a secret about her dead son that causes issues for her living son. Her husband has a stroke, wants the land to stay in the family, a son who wants to help but has nightmares about how his brother died, and an aunt more interested in selling the land to developers. Liked the solution of giving the land to conservation groups. So sorry that Mama June's friendship with the roommate- [...]

    24. I admit, I bought this book for its absolutely gorgeous cover. Little did I know, there was a heartfelt family saga inside, just waiting to be read.There have only been a few books I've read over the last couple of years that had such great characters with integrity and reality. I loved "meeting" each one of them, and I will carry them with me long after I lend this book to a friend.

    25. This is my first try at a Mary Alice Monroe book, and I must say that on the whole I expected to feel more moved by it. Admittedly, it was enjoyable enough, although a little old fashioned. It did bring back a lot of images of my trip to South Carolina and the Low Country, back in 2006. I truly loved that part of the story: the scenery really spoke to me. In my head I could totally picture that old plantation that has belonged to the Blakely family for centuries.This story is well written, but f [...]

    26. Mama June and Preston Blakely have seen their share of hard times in their 47 years of marriage: the death of their older son; the desertion of their younger son; the estrangement of their daughter. Now they are facing perhaps, the hardest time of all. The Blakely family is in danger of losing their beloved home, Sweetgrass, in the Lowcountry--the home that has been in the family for generations. Preston has had a serious stroke and it is now up to Mama June to decide what to do, but she cannot [...]

    27. Sweetgrass is the name of the South Carolina lowcountry plantation home of the Blakely family and also the indigenous grass used in making the tradition sweetgrass baskets.The books opens with a bitter argument between Mary June and Preston Blakely over the future of Sweetgrass. The argument culminates in Preston suffering a stroke. Since stoke is high on my list of old-age concerns, this captured my attention.The estranged family rallies around to care for Preston and save Sweetgrass, not just [...]

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