Thunder of the Gods

Thunder of the Gods The eighth book in the Empire sequence takes Centurion Marcus Aquila and his Tungrian legion on a dangerous mission to the heart of the Parthian empire With Rome no longer safe Marcus and the Tungrian

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  • Title: Thunder of the Gods
  • Author: Anthony Riches
  • ISBN: 9781444731965
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The eighth book in the Empire sequence takes Centurion Marcus Aquila and his Tungrian legion on a dangerous mission to the heart of the Parthian empire With Rome no longer safe Marcus and the Tungrians are ordered east, to the desolate border lands where Rome and Parthia have vied for supremacy for centuries Ordered to relieve the siege of an isolated fortress, their taskThe eighth book in the Empire sequence takes Centurion Marcus Aquila and his Tungrian legion on a dangerous mission to the heart of the Parthian empire With Rome no longer safe Marcus and the Tungrians are ordered east, to the desolate border lands where Rome and Parthia have vied for supremacy for centuries Ordered to relieve the siege of an isolated fortress, their task is doomed to bloody failure unless they can turn the disaffected Third Legion into a fighting force capable of resisting the terrifying Parthian cataphracts And Marcus must travel to the enemy capital Ctesiphon on a desperate mission, the only man who can persuade the King of Kings to halt a war that threatens the humiliation of the empire and the slaughter of his friends.

    One thought on “Thunder of the Gods”

    1. Looking back over the series from the start I am struck by just how far we’ve come with young Marcus Aquila. The series began (and stayed for 3 books) in northern Britannia, in the cold and the damp with hairy bearded barbarians instigating wars and troubles and our hero hiding from the Emperor’s fury under an assumed name, sheltered by friends of friends. How long gone are those days now? For here, in book 8, with all the momentous changes we have witnessed in between, we find our hero and [...]

    2. When we left Marcus Valerius Aquila and the Tungrian auxiliaries in Book 7, they had returned to Rome to expose the corruption of Praetorian Prefect Sextus Tigidius Perennis. While there, Marcus also ferreted out the names of the Prefect's assassins responsible for the deaths of his family members and taken brutal revenge on all of them except the despicable Emperor Commodus, himself.Although glad to be rid of the "Emperor's Knives", the emperor's chamberlain Cleander considers Marcus to be a va [...]

    3. Whenever I want a bit of light reading I tend to look for some Roman adventure because the writer's are generally historians so that you always learn some ancient history while enjoying a bit of an adventure romp. I normally read Simon Scarrow's excellent series and I found this slightly inferior because from the start we are introduced to a number of characters who I found difficult to follow because sometimes they are called by their title such as Legate, a line or two later and they are refer [...]

    4. Thoroughly enjoyed this one. It benefits from a fairly straightforward plot which allows exploration of a new theatre - in this case the far east of the Roman Empire and Parthia. The most enjoyable part of this was really the lesser role for the lead, Corvus, allowing the legate, Scaurus and some of the other supporting characters more room to develop and breathe. That and moving on one of the other supporting cast, adding another gives a bit of freshness to the series. The plot is well handled [...]

    5. ReviewWhenever there is a new Anthony Riches book in the offing it always create an air of anticipation in my reading schedule, Its very easy for me to say Tony is a fun read but really he is so much more than that. His early books were just that, great fun, but I always felt that this squad of Tungrians could be from any time period, they were/ are the epitome of what I expect squaddies to be, they are just the same as many soldiers I have known…. Only tougher and more dangerous, purely by di [...]

    6. Very entertaining addition to the Empire series. This time, our Tungrians head to Parthia, which might not be aware what is about to hit it.

    7. I could have swore I'd already written a review about this book a while ago when I finished it but evidently not, so forgive me if the details herein are a little hazyPutting aside my unashamed bias towards Riches' books, this is basically (yet) another take on the 'our ragtag bunch of heroes are sent to the East to take on those dastardly horse-riding archers and their effete barbarian lords'. The scenario, location & general plot may not exactly be remotely original or even unique - which [...]

    8. Another fine installment of Marcus (now tribune) and the Tungrians. Great characters, more corrupt government officials to outwit, and a vast army to face. This time instead of northern barbarians its a vast Parthian host, complete with cataphracts. Throw in an unexpected ally or two and a secret mission to the King of Kings and you have another great page-turner.

    9. The eighth volume in a very enjoyable series, and one that has very much evolved over time. To date the man focus has been on Marcus Valerius Aquila, hiding from those in power in Rome under a false name with a Tungrian Legion. But things have changed and now Marcus is in the light and he, and his newly promoted Legatus, have been shipped overseas with their Tungrian troops to relieve a fort in remote Nisbis, under siege but a critical control point on the silk road.The author makes greater use [...]

    10. c2015: FWFTB: Centurion, Parthia, cataphracts, doomed, river. Whoo-Hoo! I closed the book after reading the last line and swear I had to tap desert sand out of my shoes. Whoever said that history is boring needs to read this bookke now! The Empire series just gets better and better and the plot in this book is absolutely engrossing. The focus is not entirely on our friend young Marcus Aquila although he still features prominently. Scaurus has come into his own and, jeesh, the loyalty that pours [...]

    11. More challenges for Marcus and the Tungrians; this time, in the Middle East, where the Roman Empire butts up against the Parthian Empire.I enjoyed reading the book and the prose is as good as the previous books in the series. Riches' combat sequences are very well done. You get a real sense of the confusion, mess and horror of close-combat.Where the book does fall a bit flat is in character development; in previous books in the series, I felt the characters were changing according to their circu [...]

    12. A great book to read in the cold of the winter. You can feel the desert heat radiating from the pages. This is another great ensemble piece, no one character stands head and shoulders above any other. Scarus is a man to be reckoned with, and it seems he reads histories! Marcus is a bit more active in this story than he has been for a while, and not just with his swords, but the truth of who he is must be the worst kept secret in the empire!

    13. A fantastic continuation from Anthony Riches. A well developed plot line and characters to build a strong emotional relationship with. I particularly enjoyed the development of two lesser characters in Sanga and Saratos. Can't wait to read the next book in the series.

    14. Anthony riches books get better and better ,he knows How to set out a battle using all his skills of a great story teller with the use of history he moves the story a long with a nod here to harry sidebottom warrior of rome books, and his own blood and guts make one hell of a story

    15. Best yetThe usual twisting story line and great characters. Has taken the story to another level. A very good read and the best book of the series so far.

    16. Another good yarn from Riches , what i liked most about this one , was now that Marcus has had his revenge , the plot involved the other characters more

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