YOUR HUSBAND MY MAN Lauren Michaels has bitten off even than she can chew Now that her plan to have Tori s baby has backfired she finds herself doing things others would classy as insane Follow along as she goes through

  • Author: K.C. Blaze
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lauren Michaels has bitten off even than she can chew Now that her plan to have Tori s baby has backfired she finds herself doing things others would classy as insane Follow along as she goes through life altering ups and downs and hopefully to the road of redemption.

    One thought on “YOUR HUSBAND MY MAN 4”

    1. To me, Lauren definitely remained an unforgettable & unlikable character; this was mainly due to all the chaos & grief she caused in others lives throughout the series. I thought it was good that part 4 focused on Lauren because she was the main character of this series as well as the reason for the confusion. I do believe Lauren met her match with Veronica for she was just as vindictive. Hopefully Lauren finally learned what was really important in life thanks to the twins & Mel.

    2. It was okayGave it a 4 star because it still had to much drama. Her father never paid for his wrong doing. Since he took an easy way out. Well at least Loren seemed to change and is gonna start a new life. Of course she met another man. I hope this is the end of this saga. I didn't like the fact that some of the people that did wrong didn't pay for it. Could write more but don't want to be a spoiler

    3. Your Husband My Man 4A much different ending than expected for Lauren and all her ratchetness. It seems that karma comes back and bites you, but it also shows that you can turn your life around for something/someone better. Glad to read that Tori & Misha overcame a lot of ups and downs in their relationship to remain a strong family unit. That was a tough choice, so I give this novel 4**** for the positive outcome.

    4. the bomb!! I'm ready for pt 5I really liked Part 4!! I sped through it!!! She got a taste of her own medicine she did I'm ready to hear more about Mel and about misha and the little boy and tori and see of they rekindled friendships!! Pleasssseeee K.C PLEAAAAASSSEEEEENaKaishia T

    5. Great readWhat a turnaround. I'm glad Lauren finally came to her senses and showed remorse for her actions. Misha deserved to be happy with Tori I'm glad there second chance worked out. Arnold is a hot mess who really needs to learn the meaning of self control.

    6. Great ending I really liked this book it had a happy ending for everyone I wish there was one more book I want to know what happen to Tori and Misha but other wise I enjoyed the whole series

    7. I wasn't sure how this one was going to be without two of the main characters in the beginning of the series, but to my surprise it turned out pretty good. So far, all four is 5 stars. the only thing i do not like is the fact is that now i have to wait for part 5, will this torture ever end.

    8. Good seriesI wonder how long will Lauren try to stay out of trouble and take care of her kids. What will happen to Arnold and Shannon when Lauren find out what they did to her father?Will Tori and Misha live happily ever after? I enjoyed reading these series good job K.C. Blaze

    9. I love K.C. BlazeI love this series. I have to admit that I was angry with the main character in book 4 throughout the series, but I can empathize with her a little now. I was glad that we had a glimpse of Tori and Misha at the end of the book. I love your work.

    10. The Final ChaptersA real tear jerker. This book was the best read ever. It had greed, lust,envy,karma, ratchetness and to top it all off it had a true love story that just brought me to tears. Well done K.C. Blaze

    11. Omg AmazingThis book is a non-stop drama good read for anyone looking for a quick fun read. this is your book

    12. Just greatI really loved this book, I think more so then 1, 2, and 3. It had such a great meaning behind it, I must say that I could read this again.

    13. I enjoyed the story just not as much as the previous parts of the series. Still a good story. Could have used just a little more drama to push it up to 5 stars.

    14. It's all comes to a endYou should not want what someone else has If you go after your own then you will come out on top. It took some time but I think Larana gets it now

    15. I loved seeing the change in Lauren towards the endI did feel that it ended prematurelyThere were so many unanswered questionsStill it was a good read that held my attention.

    16. Didn't see any of that comingI want to feel bad for Lauren but it's so hard to like her character. I am glad Tori & Misha are on the mend

    17. Sorry!I know I may be petty in my way of thinking, but I really didn't like Lauren. So, the whole change thing! I still think she's a little home wrecker!

    18. Emotional Read! I can't believe this book actually brought me to tears. It was very good! Its worth the tears. I actually felt sorry for Lauren!

    19. Good for herI really enjoyed this series. Lauren was a piece of work, so deceitful and conniving. Her selfishness caused her to lose a lot. In the end, she was finally getting it together. Maybe she can have the family she always wanted. K. C. Blaze doesn't disappoint. Keep up the good work!!!

    20. SooooOK so I was was not a fan of this book. Not because it wasn't a good read it was even brought tears to my eyes a few times but I'm not a Lauren fan so for the book to switch to her blew me. Found myself sucking my teeth when a new chapter started and it didn't say Misha or Tori.

    21. It wasn't what I expectedIt could have ended better . A lot missing her dad's ex should be in jail for trying to burn down the club, she never confronted her mom about being w/ her dad first , she still don't talk to her dad's family waste of my money . Thanks anyway for the read K.C. Blaze. Oh yeah and she lost her club

    22. The characters were realistic and so were their experiences! Better than a soap opera!The author did not disappoint! Twists and unexpected turns throughout the series had me turning the pages as quickly as I could read. Very good read and not predictable or boring at all!

    23. Good job of portraying Lauren's story. The only random thought i have is wondering what type of retribution will come for Shannon? Enjoyable plot, character development, steady pace and good outcome. The first several chapters were quite repetitive, but the story was still enjoyable enough.

    24. GreatI love the finally to this series, if u don't have it please order all 4 books. I thought Misha and Lauren would reconnect once they seen each other in the park, so maybe another book will be coming soon. Thanks K.C. Blaze

    25. EmotionsThis book kept you on a roller coaster. Too much was going on at one time. I'm glad that Lauren saw the light at the end of the tunnel but I'm interested In knowing what happened to The other characters!

    26. WtfThese books were great but I'm pissed that this last one was only about Lauren thot ass. What about tori and misha? I mean really!!!!!! This last book was a waste of time simply because they were missing and we didn't get to finish their journey.

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