Snowbound at Christmas

Snowbound at Christmas Surviving the holidays will take a Christmas miracleEx cop Cat O Connor is bored working for her sister Chloe as a personal assistant on the set of her soap opera Until Chloe gets an opportunity to

  • Title: Snowbound at Christmas
  • Author: Debbie Mason
  • ISBN: 9781455588039
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback
  • Surviving the holidays will take a Christmas miracleEx cop Cat O Connor is bored working for her sister, Chloe, as a personal assistant on the set of her soap opera Until Chloe gets an opportunity to audition for the role of a lifetime and asks her identical twin to substitute for her on the soap with no one the wiser It s a perfect switch until Cat attracts the attenSurviving the holidays will take a Christmas miracleEx cop Cat O Connor is bored working for her sister, Chloe, as a personal assistant on the set of her soap opera Until Chloe gets an opportunity to audition for the role of a lifetime and asks her identical twin to substitute for her on the soap with no one the wiser It s a perfect switch until Cat attracts the attention of the mysterious Mr Tall, Dark, and Way too handsome leading man Grayson Alexander never thought being snowbound in the charming town of Christmas, Colorado, for the holiday would get so hot But between working with sexy, tough Cat on set and keeping his real reason for being there under wraps, he s definitely feeling the heat And if there s one thing they ll learn as they bring out the mistletoe, it s that in this town, true love is always in season

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    1. I went into Snowbound at Christmas blind. I did not realize it was part of a series and had no idea I was going to find myself in the middle of a mystery with suspense, danger and shenanigans. I accepted the title because of the lovely holiday cover. I am a sucker for doors and the color red. What can I say?We meet ex-cop Cat (playful referred to as Kit-Kat by her sister) working as an assistant to her soap opera star sister Chloe. The two are twins and complete opposites. When they switch place [...]

    2. SNOWBOUND AT CHRISTMAS is filled with mystery, but it is always fun and light hearted. I found myself giggling out loud at many of the situations with Cat and Grayson. I've read Debbie Mason before and have always enjoyed her stories. I truly thought I knew who was behind the murder lot of Chloe but I was totally off base. I love reading about Christmas, Colorado and I'm looking forward to continuing this wonderful series. I finished this one with a huge smile on my face and that is why I always [...]

    3. Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.: amzn/1NwVvHZLoved. It. Snowbound at Christmas was an absolute delight! Hot hunky hero, stellar heroine, the magic of Christmas and danger around every corner. The perfect read to snuggle down with on a cold day with a hot cup of chocolate in hand.The quick of it is that someone is trying to kill Cat's sister Chloe who is an actress. And Cat's determined to find out who's behind all the "accidents" her twin keeps having. Everyone is a suspect. Includ [...]

    4. This is another clever installment in a delightful small town series. I love Christmas, it's the perfect small town setting for romance. I loved getting to "bump into" past characters, seeing them in the coffee shop, hearing them on a phone call. That really has to be one of my favorite things about this type of series, and Debbie Mason does it oh, so well. Some of the secondary characters really gave this book its shine. Ty, the hairdresser, and his nicknames for the sexy men in town had me cra [...]

    5. Twin sisters who couldn't be less alike are caught up in several murder attempts on a soap opera set. Another actor, who isn't who he pretends to be, increases the tension between the sisters. Can they find the culprit before they all end up dead or injured?Cat O'Connor loses her job with the FBI and gets stuck playing bodyguard for her daytime soap opera star sister, Chloe. Even worse than being the sister of a soap star is to be the twin of this drama queen whose life is being threatened. Will [...]

    6. Snowbound at Christmas is a sweet, sassy and suspenseful romance by Debbie Mason. The sixth installment in the always fun Christmas, Colorado series is a laugh out loud novel that old and new fans are sure to enjoy.Cat O'Connor is an ex-Denver police woman now working for her spoiled twin sister Chloe, a popular soap opera actress. Tired of pandering to Chloe's whims, Cat is ready to quit and return to Colorado when she discovers someone is trying to kill her sister. Unbeknownst to Cat (or anyon [...]

    7. openbooksociety/article/snSnowbound at Christmasby Debbie MasonIBSN: 9781455588039Brought to you by OBS reviewer UnaDESCRIPTION: Surviving the holidays will take a Christmas miracle . . .Ex-cop Cat O’Connor is bored working for her sister, Chloe, as a personal assistant on the set of her soap opera. Until Chloe gets an opportunity to audition for the role of a lifetime and asks her identical twin to substitute for her on the soap with no one the wiser. It’s a perfect switch-until Cat attract [...]

    8. Cat O'Connor is an ex-cop who now works as assistant/bodyguard to her twin sister on Chloe's soap opera, a job that Cat is finding pretty boring until there are some attempts on Chloe's life. Being identical twins, the two have occasionally changed places and it does come in handy when Chloe wants to audition for a life changing role and can't be gone from the soap set. The two exchange identities and keep it secret so Chloe's not violating her contract.No matter if Cat is playing herself or her [...]

    9. This is the first book I have read in this series and I had some mixed feelings. I enjoyed this book had a little bit of the mystery of who was after Chloe but the romance wasn't what I thought it would be. I enjoyed the plot and majority of the characters. The plot was different with Cat being an ex cop who was turned assistant to her sister. I liked Grayson but I could have done without the British thing. I just thought that was a little over the top for an undercover FBI agent pretending to b [...]

    10. This story is set in the small Colorado town of Christmas, a town hidden away, yet able to welcome the entire cast of Chloe's soap opera when they come to town to shoot their holiday scenes. This being the 5th book in the series, you may think you might feel a little lost, what with characters popping back in and all but this is a stand alone book. As it is the first of the series I have read and I felt clear on what was happening, I think you will too. Cat, Chloe's twin sister, was previously a [...]

    11. I finished this book at 1am and immediately went looking on to download the rest of the books in this series. I really, really liked this story. There was an air of mystery to it but it was also lighthearted and fun. Honestly I spent a good part of the book hoping that somehow Chloe would actually end up dead. She was that annoying and even worse everyone around her let her get away with it. It was infuriating but at the same time it was one of the best parts of the story.I loved Grayson, excep [...]

    12. I was a little skeptical to see where this book was going to go, but boy did I enjoy this book. The quirky characters especially Grayson's grandmother are a hoot. Ty was one of my favorite characters. I just loved his reactions to meeting the McBride men. Even though this book is a story of Grayson and Cat I liked watching the maturity of Cat's twin sister Chloe. I believe that added to the book. Now onto Cat and Grayson. Loved Cat she's this tough woman, but she has such a sweet heart. For ever [...]

    13. Cat and Chloe are identical twins. While Chloe is an actress Cat is a former cop who is now Chloe's manager and protector because someone is trying to kill Chloe. Unfortunately Chloe is an extreme diva and makes sure that everyone knows that all her problems are Cat's doing while Cat still tries to love her sister with all her might.In walks Harry Halstead aka Grayson Alexander, an FBI agent, undercover to find who might be threatening Chloe's life. While Grayson falls for Cat he has to maintain [...]

    14. Review originally posted at All Books Considered: 2 STARSUnfortunately, I didn't like this one as much as I like the Bramble series. I would be interested in reading other books in the series because of the potential for a Colorado Christmas setting (which was in this book although the set-up turned me off!). First, you have Grayson who pretend to be an actor and British royalty, and then you have Cat, who is pretending to be her twin sister, acting on soap opera. Nothing felt real because of al [...]

    15. This was a quick and fun read. Cat O'Connor is an ex cop and works for her spoiled self centered sister who is an actress. Her sister treats her like a servant instead of a sister. Chloe works on a soap opera and then she gets an opportunity for an audition for a chance of a lifetime role.Cat and Chloe are twins and so they pretend to be each other and it works great until someone is trying to kill Chloe. Now Grayson is brought in under cover as a soap actor to find out what is going on. As they [...]

    16. What a fun read. Crazy, sexy, ex cop, nut case grandma characters. Lots of mystery with several characters that had me guessing "who did it" You think you understand the "why" but you are so wrong!Love the triangle between Chloe, Cat and Grayson. Sweet how Grayson and GG are a team, even thou he doesn't want that. Chloe's character is a little hard to take, you can understand why she is the target of someone's hatel 317 pages made for a wonderful read Five stars!

    17. This is such a great series. I've really been enjoying it. Go to my blog to read my full review:romancingthereaders.c

    18. Could not finish it, spoiled sister, I read for enjoyment not to be mad at one of the characters, and I tried more than half way through

    19. I wouldn't have read this book if I knew it was a romance novel, but I'm glad I didn't know. I avoid romance novels because I would think there is some "action" involved, but this book didn't do that. It hinted that things were going on, but nothing disturbing. I only had problem with one thing: too many names in the book. I'm really bad with names, in general, but this has double the names. You have your characters, and then you have your meta-fictional characters (characters who are actors and [...]

    20. Snowbound at Christmas by Debbie MasonThe lead actress is to be cut from the soap opera and it's her twin sister.Cat and Chloe. Chloe is the actress and she's always asking Cat to do things for her, playing the you owe me card, as she has a heart problem since birth.Story also follows a FBI Agent Grayson who's also now taking care of his grandmother and her cat. She's been removed from the nursing home she was in.Grayson takes a job of surveillance for Chloe and she doesn't know she's in trouble [...]

    21. Actually super cute. My first Debbie Mason book. Kind of fun to have more than just a romance happening. Some of the characters were over the top, but it takes place on the set of a soap it was pretty believable. Definitely going to read more from her!(The only thing I didn't like was Chloe. Holy sh*tballs. I wanted to murder her the whole time. I have a hard time believing such people exist in real life and can't stomach them in books very well. Good thing the other characters made it worth it. [...]

    22. I had a hard time paying attention to this one - because I skipped a few in between and I read the first a year ago, I couldn’t remember a lot of the characters, which made it tough to follow. I also didn’t love the leading man and I didn’t love how Cat kowtowed to everything Chloe asked, and how purely awful Chloe was. It just seemed a bit unbelievable. Not my favorite but there were some good bright spots and I loved the best friend/makeup artist.

    23. I enjoy the series, the characters annoyed me a bit in this one, the leads suspicions of each other, especially the male leads lack of trust in the heroine, and the secondary female lead was just a terrible character, curious how she redeems her in the next, because so far she's just completely annoying. I still like the series, but this wasn't my favorite addition to it.

    24. Chloe and Cat are twins and Cat has been watching out for her twin her whole life. When it looks like someone is trying to kill Chloe, Grayson is called in to find who it is. There is an unexpected twist at the end of the book. I enjoy Debbie Mason writing and once again she didn't disappoint me.

    25. This one kept me guessing until nearly the end. I love all the characters and how each story in the series let's us get to know them better. It's the book version of the Hallmark channel.

    26. Very fun holiday romp! This was the first book in the series or by this author that I've read and it won't be the last!

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