Leading Lines

Leading Lines You ll fall in love with this genuine young heroine Best HealthAfter two drama filled weeks in Manhattan Pippa Greene is back Despite a romantic reunion with boyfriend Dylan she can t seem to shake

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  • Title: Leading Lines
  • Author: Chantel Guertin
  • ISBN: 9781770412323
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
  • You ll fall in love with this genuine young heroine Best HealthAfter two drama filled weeks in Manhattan, Pippa Greene is back Despite a romantic reunion with boyfriend Dylan, she can t seem to shake the emotional aftermath of New York As she navigates parental drama at home and her charged dynamic with Ben Baxter at school, Pippa finds that Dylan is wrapped up You ll fall in love with this genuine young heroine Best HealthAfter two drama filled weeks in Manhattan, Pippa Greene is back Despite a romantic reunion with boyfriend Dylan, she can t seem to shake the emotional aftermath of New York As she navigates parental drama at home and her charged dynamic with Ben Baxter at school, Pippa finds that Dylan is wrapped up in his post high school life of bands, shows, and new friends than in their relationship Will it survive Written with the same humour and heart that made Chantel Guertin s first two Pippa Greene novels instant favourites, Leading Lines offers a fresh and charming perspective on friendships, family, and first love.

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    1. I've followed the series for three books now and Pippa's story remains consistently relatable, genuine and adorable. Chanel Guertin's writing is thoughtful as ever too. Full review tk.

    2. This was a great third novel in the Pippa Greene series. Absolutely loved it. I have to wait a bit longer before posting a more detailed review, because part of the romance plot was a little too real for me, and I'm still recovering from having to relive that. But the fact that the book can make me feel so strongly should speak for itself.

    3. The third instalment in Toronto author Chantel Guertin’s Pippa Greene series is a lot like a new lip gloss – it’s a seemingly superficial thing, but one that makes you feel so genuinely happy that it might not be that superficial after all. Pippa is a determined young photographer and the lovable everygirl who has just returned from a two-week photography workshop in New York to find some family and boyfriend drama. Like Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s iconic Alice McKinley books, Guertin’s [...]

    4. Originally reviewed at Books Etc.I absolutely flew through this novel. It's not very long but the story still packs a punch that will keep you turning the pages until you're done (which, in my case, was just a couple of hours). Don't you just love those kinds of books?I found that this one, compared to the first two books, focused more on Pippa's romantic relationships. It's not necessarily a bad thing but I really liked how the other titles had Pippa exploring herself a little bit more. The lat [...]

    5. Warning: untagged spoilers ahead.In the third installment of Pippa's story, we get considerably more follow-through than in book 2—Leading Lines picks up storylines from both of the previous books. I am still not convinced that the series wouldn't have been better served by fewer (longer) books, but I'm intrigued by some of what does and doesn't happen in Leading Lines. Some of it pans out as I'd expected, and some of it doesn't.Take the romance: Pippa's relationship with Dylan is rather predi [...]

    6. Let me tell you, I was hooked on this series from the beginning of The Rule of Thirds and only got sucked in deeper with each book!What resonated with me the most from Leading Lines was the progress and growth seen in Pippa. This is true for the entire series, but in this latest book it seems that she goes through it faster. Her decisions start to become more sophisticated and logical. She still does silly things, it’s natural for teenagers, but you see her starting to make choices in a more a [...]

    7. Review disclaimer: I received a free copy of Leading Lines from the 49th Shelf.I'm so glad the giveaway fates decided to give me a copy of this book. Because otherwise, I probably would never have heard of the Pippa Green series, and that would have been a shame indeed.Leading Lines follows a young photographer, Pippa, as she deals with family revelations, relationship issues, school, and teenage girl life in general. The writing style -- and Pippa's strong voice throughout the book -- makes thi [...]

    8. Leading Lines is the third book in the Pippa Greene series. I can't believe how much my allegiance has changed over the past three books. In book one, Ben annoyed the daylights out of me and I didn't have much connection to Dylan one way or the other. Book two - man I became such a fan of Ben's and was sort of annoyed with Dylan although he wasn't in this book much. Now that all the players are back together in book three - I'm all about Ben. I f-love Ben. The drama coming out of Dylan in this b [...]

    9. Find this and other reviews at Ramblings of a Daydreamer.Leading Lines is the third book in the Pippa Greene series. Pippa is a young photographer navigating high school, family life, the death of her father, her first love, and family secrets. I adored the first book in the series, Rule of Thirds, and liked the second book, Depth of Field, but it was so different from the first it felt like reading an entirely different series. I attributed this to the fact Pippa’s boyfriend and best friend, [...]

    10. I have really enjoyed this series so far, so when I saw Leading Lines in NetGalley I knew I had to read it, even if I hadn't quite gotten around to reading the second book yet.Leading Lines picks up after the previous book, Depth of Field. Pippa is back in school, and after asking Ben not to go, he is back too. But Pippa is finding it hard to settle back into her life. The life that Pippa knew is changing. Her relationship between her Mum is strained thanks to confronting her Mum over a family s [...]

    11. I received this book as part of a giveaway on & I'm not getting any compensation or anything of the like for this review. I just have to get this out of the way, first. The word "okay" or the variation "'kay" was misused a total of forty-three times in this book. I get it. It's "cool" to say OK or K, but I felt that it was really distracting when I was trying to read this particular book. Especially because the correct wording or variation was also used. So, it was really confusing.Now that [...]

    12. This novel was very interesting in my own opinion. The novel was actually very short. The novel is about girl that goes by the name of Pippa Greene that goes through rough times with not only her family and but as well as her boyfriend that goes by the name of Dylan. Pippa has a very serious situation with her father because she can no longer see him because of a specific reason. She also her ups and downs with her boyfriend. Her love life with Dylan is like a roller coaster. For example, she ha [...]

    13. Since coming back from Tische and asking Ben to stay things have seem to shifted in her world. Dylan her boyfriend is trying to figure out life without the band. Pippa is trying to figure out why she told Ben to come back and figure out what her feelings for him are (not for him. With a fresh new voice, Pippa navigates her first crush that ends up to be her first heartbreak and dealing with parental problems.Final Thoughts: I really can't wait to see what Pippa had in store, hopefully it involve [...]

    14. I received this book from a giveaway. I read the book but was disappointed to find out that it was book three of a three book series. This book is a continuation of book 2. It reads almost like it's a new chapter. It was difficult to understand what had happened in the past in order to connect to this book. It was well written and I wish that I had read the first two books before this one. The fact that I didn't enjoy it is my fault, not the authors.

    15. This is the third book I read in this series. I like Pippa more and more. It's hard to say much about the book without giving away spoilers. Just know that this is a fun and entertaining read about the sort of girl you want to be friends with. I was sad when the book was over--and am looking forward to the fourth!

    16. I think this was my favourite book in the Pippa Greene series so far. Maybe I'm biased -- but having read all three books in the series so far I'm really looking forward to the fourth book to hear what happens to Pippa as well as Dylan, David, Holly, Dace and all the rest of the characters in Pippa's crazy life.

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