Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground From the Essence bestselling and award winning author Victoria Christopher Murray comes Stand Your Ground a new novel about two women who are faced with the same tragedy A black teenage boy is dead

  • Title: Stand Your Ground
  • Author: Victoria Christopher Murray
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From the 1 Essence bestselling and award winning author Victoria Christopher Murray comes Stand Your Ground, a new novel about two women who are faced with the same tragedy.A black teenage boy is dead A white man shot him Was he standing his ground or was it murder Janice Johnson is living every black mother s nightmare Her seventeen year old son was murdered and the sFrom the 1 Essence bestselling and award winning author Victoria Christopher Murray comes Stand Your Ground, a new novel about two women who are faced with the same tragedy.A black teenage boy is dead A white man shot him Was he standing his ground or was it murder Janice Johnson is living every black mother s nightmare Her seventeen year old son was murdered and the shooter has not been arrested Can the D.A and the police be trusted to investigate and do the right thing Should Janice take advantage of the public outcry and join her husband alongside the angry protestors who are out for revenge Meredith Spencer is married to the man accused of the killing and she sees her husband and the situation with far clarity than anyone realizes What she knows could blow the case wide open, but what will that mean for her life and that of her son Will she have the courage to come forward in time so that justice can be done 1 national bestselling and award winning author Victoria Christopher Murray s Stand Your Ground is a pulse pounding meditation on race, motherhood, marriage, and vigilante justice that will have readers spellbound until its shocking end.

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    1. Books typically fall into a few categories to me. The first category being that they are horrible books. No offense but these are the books in which the cover sucks, there are way too many grammatical errors to count, and the storyline simply does not make sense. The next category includes the average and very predictable books. These books typically follow the format of boy and girl meet, there’s an attraction, then there’s a conflict and maybe some sex and then there’s a resolution or it [...]

    2. Janice Johnson ideal life is put to a halt when her beloved son unexpectedly dies. Little explanations and an ongoing investigation is what is making her behave like a delusional and broken mother. Tyrone her husband demands answers as to what happened to their intelligent son who had a bright future ahead of him. Marquis Johnson was a smart seventeen year old who excelled in his academics and was the glue that tied his parents together. Struggling to find answers, Janice does not even want to l [...]

    3. I received an Advance Review Copy in exchange for an honest review. It was all that I thought it would be AND then some. Here is my review:Victoria Christopher Murray is the mistress of first lines. From the very first sentence to the last I was drawn into the story of two women: Janice and Meredith. Two women from different worlds who share one thing in common: death. With artful descriptions, Victoria put me inside their hearts and minds. I did not just enjoy this read, I lived it. I lived eve [...]

    4. In the first few pages of Victoria Christopher Murray’s new novel, Stand Your Ground, I was thinking, “This is it -- one of those rare novels that will change me forever.” I was right.A black teenage boy is dead. A white man shot him.From there, the story is set in motion and two women…the mother of the dead boy and the wife of the shooter take center stage. One searching for truth and the other being certain of it, their lives and hopes intersect through public shame and private pain. T [...]

    5. This book evokes so many emotions. It is extremely well written and contains just the right amount of legal reference without being overwhelming. Telling the story from the aspects of both wives was brilliant! The story pulls you in and doesn't let go until the last word of the book. Stand Your Ground is a tough (subject matter), yet compelling read. This is definitely VCM's best writing thus far, and that says a great deal about his exceptional author.

    6. This is the first time that I'm reading anything written by the author and I picked up the book solely based on the subject matter. Through her characters, the author did a good job of presenting the nuanced views that people have regarding this social issue (the killing of black boys and men). I also liked how the author showed that there are differences of opinion even within a community. This is shown when Janice and the Brown Guardians clash over whether justice should be served on the stree [...]

    7. Hands down this is one of my favorite reads I myself would read this again and I never reread anything. Mrs Victoria took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions that had me crying tears, to fussing, to ready to hurt somebody. Kudos my sista a very informative read.

    8. Stand Your Ground was a page turner from beginning to end. Well written, informative, a thriller!!!! It was easy to relate to and believe in the characters and to the plot, which felt like it was torn from today's headlines. I highly recommend it! Certainly, the author's best work to date!

    9. Victoria Christopher Murray penned another wonderful work. The work takes you into the lives of two families centered on this tragic event (the parents of the slain African American teenager and the wife of the Caucasian entrepreneur who is knowledgeable of her husband's actions). The travesty, as one could imagine, will wreck havoc on the families and things will never be the same. The work, has as its backdrop, America, a country that has too many stories where an African American male meets a [...]

    10. I Am Trayvon MartinJanice experiences every mother’s worst nightmare with a simple knock at the door. Her child, her only child, her seventeen-year-old son, her baby is dead. Shot. How could this be? Janice and her husband Tyrone did everything right. Marquis was a good kid with a promising future. But accidents happen, right? The shooting, it was an accident, right? Wrong. Janice’s nightmare is only just beginning as she soon finds out her son was shot by a white man who claims he was defen [...]

    11. This is, hands down, Victoria's best novel to date. The heart it took to tell this story & to tell both sides is something I can't imagine. The pain & anger & frustration & confusion & lost-ness in this book is tangible. It has a flavor. And it's as hard to stop reading as it is to digest. Rarely does a book bring me to tears. Make me feel emotions? Of course! But tears! RARELY! This book had me tore up! I spent the majority of its 300+ pages walking my house floors because t [...]

    12. This is an amazingly written book about a very tough and emotional topic. The author was not afraid to broadcast the emotional state that any mother would have during the loss of her child. I cried through so many parts of this book, which gave me a chance to put myself in the place of so many mothers that have experienced this in real life. I applaud the author and the narrators that performed the audio version of this book. I was truly truly touched.

    13. I thought this book was amazing from first page to last. This book is filled with raw emotions and love. It tells a story that I think we should all read no matter what color we are especially if we have children. We live in a world of so much hate but why? Love overcomes all things. God is the only judge.A true must read!

    14. This is Murray's best work which says a lot because her catalog is unrivaled. This story took me through so many emotions. Anger, sadness, frusrtation, the entire gambit. But what I loved the most about this story is that covered all the sides of this tragic story that we sadly have had to endure one to many damn times. Murray painted a picture so perfectly flawed I was left confused on my stance on this issue, which was a good thing. It caused me to think and to feel. No one knows what they wou [...]

    15. This book was very detailed and eye opening. I loved how vcm told the story from both sides. You rarely see that happen in high profiled cases such as this one. Telling the story of both wives had my attention throughout. This is my first time reading a vcm book but I must say I am now a fan.

    16. Marquis Johnson was a 17 year young man that lost his life for no good reason. In the aftermath of his murder, the story unfolds as another young black male child is killed by a white man that cries victim. Tyrone and Janice Johnson are left with memories of precious memories and massacred dreams for their only child. Tyrone places his grief on the shelf and calls on his brother Raj, leader of the revered African -American group called The Defenders to ensure that justice is served and that Marq [...]

    17. I personally avoid stories on racism and hate crimes. But my curiosity prompted me to discover another passionate side of this author. I was concerned how she would handle this sensitive subject. Oh my goodness. With my Xanax close by (yes, I went there), I read this captivating story without letup. Ms. Murray captured the emotions of all involved, from the parents of the victim, the wife of killer and the state law upholding Stand Your Ground that protects the killer. It was an education for me [...]

    18. Janice Jackson 17 year old son has been murdered.She has so many unanswered questions but no one to ask them to.Hoping that the DA will do their job and arrest the man who has changed her life forever.With things not moving fast enough for her husband he decides to enlist a little help and get the justice that is deserved for his son.Meredith Spencer never knew that the night that she remember all so well would drastically change her life forever.How would she ever be able to look at her husband [...]

    19. I have read nearly every title by Victoria Christopher Murray and loved them all but this on right here is her best and most important work yet. There are two sides to every story and Victoria takes you through both sides in Stand Your Ground. This work is not just another story about what happens if. This work is about bringing awarenes to a law that many do not realize exists in several states. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to have everyone read this work. This is the novel of [...]

    20. Excellent novel!! Took a minute to read because of the death of Marquis but I finally went on vacation and read it. I thought Victoria did an excellent job of dealing with this complex subject. The storyline was engaging and well executed. I felt myself feeling everything the parents went through and I thought the ending was great! Very good job Victoria Christopher Murray!

    21. This was a very emotional book, it made me cry it made me mad, I even laughed. I had to put it down more than a couple times. This was very a good book. SYG is a law that needs to be revised. Victoria rid a great job on this book and I was happy with ending. I really wish the wife would have stepped up and did the right thing.

    22. First of all, let me say this, just for the very title, the book needs to be REQUIRED READING. This book just came out and for the fact of the title, and what it may be about should be read. with that said. A young black man is dead from a middle aged white man. He claims Stand Your Ground, although the slain victim and the white man's wife knows better. How does the trial go?

    23. THIS IS A MUST READ! This book had me experiencing so many different emotions. Victoria Christopher Murray did a great job in helping readers to think about what the victims on both sides of the Stand Your Ground law experience. Great Job Victoria!

    24. this book starts off great and goes strong throughout. a book that can be hard to read but unfortunately true to our times! racial profiling and injustice is clearly present and white privilege doesn't get they have the privilege! I thought the end was rather fitting!

    25. Outstanding writing and a premise that will surprise the reader with its ability to manipulate what you thought you believed.

    26. Wish I could give it more stars!!!! Masterpiece!!! Woosah! So many emotions! Hit so close to home! Bravo Victoria Christopher Murray!!!!! This is a must read!

    27. This book was amazing. Another fictional account that relates to very real-world issues. I went through a ton of emotions during this book.

    28. I found myself making statements on my facebook page while reading this book such as, "Victoria Christopher Murray's New book Stand Your Ground has opened with a throw a flip flop at your cousin bang.h @ her."and"I can't believe Victoria Christopher Murray has me standing in these people living room with my heart constricting and tears rolling down my face- Stand Your Ground Novel I feel like I have a stingray barb in my chest and its slowly twisting the life out of me."This book is so good, I t [...]

    29. Rarely do you come across a book that touches so many emotions. Rarely is the author able to speak from so many varying perspectives. Rarely does a novel have to ability to be life-changing. All of this is true about Stand Your Ground. The story of a young black male shot by an older, wealthy white male told from the perspective of the the victim's mother and the murderer's wife is not only well-written and beautifully woven, it is also very poignant and eye-opening. Not only does Ms. Murray do [...]

    30. A review for Stand Your Ground by Victoria Christopher MurrayJanice Johnson and her husband received the most shocking news of their lives. It was the kind of news that no parent wants to hear. Their son is dead and no one has been arrested. Meredith Spencer is married to the man who's been accused of the horrible deed. To make matters worse, she knows the truth but is afraid to come forth. Although the title was familiar, the storyline was current, thought-provoking, and filled with moments tha [...]

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