My Last Best Friend

My Last Best Friend As Ida May begins fourth grade she is determined never to make another best friend because her last best friend moved away This is a doable plan at first Thanks to bratty bossy Jenna Drews who hate

  • Title: My Last Best Friend
  • Author: Julie Bowe Jana Christy
  • ISBN: 9780152061975
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
  • As Ida May begins fourth grade, she is determined never to make another best friend because her last best friend moved away This is a doable plan at first Thanks to bratty, bossy Jenna Drews, who hates Ida, no one in class has ever really noticed her before It s when the sparkly Stacey Merriweather comes to her school that Ida s plan goes awry Ida reaches out desAs Ida May begins fourth grade, she is determined never to make another best friend because her last best friend moved away This is a doable plan at first Thanks to bratty, bossy Jenna Drews, who hates Ida, no one in class has ever really noticed her before It s when the sparkly Stacey Merriweather comes to her school that Ida s plan goes awry Ida reaches out despite her fear but doesn t say hello instead she writes Stacey anonymous notes Soon their friendship develops without Ida ever having to reveal her real identity until she has no choice And that s when the true friendship begins.

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    1. I enjoyed My Last Best Friend right from the start:"I'm Ida May, and there's one thing I know. Fourth grade isn't fourth at all. Fourth means you've done something at least three times before. But fourth grade is nothing like third grade. Or second grade. Or first grade.In fourth grade there is no more printing There is only cursive. I hate cursive.In fourth grade you are not allowed to add and subtract. You are only allowed to multiply and divide.In fourth grade you're a baby if you still want [...]

    2. Reviewed by Julie M. Prince for TeensReadTooBowe knows the fourth grade. Julie Bowe's MY LAST BEST FRIEND rings true for anyone who's survived heartbreaking separation. After Ida's best friend moves away, she's sure she'll never have another friend like Elizabeth. Until the day the new girl, Stacey Merriweather, smiles at her. The thing I love most about this book is the way Ida thinks: "She's smiling at you with the kind of smile you don't see on a real person very often. The kind you see a lit [...]

    3. I loved the book because it was full of drama and suspense because on page 13 when the new girl Stacy Merriweather came to her new school she started to tell lies about herself just to fit in with the meaniest girl in the school Jenna Drews because if you don't listen to her she'll do something so mean you'll regret that you didn't listen to her.I think Samantha would like this book because she might like how it has drama and smartness with the mouth because Jenna always has something mean to sa [...]

    4. Great little book about the agonies of fitting in and finding that one true friend who makes surviving the difficulties of childhood so much easier. Ida Mays' best friend has moved away, never to be heard from again. Ida vows never to make friends with anyone else so she doesn't have to endure the pain of loss again. With braty, bossy Jenna Drews running fourth grade, that shouldn't be too hard. Ida becomes the the target for all of Jenna's bullying meanness.When the new girl moves to town, Jenn [...]

    5. My Last Best Friend was a title picked by my daughters book club. This was a super quick, cute little story about a Ida, a girl who's best friend moved away, Jenna, the bully, and Stacy, the new girl. I like the lesson about how to be a good friend to people who deserve it. And how to deal with mean girls. I talk to my daughter about this topic a lot and this story reinforced these conversations.

    6. Ida May is a normal girl, whose best friend just moved away and Ida thought that friend was the only one she needed. But when a new girl named Stacey transferred to the school, Ida wanted to make friends with her. But bossy, bratty Jenna Drews didn't let Stacey really talk to Ida. But when Ida and Stacey start writing secret notes to each other, a great friendship begins to form.This is a story about friendship and making new friends.

    7. this book was pretty good. I liked the drama in it, it kept the book interesting. The part where Stacy went to her new school and lied about herself just to fit in with the mean girls was one of my favorite parts. My favorite character is Ida. she a loving, caring person and doesn't care what anyone else thinks about her. this book it more for girls, maybe even girls that have moved to a new school. I would recommend this book for girls that have gone through these problems or that like drama.

    8. Ida May had a best friend and look how that turned out - she moved away. So why would she want another best friend? Especially one like Stacey who everyone likes and has a smile like her former best friend. Even queen bee Jenna likes Stacey. And Stacey seems to like Ida May. How can Ida May keep herself from having another best friend?

    9. Ida May's best friend has moved. She doesn't want anymore best friends because she thinks they will move like her last one did. But when she met Stacey, everything has changed. When Ida May finally wants to be Stacey's best friend, Stacey has to move. What will happen next? How would Ida react? Will they be best friends? I recommend this book to people who struggle on relationship like Ida.

    10. Charming little book about the beginning of Ida May's fourth grade year. Her best friend moved away over the summer and she vows never ever to have a best friend again -- it just hurts too bad when they move away. But then she starts a secret friendship with the new, intriguing girl at school, and everything changes.

    11. I had to give up this book because it seemed like an excuse for the author to rag on people who eat organic (because, ya know, we're all stuck up assholes instead of people who actually give a shit about other people in the fields having an extraordinarily higher cancer rate picking the veggies and fruit that we eat, as well as ingesting toxic chemicals that are fucking up the environment).

    12. I thought this book was great i read it twice.I even did i project on it last year!but the last time i read it i could not relate to it but know my best friend moved and changed schools and i barely see should read this really good book.

    13. This book was okay but I prefer mystery,horror,and animal books.But what happens when your best friend moves away?And you have a promise to always write each other,but she never wrote back.The only thing you got from her is a birthday card.It was not even from her it was from her mom.

    14. I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!! I got to e-mail this author and actully she mailed a lot of bookmarks to my school that i passed out with her signarture on them!!! I also got a post card from her,hard written by Julie Bowe!!! How awesome is that?!!!!

    15. My Last Best Friend is a wonderful book about a little girl who's best friend moves away and promised her self she shall never make a new best friend. Will she keep her promise? Don't think I'm going to tell you! Read it and find out. :)

    16. This book is sort of sad because one of the main character's best friends had to move away. They weren't just best friends, they were like sisters. She is in 4th grade, just like I was when I read this. I liked that even a sad situation could have a happy ending.

    17. Part of the Firends for Keeps series, in this book, Ida is starting 4th grade. She deals with the lost of a best friend, a mean classmate, cliques, and a new girl with her own secrets. A perfect chapter book for elementary aged girls.**curious if it will hold the interest of boys

    18. I think this is an excellent book, not just because I know the author (my husband's cousin) but because I really enjoyed it even though it took me back to the days when my daughters were in elementary school and there was constant friendship drama!

    19. A simple short and sweet friendship book. Ida is a fourth grader who just had a friend move away. A new girl moves to town and they have a secret friendship. Stacey needs to learn who can be a true friend and that honesty is the best policy.

    20. I got this at the book fair. I started crying because this is the exact same thing that happened to me. Except I never found another best friend. Same grade and everything. But I didn't wear deoderant in fourth grade! :)

    21. this book was kind of sad in the beginning because ida doesn't have any friends, and gets bullied by that meanie Jenna. Later in the book, Ida does make a friend named Stacey, in a very wierd way By secret notes. You should definitely read this sad but very spectacular book by Julie Bowe.

    22. I like the reading level, the bullying topic and that the bully apologizes in the end. Limited appeal, as it is really girly.

    23. I read this in 4th or 5th grade and really liked it. Can't remember why though. Maybe I'll re-read it. Better review coming soon.

    24. Annabel liked it well enough to want to read the next in the series -- I think this is her first big chapter book!

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